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Character analysis: Jotaro Kujo

Most of the references for Jotaro are going to be coming directly from the Jojo manga. Not because I’m a whore for canon or something, but because the anime is much more difficult to link to due to being more regulated in comparison.

For that matter though I AM compositing Jotaro. This blog includes manga feats, relevant anime feats, various video games like eyes of heaven and the stardust crusaders OVA. THAT BEING SAID UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES EYES OF HEAVEN IS INCREDIBLY NON-STANDARD TO USE AND I AM NOT ADVOCATED IT BEING INCLUDED IN NORMAL BATTLES.

I’m using info from every part of Jojo, but stats wise I’m going to treat Jotaro as if he was in his prime (part 3). No downgrades in stats due to aging or past battles having taken their toll on Jotaro by his more adult years.

I’ve tried to use mostly decent translations of each part (no duwang translation for part 4 for example). For the most part there shouldn’t be anything significantly off base, though UNFORTUNATELY  I didn't find a good place to find the re-translated/colored versions of the manga until I was nearly done. Please don't be anal about it.

All chapter numbers are based on the span of the entire Jojo series, not just individual parts.

There are some acronyms for Jojo sources. They should be self explanatory.

Spoilers for Jojo obviously

Jotaro Kujo
A delinquent high school student that was enlisted by his grandfather Joesph jostar to hunt down and fight against the evil supernatural “vampire” named Dio in part 3 of Jojo. During this quest he traveled across vast lengths of oceans and several counties (particularly Egypt) all the while fighting off Dio’s goons and tempering his ability to use a newly discovered super natural ability know as a “stand”. At end of said journey he had a climatic showdown with the villain, nearly losing but coming out on top in the end due to his unparalleled whit. He spent most of his adult years afterwards consistently involving himself in supernatural threats, playing a huge part in bringing the supernatural serial killer Kira to an end in part 4 and helping his daughter fight the threat of Dio’s Boyfirend servant pucchi in part 6.

Jotaro is stoic…… really really stoic. In fact his emotions tend to be so buried underneath the surface that not even his own family can seem to understand him at times, which has led to more than its fair share of drama. However his calm demeanor combined with a quick wit and large scientific knowledge make him a great tactician in battle. Specifically he’s been said to “calmly observe the situation and act” when in a fight.


Jotaro also does not wear a significant amount of armor. Typically only wearing some fashion of trench coat and his iconic cap.


Jotaro doesn’t carry a lot of equipment. At best only having rifle rounds and steel marbles he can use in conjunction with his stand Star platinum’s abilities (explained further below).

Special abilities

A stand is one of the main weapons used for combat in the Jojo series and has been referred to with many words over the course of it. Being called a manifestation of spiritual energy, a manifestation of life energy and a manifestation mental energy. They typically take on the appearance of flying humanoid apparitions, although some may be more akin to animals, insects, inanimate objects and more. Using a stand typically requires a certain amount of “mental strength” or will to fight, and are typically said to be somewhat represented of the ego of the person using them. Those without the proper fighting will to use their stands can find them turning on them, as was the case with Jotaro’s mother holy in part 3.

-Stands being referred to as an image created by life force (ch 116)

-The stand being referred to as being controlled by spiritual force and controlled though fighting instincts (ch 121)

-Jotaro referring to it as a physical manifestation of physiological energy in the 1st ep of Dimond is unbreakable

Stands do have specific rules regarding how they operate and thankfully the series has released easy to read info-graphics on these basics of them, which I will post below for you to read
-you can see some examples of how damaging a stand will in turn damage Jotaro here(ch 123)

-And here (ch 129)

-You can see another version of the rundown of stand rules here

It is important to note that while these basic rules apply to most stands, there are exceptions. The powers of stands themselves also vary greatly, with some having great physical powers, some having different kinds of elemental manipulation, some soul manipulation, ect. Additionally while in the context of the Jojo universe stands can only be seen or hurt by others who use stands, it should be noted that obviously this can’t necessarily apply to all verse outside of it as the story wasn’t built to accommodate for them.

Anyway Stands typically have their basic abilities measured in letter rankings with A being the strongest and E being the weakest. Said categories measured are destructive power, speed, range, durability, precision and development potential.

Star platinum
Jotaro’s Stand is called star platinum and is a short range stand that focuses mainly on physical speed, power and precision. Data files and character statements  claim it has a basic operational range of 2 meters (or about 6.5 feet) for effective combat situations. However it is important to note Jotaro can and has moved it farther on occasion for less intense purposes, such as to grab small objects for his entertainment or leisure

 -example of Jotaro having grabbed a boombox while in a jail cell (ch 114)

-Having grabbed a drink from a bar at least a dozen or so feet away (ch 215)
Star platinum has gone through several different evolutions over the years, starting off in its default form and later evolving into a form known as “Star platinum the world” during Jotaro’s fight with the villain Dio at the end of part 3.In the video game Eyes of heaven it also underwent a final transformation known as Star platinum over heaven.

None of these evolutions had any major changes on Star platinum’s basic stats, though the world and over heaven did grant the use of some additional special powers which will be detailed further below. It should also be noted that in his more advanced age certain physical strains of Star platinum’s abilities started to rear its head, which got reflected in his stands stats around part 6 by lowering its overall durability substantially.

Interestingly Jotaro was not born with the ability to use a stand and instead only gained his after the villain Dio obtained one with the stolen body of his ancestor Jonathan j=Jostar. This body gaining a stand somehow caused a chain reaction throughout all his ancestors like Jotaro, giving him one as well

Star platinum abilities
Ora ora ora Barrage
A barrage of punches typically followed with the phrase ORA ORA ORA. Star platinum can use it both two handedly and one handedly while grabbing a person with the other.
Various examples

- Part 3 of the manga

-part 4 of the manga

Star finger
A powerful physical attack where Star platinum will forcibly extend two fingers on its hand to impale its opponents. This attack gives Star an additional bit of range (around 1-2 meters/3-6 feet) and is typically used to take opponents off guard.

-one example of its use was when Jotaro used it against the stand dark blue moon, taking it off guard when it attempted to use an artificially generated water whirlpool to keep Jotaro at a distance(c129)

-Another example was when Jotaro was fighting the stand user forever, flicking a piece of debris when he was immobilized to the stand user by surprise (c132)

Enhanced eyesight
Star platinum also has enhanced eyesight, allowing it to see things from father distances and more precisely than ordinary humans can. Jotaro can seem to see what star does from this vision as well.

-For example star has good enough eyesight to see a small fly hidden in the background of a high resolution photo and to redraw it with needed accuracy(ch 121)

-It could also see the stand user N Doul from around 400m (about .25 miles) away against a barren wasteland(ch 186)

-Another example of it searching for N Doul in the ova ep 8

Enhanced precision
Star platinum has enhanced precision, allowing him to perform tasks with a level of certainty far beyond normal human motion.

-A great example of this is how Star pulled out a patristic worm implanted in the stand user Kakyoin’s brain with enough precision and speed to not cause any damage. This is said in story to require more skill than a master surgeon or machine, given the worm was still alive and wiggling around during the procedure (ch 120) and

-Star could also notice and catch the microscopic lovers stand used by the character Steely Dan. Said stands main form of attack is entering the brains of its victims and enhancing their ability to feel pain, taking them off guard (ch 165) and

Jotaro can apparently channel Star’s power inwardly for the sake of levitation and even some limited flight. He can also use his stands fighting abilities in tandem with these flight abilities, giving him some air options.

-levitating while fighting Dio(ch 256)

-flying/maneuvering in the air somewhat when fighting dio (ch257)

Super breath
The ability to breathe in really really hard. Star platinum used this ability to suck up and hold the body of the stand justice (which was made out of a huge body of fog).This ability could conceivable by used to effect of disable some air based or gas based attacks. In several of the video games Star will use this ability to suck more solid opponents to his position from a moderate distance.

-The most prominent example of him Inhaling the stand justice (ch 159)

Star platinum has some limited form of intangibility, though he has not been shown to weaponize this ability as a form of attack.

-One example is Jotaro using Star platinum to stop and restart his own heart(c260) and

-another more impressive example is Jotaro using star platinum to reach into his grandpas body to restart his heart(c265)

Star platinum can greatly increase its range by throwing objects at his opponents, typically with deadly accuracy. A great example of this is with steel marbles used to hunt down a stand using rat during part 4, giving him an effective range of 20 meters and 35).Another example was using rifle rounds (also to hunt down the rat stand users in part 4), giving him an effective range of 50-70 meters (V 35)

-One example of this is during Jotaro’s fight with Dio, where he precisely threw a knife at least several dozen feat to hit a car Dio was trying to escape with (ch 261) and and

-He also could throw a stone several dozen feet away to hit the hidden villain Arabia fats in his hiding place (ch 167)

Improvised weapons
Star platinum has on occasion created or used improvised weapons to attack his opponents with.

-One example was during Jotaro’s fight with abdul in, where he used the steel bars of a jail cell as makeshift sword like weapons (ch 116)

-Another example was when Star platinum grabbed some shards of glass that had fallen during his fight with the stand uses Forever, to use as a pair of knuckle bracers(ch 132)

Star can protect Jotaro separately from his conscious recognition to an extent.

-Protecting Jotaro during time stop in ep 13 of the ova

-Star attacking a person while Jotes has amnesia in part 6(ch 669)

Time stop
The ability to stop time, which was learned when Jotaro fought Dio at the end of part 3 and is exclusive to the world and over heaven variants of star platinum. When originally discovered Jotaro’s use of the ability was unrefined, with him only really being able to move for about 2 or 3 seconds during most of his fight against Dio. However according to Data files this limit eventually maxed at around 5 seconds towards the fights end. Due to neglect of the ability for several years by part 4 Jotaro’s ability to perform time stop decreased to around 2 seconds, though it increased upwards to around 5 by the climax of the events of part 6.

Jotaro CAN NOT spam time stop continuously. Every time stop puts tremendous strain on his body, particularly his heart and he requires several seconds of rest between uses before he can do it again (ch 746)

-It is important to note Jotaro is aware and can see movement during a time stop performed by 
someone else even if he himself is incapable of moving(ch 257)

-Jotaro can stop time within another personas time stop(ch 264)


Reality override
A power learned by Jotaro after fighting Dio over heaven (an alt version of Dio) in the games Eyes of heaven and exclusive to the over heaven variant of star platinum. It allows the user to override reality through the power of their stand, typically on physical contact with the stands fists. In the game Dio had a version of this ability that was fairly OP/developed, however Jotaro’s exact limits  have never been elaborated on and where implied to be more limited. In terms of what we know for sure Jotaro was able to counter Dio’s reality warping effects to an extent (preventing himself from being erased from existence) and displayed the ability to use these powers to heal himself or reversing injuries. It probably wouldn't be used in an actual fight, but what the fuck I'll slap it in here.

-Example of Jotaro healing a punch to the gut and negating Dio’s powers in final ch

-Jotaro healing his legs in final ch

otaro Kujo
Part 3
Star Bending the steel bars of prison cell (ch 116)

Star punching the stand user Kakyoin with enough force to damage the exterior of a school building and shatter its windows(ch 119)

Star Punching out a shark (ch 127)

Jotaro jumping out a monorail and grabbing onto a ledge assisted by star (ch 138) and

Using the power of Star to stop and avoid a car collision (ch 150)

Using stars physical strength to lift and swing around a car(ch152)

Star punching the stand user ZZ with enough force to make a small dirt road (ch 153)

Star briefly holding open and punching apart the diamond hard teeth of the stand High priestess(ch 182) , and

Star preforming a sword catch and break (ch 196) and

Star Head-butting a possessed Polnereff with enough strength to break a tree(ch 196)

Even when transformed into a 7 year old child by the adult stand user Alessi , Jotaro could easily still knock him out with physical strength from his own body(granted he was already weakened by one of Jotaro’s allies beforehand) (ch 209) and

Along with Pontaff’s stand silver chariot, star punched the stand user Alessi into the atmosphere or possibly space (ch 209)

Star punching the stand user Nukesaku dozens of feet away and through some stone constructs (ch 247) and

Matching the physical power of Dio’s world stand in an ora ora barrage(ch256)

Star platinum crushing the skull of Dio during their fight with a punch (ch 261)

Using star to punch Dio dozens of feet away to cause a small explosion (ch 261)

Using an ora ora barrage to hit Dio dozens of feet away once again, and creating another small explosion (ch 263)

Using a Ora ora barrage to prevent Dio from crushing him with a steam roller during their battle (ch 263)

Part 4
Punching the detachable secondary stand bomb of killer queen with enough force to break some wooden cabinets (ch 356) Punching

Stand punching the stand user Kira with enough force to send him dozens of feet away (ch 362)

The OVA version of star inhaling justice. Clearly creates a vortex the size of a small building 

Star punching Dio with enough force to send him several dozen feet away and off a car in ep 13 

Jotaro stamping on a sewer pot hole with enough force to bend it in ep 13 

Star performing an ora barrage with enough force to send Dio dozens of feet away in ep 13

A punch between Star and Dio’s stand the world creates a notable shockwave in ep 13

Jotaro jumping dozens of feat of a body of water and with enough force to destroy a small boat in ep 13

Star is strong enough to rip off the top half of an Egyptian building and throw it with relative ease

In the ova it was actually a giant explosive gasoline truck Dio attempted to use to crush Jotaro at the end of their battle ep 13

Performing an Ora ora barrage on Dio over heaven and making him explode at the end of EOH

An attack made by Dio in part 1 could easily disperse large quantities of clouds. Stand powers are genrally considered to be more effective than this. 

Part 3
Shooting a revolving bullet at his own head at point blank range, only for Star to catch it before it can hit(ch 114)

Star can remove a piece of the prosthetic hand of joseph Jostar without him noticing it(ch 115)

Deflecting the emerald splash energy attack performed by the stand user Kakyoin(ch119)  

Attacks the stand user of the water based stand blue moon before he can reach the water from a dive(ch 128) and

Jumps horizontally several dozen feet while aided by star to land into a sky laden cart(ch 138) and

Jotaro and star punching several enemies at once and taking them out in several seconds(ch 159)

Star catching a bullet fired at him by Dio right at the lining of his outfit. Also without Jotaro needing to see said bullet himself (ch 260)

When he had his jacket set on fire by the stand user steely Dan, he quickly dug a hole underground with Star platinum to avoid it(ch 153) and  

Part 3 anime
Star catching tons of shards of glass after being thrown by the stand user forever

Anime version of Stars beat down of hierophant green

Part 4
Countered the stand used by the character Angelo, which could blend into water and attempted to ambush Jotaro in a rainstorm (ch 271)

After the character Josuke was hit by a dart capable of melting human flesh by a stand user, Jotaro stopped time and removed it before it could take effect(ch 328)

Using time stop to avoid projectiles (ch 329)

Part 6
Stops time at the near exact moment his daughter is hit by a bullet and removes it (Ch 606)  

Once again stops time mid fire of a barrage of bullets to save his daughter (Ch 612)

Deflecting more bullets (ch 612)

Star catching a bolt flung at Jotaro with the force of a bullet in ep 3

Jotaro using star to assist in a jump a few dozen feet into the air ep 9

Jumping several dozen feat into the air during his fight with Dio ep 13

Jumping several hundred feet into the air in a span of a few seconds while fighting Dio ep 13

Jumping hundreds of feat horizontally while fighting Dio ep 13

Spinning around a thrown car by Dio in ep 13

Said by Giorno to punch faster than the character zipper man

Jumping a dozen feat horizontally to hit Dio ch 9

Jumping several stories in the air in the span of a second in final ch

Some data files claim Star platinum can move faster than light

The character Valantine alludes to Star possibly going faster than light in EOH

Star platinum has also fought the stand silver chariot before, which has tagged enemies made of light like Hanged man(albeit Chariot couldn’t pull it off without knowing said stands trajectory first).

Part 3
Jotaro doesn’t even flinch when being stabbed in the face by the pen of a possessed women(ch 118)

Jotaro himself being hit by a move called emerald splash by the stand hierophant green and crashing through a doorway, while still being able to stand up after (ch 119) and

Jotaro having himself and star platinum dragged into a raging whirlpool filled with razor sharp barnacles that sap physical strength made by the stand deep blue, without falling unconscious. Jotaro also managed to counter attack despite being weekend in this state, and technically had to have held his breath during the entire encounter (ch129) and

Jotaro having a ceiling fan flung through the air and planted in his shoulder without flinching by the ape stand user forever (ch 131)  

Jotaro being thrown through a thick metal door by the ape stand user forever (ch 132)

Jotaro survives a fall from several stories high when trying to drown the character rubber yellow (ch 138)

Jotaro being hit by bullets of gasoline by the car stand wheel of fortune, controlled by the stand user ZZ (ch 152)

Being kicked and hit and punched by thugs (ch 163)

Survived a plane crash after his granddad misdirect their vehicle (ch 170)

Jotaro being hit with enough force by a possessed Polnereff to break a fire hydrant (ch 197)

Jotaro getting impaled by multiple knives thrown at him by Dio in time stop (ch 258)

Survived a vicious beat down by Dio’s world stand. Getting multiple bones fractured and having his body hit through a bill board sigh and a building before falling several stories out of the air. Granted when he hit the ground he used star platinum to break the fall, but it’s still impressive overall.(ch 263) and

Part 4
Barely phased by having his hand melted by a stand user in part 4 (V 35)

Barely fazed by having most of his body melted by an enemy stand user (ch 327 )

Could survive a point blank explosion from a detachable part of the stand killer queen. Said stand can atomize most normal people with such a blast (ch 357)

After having killer queens bomb go off on him, he was able to stand up again and continue fighting despite having holes in his body (ch 362)

Part 6
Even after taking a fairly vicious slice to the neck towards the end of part 6 he remained standing long enough to continue a fight(ch 746)

Jotaro getting smashed through several trees while trying to block an emerald splash attack by Kakyoin’s hierophant green stand ep 2

Getting pelted by the water like stand used by N Doul ep 9

Being punched and badly bruised by Dio’s stand the world ep 13

Being impaled by multiple knives by Dio in the ova ep 13

Jotaro being punched again by Dio’s stand, crashing into a billboard sign and then pelted into a body of water before having a boat dropped on him ep 13

Jotaro being smashed into a bus trolley in ep 13

Jotaro being hit thousands of feet away by Dio and into solid ground

Being pummeled along with a few other stand users by Dio’s world over heave stand in ch 9

Being kicked thousands of feet away by and landing on his feat in the final ch

Resists Dio over heavens ability to rewrite reality in final ch

Seemingly gets one of his legs broken by Dio in final ch

The character Stohiem survived coming into contact with an exploding volcano, and Jotaro's grandfather survived a fall from orbit and into the ocean(albeit he was shielded from re-entry heat somewhat)


Jotaro Kujo

Part 3
Discerned how Kakyoin’s stand Hierophant green could possess people, and quickly thought of a way to undo it for a victim(ch 118)

Managed to keep a cool and reserved mind when trying to remove a parasite from the stand user Kakyoin’s body and having said parasite try to avoid his own(ch 120)

Tricked the stand user of blue moon into revealing his identity by bluffing about a fake way to identify stand users and observing his reaction it(ch 128)

 Managed to destroy the blue moon stand by taking its user off guard with a star finger attack when it though it was out of range (ch 129)

Defeated the stand user forever, after dealing with his ship sized stand strength (ch 132)

Has the common sense to run away from the stand user rubber soul when outmatched and even drowns his stand by using a body of water beneath their battle ground(ch 138) and  

Increased the water pressure underneath a manhole the stand user rubber soul was standing on to fling him into the air and make him vulnerable to attack(ch 139)

Observed that the enemy stand user Enya knew about the Jostar family and who they were before having revealed herself as a villain (ch 156)

Defeated Enya’s near invulnerable fog stand justice by inhaling it with star and making Enya herself suffocate from it(ch 159)

Realized that the stand user N doul had extreme sensory abilities allowing him to see objects on the ground and use his allies Iggy’s stand ability to float above the ground to avoid detection(ch 187)

Allowed himself to get stabbed by a possessed Polnereff and his silver chariot, so he could use the leverage to break his sword weapon (ch 198)

Jotaro defeated Daniel D. Arby and his stand in a card game(that was being played for the ownership of Jotaro’s soul and others) through an elaborate bluff(ch 216)  

Outright hustled Talence D.Arby towards the end of their soul betting video game. Realizing Talance’s stand could read his mind and predict his moves in advance to an extent, he cheated by having his grandfather joseph slyly take control of the game while Talence placed all his focus on him(ch 234)

Tricked Dio into getting closer to him during a time stop by feigning that he could not move during it(ch 257)

One of the most iconic moments in Jojo. Jotaro used his ability to stop time several seconds into Dio using his, allowing him to outlast Dio’s time stop and put himself at an advantage(ch 263)

Defeated Dio. A 100 year vampire who had plagued the Jostar lineage and had attempted several world take over plots

His power increases if he’s pissed off

Part 4
Easily discerns the plan of the stand user controlling the stand chill peppers (ch 311) and

Throughout the” let’s go hunting” storyline in part 4 Jotaro regularly displayed great strategy making various combat tactics against two small rat stand users and even tracking them to an extent(ch 325-329 , , ,

Making various deductive reasoning regarding the serial killer Kira’s hangouts and his general state of thought(ch 354) , and

Easily analyzed and understood how the secondary bomb of the stand killer queen searched for targets with high body temperature and even distracted it by creating a small fire(ch 357-358) and

Countering the abilities of Kira’s father(ch 367)

At the climax of part 4 his time stop ability is what prevent the main villain Kira from getting off one more singular attack(ch 437)

According to the end of part 4 Jotaro eventually became a doctor specializing in marine biology (ch 439)

Part 5
In part 5 Jotaro conducted an investigation into the identity of Giorno Giovanna, discovering he was an illegitimate offspring of Dio (ch 440-443)  

Part 6
Intended to rescue his daughter when She got sent to prison in part 6(ch 605)

Conducted an investigation into his daughters imprisonment in part 6 and discerned it was a set up by a man named Jongalli(ch 606)

Making an observation about an enemy stand user (ch 607)

Confusing the villain Pucci by allowing an ally to shoot bullets at him and then throwing a spear at him in time stop in an attempt to take him off guard (ch 742)

Showing more acute observations on the stand user Pucci and correctly discerning his ability to speed up time and what the best courses of action against him would be(ch 745)

After throwing a large piece of building at Dio as an attack, he hid inside the hollow part of it in order to set up for a surprise attack

Fought with Giorno against a mind controlled naracncia and pannacotta , fugo      

Against Shigekiyo and Akira

Against a bunch of undead zombies

Another zombie horde

Against the part 1 version of Dio and diego brando

Against Ermes and Narc

Against weather Forcast

Against Puuchi and animal shop

Defeated and gambler stand user A.Darby twice of the course of the games storyline despite him 
already having caught on to Jotaro’s prio tricks

In the final battle against heaven Dio, Jotaro outsmarted him by brining armlets from his timelines dio and allowing them to collide with the heaven Dios. In the context of EOH this caused both similar objects from parallel universes to cancel each other out, causing an explosion that destroyed heaven dio’s arms. This consequently disabled his ability to use his stands reality rewrite power, which was activated through the fists.

From the 20+ years following the end of part 3, up to the end of part 6, Jotaro regularly engaged in fighting supernatural entities and villains.