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Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Roster Hopes and Predictions (Featuring Lousy From The Tactician Series)

Ever since Arc System Works' founders said in a Forbes interview that they would like to make a game based on the RWBY IP, a lot of speculation emerged over whether or not something was in the works (of Arc System). Through all that speculation, absolutely nobody expected Blazblue Cross Tag Battle to be what was planned.

That's Guilty Gear creator, Daisuke on the left during the interview. Yes, he's in his 40s. Yes, he has great taste in metal bands. Yes, he looks like he just got out of college.

Being fans of a few of the franchises being brought into this absurd crossover (and knowing fuck all about the other) we thought it would be fun to share our thoughts on our hopes and expectations for the roster. So, without further ado...

Overall thoughts on the character roster

Ultra: I have no idea how many characters I should be expecting for this crossover. Most Arc System games start at around 10-13 characters in their first iterations, and expand to larger numbers over a period of years. It’s pretty obvious the game is going to be reusing tons of assets and move-sets from the fighting game series involved in the crossover, so I don’t think lower estimations like that carry much weight. Instead I think it’s more likely that a character roster much larger, probably approaching or surpassing the max amount of characters Arc System has had in other games, will happen.

MAYBE something close to the roster size of Blazblue central fiction, if not a bit more, would be feasible. That gives about 33 slots and maybe a bit more if you consider possible DLC. Being optimistic, let’s just say the series can bang out 40 characters total, and with about 10 characters per franchise.

With that in mind, here are my picks. Keep in mind my reasoning may be a bit shallow given I was trying to rush this blog out before more announcements.

General thoughts

Ultra: I’m kind of torn on who I actually want from the Persona franchise. I know Persona 4 characters will probably be given precedent since their game headlines the Arena sub-franchise. That being said, I don’t want the ENTIRE investigation team to be in this game. There are 8 members, including Rise, and given 10 characters per franchise is me being generous, the investigation team alone has the possibility of taking up the entire franchise's slots in this game. Instead I would much rather the game focus on the most popular characters from the investigation main team, while leaving room for 1 or 2 Persona 3 standouts, as well as including most of the Persona Arena original characters or villains.

Character picks
Yu Narukami
Ultra: Obviously Yu is a given since he was already announced. He’s also the main character of persona 4 so he gets a slot by default.

Yosuke Hanumura
Ultra: Yosuke is also a good choice given he’s basically the vice leader of the investigation team, and Yu’s right hand man.

Edit: Unsurprisingly he got announced while I was making this blog.

Lousy: Brosuke was expected, but his confirmed inclusion is welcomed.

Chie Satonaka
Ultra: Okay, this is a bit biased on my part, but I consider Chie one of the more well-liked and prominent Persona 4 characters. She was also one of the team’s earliest members, so I feel like she’s more iconic than some of the latter joining characters.

Lousy: Setting aside the fondness Ultra and I have for best girl Chie, she regularly ranks as one of, sometimes the, most popular Persona 4 character in polls. She even was the highest voted female Persona character on the Megaten Reddit's Crosstag Battle Poll. Her being in the game feels like a given.

Naoto Shirogane
Ultra: Naoto is arguably the first or second most popular female protag in Persona 4. Her role as detective is probably one of the most integral to the plot and her personality lends itself well to dialogue in such a game. I say she should have a slot.

Lousy: Naoto is another no-brainer. Her play-style is fairly unique, she's very popular, and despite her late inclusion, is in many ways the co-leader of the Investigation Team in Persona 4. She should be all but locked into the roster.

Tohru Adachi
Ultra: Adachi has had a pretty big series of runaway popularity, and given his important role as the main villain of Persona 4 it only makes sense for him to show up in a big crossover. Likewise he has some personality traits in common with Blazblue villain Hazama/Terumi, so it would be a treat to see them play off each other.

Lousy: I feel that Adachi's chances are less likely than others (mostly a gut feeling). However, I absolutely want him in the game. The more of his asshole behavior that I can see the better. I'm not the only one either, given he topped the poll for Persona 4 Arena reps.

Ultra: It only makes sense to have at least one Persona Velvet Room member representing Persona in the crossover and Elizabeth is probably the most story relevant and prominent right now. I could see her making the cut.

Lousy: If we're getting any Velvet Room attendant in this game, it will be Elizabeth. She's definitely the most popular of the attendants, and is arguably the most prominent one in the series. I could see other characters winning out over her, but I would have no problem with Elizabeth's inclusion.

Ultra: Aigis is probably the closest we have to a Persona 3 protagonist given the real one kind of died a while ago. She’s played the part of leader in multiple Persona 3 media, and gained most of the powers associated with Minato. I also kind of want there to be at least a few artificial girls from each franchise present, given it’s a common theme they all share.

Lousy: Unless the roster is going to be dominated by Persona 4 characters, Aigis should be all but confirmed. She's been the go-to Persona 3 rep for quite some time, and has quite a few similarities to characters from other franchises in this crossover, such as Noel, Penny, ETC.

Mitsuru Kirijo
Ultra: Mitsuru is one of the more important P3 characters and the leader of an important government squadron called the shadow ops. She also has some duality with several other characters likely to be included from other franchises like Weiss and Oriole. Not having her in seems like a missed opportunity.

Lousy: Similar to Aigis, Mitsuru is pretty popular, very involved in the Arena stories, and has a lot of similarities to characters from other franchises, with Weiss bordering on being an (no doubt coincidental) expy of her.

Ultra: So basically Labrys was an original character introduced in the first Arena game. The Arena sub-series is centered a lot around her character development. So I think it makes sense to consider her for a crossover including said sub series.

Lousy: Persona characters who originated from spinoffs tend to catch flak from the fan-base, sometimes with good reason. As far as I can tell though, Labrys is one of the more well-liked spinoff characters. I myself thought she was pretty great. There are a few other Persona reps I would be okay with swapping Labrys out with, but it is likely we're going to get at least one of the two playable characters who originated from the Arena games. And Labrys is much preferred over the... Other one. Speaking of which...

Sho Minazuki
Ultra: Okay, so a slightly more controversial pick. Sho’s a somewhat divisive character in the fan-base. That being said, the entire plot of Persona Arena Ultimax was centered on him. He’s also the only other Persona character exclusive to the Arena games, so he has some relevance in the context of this crossover. Plus, he served as a somewhat secondary villain, if that counts for anything.

Lousy: Nooope, I don't care how integral Sho was to the story of Ultimax. It's all but universally accepted Ultimax's story was terrible, and he's one of the biggest sources of (justified) blame. If people want an Arena exclusive rep in, Labrys should suffice. Arguing about relevance and prominence in a series is fine and dandy, but by the end of the day, Cross Tag Battle is a crossover game meant to excite fans of these 4 series. And ignoring all the issues I have with Mr. Original-Character-Do-Not-Steal, I don't see many fans getting hyped for Sho's inclusion.

Misc thoughts

Ultra: If it comes down to it and most of the investigation team HAVE to be in. Substitute Mitsuru and Sho for Teddie and Kanji. I won’t like it, but I could survive. That being said I think I would prefer Rise just keep a navigator role, rather than being playable like in Ultimax. I'd also be willing to substitute Labrys for Akihiko.

Lousy: I think the roster selection here is solid overall, but I would definitely swap out Sho with Kanji, Akihiko, or just about any other character.  

General thoughts

Ultra: Blazblue is a series that’s expanded a lot in the last decade and truth be told I kind of started to lose track of the series around the time central fiction came out. That being, said I still have a basic idea about which characters are more popular and which ones are most important to the actual lore. Considering that my choices would mostly be levied towards main characters, long lasting mainstays or prominent villains.

Lousy: I kind of fell off the Blazblue bandwagon too, but have enough familiarity with the series to know who I want.

Ragna The Bloodedge
Ultra: Ragna is the main character of Blazblue and has already been announced. He’s an obvious choice.

Jin Kisaragi
Ultra: Another common sense choice, given he’s the rival and brother to Ragna. He’s also already been announced.

Lousy: With Jin in the trifecta of cryokinetic, sword-wielding heirs to large organizations is bound to be complete.

Noel Vermillion
Ultra: Noel is the main Blazblue heroine and many of the games plot threads are directly connected to or caused by her actions. Considering her prominence it makes sense for her to be involved in the crossover.

Lousy: Alongside Jin, Noel is a bit of a given due to her being one of the main characters in the series, and being on-board since day 1. A lot of people also seem to compare her to Aigis, including a certain web-show, so she has that going for her. More importantly though, YoshiRocks would be really sad if she didn't get in, and his happiness takes precedence over just about anything else.

Rachel Alucard
Ultra: Rachel has never been the explicit “main” female hero in Blazblue, but she’s certainly important to the plot and has played a large hand in spurring Ragna’s personal development. She makes sense to add as far as I’m concerned.

Lousy: There are quite a few characters I would prefer over Rachael. But given her prevalence in the series, and her own popularity, the vampire loli's likely to win out over them.

Ultra: Hazama/Terumi are the defacto main villains of the Blazblue series and one of the more prolific characters due to thier over the top trolling attitude. Their spot in the roster is probably guaranteed, though admittedly I’m not sure which version of him should show up since he has multiple forms.

Lousy: The opportunity for both Adachi and Hazama to act like assholes to the rest of the roster alone makes including Hazama a must. The fact that he remains arguably the most well-recognized villains in the series is a plus.

Ultra: One of the more powerful characters lore wise in Blazblue, and he’s been around since the beginning, so he’s pretty iconic.

Lousy: Hakuman was one of my mains, so I have no qualms with his inclusion. He kind of embodies a lot of the convoluted lore Blazblue has too.

Ultra: Izanami is another big villain in the Blazblue fold. Considering her role in the plot, and the fact that Persona has its own Izanami character she can be compared with, I can’t help but want her.

Lousy: I can take or leave Izanami, but wouldn't be against her inclusion.

Ultra: Truth be told I really want Toakaka, but had to concede space once Jubei became a playable character in central fiction.  The fact of it is he’s just way too hype of a character not to include after fans had been begging for him to be playable in a mainline Blazblue for years. A lot of people would love to see him show up here to.

Lousy: Much as I like Tao, if it comes down to her or Jubei, Jubei's going to have obvious priority. People have wanted him to be playable for a long time, and Arc System Works probably wouldn't miss the chance to capitalize on that. Of course, I could see someone else getting taken out for Tao.

Kokonoe Mercury
Ultra: I want Kokonoe just because of her boastful and pragmatic personality. Though that being said I think her character itself is pretty popular in Blazblue, so I could figure her being added for that reason is justifiable as well.

Lousy: I'm not too familiar with Kokonoe's story involvement, and would honestly prefer other characters in her place (Litchi, Tao, ETC). But it isn't a huge loss if she gets in the roster.

Ultra: As one of the more prominent final boss characters in Blazblue, I think it only makes sense that nu would be playable. She also fulfills the robot girl quota for the series. I know Noel also technically does, but let’s be honest most people don’t see her as very robotic.

Lousy: She satisfies the robo-waifu quota all 4 of these franchises want to meet. So...


Ultra: I have some similar opinions to the ones I had for Persona, in regards to RWBY reps. I don’t want both the entirety of team RWBY and team JNPR to be in this game for the same reason I didn’t want the entire investigation team in. It will take up way to much space on the potential roster and truthfully there’s characters outside those teams I’d rather see. Instead I’d rather have RWBY, one or two members of JNPR, and then a moderate amount of villains and ensemble dark horses from unaffiliated groups.

Ultra: We're discussing all 4 members of team RWBY at once since we have (more or less) the same thing to say about all of them. Ruby's the main character of the RWBY series. She was already announced, so no need for debate there.

Lousy: Similarly, the other 3 members, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are part of the main team. If we're getting more than 3 RWBY reps, the quadruo the show is named after will obviously be in the roster.

Pyrrha Nikos
Ultra: Despite being dead, Pyrrha still is one of the more popular characters from the JNPR team and it make sense to me that people would want her in. The game seems to be focusing on the earlier eras of the RWBY storyline anyway, so I don’t think her being dead is a big deal.

Lousy: Like Ultra said, Pyrrha is pretty popular, and the good thing about non-canon crossovers (as I'll argue later on) is that pesky things like death won't stop a character from getting in. Plus, you could also do some creative things with her magnetism semblance, so I'm all for her inclusion.

Juane Arc
Ultra: Juane is a mixed bag for some people, but from what I’ve seen it’s he’s been getting close to the most development in RWBY, outside of the 4 main characters. Considering he was also the leader of JNPR, I think it makes sense for him to be represented.

Lousy: Eh, I don't hate Juane, and you could probably get a decent enough move-set out of him. But I also feel there are much more viable reps in terms of move sets. He seems popular enough though, and admittedly RWBY's side of the roster might be lacking in male characters without him, or someone like Sun or another semi-relevant male character to take his place.

Ultra: Obviously RWBY is going to want some villain representation, and Cinder is as good a choice as any. Currently she isn’t nearly as prominent as she once was, but she was during the seasons this game seems to be drawing from, so I think having her makes a certain amount of sense.

Lousy: Cinder is definitely not going to be the most important villain in the RWBY series, but at this point in time she's the one that has gotten the most screen time, and the one with the most fleshed out powers and abilities. So she's probably the best choice for a villain character.

Ultra: I think a second villain character is reasonable for RWBY. Along with Cinder, Roman is one of the more prolific starting villains of the series. He’s also kind of a troll which is welcome given he could have a cool dynamic with Adachi and Hazama because of it.

Lousy: I won't lie, I never understood the love for Roman. He's alright, but never struck me as all that clever of a villain. Then again, RWBY's cast of villains is kind of weak all around at the moment. However, Roman is VERY popular among the RWBY fandom, arguably more than any other villain, and has had a decent push despite being dead and all. And I suppose you could give him a fun fighting style based around using his cane and fighting like a dirty bastard.

Ultra: So another character who’s dead…. But eh, whatever. People seem to like her and it ticks off the robot girl quota for RWBY.

Lousy: Penny also has a bad case of the dead, but again that doesn't mean much when it comes to non-canon crossovers. Every side in this game needs an obligatory robot girl, and Penny is the best (and only) choice for the RWBY series. Plus, unlike Pyrrha, she has a (albeit slight) chance of coming back in the show due to being a robot.

Qrow Branwen
Ultra: I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen much of this guy myself yet (I still need to catch up on RWBY) but everyone and their mother seems to be jizzing their pants at the possibility of him being in the game. So yeah I’m gonna assume he’s a good pick

Lousy: As someone who is caught up with RWBY, I can confirm Drunkle Qrow is very popular, and would be fun to include in Cross Tag Battle. He was also the highest scoring non-team RWBY member in the aforementioned poll. I would also be interested to see how his semblance, which essentially creates uncontrollable bad luck and misfortune, would be implemented into a fighting game.


General thoughts

Ultra: To be honest, I know next to nothing about Under Night. I only recently got the game and I haven’t actually played the story or arcade modes. Because of that I’m taking a shot in the dark with a lot of these choices, so don’t expect anything elaborate reasoning wise.

Lousy: Uh... Yeah, I know nothing about this series and have nothing to add.

Ultra: He is the main character the series and already announced. He’s an obvious slot.

Ultra: Linnie seems to be the leading heroine from what I’ve been told, and Hyde’s sidekick. I can’t see her not being in.

Edit: She got announced before I could publish this.

Ultra: This guy seems to be an ally of Hyde along with Linne, so I think he would make sense.

Ultra: To be honest, I just like her design and fighting style. Particularly since it’s reminiscent of Mitsuru and Wiese in some ways. That alone seems like a decent reason to have her.

Ultra: Carmine seems to be a character who was pushed a lot in promotional materials for Under Night, so he’s at least somewhat popular.

Ultra: Given we already have several artificial human robot fighters from the other franchises, having the resident robot girl from under night is a must.

Ultra: This guy seems to have some connection to Linne, and also seems to be a well-liked anti-hero, so I assume people would be okay with having him in.

Ultra: I’m not sure what roll Yuz plays in the story, but she got a cameo in Skullgirls, so she must be pretty popular within her series. She probably has good prospects given that.

Ultra: This guy seems to be one of the more important characters in the plot and I like his character design. I may as well throw him in.

Ultra: Hilda looks to be one of the main villains of the series, or at the very least she serves as the final boss in one of the games. She probably has enough reason to be playable.

Ultra: Eirka is another villain character, which is always welcome. She also is a bit of a troll like the other villains, Hazama and Adachi.

Picks that weren't mentioned

Lousy: Now that Ultra has given his roster picks, it's best we address some characters who weren't mentioned.

Akira Kurusu (Persona 5 Protagonist)

Lousy: As far as Cross Tag Battle's roster goes, the big question I (and many others) want answered is if any Persona 5 characters will be included. At the moment, I don't think the chances are particularly high. It looks like Arc System Works is sticking to characters they already have assets for, who have already appeared in their respective fighting game franchises (excluding RWBY since it doesn't have a fighting game).

That being said, Cross Tag Battle is still early in development, details for what the roster will be like are sparse, and Persona 5 is the newest mainline game in the series. Knowing Persona Q2, Dancing Star Night, and shitload of other spinoffs are happening, there's an argument to be made for Atlus putting in some extra assets to add a Persona 5 character. If anybody from Persona 5 is getting in, Akira obviously has priority over all others.

Beyond being the main character of the newest game, you could make an awesome move-set using the tools and abilities Akira has in Persona 5. With knife-play, handguns, a persona with curse-based magic, various tools like molotov cocktails, and the possibility of implementing a stealth/security level mechanic, you could definitely differentiate him from Yu and the rest of the cast. In particular, the move he performs during Persona 5's finale (I won't spoil it) would make for a kick-ass finisher. Like I said, I wouldn't get my hopes up too much for his inclusion, but crazier things have happened.

Worst case scenario, we'll just have to wait for Persona 5 Arena (Art credited to kollp).

Minato Arisato (Persona 3 Protagonist)

Lousy: The Persona 3 protagonist is another often requested character for the Persona Arena games who never made the cut. Mostly because he's canonically dead, and the Persona Arena games have a canon story attached to them. This is a reasonable excuse for the Arena games, but as has been said with several other characters, since Cross Tag Battle is a going to be a glorified fan-fic crossover, character death has little meaning. This is extra evident now that Minato is going to be in Persona Dancing Moon Light, a Persona spinoff that is confirmed to not have a canon story attached to it.

Still, Minato getting in is a preeetty big stretch, even more-so than Akira. Arc Sys will probably stick to characters who already have assets made, but I felt these 2 were worth mentioning.

The other Investigation Team members

Lousy: Like we said, much as we love Persona 4, knowing that 10 Persona reps being in Cross Tag Battle is being optimistic, we don't want every member of the investigation team in.


Lousy: Taokaka wasn't on our predicted roster, largely because we felt Jubei would be the obligatory cat character. However, it's perfectly possible there will be more than one kitty cat in Cross Tag Battle's roster.

Nora Valkyrie & Ren Lie

Ultra: Finally, the rest of the JNPR members have a pretty decent amount of fans, so obviously if Nora and Ren can be squeezed in, I say why not.


So those are our choices for Blazblue tag team characters. What did you guys think? What characters do you want?

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Ultraguy’s top 20(ish) Death Battle ideas

Hey guys it’s been awhile since my last blog, so I figured I may as well do something easy to fill the gap. Here’s a list of 20-ish fights that I hope Death Battle does at some point. Keep in mind there’s no guarantee any of these will ever happen. Likewise I tried not to overlap on ideas involving characters from the same franchises. Finally most of the list is organized by what thematic connections characters have, and then why I think the match is appealing.

Samus vs Master chief
Connections: Both characters come from game series that had popular first person shooters in the 6th generation of consoles. Both characters are well known for being one man armies that were genetically and physically altered for combat, as well as being trained from a young age. Both have power suits and both have worked with Ai partners at some point in their timelines. Their franchises also both have plots that involved fighting bio weapons or galaxy threatening parasites (the  Metroids and the flood respectively).

Appeal: I really think Samus would benefit from coming back to Death Battle. Granted she may have technically been featured in a “remaster” but given she was the first ever contestant on Death Battle, It’s pretty easy to notice a lot of her info is a bit outdated or less in depth than some of the later characters. Given she has a new game coming out in 2017 and another major release in 2018, I also feel like she’s fairly relevant again. Given Master chiefs own popularity and the fact the match could pay tribute to haloid, I really find the entire idea enticing.

Peacock vs bonny hood
Connections: Both are small children in casts of intimidating characters, yet manage to be some of the most feared badasses in them. They both have animal companions, and both use tons of weapons or character assists. One is also a magic using fairy tale inspired character, while the other is a toonforce using  cartoon based character, giving them both opposing whimsical abilities.

Appeal: I’m going to be honest here, I think that Death Battle has borderline overused Street fighter, Mortal Kombat and Killer instinct to an extent. I really think the show should cut down on them and try to use other fighting game characters a bit more. I like this fight a lot because having a character from the never featured skull girls and another character like Darkstalkers seems like it would be a huge breath of fresh air. The cartoony and ridicules nature of their attacks could also make for some fun animation.

Jin Kazama vs Ryu(street fighter)
Connections: Both are the main protagonists of two major fighting game series. Both series already share a rivalry and have had official crossovers in the past. Both characters are also accomplished martial artist who mostly fight unarmed. Finally they both have to deal super powered evil sides buried within themselves that threaten to bring the world to ruin if unchecked.

Appeal: Ok I know I said I’d rather not have any other Street fighter characters, but I could make an exception for this match (and maybe a fight involving Juri somewhere down the line).  Death Battle REALLY needs to finally have a Tekken character and given Jin Kazama is one of the more important main characters of the series and his similarities with Ryu, it would make sense for them to fight each other. Likewise from what I know Ryu stands a fair chance at winning this fight, which is something I would enjoy given I’m honestly getting tired of the street fighters losing streak.

Yu Narukami vs Jotaro Kujo
Connections: The persona series was directly inspired by Jojo series, and the characters in both franchises use supernatural apparitions of their mental or spiritual energy to fight. Both Yu and Jotaro were involved in investigating a series of murders by a serial killer, who used said supernatural powers to carry out his actions. Coincidentally both of these story archs took place in part 4 of each respective series. Yu and Jotaro also had their stands/personas enhance in power into a more ultimate state called “the world” during the climax of one of their adventures. Additionally both of them have fought entities that can stop time (Dio and the time God Cronus) and are lady killers.

Appeal: Persona isn’t as mainstream as Mario or Zelda, but it’s not niche to the point where I would say that anyone relativity knowledgeable about videogames wouldn’t have heard of it. It’s definitely sold more, has a larger presence in terms of marketing, and has a much larger currently active fandom than several of the other series already showcased in Death Battle at this point. Considering all that, the recent numbered release, the previously mentioned upcoming spins offs, as well as the fact I’m sure the Jojo anime will have a new season in 2018, I think having a persona vs jojo match would make a lot of sense.

Anyway in regards to the fight itself. There’s are tons of interesting avenues for debate. How do we choose what persona or abilities Yu can use during the fight? Can Jotaro use time stop to get an easy win? These character vary widely in what stats they specialize in, how do they deal with each other? Can persona users see stands? Not to mention the mechanical diffrences between stands and persona, as well as the strategies both characters are known for coming up with. It has the potential to be a really engrossing argument.

Ex: I know some people say they rather have Yu fight Josuke the actual protag of part 4 of Jojo, but I’ve come to like Jotaro more since it’s probably more even and interesting of a debate. It’s also say this match idea is way more popular from what I can see (being honest), and tbf has around the same amount of connections regarding it as Josuke would. Though admittedly I would be fine with either as a fight.

Likewise I know some people want the persona 3 protag Minato to fight Jotaro instead, but frankly I would argue Neku from TWEWY is a much more thematic opponent for him.

Sailor moon vs Cardcapture Sakura
Connections: Both are among the most popular magical girls in the anime scene. Both are from the 90s and have a fandom rivalry. Both are the descendants of famous powerful magic-users, Queen Serenity and Clow Reed. Both have a wide variety of magic powers, both fought against the embodiment of void: Chaos and the Nothing, both have a small furry taking magical four-legged creature as their pet. They also represent opposing archetypes

Appeal: It can’t be understated how influential and recognizable a character like Sailor moon is worldwide. She’s basically the OG magic girl and single handedly propelled the entire genre. Likewise while card captor Sakura isn’t as popular in the states, she’s recognized as one of the other larger Magic girl characters and her series has quite a bit of a rivalry with Sailor moon. It makes sense to put them against each other, and the frankly fact nobody from Sailor moon has appeared on DB yet baffles me and needs to change.

Pit vs Sora
Connection: Both characters are plucky young teens who are heavily connected to concepts like the power of heart and the power of light. Both fight monsters that are created by harnessing the power of a person’s soul and both are also well known for over the top anime-ish weapons.

Appeal: Kid Icarus was one of the cult classic games of the Nintendo library and after Pit’s redesign in smash bros brawl he finally got the chance to star in a squeal game kid Icarus uprising. Likewise Kingdom hearts is one of Square’s most prominent and long lasting franchises outside of Final fantasy and the series is FINALLY going to have its 3rd instalment come out on consoles soon. In terms of powers both are pretty over the top having summons, mech suits and various over the top magic spells and supportive abilities to make a fight between the two chaotic(in a fun way). It would make for a great 3D fight in my opinion.

Dovahkiin vs Chosen /undead
Connections: Both characters started off their adventures in shackles, awaiting death, but were given a second lease on life and informed of their destinies. They both used their superhuman powers to fight off armies of monsters, absorb the souls of their defeated enemies, and destroy the mad gods who would see their worlds destroyed. They are both superheroes of the modern fantasy action-RPG.

Appeal: Skyrim and Darksouls are two of the most popular RPGs of the last generation and if Bethesda’s current attitude is anything to go by, Skyrim is probably going to keep seeing re-releases from now till the end of time. Both have some customizable elements, but I’ve seen some blogs made on the match in the past that has ideas on how to deal with that. In fact I find the idea of discussion how to tackle them pretty fun. Additionally how the combat systems of these games interact seems like an interesting avenue for debate.

Kirito vs Kite
Connections: Both sword art online and Dot hack have the similar premises of having their main protags get trapped inside a MMO game. Both characters are also characterized by dual wielding swords and regularly manipulate or ignore the rules of their respective games.

Appeal: Sword art is a fairly well know, albeit infamous anime, and dot hack likewise has some recognition due to being around so long. Sword art also had a major movie release in 2017 with a 3rd season of its anime supposedly being made this year or the next. Dot hack likewise is getting a new game soon. Both series have also already crossed over in some capacity and the nature of a digital MMO style fight is something Death Battle hasn’t really dabbled in. The two franchises also already have a bit of a rivalry.

Inkling girl vs Beat
Connections: Both series have a similar art style, as well as similar music and 90s pop aesthetics.  Both Beat and Inkling girl use a form of paint or graffiti to tag their environments, which they can also use as a weapon to cause damage to nearby opponents. They also both use unusual forms of transportations, being their squid form and inline skates respectively.

Appeal: I like this match because of how off the wall and unexpected it is, while at the same time also making perfect sense. I also think actually trying to quantify how the hell you can use paint to destroy mechs and monsters is an interesting proposition. Outside of that while Jet set radio mostly just has cult status, Splatoon is easily one of the most popular new franchises that Nintendo has made in the last 10 years and had a major release in 2017. It also is slated to have an anime series soon, so that’s also a good reason to have the match involving them.

Dio vs Alucard
Connections: Two vampires who stand tall amongst their competition as two of the most widely recognized and severely badass vamps in all of anime and manga. They are both pure monsters in combat and the blood they’ve spilled is (probably) unquantifiable. One is a hero who fights for humanity; who sees the beauty of mortality and hates his own monstrous corruption. The other is a villain’s villain, who forsook his own humanity to become something greater; an evolved being who used his power to crush anyone in his path to discovering the secrets of reaching heaven, and become a god.

Appeal: Dio is one of the most well-known Jojo character and has gained memic status in various ways. Alucard has also had a fairly well known abridged series made by the famous team 4 star. Additionally while both characters are vampires, their move sets are very different from each other. For example Dio’s timestop particularly being a big factor in the fight, as well as all the shit Alucard has going on with schrodinger.

Ruby vs Maka
Connections: Both are scythe wielding teenage girls, who go to a school centered on training them in the art of combat. They’re also both pitted against supernatural monsters on the norm and have important verse mechanics centered on the use of the soul as a weapon.

Appeal: A lot of people seem to want this match and tbh I’d prefer it over most other Rwby fights that have been suggested thus far. Given Soul eater has ended and rwby is probably reasonably into its run, I don’t think it would be a terrible idea to have it at sooner rather than later. The rwby franchise also is going to have a major appearance in the game Blazblue cross tag battle in 2018, and rwby is getting a new season soon, so I find Ruby herself to be pretty relevant.

Avatar Aang vs Edward Elric
Connections: Both are teens who have the ability to manipulate and shape the elements around them as a means of fighting. Both have made poor choices in their past that directly set them on their journeys in the first place (abandoning the air benders and performing human transmutation). Their ability to bend the elements is also special or unique within the context of their worlds.

Appeal: Full metal alchemist is one of the more acclaimed shohen anime not yet brought into the Death Battle roster. Likewise Avatar is a very critically acclaimed tv show and it’s been a while since they’ve had a rep. Alchemy and Bending are also very interesting fighting styles, and the prospect of the applicants using the environment around them to make weapons, barriers, or hax could lead to very promising fight animations.

Thanos vs Darksied
Connections: Don’t need to be stated

Appeal: The appeal is super obvious.

Dexter Vs Jimmy neutron
Connections: Both Dexter and Jimmy neutron are self-proclaimed “boy geniuses” well known for creating off the wall gadgets and going on sci-fi centered comedy style adventures with a cast of school mates or family. They come from rivaling networks, cartoon network and nickelodeon respectively. Both series also have alternate animation styles (2d vs 3d) and have a fairly well known rivalry.

Appeal: There really hasn’t been many fights involving western cartoon characters created in the 90s and 2000s+, so this would def fill that niche. Both cartoons were also hugely popular with Dexter’s lab being one of the cornerstones of early cartoon network and Jimmy neutron being one of the few successful nick original movies before his tv series. Additionally both characters have a ridicules amount of hax and weapons to potentially put into a fight including weaponized time travel, creating stuff from nothing, transmutation, giant mechs, super speed, hulk like transformations and so on.

Risky boots vs Tronne Bonne
Connections: Both characters are pirates who serve as direct rivals and frenemies to their respective series protagonists. Both command large crews of identical mooks (servbots and tinkerbats) and both rely heavily on mechanical contraptions and mechs to do their fighting.

Appeal: The Shantae series isn’t exactly mainstream, but it’s been around for a few decades now and has at least enough recognition among indies to have gotten around the same amount of votes for smash bros inclusion as shovel knight. The series also recently had the half Genie hero game come out on multiple consoles, and Risky herself had her own story mode finished not long ago. I would also say that Tronne bonne is around one of the more popular Megaman characters, having appeared in multiple marvel vs Capcom ocrossover games at this point. Finally as far as the fight goes pitting these characters against each other has the potential to be fairly interesting if you get their pirate crews involved, as “army” fights aren’t something you see a lot of in Death Battle.

Ex: I also toyed with the Idea of having Captain Syrup be an opponent for Risky. Most of the connections are the same as for Tronne Bonne, though Syrup also has the added connection of having sought to harness the power of a genie for her own ends in the first Wario land game. I feel like she’s more lacking in sprites and abilities though.

Saitama vs Squirrel girl
Connections: Both Saitama and Squirrel girl are essentially gag characters whose comicbooks and manga readily parody and make fun of tropes from their respective Medias. They both have dubious reasons for being as strong as they are and can defeat virtually anyone under the right circumstance, to the point where in both of their series they are supposed to be considered “unbeatable”. Neither are typically taken seriously at all in their own universes and are to an extent unknown within them. Both characters also have completely ludicrous origins.

Appeal: I know a lot of people want to see Saitama fight Goku or superman …but to be honest I think both of those ideas are pretty terrible and should probably never happen. Disregarding the fact that Saitama doesn’t even really have much in common with either of them AT ALL, Saitama’s actual feats are not nearly impressive enough to legitimately stand a chance against either of them in a way that’s even remotely fair. The fact of it is most “serious” arguments for Saitama in a vs setting rely on blatantly pushing no limit fallacies backed up by his in universe OP statues, which isn’t something that should be taken at face value in a more contempory debate. Likewise given we’ll likely never see his full power, and given he is technically a saitire-ish character capping him actually kind of feels frustrating from my point as view anyway.

Instead I much rather have him in a fight that subverts expectations. A joke fight against a character like Squirrel girl sort of fits that bill. You can literally just turn the fight into a gag and make the analysis a (fun) black hole of fallacies from which no logic can escape. Take Saitama’s infinite strength into extremes, take the power ratings or off-screen victories of squirrel girl to their logical conclusion scaling wise. The sky’s the limit and hey maybe you don’t even have to have a traditional ending since Squirrel girl does have some 4th wall awareness (Have her beat the shit out of Wiz and Boom off screen and then have her and Saitama end the match getting ice cream lampshading the toxic nature of vs fandoms obsessed with strength).

Also….I really think it would do well to do something to stand out with a Siatmama match. Like a very large majority of people who put him in animations on youtube tend to just have him rolstomp his opponents, or have him fight in the same bored manner he always does. It’s predictable. Subverting that and having him actually have to take a fight seriously against an opponent similar to him would be way cooler.

EX: ..oh and also popeye is another character that applies to most of the above points here, though I’m going to be honest and say I’m slightly more partial to Squirrel girl. I think the connections are better and she’s supposed to be the lead in a new tv series next year, so she’s slightly more relevant.

Megaman EXE and Lan Vs Takato and Guilimon
Connection: Both sets of characters come from franchises that were popular in the 90s to early 2000s and deal primarily with alternate digital dimensions. Both sets of characters are likewise Kid/digital being duo’s, who can lend each other strength literally via power of friendship or by installing “battle cards” of some sort into their ally. The characters can also directly fuse together to create a new superpoweful forms.

Appeal: Tbh this match is kind of a personal desire of mine I’m not sure will actually ever come to fruition. That being said I would consider battle network among the most popular and well represented megaman sub franchises and digimon tamers is of course pretty popular itself. Likewise I find this to be one of the only fights that’s probably relatively fair that involves EXE and a fully evolved Digimon, given both are way stronger than what you would anticipate.

Shadow vs Ryuko
Connection: Both are red and black motif characters who were created as experiments using DNA from a species that would later try to take over the earth. Said characters were raised in secrete by father figures to turn against these alien species, finally taking on and defeating their leaders by transforming into a super saiyen inspired super form.

Appeal: I would really like Shadow to be in a fight he has a fair chance to win. Additionally I would probably say kill la kill is one of my favorite and more popular animes in the last few years, and is fairly popular overall. The connections seem decent enough to me, so you know wynut?

Lloyde vs Vsye
Connections: Both are idealistic characters who duel wield swords and are stars of popular early 2000s Japanese rpgs.

Appeal: I think the tales of series is prolific enough that it probably deserves a rep, and Lloyde makes the most sense given he’s the protagonist of what was arguably the most popular game worldwide. Skies of arcadia also has some reasonable cult status. Granted I’m not sure how well these two characters stand against each other, but I find looking at rpgs characters fun, so I’d love to find out(though granted Lloyd probably wins).

Link vs Simon Belmont
Connection: Both are young warriors who are reincarnated or come from an ancestral line of heroes, who continually fight a re-appearing dark lord that seems to be nearly immortal. Both tend to use various holy weapons to that end and also have a wide assortment of weapons and tools for exploration and combat.

Appeal: I’ll be honest in hindsight I don’t actually like Link vs Cloud as a concept. I get they have rivalry or whatever, but they have virtually nothing in common with each other. Link and Simon both have a bit more going for their matchup, and also have a slight rivalry with their series on top of that. Additionally I would probably say both series are popular enough that having them get a return and first combatant is about due, and Link in particular would be interesting to analyze since he’s gotten more games out in the last few years.

Marth vs Aragon
Connection: Both are “hero kings” who exists in somewhat similar fantasy adventure media.

Appeal: Ok tbh I really just wanted to have fire emblem character on this list somewhere, particularly Marth, Ike or Robin. I asked around but I’ve had issues finding many decent ideas and this is the only one that seemed plausible. The details of who Aragon is…… I don’t fully know. I’m aware that he’s a renown “hero king” like Marth is and given he comes from Lord of the Rings I’ll guess he works and leads in a similar setting to those found in fire emblem. But regardless fire emblem has become so huge in the last few years with multiple games, spin offs and more sequels on the rise next year that I think them getting a rep makes sense. Lord of the rings isn’t my cup of tea, but I assume it’s popular enough that people would enjoy seeing a rep from it as well.

Axe cop vs Bobobo
Connection: Both are completely wacky and insane characters known for 4th wall breaking, silly antics and magnetic personalities. Both also come from west and east mediums respectively.

Appeal: Tbh I didn’t really want to have two joke fights on my list, but I think this only crosses into only semi joke territory since I’ve seen quite a few people play it straight or even make blogs for the match. Anyway what can I say while both characters have shown that are reasonably popular, my biggest draw to the match is just how fun and convoluted it is. These are characters that can do infinite push-ups, break the 4th wall, create alternate realities, reality warp, time travel, possess people, resurrect and tons of other random shit. A match including all of that would be one hell of an entertaining clusterf@#k.


Welp those are all my top match ideas. Did you guys see any ideas in particular you liked? What are your own ideas? Let me know in the comments!

-Oh also a disclaimer. I claim no credit for the title cards used in this blog(most are made or originate from various places on DA and DB fanon.