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Character Analysis: Paper Mario

In case you were wondering

This blog is meant to be a companion piece to my main Mario analysis blog, and as such is much more streamlined in comparison to it. IE it ONLY goes over abilities, weapons, power-ups and attacks that are for the most part exclusive to the Paper Mario incarnation of Mario and nothing else.  Keep this in mind if you’re wondering why I don’t mention the ice/fire flowers here or the paper Mario version of the pow block.

A few common abbreviations(note there are also a few others, though they should be obvious)

PM: Paper Mario PMTTYD: Paper Mario the thousand year door SPM: Super paper Mario
PMSS: Paper Mario sticker star  


An alternate dimension version of Mario found inside a magic book within the main Mario universe. For the most part his backstory and personality can be assumed to be similar to his more contemporary counterpart, with the sole exception that everything in the Paper Mario universe is made out of…well paper and cardboard.  Because Paper Mario is made out of some sort of paper as well, he also has distinct biological differences that allow for different abilities outside the norm for Mario characters.


Super hammer/Ultra-hammer (paper Mario ver)
Two sets of hammers that can be found in the first two paper Mario games. They both serve as upgrades to a more standard hammer Mario can receive, with ultra-hammer doing as much 3x the amount of damage. The upgrades also allow for Mario to perform a powerful hammer spinning attack.

Mario finding the ultra-hammer in PM

Mario getting and using it in the PMTTYD:

Mario getting and using the ultra-hammer in PMTTY

Paint hammer and Huey
A hammer that exudes paint of several different colors when it is swung in paper Mario color splash. Mario’s ability to use paint in conjunction with the hammer is granted by the character Heuey(who must be present for the hammers painting abilities to work), and the paint he uses must be collected from objects scattered across his world. The hammer is used mainly to fill colorless areas and/or restore function to objects on Prism Island. Mario also uses the paint in said game to power his main form of attack(battle cards).

Paper jam hammer variants
Paper Mario also had various hammers he could equip outside his more standard ones in the crossover game Mario and Luigi paper jam. For the most part most they’re all pretty irrelevant and upgrades granted by them are hard to quantify due to the RPG stat nature of the Mario and Luigi games. That being said one or two have some special effects that could conceivably be useful in a fight. The following of them are listed below.

Comet hammer: Can end the movements/attacks of a damaged enemy.

Expert hammer: Allows Mario to use his hammer more than once in rapid succession (in game it would allow him to attack twice in one turn).


Super boots/Ultra-boots(paper Mario ver)
Two sets of boots that can be found in the paper Mario series. When equipped by Mario they increase the power of his jumping attacks by 3x. The boots also allow him to use a few special jumping maneuvers.

For example the super boots allow Mario to use the “spin jump”, which is basically just another version of the ground pound found in various other Mario games. The ultra-boots also allow the use of “tornado jump” in the original paper Mario and a “spring jump” in PMTTYD. The tornado jump is an upwards spinning jump that stomps back down with tremendous force. The spring jump is a jump where Mario scrunches his body downward and then springs upwards to greater heights than normal.

Getting the super boots in PMTTYD:

Mario getting the ultra boots and using a tornado jump in paper Mario

Mario getting the ultra-boots and using a spring jump in TTYD:

Paper jam equipment
Like the more contemporary versions of Mario and Luigi, paper Mario also has his own set of equipment in paper jam. Besides hammers, there’s also paper boots, paper wear, paper gloves and paper accessories he can use. Given the RPG nature of said equipment, a lot of it is difficult to quantify though. That being said some things have more distinct secondary effects that are objectively useful . You can see a list of a few below.

Paper Boots
Comet boots: Restores HP whenever Mario deals damage.

Paper wear
Comet wear Dx: Occasionally allows paper Mario to deal equal damage to the strength of the last opponent attack.

Paper gloves
HP gloves DX: Increases HP by 20%

Pow gloves: Increases pow by 10%

Paper accessories
HP scarf DX: Increases HP by 20%

Copy bangle: Creates a paper Mario copy automatically periodically.

Special abilities

Paper abilities
Over the course of paper Mario the thousand year door Mario came across various black chests that had “fallen heroes” locked inside them by a curse cast by a villain called the shadow queen. Upon freeing them he was “cursed” to have various supernatural paper based abilities, typically involving some form of shape shifting.  You can see all 4 listed below.

Paper mode
The ability to turn sideways, and that’s about it. Given Paper Mario is literally paper thin, Mario can use this ability to pass through tight spaces.

Getting it in PMTTYD:

Mario using the ability in paper jam

Plane mode
An ability that allows paper Mario to fold his body into that of a paper plane, which can then be used to glide over short distances and in some cases fly for short periods of time.

Getting the ability in PMTTYD:

Tube mode
An ability that allows Mario to roll into a tube. Can allow him to get into tight spaces or roll down hills with great speed.

Getting it in PMTTYD:

Boat mode
A form that allows Mario to fold himself into a paper boat. Can be used to cross large bodies of water.

Getting it in PMTTYD:   

Other paper shapes

The ability to “flip” between a 2D and 3D dimensional plane. It was given to Mario by the character Bestovirus in super paper Mario, and was used by Mario mainly for exploration (as objects could be viewed and interacted with differently depending on if Mario interacted with the world on a 2d or 3d plane). Mario normally has a time limit while using this ability, which last about 10-20 seconds before running out. In super paper Mario will take damage if he goes over the time limit, after which the meter will re-fill. In color splash Mario is just forced out of a 3d perspective.

Mario first gaining the ability in super paper Mario:

Mario utilizing paint to perform the move in color splash

-it should be noted that if Mario Completes the flopside pit of 100 trials in super paper mario and collects the “Mario catchcard” he’ll be able to use the flip ability indefinitely.

An ability paper Mario has in the crossover game Mario and Luigi paper jam. It allows paper Mario to create “clones” of himself that can perform attacks (jumps, hammer attacks, ect) alongside him. They can also soak up attacks from opponents, protecting the real paper Mario from damage. The amount of total clones that can be initially made is 6, though that can be upgraded to 8.

Paper Mario getting the ability in paper jam:

The ability to view the world from a different dimension and add in objects such as doors, fountains and other physical constructs into appropriate places, typically sacrificing a corresponding “sticker” in the process. The ability can also be used to remove and store some objects or switch them also. This ability is used specifically with the aid of the character Kertsi in Paper Mario sticker star.

Kertsi explaining the pauperize ability in sticker star

An ability that allows Mario to cut away scenery from his dimension loony tones style, in order to traverses his soundings in a different manner than usual or find hidden objects. For example he can get rid of a top portion of a gate to form a stairwell he can walk on to get to a higher area. Mario can also use the ability to swap in objects in corresponding places, which can be useful for exploration. Taught to him by the character Huey, and seems to be initiated at least somewhat with his help..

Mario being taught and using the cutout ability in color splash

Placing a thing card in to cause an effect on the environment

Paper Mario has the ability to perform a flutter jump in paper jam

Badges(Paper Mario ver)

Similar to Mario RPG and the Mario/Luigi series, Paper Mario also has its own equipment system of sorts. This is called the badge system. By using “BP” points you can equip various badges to Mario to enhance his stats, grant him new special attacks or abilities. Unlike the systems in place in other Mario games, there is NO LIMIT to the amount of badges you can equip as long as if you have enough BP to do so.
Jump attack badges
Power/Mega jump
A Special attack that allows Mario to perform a more powerful jumping attacks than normal on an opponent.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Power bounce
A special attack that allows Mario to perform a repeated bouncing jumping attack on an opponent a near limitless number of times with good timing. Similar to the more advanced jumping special attacks in Mario RPG.

Being used in PMTTYD:

A special attack that makes Mario jump and bounce between multiple opponents in a row.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Shrink stomp
A special attack stomp that allows Mario to shrink his opponents in size temporarily, decreasing their attack power significantly.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Sleep stomp
A special attack that allows Mario to temporarily put enemies to sleep with a stomping attack.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Soft jump
A special jumping attack that lowers an enemy’s defense temporarily for a shortened period of time.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Tornado jump
A jumping attack that creates a twister where Mario lands sucking up nearby opponents.

Being used in PMTTYD:

D-down jump
A badge that allows Mario to expend energy to perform a special jumping attack that ignores normal defense.

Hammer attack badges
Power/ Mega smash
A Special attack that allows Mario to perform an extra powerful hammer swing.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Hammer Throw
Allows Mario to throw his hammer as an attack, damaging flying opponents or others from a distance.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Quake /Mega quake hammer
Allows Mario to perform a hammer strike on the ground near him that creates a shockwave that damages nearby enemies. Flying enemies or enemies off the ground are not hit by this attack.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Fire drive
Allows Mario to perform a flaming hammer attack that flings fire at nearby opponents, and can potentially “burn” them causing subsequent periodic damage over a short period of time.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Head rattle
Allows the use of a special hammer attack that can cause the status effect confusion in enemies, which can cause opponents to attack allies or heal Mario.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Ice smash
Allows Mario to perform a special ice based hammer attack that can potentially freeze opponents for short periods of time.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Piercing blow
A special hammer attack that ignores normal enemy defense stats.

Being used in PMTTYD:

D-down pound
A badge that allows Mario to perform a special hammer attack that ignores enemy defense.

Stat altering badges
Increases hammer attack power, but negates ability to jump.

Increases Mario’s jumping ability, but negates his ability to use a hammer.

Ice Power
A badge that increases Mario’s damage output against fire based enemies, lessens fire based damage and allows him to touch fire based enemies without taking damage.

Last stand
A badge that Reduces the force of attacks Mario receives by ½ when his health gets low.

Power/Mega rush
A badge that increases Mario attack strength significantly when his health is at extremely low levels.

Passive support badges
Dizzy Attack
A badge that allows Mario to perform a spinning maneuver towards an opponents that gives them the “dizzy” status effect if it hits, preventing them from fighting back for a short period of time.

Bump attack
Allows Mario to defeat enemies majorly weaker than him just by walking into them.

Chill out
Prevents enemies from dealing damage with their first attack.

Close call
Occasionally causes an opponent to miss with an attack when Mario’s health is low.
Feeling fine
A badge that protects Mario from most common status ailments found in the paper Mario series.

Fire shield
Reduces damage caused by fire and allows Mario to better come into contact with enemies on fire for physical strikes.

First attack
Allows Mario to instantly destroy enemies that are significantly weaker than him, as long as he gets the first strike.

Happy flower and Happy heart
Two badges that let Mario regen health and FP points periodically over the course of a battle.

HP Drain and FP drain
A badge that slightly decreases Mario’s attack power, but allows him to regain health or FP points whenever he lands an attack on an opponent.

Lucky day
A badge that occasionally causes enemies to miss Mario with their attacks.

Allows Mario to see the remaining health of an enemy.

S jump charge and s smash charge
Two badges that allow Mario to “charge” himself for more powerful subsequent jumping and hammer attacks respectively.

Speedy spin
Allows Mario to perform a spin dash over a larger distance and at a faster speed.

Spiked shield
Allows Mario to jump on spiked enemies at full force without taking damage or being impaled by said spikes.

Spin attack
Allows Mario to defeat weak minor enemies by bumping into them with a spin attack

Zap tap
Makes Mario electrified, and causes all opponents that touch him to get zapped.

Lucky start
Causes Mario to start each battle with a random positive attribute.

Return postage
Causes enemies that attack Mario to receive half the damage they inflict on him during direct attacks.

Misc badges
Various defense increasing badges like damage dodge, defend plus.

Dodge master: Makes it easier to avoid attacks.

Double and triple dip: Allows for rapid use of two or three items(in game this allows Mario to use multiple items in one turn)

Power plus: Increases attack power.

Deep focus: Allows Mario to pray for Mario star power for certain attacks that normal

Flower finder and flower saver: Allows Mario to use special attacks or find energy to fuel them more easily.

Heart finder: Allows Mario to more easily find healing “hearts” items in game.

FP plus and HP plus: increase associated in game points for special attacks and health respectively.

The eye spy badge: Allows Mario to more easily find “star piece” collectable items in paper Mario.

Money money: increases the amount of coins found from enemies after battles.

P-down, d-up and P-up, d-down: either decrease power while raising defense or vice versa

Pay-off: Makes Mario earn more coins in accordance to damage he takes in a fight

Stickers and Battle cards

New forms of attack granted to Mario by sacrificing either specifically collected “stickers” or a “battle cards”(plus some paint) in the games sticker star and color splash respectively. For the most part the attacks granted to Mario by these objects overlap A LOT with his abilities granted by badges in the earlier paper Mario games. Because of that going into detail about the fast majority of them is sort of pointless. Though that being said there are a few notable attacks with no equivalence that I’ll note down below.
Leaf: Makes all attacks hit successfully and all blocks be done successfully for a short period of time.

Snowball: Creates a giant snowball that engulfs nearby enemies.

Spiked ball: Creates a giant spiked ball that drops on top of opponents.

Barrel: Creates a large barrel Mario can throw at an opponent.

Wrench: A large wrench that can be chucked at an opponent.

Bone: A large bone that can be thrown at a single opponent.

Boomerang: A boomerang Mario can throw at an opponent.

Bomb: A bomb Mario can throw that explodes on contact with an enemy.

Sombreo: A large sombrero that can be thrown at opponents as a projectile attack.

Throwing star: A large throwing star that be used as a projectile attack.

Poison mushroom: A sticker that poisons Mario, but causes any opponent that touch him to conversely be poisoned.

Battle cards(paper Mario ver)
Enemy cards: Mario can gain cards corresponding to various common enemies found in the Mario series and make them perform an attack for him before dissipating. This includes having enemies like hammer bros, fire bros or ice bros throw one of their respective elements or weapons. Having bloopers or shy guys bash enemies. ECt

Koopalings: Battle cards that correspond to each of the 7 koopling. When summoned they scare and chase opponents away

Kamek: Summons Kamek, who calls down a torrent of magic blasts on a group of enemies.

Black bowsers castle: Summons a version of Bowsers castle in the sky, which falls and crashes on an opponent


Real world like “3D objects” found in the recent paper Mario games that can be used for supportive or offensive attacks. There’re both stickers and battle card things, but the effects of both are fairly similar and more or less interchangeable. They come in several different categories, cut, wind, suction, water, noise, Bat, crush, light, ball, quake, heat, fire, ice, shot, shield, sleep, stop, misc, explosion and normal. For the most part the effects of the things are pretty aptly correlated to the name of their category.
Bottle opener:A giant bottle opener that snaps opponents in half

Hair shears:Creates a giant pair of scissors that cut up nearby opponents             

Ice pick: Summons a giant ice pick that impales nearby opponents

Scissors: Makes several scissors fly around an arena and cut up enemies

Sewing scissors:Summons several giant sewing scissors that fly across the screen and cut apart enemies

Tailor shears: Summons a giant pair of scissors that quickly flies across an arena cutting apart enemies

Turnip: Summons a giant turnip that separates into razor sharp slices that cuts through opponents

Bellows:Summons a bellows that creates a large whirlwind that flings opponents into the air

Fan:summons a giant fan that blows opponents away dealing damage        and

Fire Extinguisher:  Summons an extinguisher that damages opponents with a powerful spray of CO2

Paper fan: Summons two giant fans that creates a tornado that damages opponents

Recorder: Summons some recorders that summon a giant tornado to trash opponents      

Mini vacuum: A thing that violently sucks up opponents into a vacuum cleaner and spits them back out dealing damage

Plunger:  Summons a giant plunger that flies over top of opponents and crushes them  

Upright vacuum: Summons a large vacuum that sucks up opponents and spits them out dealing damage

Vaccum: Summons a large vacuum that sucks up opponents and spits them back out

Faucet: summons a faucet that creates a large tidal wave to damage/drown foes

Teapot: Summons a giant teapot that pours boiling water on an opponent and

Washing machine: Sucks opponents into a giant washing machine that trashes them around      

Watering can: Summons a giant watering can that damages enemies with a flood of water

Guitar:Summons a guitar that attacks opponents with powerful sound waves       
Megaphone: Summons a giant megaphone that damages opponents with a powerful sound waves

Trumpet:  Summons a giant trumpet that creates a powerful sound wave that damages opponents

Violin: Summons several violins that harm opponents with powerful sound waves

Bat:  Summons a bat that smacks an opponent hundreds of feet into the air

Newspaper: Summons a newspaper to smack an enemy into a distance

Toy bat: Summons a small toy bat that slams opponents into the air

Basin:  Summons a giant gold plated basin that falls on opponents, damaging them  and

Cat-o-luck:  Summons a large cat statue that repeatedly stomps on opponents and

Claw hammer:  Summons a giant hammer that smashes an opponent with a powerful swing

Cork: Summons several large corks that fall on and damage opponents                 

High heel: Creates a large pair of high heels that crush an opponent with their soles

Square can: Summons a large can that falls out of the sky and crushes opponents

Flashlight: Makes a giant flashlight that damages and makes opponents dizzy with a powerful blast of light

Light bulbs: Summons a light bulb that gives off a powerful damaging flash of light and blinds opponents  and

Search light: Creates a large search light that damages enemies with an intense ray of light

Battery:    Summons a giant battery that creates bolt of lightning that strikes opponents              

Car battery: Creates a car battery that sends bolts of electricity towards an opponent  

D-Cell Battery: summons a large battery that strikes opponents with bolts of electricity

Watch battery:  Summons a large watch battery that strikes opponents with electricity

Billiard ball: summons a giant billiard ball that rolls into opponents, causing damage

Bowling ball:  Summons a giant bowling ball that rolls over opponents 

Bone: Creates a bone that summons a giant chomp chomp that rolls over enemies

Curling stone: summons a giant curling stone that slides into opponents 

Trophy: Summons a trophy with a statue that throws an exploding ball into an opponent

Cell phone:  makes a cell phone that causes a ground laden shockwave, damaging ground enemies

 Jackhamer: Creates a large jackhammer that creates a quake that damages enemies

Hair dryer: Summons a giant hair driver that blasts opponent with super heated air

Oven: Locks opponents in a large oven and fries them alive

Radiator: Summons a giant radiator that damages enemies with a powerful heat wave

Charcoal grill:Summons opponents to a giant grill that sends bursts of flames over their immediate area

Lighter:Creates a lighter that gives off a spurt fireballs

Matches: Creates a match that gives off a spurt of fireballs that damages enemies

Air conditioner:  Summons an air conditioner that blasts opponents with a damaging icy wind  

Refrigerator: Summons a giant refrigerator that blasts opponents with large blast of ice energy

Shaved ice:  Summons  a giant shaved ice appears in the background that creates a damaging icy wind

Soda: Creates a giant soda can that shakes itself up and spurts water at opponents with great power

 Squirt gun:  Gives Mario a powerful squirt gun that can be used hit opponents with powerful spurts of water

Car sponge:  Summons a large sponge that acts like a shield against attacks

Instant camera:  Creates   giant camera that makes a large picture of Mario that can guard against enemy attacks

Powder puff: Creates a large powder puff shield that can absorb a few attacks from opponents

Sponge: Creates a giant sponge that can block attacks from opponents        

Bed:  summons a bed, that causes nearby enemies to possibly fall asleep

Luxurious bed: Creates a giant bed that puts enemies asleep

Pillow: Creates a large pillow that puts nearby enemies to sleep

Pocket watch: Summons a giant watch that stops time/immobilizes opponents for a short period of time

Stapler:  Creates giant staplers that use staples to bind opponents in place while dealing damage

Tape:Summons giant rolls of tape that binds opponents and damages them by rolling over them

Thumbtacks: Summons dozens of giant thumbtacks that fall form the sky and impale opponents, while immobilizing them

Balloons: Summons the character Birdo, who attaches balloons to an opponent that carries them off the battlefield

Boom box:  Creates a boom box that produces sound waves that double mario’s attack power  

Cake:  Summons a cake that hea ls Mario

Compass:    Allows Mario to run away from a fight with near certainity       

Disco Ball: A disco ball that forces opponents to dance                    

Fishhook:   Randomly fishes off-screen and retires a random sticker for Mario

Goat:  Summons a giant goat that crunches opponents between its set of teeth

Lemon: Summons a giant lemon that shoots lemon juice in the face of enemies, blinding them

Magnifying glass: Creates a magnifying glass that enlarges Mario so he can walk over opponents and

Salt and pepper: Summons giant slat and pper shakers that blind opponents with spurts of salt and pepper

Turkey:  Summons a giant dancing turkey that deals damage to enemies by rolling into them

Balloon: Creates a large balloon, that gradually expands before exploding and causing damage 

Piggy bank: A giant piggy bank that walks up to an opponent and explodes, dealing damage

Rubber duck: Summons a giant rubber duck that rolls over an opponent


Pal pills
A power-up that creates several 8 bit copies of Mario that can follow him around and mimic his movements. Can damage opponents on contact or by jump.

Slow flower
A power-up that slowsdown the movement of Mario’s and on screen objects for a short period of time.

Speed flower
A power-up that speeds up the movement of Mario and on screen objects for a limited amount of time.

Mega star
Transforms Mario into a gigantic 8 bit version of himself that can slam through enemies and obstacles, similar to that of the “mega mushroom” power up, but with an added visual effect.


Dizzy dial
An item that causes the game screen to rapidly turn and has a chance of inflicting the statues ailment dizzy on an opponent. In this state opponents are more likely to miss or be uncoordinated with attacks.

Electro pop
A lollipop that restores some HP and electrifies the person how eats it, making opponents that touch Mario get shocked.

Fright jar
An item that has the ability to instill fear in opponents and potentially make them flee from battle.

Repel jell
A gel that can be used to temporarily make Mario intangible to attacks.

Shooting star
An item that creates a bunch of energy stars that can rain down on opponents dealing damage.

Sleepy sheep
An Item that conjures tons of sheep that can put a group of opponents asleep.

Being used in PMTYYD:

Snowman doll
An item that creates a giant snowman that jumps around damaging enemies. Effective against fire based opponents.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Stone cap
A cap that transforms Mario into a stone statue, invulnerable to damage.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Stop watch
An item that immobilizes and freezes nearby enemies for a short period of time.

Being used by enemy in PMTTYD:

Thunder bolt
An item that summons a bolt of lightning to strike a single opponent.

Thunder rage
A more powerful version of thunderbolt that summons lightning strikes over a wider area, hitting multiple opponents.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Boos sheet
Similar to repel jel. Makes Mario intangible to attacks for a limited amount of time.

Coconut bomb
A coconut like bomb item, used to attack one enemy.

Zess dynamite
A cake with dynamite sticks baked in that can be thrown at enemies to cause an explosive in the shape of the character zess T.

Being used in PMTTYD:

Courage shell
A defensive item that can be used in various paper Mario games to reduce damage taken. The amount varies, but in the best case in super paper Mario it reduced damage to ½ normal.

Being used in PMTYYD:

Earth quake
Item that creates an earthquake that damages nearby ground laden enemies.

Egg bomb
An egg shaped bomb item that can be thrown at opponents.

Fright mask
An item that has a chance of scaring off opponents.

Hp drain
An item that steals some of the hp from an opponent and gives it to Mario.

Ice storm
An item that creates a blizzard that damages enemies and potentially freezes them solid.

Mini mr mini
An item that shrinks an opponent, reducing their attack capabilities for a short period of time.

Mr softener
An item that reduces the defense of opponents.

Ruin powder
A power like item that can induce temporary confusion in opponents.

Being used by an enemy in PMTTYD:

Spite pouch
An item the temporarily causes attacks enemies take directly (with physical contact) cause them half the occurred damage.


A species of magical pixie like creatures created by an ancient race of magicians. They each have individual special abilities that they can use to help Mario out ranging from grabbing things, acting as bombs or creating platforms for him to land on. You can see a list of relevant pixls below

A pixl that Mario can use to grab far away objects and throw them.

A pixl that has the ability to turn into an explosive bomb that Mario can use to attack opponents. If it gets hit by a source of fire while being used, it will explode earlier.

A pixl that lets paper Mario turn sideways to fit through tight spaces, as well as become more or less invisible and untouchable. Similar to one of his paper abilities.

A pixl that gives paper Mario the ability to use a ground pound move. Somewhat useless in the context of the rest of the series, given Mario has multiple other ways to use the ability.

A pixel that can transform into a floating flying stationary pad. Mario can ride on it to get over dangerous ground laden traps. It also travels slightly faster than his running speed.

A pixl that can flip flat surfaces next to Mario. It allows Mario to find hidden objects and can also be used on opponents to flip and disorient them.

Basically a pixl that can act as another  variation of a hammer.

A pixl that can shrink Mario to minuscule sizes and enlarge him back to normal on command. Similar to the effects of a mini mushroom and great for stealth.

A pixl that can create a spiky barrier around Mario for a few seconds that can damage opponents and deflect minor projectile attacks.

A pixel that can give Mario a short burst of speed.

A pixl that plays status ailment healing songs. It can also make certain blocks disappear and lull monsters like the under chomp to sleep.

A robotic replacement for the pixl Tippy. Like the real version it can see/show invisible objects and can aid in analyzing opponents.

Story items
Star power(Paper Mario ver)
An energy source hinted to be related to wish power Mario can harness for certain special attacks and summons in the first two Mario games. In the original paper Mario’s star power refills automatically over time, though he can speed it up by performing a prayer move of sorts called “focus”
In the thousand year door it can be increased by appealing to the “audience” watching Mario fight on the game screen or performing moves correctly/stylishly to appeal to said audience. How the second option would work outside of the context of game mechanics and a cross series fight is unclear.

Star spirits
7 spirits that reside in the land of star heaven and grant wishes to the people of the mushroom kingdom. Mario had to rescue them in paper Mario, after Bowser stole a relic from them called the star rod. Their names are EldstarMamarSkolarMuskularMisstarKlevar and Kalmar respectively, and Mario could expend star power in Paper Mario to summon them for singular special attacks over the course of said games story.

Eldstar/Refresh: Recovers a small amount of HP.

Mamar/Lullybuy: Puts nearby enemies to sleep with a lullaby

Skolar/Star storm: Performs a star storm attack that hits opponents with star shaped projectiles.

Muskular/chill out: Lowers the attack power of nearby opponents

Misstar/smooch: Restores a large amount of HP

Klevar/time out: Immobilizes opponents for a short period of time

Kalmar/up and away: Turns opponents into floating stars that are sent away from battle.

Star beam/peach beam: A special beam that can be performed by the full star spirit team that removes all status effects from opponents, particularly positive ones like boosted defense and intangibility. It’s used to remove the invincibility Bowser grants himself from the star rod. It should be noted the ability does have limits as when Kammy koopa powered up Bowser further after using the star rod, it actually failed until the characters peach and Twink contributed power to upgrade it into the “peach beam”. and upgraded peach beam

-the star beam failing on an empowered bowser

Crystal stars and magical map
A set of 7 magical stars originally created by the PMTTYD villain the shadow queen, and used against her by a team of 4 heroes before the games story. Mario collected them himself in the thousand year door, and eventually assumed control of their power for use in a series of several special attacks. In addition to special attacks, the crystal stars also seem to be able to collected power from others (if they are willing) and give it to Mario as a sort of power of friendship. Mario also gets a magical map towards the beginning of the game, which gives him the ability to use a minor special attack.

-It should be noted that you need to collect star power to use these moves, and the amount needed gets progressively larger with each subsequent star. Because of this it is difficult to spam these attacks.

-the crystal stars getting power from various inhabitants of rougport in PMTTD and

Magical map/sweet treat: Cures statues effects and allows for minor healing.

Diamond star/earth tremor: Creates a giant star the bounces on the nearby ground making a damaging earthquake

Emerald star/clock out: Creates a giant bomb that immobilizes enemies temporarily after it goes off

Gold star/power lift: Allows Mario to temporarily boost his attack power and defense

Ruby star/art attack: Causes the ruby star to encircle enemies, whilst dealing damage to them.

Sapphire star/sweet feast: Cures statues ailments and recovers a large amount of HP and FP

Garnet star/showstopper: Makes a giant garnet star crash into opponents from the background. Can instantly KO weaker enemies.

Crystal star/supernova:  Makes the crystal star fly over the area of enemies repeatedly, placing down energy lines that explode at the end of the attack. It pieces defense

Pure hearts
The series of artifacts Mario collected in super paper Mario. The where created by a tribe of ancient magicians for the purpose of nullifying the effects of a doomsday weapon called the chaos heart, which could open up a rift in space/time that could destroy a universe and empower there host with near invulnerability. Each heart represents various positive emotions including paternal love, friendship, romance, ect. When they all come together they can also fuse together to form an object called the purity heart. If damaged or if there power is depleted they can also be revived by the intense positive emotions of the people around them.

It should be noted that Mario does not get a power up for collecting each heart individually and has no special attacks in regards to the pure hearts. They only time they actually give him a power boost right at the end of the game, and mostly in response to multiple characters sharing positive feelings towards each other. Because of this they’re most likely more useful for fighting as a group than as a singular entity.

-Mario having made no progress against the chaos heart enhanced count Bleck, being able to fight him on common ground with him after his friends feelings spur the pure hearts into action in super paper Mario

-The pure hearts nullifying “super Dementios” chaos heart power and empowering Mario and co after being spurred into action by the friendship of count blacks goons in super paper Mario

-The pure hearts destroying the chaos heart and undoing/remaking the worlds the void consumed in super paper Mario


Destroying large metal stones in PM

Strong enough to harm the giant dragon of PMTTYD, Hooktail and Gloomtail and Bonetail

Fighting his way throw hundreds of dry bones at once in PMTTYD

Can destroy large solid stone blocks in PMTTYD

Can fight a giant building sized blooper in SPM:

Survived getting thrashed by Bowser and kicked out a window thousands of feet in the air in PM

Got shot out of a cannon filled with tons of bombs straight from the earth to the moon, and tanked the impact in PMTTYD

Could survive in the outer atmosphere of the moon with no protection in PMTTYD

Struck by lightning by grodus multiple times in PMTTYD

In the vacuum of space again in SPM

Mario and co having a bomb go off in their faces in SPM

Survived this explosion in paper Mario sticker star

The machine used for powering up bowser, had enough energy to blow up his castle when it malfunctioned in PM. This could be seen as a good indication of the kind of power

Has been shown to be about equal with mainline Mario in terms of speed in the crossover.

Luigi was capable of donging the point blank explosion made by the character Demntio, Mario should easily be comparable


The final boss of PMTTYD was capable of causing an earthquake that shook ruegport and some surrounding areas when awakened. She was also said to have destroyed an entire city in a near fell swoop in that past  and

At the beginning of paper Mario Bowser lifted his and peaches castle far into the sky through some unknown means, potentially with magic. Obviously this is the kind of power Mario has to deal with on the reg

Training and experience

After Bowser stole the wish granting star rod in paper Mario 64 and imprisoned its care takers the star sprites, Mario proceeded to rescue them all before taking  down Bowser. Some notable opponents he had to take down along the way included some TMMT rip offs called the koopa bros, a mystic pharoh like koopa called Tutankoopa and a near immortal monster named tuba bubba.

More impressively during the final battle Bowser had Kammy give him a power-up on top of the powers granted to him by the star rod, making him near invincible even with the power of the star spirits backing Mario up.

Many of the areas in the first paper Mario game require some ingenuity to find and get into. For example Mario had to discover the location of the hidden dry dry ruins, had to stalk shy guys to find their hideout in the “shy guys toy box”, ect.

Defeated all the members of the town dojo in paper Mario, including “the master” who actually has better stats than bowser sans star rod invincibility hax

Traveled across Rogueport to track down the “crystal stars” before the high tech villainous group led by the villain Grodus in PMTTYD. Along the way he fought a giant dragon called hooktail, an X-nut mech called the von grapple, a shapeshifting ghost called dooplish, a giant shadow monster called the smorge , an ancient ghost of a pirate leader called Cortez.

He also fought in and ranked first in a fighting arena called the glitz pit twice in PMTTYD.
Fought his way down through a 100 floor fighting gauntlet called the pit of 100 trials and beat a giant dragon at the end of it called Bonetail.

After fighting and defeating Grodus in PMTTYD, immediately fought bowser and kammy koopa afterwards with no rest

Defeated a 1000 year old shadow demon and saved the world from destruction at the end of PMTTYD.

Traveled across dimensions to gather the “pure hearts” to counter act a multiversesal destroying artifact of doom called the “chaos heart” summoned by a villain named count Bleck. Not did Mario deafeat count bleck,  who is thousands of years old and descended from a powerful lineage of dark magicians. However he also beat various of his minions(mimi, natashi, ochunks) who all had dimensional abilities, as well as his brainwashed brother Luigi wilding a mech called bro bot.
At the end of Super paper Mario he even defeated a psychotic dimensional being called Dementio, who managed to wrestle control of the chaos heart late game to become a near all powerful being called super dementio

Traveled through a 100 floor gauntlet in super paper Mario in the town “flopside” twice, before fighting dark clone versions of himself, Luigi, peach and bowser in super paper Mario

Traveled through an entirely different 100 floor gauntlet in the town flipside, and fought a giant dragon called wracktail in super paper Mario

Finally dueled 100 trained samurai like warriors called shammer guys, back to back after the end of super paper Mario

Travel across mushroom kingdom with the help the character “kertsi” to find the pieces of the royal stickers and defeated Bowser after he gained control of one of said artifacts in sticker star.

Collected ancient artifacts called the paints stars and defeated Bowser after he was corrupted by an evil substance called black paint in color splash 

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