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Character Analysis: Composite Mario

In case you were wondering

This pretty much compiles every source of Mario I could think of, from comics, to manga, to anime to game, ect. THE ONLY EXCEPTION is super Mario kun which unfortunately doesn’t have readily available scans online and is expensive to import. I’ve tried to keep everything as organized as I can, though I was forced to make an entirely separate page for Paper Mario’s abilities, which I have provided a link to in this blog.

Additionally while paper Mario was given a separate analysis page, I still copied some information from it onto this blog, including speed, defensive, strength and training/experience. I also do acknowledge some of paper Mario abilities in the summary section. Overall paper Mario has a separate page to facilitate organization, but I’ve written this blog with the expectation that people will read it.

-Here are some of the basic abbreviations I used

SMB: Super Mario bros        SMB2: Super Mario bros 2       SMB3: Super Mario bros 3
SMW: Super Mario world        SM64: Super Mario 64      SMSS: Super Mario sunshine
SMG: Super Mario galaxy        SMG2: Super Mario galaxy 2   SM3DL:Super Mario 3D land
SM3dW: Super Mario 3d world        SMM: Super Mario Maker    NSMB: New super Mario bros
NSMBW: New super Mario bros wii  NSMBWU: New super Mario bros u
PIT: Partners in time   BIS: Bowser’s inside sotry    DT: Dream team   PJ: Paper jam
 SS: Super show Adv3: Adventures in Mario bros 3  SMWC: Super Mario world cartoon
Kun: super Mario kun KC: Mario KC delux
There are more abbreviations, but I don’t feel the need to list them all out. For the most part it should be obvious what media something is from by just clicking on the link.

-If you're wondering why I didn't take the time to try to take the time to quantify a lot of the feats here, it's because fuck you I'll do it later(I kid though really I ask someone else to help with that if I feel like it). Also I used 2 or 3 pictures from a deviant art blog on Mario by the user Dr.Moo. You can read his blog here if you want.


Mario’s exact backstory hasn’t been entirely consistent throughout his entire history. Many early cannons and even his character guide in early Nintendo history specifically reference him being born in the city of Brooklyn. Likewise some media portray him as having come across a warp pipe leading to the mushroom kingdom, from said real world city. That being said the Yoshi’s island series specifically shows he was born in the mushroom kingdom, and was in fact one of the “fabled star children” who possessed great power there. He’s also shown to have known peach since she was a baby in Mario and Luigi partners in time,which makes dimension hopping unlikely.  My personal opinion is that currently Mario is probably still from Brooklyn, albeit perhaps an alternate version of it set in the mushroom kingdom.

Anyway regardless most people know the story. Mario is currently a citizen of the mushroom kingdom and has a romance of sorts with its princess Peach Toadstool. He regularly fights of threats to kingdom, mainly those by the evil Koopa king Bowser.

In terms of personality Mario can be described as curious, adventurous, brave and a bit bold.


Standard hammer
In several arcade games, spin-offs and particularly RPG games Mario has been known to use large hammers for close quarters combat. He typically finds them either hidden an environment, or is given them by various characters over the course of an adventure. Mario’s standard hammers are often times are made of wood, but on occasion they have been metallic.

-Outside of basic bludgeoning attacks, Mario has used his hammer many times in the past to reflect projectiles attacks.

Mario using a hammer in DK arcade

Example of Luigi using his hammer to deflect a rock in Mario and Luigi paper jam: 

A more advanced hammer that has had a recurring presence in the Mario series, particularly RPGS. In most appearances it’s a standard hammer that has been upgraded various times to gain additional power, though in some cases it’s just a separate weapon. In Mario RPG it raised Mario’s attack stat by 60, and increased the complexity of the hammer attacks he used during a fight. In Mario and Luigi superstar saga it can break large solid black stones.

Mario getting and using it in Mario RPG: and

It being forged by the brothers hammerhead bros in Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi hammer variants
In the Mario and Luigi series outside superstar saga Mario can also regularly find and equip various other hammers with altered stats and special added abilities. Logically quantifying the stat increases from the RPG series vs the other mainline and spin-off appearances would be difficult, but I can still list notable hammer variants based on special effects they give. Some notable variants include……..

Iron ball hammer DX: Hammer that occasionally causes an iron ball to fall from the sky and drop on an opponent when used.

Soft hammer DX: Hammer that has a possibility of lowering the defense of attacked enemies

Slap hammer DX: Hammer that has the potential to lower the offensive power of enemies when used on them.

Blunt hammer DX: Hammer that deals 150% damage to enemies with spiked protrusions

Flame hammer DX: Hammer that can potentially cause the status effect “burn” in opponents (causes opponent to take periodic damage for a short period of time, and prevents attacking/defending).

Spin hammer: Hammer that occasionally make opponents gain the status effect “dizzy” (disorients opponent and prevents them from attacking effectively).

Mario RPG exclusive weapons
Mega glove
A pair of hand based weapons Mario can equip in Mario RPG. It increases the attack stat by 60 in game, and increases the length and complexity of punching attack used by Mario.

Lazy shell
A large koopa troopa shell that Mario can kick at an opponent as an attack in Mario RPG. In said game it’s his most powerful weapon and raises his attack stat by 90.

-Mario can also use various other koopa shells in some games as a projectile he can kick at opponents, or ride on like a skateboard. He can also hold onto them underwater and use them to propel himself forward like a rotor.

Super scope
An energy gun Mario used in the game Yoshi’s safari. It was also added into smash bros as an attack item.  The gun shoots out energy bullets and has a rapid fire ability. It also has a “power meter” that must cool down or else the rate of fire for the scope will decrease (though Mario can collect flower like power ups in game to improve this limit).

Mario using it in Yoshi’s safari:

Mario holding a similar weapon in the Motomo anime

Mario using the super scope to destroy a mech piloted by one of the koopalings in KC vol 22  and

Star rod(Mario party ver)
A star shaped rod that was to be given away as a prize to the ultimate winner in Mario party 8. It should be mentioned that despite the name, nothing has ever confirmed it has anything in common with the star rod from paper Mario. Mario himself has the potential to use it if you play as him during the final boss in Mario party 8, and can use it to fling globs of magic energy as a projectile attack.

Giga broom(made up name)
A somewhat questionable piece of equipment Mario uses to destroy a castle in super Mario world. Some people say it has reality warping abilities as it seemed to erase the castle out of existence( though if that's too literal of an interpretation is up for debate).

Over the course of the Cartoon series Mario fairly regularly used the common plumber’s tool, the plunger, as a combat weapon. Typically he used them as a short range blunt object weapons, however he can also use them to deflect projectiles or to latch onto the side of walls to more easily climb up them. He’s also on occasion tide ropes or used harpoon gun like devices in combination with them to make grappling devices.  He can also ride a plunger like a pogo stick for extra jumping height and can also bend and throw them in a fashion similar to a boomerang.

Mario holding and throwing a plunger at an opponent in super show Ep 3

Tying a rope to an end of a plunger and shooting it out of a cannon in SS ep 5. The Suction strong was enough to tow a boat

Using a plunger with a rope tide to it as a grappling hook and to ride up the side of a cliff in SS ep 9

Using a plunger with rope tied to it to grapple a baby peach from a distance in SS ep 17

Throwing one as a projectile attack in SS ep 32

Shooting a plunger with rope out of a Harpoon gun to suction onto a monster SS in ep 26

Using a plunger as a pogo stick to gain increased jump height in SS ep 50

Bending a plunger and throwing it like a boomerang in SS ep 50

Using a plunger to climb up the side of a wall in ep 51

Using another plunger to latch onto the side of a well and then jumping off it for extra height Adv3 ep 15

Using a plunger to deflect attacks in a Nintendo system comic’s drainhead unimaail

Plumbers snake
A pluming device comprised of a long rope/wire with a device at the end for unclogging drains. Mario can use one as if it’s a whip. He can also lasso/grab enemies or objects and swing from objects like Indiana Jones. 

Mario using one to grapple objects in SS ep 45

Luigi holding the snake as a whip in SS ep 33

Mario Using a snake to grapple Santa in SS ep 29

A lightsaber knockoff that has a plunger for a hilt. Unlike its namesake, this is clearly a blunt object as several characters have been hit by it in episode without being cleaved in two. That being said the swords are at the very least electrifying.

Mario using one against some armored Koopas in Ep 51

Spy plumbing equipment
An assortment of plumber based spy equipment. Including a specialized screwdriver, drain cleaner and a laser firing drill. The set also has a plunger based grapple gun and an extendable wrench sword.

Mario going over various equipment in ep 22(he didn’t use all of this in the episode however)

Golden plunger
An ancient plunger that was stuck inside a sacred sink in the land of Camelot. Mario was able to pull it from said area and claimed ownership of it. The plunger can obviously perform all the regular applications of a plunger used by Mario, but also seemed to be able to disintegrate objects by touch (being used by Mario to get rid of some netting).

Mario using the plunger to Disintegrate some ropes in SS ep 3

-this item disappeared and was never seen again after the episode it was introduced.

Another powerful relic from the land of Camelot. It was given to Mario by a mysterious being shortly after temporarily losing possession of the golden plunger to Bowser. It takes the form of a golden plumbers snake and can be used as a whip, a grappling device, or can straighten to become similar to a sword. Simply touching it  will also put Mario in a “super Mario” powered-up state.

Mario first getting it in ep 2 

-using it’s grappling abilities to swing along a ceiling

-this item disappeared and was never seen again after the episode it was introduced.

Wind up bomb-omb
A wing up bomb that walks forward and explodes. It was only used in the super Mario bros movie.

Being used in the Movie:

De-evolution gun
A Gun that de-evolves organic beings into a prior evolutionary state. For example turning reptiles back into dinosaurs or humans back into apes. If used long enough the organism will revert into a primordial ooz like state.

Being used in the Movie:

Misc weapons
Mario’s used a variety of other misc weapons over the years. Including whips, swords and various fire arms. He also regularly grabs and throws large vegetables in some media and games.
Mario using and throwing some bombs has also been fairly common.

Mario throwing some bombs in KC Vol 28  

Mario holding and using a whip in KC vol 2

Holding a whip at the top of the screen in DK Jr

Using a sword in KC vol 30

Mario pulling up and throwing some vegetables in KC vol 18  

Throwing vegetables as a projectile in SS ep 33

Using a magic wand that can heal and cause transmutation in Mario party 2

Displaying Swordplay skills in Mario party 2

Using a laser gun in Mario party 2

Using a fake cork gun in Mario party 2

-note Mario party 2 takes place in the context of a play, so I’m not sure how seriously stuff from it should be taken.

Seemed to wield something similar to a lightsaber in KC vol 4

Of course Mario regualrly ses tons of sports equipment, which can effectively be used as blunt weapons. Inclduing tennis rackets, baseball bats, golf clubs, ect.


Mario and Luigi armor
Mario and Luigi is home to a plethora of clothing items and accessories that can be equipped to characters as a form of armor. UNFORTUNATELY trying to quantify the stat boosts given by most of these articles would be near impossible due to the nature of the RPG mechanics in Mario and Luigi, though many articles do still have secondary special effects that make a few worth noting out.

It should be mentioned that in game Mario generally cannot wear two of a similar article at the same time. He also typically has a strict maximum limit of 5 equipment slots depending on player chosen level up upgrades in most Mario and Luigi games (which hammers actually take up one of in recent games), though I’m going to forsake that second limit given I think it doesn’t make much logical sense.

You can see a full list of all Mario and Luigi armor here 

Overalls are the basic form of armor that appear in each game in the Mario and Luigi series. In super star saga notable variants include wool trousers, which heal a character periodically. Safety slacks which grant a 60% evasion rate against poison status effects.  

In BIS notable variants include a-ok wear, which can provide Mario immunity to all status ailments. Also master wear can enhance special attack power up to 25%

In DT and PJ ironclad wear increases a characters defense as they take damage.  King wear/payback wear allows the user to occasionally deal the same damage an opponent has in an attack. Angel wear doubles defense if the user has low health.

Boots Mario can equip on his feet. They were first introduced in BIS.

Some notable BIS variants include big stomp boots, which make fight starting preemptive jump attacks hit with 30% more power. Daredevil boots double attack power, but cause the user to be instantly KO’ed upon being hit. DX POW boots increase power by 20%. Shroob boots that have a chance of cutting an opponent’s attack power in half. Siphon boots, which recover 5% of character HP on successful hit with a jump attack. Finally tip-top boots, which increase attack POW by 30% as long as the character in question is at full HP.

In DT and PJ star boots restore HP as attacks are dealt. Anti-air boots dx deal 150% damage to flying opponents. Iron ball boots occasionally spawn an iron ball to drop on opponents during an attack.

Gloves Mario can wear on his hands, which were first introduced in BIS.

Some notable variants in BIS include softener gloves, which reduce enemy def by 25%. DX Pow gloves, which increase attack pow by 20%. Heavy gloves, which increase hammer power by 20%. Flower gloves , which increase fire flower pow by 20%. Dent gloves, which might allow Mario to KO minor enemies during a fight preemptive first strike. Finally Bye bye gloves, which might KO an opponent regardless of health (although this obviously doesn’t apply to stronger boss like characters).

In DT bottomless gloves allows use of items without them being removed from inventory in a fight. Perfect pow gloves increases pow by 30% as long as the user has not taken damage.  Strike gloves make preemptive battle attacks deal 150% damage. Speed gloves increase speed by 20%. Pow gloves DX increases pow by 30%. Finally Hp gloves DX increase hp by 30%

Socks Mario can wear under his shoes as a form of armor. They only ever appeared in BIS.
Some notable variants in BIS include rugged socks, which increase def by 20%. Doctor socks, which regenerate HP overtime. No touch socks, which grant immunity to all status affects. Deluxe Hp socks , which increase hp by 30%. Finally Gumption socks, which revive the character at half health from KO once.

Alternate pieces or armor, including capes, shells and misc objects.

Some notable variants in BS include

Vengeance cape: Increases Mario’s attack power by 5% per hit taken, maxing out at around 30%

Big shell: Negates the damage done by the first 3 received hits

Pow mush jam: Increases pow by 20% after the consumption of any mushroom

Lazy scarf: Triples defense when HP reaches ¼ normal.

Giant shell: Blocks hit that would do less than 20% of user’s HP damage.

Def mush jam: Increases defense by 30% after the consumption of any mushroom

Some notable variants In DT and PJ are

Guard shell dx: Negates damage done by an attack 6 times over the course of a fight

Healthy ring: Protects against status ailments

Angle bangle: Restores HP periodically

Speed scarf: Increases speed by 20%

Pow scarf dx: Increases pow by 30%

HP scarf dx: Increases HP by 30%

Potential Mario and Luigi equipment loadout
To be fair I actually think any equipment from the Mario and Luigi series is a bit unlikely to be used in any contemporary fight. There’s too many choices for a loadout and too many articles have counterbalances that make deciding which ones to include a matter of personal preference.
The being said if I had to give Mario a choice of equipment from the series I would probably chose the following.

Wear: Payback wear-Sometimes deal damage equal to power of an opponent’s attack

Boots: Shroob boots- May cut enemies power in half with jump attacks

Gloves: Bottomless gloves- Allows Mario to use some items in battle without removing them from his inventory

Socks: Gumption socks- Revives character from KO at ½ health once

Accessory: Lazy scarf- triples defense at ¼ HP

In the grand scheme of things these items have the most useful and unique secondary effects out of all the options presented in the Mario Luigi series. Giving Mario what amounts to an auto revival, what’s probably the statistically highest increase in defense he can get from a single item, an ability to drastic cut or match opponent attack power and the ability to re-use at least some normal items with reckless abandon.

Other articles that heal Mario in some fashion are unnecessary given there are other forms of healing available to Mario in his series if needed. Those that only boosts his stats around 10-30% don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things either and are outmatched by the more tactical secondary effects this loadout can potentially provide. Finally much equipment has secondary effects that only works on minor enemies, making them contextual.

Badges are a separate form of equipment outside the main 5(well technically 6) Mario can use in the Mario and Luigi games. In older games like superstar saga Mario can equip one and gain its effects on his own, however in latter games like BIS, Dream team and Paper Jam Badges only have effects when both Mario and Luigi are wearing one each in battle at the same time. Likewise in the latter cases the bros need to charge up power to use them by successfully attacking the enemy. Some common effects of badges are auto HP recovery and increased stats. One badge in particular, called ulti free badge, also allows unlimited use of "bros items" from the PIT game.

Mario RPG Armor
Hero’s shirt
Mario’s armor has a much more linear progression in the game super Mario RPG, with the armor the Hero shirt clearly having better stats than any other potential options. Said hero’s shirt increases Mario’s defense stat by 48 and magic defense by 24 in said game.

Safety ring
Similar to the Mario and Luigi series, super Mario RPG also had various accessories available for Mario to use. It also has a fairly obvious “best” accessory to use, which is most likely the safety ring. Said ring reduces all elemental damage to 0, prevents all status ailments and prevents instant death from one hit KO attacks.


A “flash liquidizer ultra-dousing device” that was invented by  the scientist professor E Gadd and used by Mario during the events of Mario sunshine. Like the name suggests it’s a water pack that can spray high pressure water over long distances, typically at opponents as an attack or at dirty surfaces to clean them. The Fludd NEEDS to be refilled with water periodically, typically requiring Mario to at least partially submerge himself in large sources of water for a few seconds to do so (though in Mario sunshine you could also find water packs in separate free containers to use). It has several different nozzles and attachments that effect the spread of the water being shot out of it.

-The Fludd can be stolen off Mario’s back, as Bowser Jr did so several times in sunshine

-The Fludd can also be broken, as it did so temporally in sunshine’s ending

Squirt nozzle
The standard nozzle for the Fludd. Allows Mario to shoot water out of his pack in a fashion similar to that of a water hose. It’s useful for precisely aiming water at specific locations and enemies, and has a decent amount of knock-back.

Being used in SMSS:

Hover nozzle
A nozzle that allows Mario to shoot water below himself to hover in the air for short periods of time. Generally used more for exploration than combat, though the water can hit objects directly below him.

Being used in SMSS:

Rocket nozzle
A nozzle that allows Mario to boost himself upwards in the air like a rocket. It takes several seconds for him to charge up for an accent. Generally used more for exploration than combat.

Turbo nozzle
A nozzle attachment that acts as a booster back to propel Mario forward with Water. Along with aiding in increasing running speed, it can also help him make longer jumps. He can also swim through water in a manner resembling a speed boat when using it. It tends to be applied more towards exploration than combat.

Smash bros nozzle variants
Mario also uses the Fludd for his down special in smash bros brawl and smash 4. It has to be charged for a few seconds, and the default special is used mainly to push opponents away (while not actually dealing damage), gimping movement or air recovery. It also has two variants called scalding Fludd and high pressure Fludd. Scaling Fludd shoots heated near boiling water at opponents as an attack. High pressure Fludd shoots water with a stronger pressure, knocking opponents back further.

Battle cards
Battle cards are special combat cards that Mario can use mid battle to amp his abilities or give himself support options in Mario and Luigi Paper jam. In game you can only bring 10 cards into any given fight, and you need to accumulate “star points” by successfully hitting the opponent to use their power.

Some effects of these cards including healing the main character up to 50% or completely. Increasing Pow up to 35%. Increasing Def up to 40%. Increasing speed up to 35%. Limiting damage on both side by 50% Lowering enemy pow, speed and defense by 30%. Hitting opponents with various types of attacks. Nullifying damage for up to 3 attacks in a row. Reducing damage taken when blocking. Making enemies drop an item they are carrying. Preventing enemies from taking physical action for a short time. Finally removing status ailments, along with a few more misc uses not worth mentioning.

-It should be noted that given many cards require quite a lot of star power to use and given Mario’s ability to gain said power on his own is more limited (star power is a combined effort of all 3 characters when gained in Paper Jam), his ability to spam or use them would be minimized.

-you can see a full list of them here

Plumber’s helper
A portable Swiss army like device that has various extendable tools commonly used by plumbers, including a hacksaw, a wrench and a knife. Useful for repairs or mechanical work.

Mario using the devices hacksaw to cut through some binding ropes in SS Ep 28

Misc plumbing equipment
Mario has also used various other misc plumbing based equipment in the cartoon series and similar media. This includes miniature saws, plumbing pipes, a two sided plunger staff, a gun that shoots miniature plungers, plumbers putty for clogging his ears and a pizza cuter for cutting through glass.

Using some pipes to hit back fireballs in SS ep 14

Using a handheld saw to cut some chains in SS ep 41

Using a gun that shoots mini plungers in SS ep 45

Plunger staff being used by Mario and pipe nun-chucks being used by Luigi in SS ep 41

Using a pizza cutter to cut through some glass in SS Ep 4

Using plumbers putty to clog his ears in adv ep 15

Using some sort of handheld piranha plant as a fire gun in SS Ep 2

Thwomp stompers
Specialized leg braces that allow for greater jumping and short range flying abilities. Used only in the Mario bros movie.

Being used in the Movie

Mario RPG items

Like in most RPG games, Super Mario rpg and the Mario/Luigi series do have some separate items that have various offensive, supportive and defensive effects. You can see short list of them below.

Energizer: Raises attack power by 100%

Bracer: Raises defense by 100% 

Yoshi-aide: Raises pow and defense by 100%

Red Essence: Grants temporary invincibility

Earlier times: Stats a fight back over at the beginning(can only be used once)

Sleepy bomb: Put opponents to sleep

Bad mushroom: Deals damage to opponent and potentially poisons them

Freight bomb: Deals damage and potentially inflicts a “fright” status effect

Fire/ice bomb: Two bombs that deal fire or ice damage and

Rock candy: Creates large shining stars that deal high damage to opponents

Star egg: summons a few star shaped enemies that deal damage to an opponent

Instant defeat
Pure water: Some sort of holy like water that instantly defeats normal ghost enemies

Sheep attack: Summons a torrent of sheep that transforms enemies on sheep. Doesn’t work on the bosses or some larger enemies in Mario rpg.


It should be noted the Mario and Luigi series also has a few items of note, that overlap with the ones from Mario RPG to an extent. Specifically it has items called green, red and blue peppers, which temporarily increase power, defense and speed respectively.  They also have a similar item to the earlier times clock called the "retry clock"(which also has limited uses).

Special abilities

Jumping variants
The trademark jumping ability used by Mario in virtually all of his games. It’s been noted that Mario’s jumping ability is far greater than anyone in the mushroom kingdom.

Power squat jump
An enhanced charged jump only available in super Mario bros 2. Mario needs to stand still and duck down during the charge before the jump, making him somewhat vulnerable.

Double jump
Surprisingly not a typical “double jump”. Mario’s double jump is a second higher jump he can initiate after landing from a normal one.

Being used in SM64: 

-It should be noted Mario can perform a more traditional double jump in smash bros.

Triple jump
A third jump that Mario can perform after landing from a double jump that boosts him even higher. Mario typically needs to start from a run to pull off this maneuver and normally ends the final jump in a flip. In Mario 64 Mario can get an upgraded triple jump after collecting all the games power stars that makes him near invulnerable during the 3 jump to fall damage and enemy attacks.

Being used in NSMBU:

The Enhanced triple jump in SM64:

Being used in SMG:

Long jump
 A long jump maneuver that covers a large horizontal distance. Initiated from a run and crouch and used to cross large gaps.

Being used in SM3DW:

Luigi doing it in SMG2:

Basically a side flip Mario can do by moving in one direction before quickly turning around and jumping in the other direction. It goes up higher than a normal jump.

Being used in SM3DL:   

Back flip
A back flip that reaches higher than a normal jump. Mario has a version of this in the GB version of donkey Kong as well called the “back-flip somersault”. Variations of it have also appeared in games like Mario 64.

Spin jump
A spinning jump that sends Mario up further than a normal jump. During a spin jump Mario can land on enemies that would normally hurt him (for example spiked enemies) without damage or break small blocks beneath him. It can also be used to slightly extend his air time in the new super Mario bros series.

Being used in A SMW level in Mario maker:

-In some games like you can also use this move to clear away gas like substances or to slowly descend from falls after being caught in twisters or gusts of wind.

Wall jump
Exactly what it says on the tin. A wall jumping ability. Anybody who’s played a few platformers before should know what this is.

Mario’s basic attack that follows after most of his jump variants. Basically when he uses his downward momentum and weight to crush opponents underneath him.

Ground pound
A butt smashing ability Mario can initiate from a jump. It hits with a stronger force than a normal stomp. An enhanced version can be used if initiated from a high location, allowing Mario to crush larger stone objects.

Being used in NSMBU:

Being used in SM64:

Enhanced version in SMSS:   

A handstanding maneuver. Mario can use his feet to deflect objects falling from above in this position.

Being used in MVDK:

Mario RPG super abilities
Fire orb/super flame/ultra-flame
A special attack from Mario RPG where Mario will rapidly shoot dozens of large fireballs at an opponent as an attack. Fire orb, super flame and ultra-flame are each progressively stronger versions of the same basic attack.

Jump/super jump/ultra-jump
More powerful variations of jumping attacks used by Mario in Mario RPG. The highest version, ultra-jump allows Mario to jump up and down on multiple opponents repeatedly as long as he maintains his timing.

Another fire based ability taught to Mario by the “fire god” in the game Mario and Luigi superstar saga. It allows Mario to create a ball of fire in his hand that he can use as an attack. He normally uses the move from a standing position at close range, though some bros moves in Superstar saga show he can throw the fire produced by the firebrand as a projectile if he wants to.

Mario using it in MLSS:

Mario using fire brand to throw fire:

Smash bros abilities
Super jump punch
A rapidly ascending jumping punch used by Mario in the smash bros series. It’s based off the jumping motion Mario uses to smash blocks in the main series. It has two alternate variations called super jump and explosive punch. Super jump moves up higher, but lacks power. Explosive punch doesn’t move as far up, but has an explosive charge go off at the end of the attack for extra damage.

An ability in smash bros that allows Mario to create a fireball that bounces along the ground and towards an opponents as an attack. It has two variations called fast fireball and fire orb. Fast fireball is a smaller fireball that travels a few feat horizontally like a bullet. Fire orb is a larger variation of fireball, which travels slower and hits multiple times.

Mario finale
An ultra-powerful blast of comprised of two encircling fire dragons. It acts as Mario’s finale smash in the smash bros series. It’s easy for opponents to get entrapped in the blaze and flung dozens of feet away.

Sports games special moves
Offensive power-shot
A special move Mario can use in Mario power tennis. It conjures a giant hammer in his hands he can swing at a tennis ball (or other object obviously) with enough force to set it on fire.

Being used in MPT:

Defensive power shot
A special move where Mario will rapidly spin around and hit a tennis ball with a ratchet. Can most likely be used on other projectiles to redirect them.

Fireball (sluggars ver)
Mario’s special ability in the Mario slugger’s baseball games. In it he uses pyrokentic abilities to set either a baseball on fire during a pitch or a bat on fire during a swing, enhancing the power behind both significantly.

Being used in the Superstar baseball op:

Special shot (Mario sports mix)
The special ability from Mario sports mix. Involves Mario conjuring flame and engulfing either his sports equipment or a game ball in an explosive aura of flame.

Being used in MSM:

The game Mario sports superstars has similar abilities:

Fire shot
Mario’s special move in hoops 3 on 3. It allows him to set the game basketball on fire, and enhanced the power behind a dunk or throw.

Super strikes/fire strike
A fire infused kick Mario uses as a special move in the game Mario strikers.

Being used in SM strikers:

It in the strikers op:

Mega strike/fiery metal Mario
A powerful kick in strikers charged, where Mario will transform into a fiery version of metal Mario and kick an object.

Strikers charged op

Plumbing abilities
As a plumber Mario is unsurprisingly talented in plumbing. In addition to doing ordinary work like unclogging drains or fixing water flow, he can use plumbing pipes to rig water traps, and construct various objects out of plumbing equipment.

Fixing a pipe in 3d world

Using his plumbing skills to put out a large fire in ep 23

Making instruments out of plumbing parts

Setting up a water trap with plumbing in Ad3 ep 8

Misc abilities
Mario has a few misc skills and abilities, most notably an ability to dig at super human speeds. He can also use normal capes to glide in one ep of the super show.

Has super human digging ability in buried treasure Mario party 1 mini game 

Mario and Luigi digging at super human speeds using only spoons in SS ep 19

Digging at super human speeds again with shovels in SS ep 38

Using a normal cape from a costume to glide in SS ep 33

Can summon some minor enemies in DK Jr including vine climbing crocodile like monsters called snapjaws and egg projectile dropping flying birds called nitpickers

Toon force
Mario does have a light (I repeat light) toon force. In particular his body seems to be malleable, almost as if it was made out of putty. While it still hurts him, he can also be flattened and spring back up to normal size for example. He can also sometimes spawn objects out of nowhere in some media and displays some light 4th wall awareness in a few commercials.

Spontaneously creating guns and a cowboy outfit in the peach hime anime movie

Being smashed into a ball in Mario pinball land

Being crushed by a thomp and springing back up form being flattened in Mario 64 

Showing some 4th wall awareness in this Mario 64 add 

Many bros maneuvers in the Mario and Luigi games, involve Mario contorting his body in inhuman ways. For example curling into a ball or being flattened like a pancakes in PIT

Spawning glass and glue out of nowhere in Kun ch 3 

Luigi being flattened in kc vol 6

Mario being flattened by a train in the German club Nintendo comic foreground nonsense


Mushroom power-ups
Super mushroom/super Mario
The most basic power-up in the Mario series. Typically in game whenever Mario gets hit he reverts to a small form and gaining a super mushroom returns him to a normal “super” Mario form. This facet of gameplay tends to get ignored on a game by game basis however (Mario doesn’t always shrink when damaged in some games), so the power up tends to have little use in that context in most actual fights. Though that being said in some rare occurrences eating or using the mushroom will increase Mario to gigantic sizes normally associated with the “mega mushroom” power up, such as Mario 64 and the peach hime anime. The super Mario world anime and the KC manga also portrayed a super mushroom as just giving Mario a general boost in strength and vitality when eaten.

The super mushrooms in 64 ds

Mario using its power to become as large as a skyscraper in the peach hime anime movie

Gives a general power boost in super Mario world anime

Mario gaining a state of enhanced strength after eating a mushroom in KC vol 9 and

Weird mushroom
A tall mushroom that turns Mario into a skinnier version of himself that has higher jumping ability and lower traction.

Mini mushroom/mini Mario
A mushroom that turns Mario into a miniaturized version of himself called mini Mario. Mario is much weaker in this form and cannot harm most enemies without performing a ground pound. Because of this the form is much more suited to exploration than combat, as it allows Mario to fit into tight spaces, walk on water, run along the surfaces of walls and perform a “floaty jump’ of sorts.

Big mushroom/Big Mario
A large mushroom that transforms Mario into a giant 8-bit version of himself. The form gives him enhanced strength, allowing him to break stone blocks with greater ease. There are also several cosmetic changes made to the environment from an in game perspective (everything takes on a more retro look). It can only accessed via a power-up granted by an anniversary amibo in super Mario maker.

Mega mushroom/Mega Mario
An extremely large mushroom that transforms Mario into a giant version of himself called Mega Mario. The form can destroy most obstacles and enemies just by walking into them, and can produce a powerful shockwave by performing a ground pound attack. The form is also invincible to most contemporary damage, though on a downside it must be initiated in a space large enough to accommodate Mario’s bodily growth (or else the transformation will fail). The form functions on a timer and Mario will return to normal after a few seconds have passed.

Strikers charged also had a similar ability!

Bee mushroom/Bee Mario
A striped mushroom power-up that allows Mario to take on a form called Bee Mario. This form allows Mario to fly for a limited period of time (a few seconds), though said time limit can be expanded by collecting coins mid-flight. The form can also cling to bee like honey comb walls or land on delicate objects like flowers and clouds. The form gets lost if Mario takes a heavy hit, or if he comes into contact with water.

Being used in SMG: 

Boo mushroom/ Boo Mario
A ghostly mushroom that transforms Mario into a form called boo Mario. The form is a spherical ghost form modeled after a “boo”, that can turn invisible and has limited intangibility (Mario can move through grates, but not solid walls). The form can also float in mid-air. Mario transforms back into his normal form by being exposed to a beam of light, taking a heavy hit, coming into contact with water or using a launch star.

Rock mushroom/rock mushroom
A rock like mushroom power up that lets Mario take on a form called rock Mario. In this form Mario can encase himself within a large stone boulder and roll in different directions with a large amount of momentum as an attack. He can also jump while rolling as a boulder, giving him some maneuverability over low ground objects or long horizontal gaps. The form can also be used as a battering ram to knock down or destroy large obstacles. If Mario crashes into something particularly hard he will exit the boulder form. If he takes heavy damage in the form he will lose the power-up.

Spring mushroom
A metallic mushroom that lets Mario take on a form called spring Mario. In this form Mario becomes surrounded in a large spring that makes him haphazardly bounce around a stage. While this makes his movement cumbersome, he can also perform an incredibly high super jump or wall jump more easily. The form has little combat applications and is lost upon taking damage, coming into contact with water or using a launch star.

Propeller mushroom
A mushroom that makes Mario take on a form called propeller Mario. In this form Mario gains a propeller on his head, which spins to slow docents and can be used for enhanced singular jumps. Mario can also perform a powerful downward spinning attack to hit ground enemies or drill through certain objects. The form gets lost if Mario takes heavy damage.

Life shroom
A mushroom similar to the super mushroom, but has a decidedly different effect. Eating it doubles Mario’s health. Mario can maintain this enhanced health and heal to fill the extra cap, until he takes damage that depletes the entire extra health bar granted by the shroom. After that his health limit will return to normal.

Being used in SMG:  

Flower power-ups
Fire flower/Fire Mario
A classic Mario power up that gives Mario the form of fire Mario. The form allows Mario to throw fire balls and typically works even underwater. The pyrokentic powers granted by this form are generally portrayed as greater than Mario’s natural ones. In some media he can also create beams of fire from his hands or use the flower itself to create a fire beam/balls.

Gaining and using a fire flower in KC vol 6

Creating fire laser beam in kc vol 20

Using the fire flower itself to make a beam of fire in the short story the secrete bridge

Mario using the power of the fire flower item in the Peach hime Anime movie

The paper Mario version of the fire flower creates a ground laden flower that spurts out balls of fire like a flamethrower

Ice flower
An ice like flower that transforms Mario into a form called ice Mario. In this form Mario can throw bouncing globs of ice energy that flash freeze objects or opponents they come in contact with. Larger or stronger enemies may be immune to freezing or can break out of the confines of ice given a few seconds. Frozen enemies can also easily be shattered by physical attacks. If Mario takes heavy damage the transformation will be lost.

Being used in NSMBU:
-It should be noted that this power up also caused a different “ice Mario” transformation of the same name in super Mario galaxy. That version of ice Mario transforms Mario into basically a living body of ice, which can instantly freeze water and lava while walking over it (allowing him to create bridges to traverse areas), freeze larger bodies of water like waterfalls, and prevent damage from any fire based attacks. Mario also has a tendency to “skate around in this form”. This version of ice Mario also has a strict time limit.

Flower/superball Mario
A form Mario gains by absorbing a special flower in super Mario land. It throws bouncing ball like objects called superballs. These objects ricochet off walls and can be used to attack enemies or collect objects like coins from a distance. Mario losses the form if he takes heavy damage.

Gold flower
A golden flower like power-up that transforms Mario into a form called gold Mario. The form allows Mario to throw glowing gold fireballs that deal massive damage to enemies and grant Mario large sums of coins upon their defeat (along with giving him coins after destroying stone blocks). It can defeat most enemies in one hit, though some larger foes like boothemoth and some stronger bosses take multiple hits to be taken down. The form has a time limit(one stage) and Mario turns into fire Mario when it runs out.

Boomerang flower/boomerang Mario
A boomerang like flower power-up that allows Mario to take on a form called boomerang Mario. The form allows Mario to throw a boomerang that can pick up far away objects and hurt opponents. Mario has an infinite amount of boomerangs to throw, though it will take him a second or so to make a new one if one gets destroyed. The form is lost if Mario takes heavy damage.

Being used in SM3DL:

Cloud flower
A cloud like power-up that makes Mario take on a form called cloud Mario. The form enhances jump height and allows Mario to create cloud platforms he can used to cross horizontal or vertical distances. He can only make 3 cloud platforms, and needs to absorb another cloud flower to gain more. Cloud Mario can also walk on more natural cloud like objects. If Mario comes into contact with water or takes heavy damage in the form, it will be lost.

Power flower/power balloon/balloon Mario
A bloated form Mario can gain either by absorbing a power flower or power balloon power-up. The form causes Mario to slowly float through the air, allowing him to cross large gaps. The form has a time limit and can be canceled by taking damage.

Being used in SM64DS:  

Consuming some sort of P balloon like object, and taking on the inflated floating form in KC vol 6

Vanish cap
A translucent cap that allows Mario to take on a form called vanish Mario. In this form Mario becomes invisible to normal enemies and has select intangibility to some walls, ice and grate like surfaces. The form runs on a time limit, and gets lost once said time limit expires.

Mario getting the vanish cap and using it to phase through some grating in KC vol 37

Wing cap/wing Mario
A winged hat like power-up that transforms Mario into a called wing Mario. In this form Mario gains wing like protrusions on his hat that allow him to slow the decent of his falls and fly freely in the air. Mario typically needs a running start and a triple jump to get enough momentum to get airborne, although being flung through the air by something like a canon can also give him the momentum he needs. The form has a time limit and only lasts about 20 seconds.

Being used in SM64: 

 Mario using the wing cap to fly in KC vol 39

Metal cap/metal Mario
A metal hat like power-up that lets Mario take on a form called metal Mario. This form encases/transforms Mario into a living metal mannequin, which is invulnerable to most physical damage and has enhanced physical strength. The form also does not need to breath allowing Mario to stay underwater indefinitely or be immune to gas based toxins. The form is also incredibly heavy causing Mario to sink in water and quicksand.

Interesting Mario can combine the metal cap power-up with the winged cap and vanish cap, gaining various different combinations of their powers in one form. These forms include vanish metal Mario, wing metal Mario and wing vanish metal Mario (with vanish and wing caps adding either the intangibility/invisibility or flight abilities of each prospective power-up).

-Metal Mario can still get knockback

A hacked example of mixed cap powers in SM64:

Mario gaining the metal cap and using it to tank an attack from Bowser in KC vol 36  and  

Luigi cap
Mario’s brother Luigi’s hat. If worn in super Mario 64 DS, Mario will transform into the version of Luigi found in that game with all the powers Luigi had in said game. This includes getting a slightly heightened jumping ability, the ability to slow falls with a scuttle jump, the ability to run on water for a short period of time and Luigi’s version of the “power flower” power up(which turns him into a vanish Luigi, similar to vanish Mario). If Mario gets a significant hit he will lose the hat and if he does not pick it up again in a short period of time it will be lost.

-There’s no confirmation that wearing this power up would allow Mario to take on any and ALL abilities Luigi has ever had in the Mario series.

Wario cap
The hat of Mario’s rival Wario. If worn in super Mario 64 Ds, Mario will transform into the version of Wario found in that game with all the powers Wario had in said game. This includes the increased strength Wario had relative to the other characters in that game, his ability to throw enemies by swinging them and his metal Wario form via a power flower power up.

-Again no reason to assume this cap would give Mario any/all abilities Wario has ever had in the series.
Super leaf/Raccoon Mario
A leaf like power-up that gives Mario a raccoon tail and ears. Mario can use the tail to perform a tail whip attack and to slow down high descents. He can also fly for short periods of time in game from a running start and indefinitely in the cartoons and manga. If Mario takes too much damage, the form is lost.

Mario using a super leaf in KC Vol 3

Tanooki suite/Tanooki Mario
A suite that transforms Mario into a form called Tanooki Mario. It has all the same abilities as raccoon Mario, but can also transform into a near indestructible statue like form called statue Mario. If Mario transforms into this statue while in the air, he can stomp downwards towards enemies with surprising force, sometimes even defeating enemies he can’t damage with normal jumps. Mario cannot maintain the statue Mario form indefinitely, and will typically turn back into tanookie Mario after a few seconds (5 secs in SMB3 and 12 secs in SM3DL). Mario losses the transformation after taking a heavy hit.

-The method for attaining this power-up and the forms associated with it varies across the series. In SMB3 you had to find an actual “tannoki suite” in game, which had all associated abilities I’ve described. In Mario 3D land the Tanooki form was obtained with a super leaf power-up (similar to raccoon Mario), however said power-up did not give Mario the statue transformation abilities. 3D land also had a second power up called the statue leaf, which allowed Mario to take on the form but also allowed the normal statue transformation abilities.

The Statue leaf in 3Dland

-This form was in fact shown to be able to fly freely in the 3d land ending

P wing
A wing like power-up that gives Mario unlimited running stamina for a single level in games like Mario bros 3. He can combine it with the tanooki and raccoon Mario forms to fly infinitely. In Mario 3Dland the p-wing power-up allows Mario to fly to the end of a given stage. The power-up gets lost if Mario takes a big hit in Mario bros 3.

Being used in SM3DL:

Frog suite/ frog Mario
A frog suite power-up that lets Mario transform into a form called frog Mario. In this form Mario has enhanced underwater mobility and enhanced jumping abilities. The form has limited mobility on land, as Mario can generally only hop on while using it (though carrying an object in game does allow him to run in SMB3). The form is lost after taking a heavy hit.

In Adv3 ep 2                                                                             

Hammer suite/hammer Mario
The hammer-suit power-up lets Mario transform into a form called Hammer Mario.  The form allows Mario to throw an infinite amount of small hammers as a projectile attack, which are powerful enough to damage enemies Mario normally cannot. It also gives him an armored helmet and shell he can duck into to protect himself from attacks (mainly fire based ones). The form gets lost if he gets caught off guard by a powerful hit.

Blue shell/ shell Mario
A blue shell like power-up that transforms Mario into a form called shell Mario. The form gives him a large blue shell on this back that he can duck into to protect himself from most minor attacks. He can also run and duck into the shell to perform a battering ram “shell dash” maneuver capable of damaging opponents. The form gets lost if Mario takes a heavy hit.

Super bell
A power-up that lets Mario transform into a form called Cat Mario. In this form Mario wears a large cat suite and can climb up/cling to walls. He can also perform a claw slashing attack, and do a downward mid-air pouncing attack. The form gets lost if Mario takes a severe hit.

Lucky bell
An enhanced version of the super bell that lets Mario take on a stronger cat based form called lucky cat Mario. The form has all the abilities of cat Mario, but can also temporally transform into an invincible statue form for a few seconds for protection. The statue form also produces coins as it falls through the air and can be used to stomp enemies.

Being used by peach in SM3DW:

Penguin suite/penguin Mario
A suite that transforms Mario into a form called penguin Mario. The form has all the abilities of ice Mario, but can also belly slide on ice, walk on ice without slipping and swim with greater dexterity. The form gets lost if Mario takes a heavy hit.

Being used in NSMBU:

Super acorn/Flying Squirrel Mario
An acorn looking power up that transforms Mario into a form called flying squirrel Mario. In this form Mario wears a flying squire like costume and can glide while falling through the air, cling to walls, and perform a mid-air spin jump. The form gets lost if Mario takes heavy damage.

An upgraded version of the super acorn power-up, combined with a variation of the P-wing. Allows Mario to use his flying squire Mario transformation as a means of mid-air flight.

Mystery Mushroom/Costume Mario
A mushroom that gives Mario an enhanced durability and makes him take on the appearances of various other characters from Mario and Nintendo franchises. It get knocked off if Mario takes a heavy hit.

Invincibility leaf/white tanooki Mario and white raccoon Mario
A special power-up leaf that lets Mario take on a white version of the toonoki Mario or raccoon Mario transformations. This power-up can only be found by losing many times in a row in certain games, and makes the user completely invincible until a stage is completed (though in game bottomless pits, being crushed, ect can still kill the player). The form has all the same abilities as the Tanooki/raccoon forms, as well as enhanced running speed and the ability to walk on water.

-while some would say the white Tanooki Mario transformation is permanent, I would note that given it does dissipate when a stage is over, it technically isn’t. A more realistic approach would be to take the average stage time limit of the games it appears in as it’s limitation of being used, which is normally around 200-500 in game seconds  at most (though occasionally the timer has gotten as high as 700, and should probably cap at 999). An in game second is about .7 of a real second in most games, which means the time limit ranges to around 5.8 minutes or at max probably 11.655 minutes.

-Additionally the invincibility leaf is a “pity power up” obtained under very specific conditions, so whether it should be used in normal combat is up for debate.

Being used in SM3DL:

Being used in NSMB2:

Shell helmet
A shell of a buzzy beetle Mario can wear on his head to protect himself from attacks from above. He can also head-butt enemies from below. Gets lost if he takes a heavy hit.

Spiny helmet
A spiny buzzy beetle helmet Mario can were on his head. It helps block strikes and attacks that come from overhead.  Can also be used for head-butting from below. It gets knocked off if Mario takes damage.

Propeller box
An orange block power-up Mario can place on top of his head. It allows him to fly into the air for short periods of time and float back down at a slower speed.

Being used in SM3DL:

Cannon box
A cannonball shooting device Mario can wear on his head like a helmet. Obviously it shoots explosive cannonballs, which Mario can use as a projectile attack against enemies or to break down strong barriers. The shots can be charged for additional range and power, though a single box has a limited amount of shots it can make before it deactivates permanently.

Being used in SM3DW:

Coin box/gold box
Boxes Mario can wear on his head that produces coins as he moves around. It can be useful for gaining points in game, but has little use in a combat context.

Kuribo’s shoe
A giant green shoe Mario can jump in and jump around on. It can make it easier to cross over dangerous ground laden terrain. In super Mario maker Mario can gain a larger variant of the shoe with different cosmetic looks that can also do ground pounds. These shoes can also have wings attached to them that allow Mario to extend airtime while in the boot.

Ice skate
A large shoe with skates in it Mario can ride in to traverse ice.

Being used in SM3DW:  

Goomba mask
A large goomba mask Mario can wear as a form of disguise. It fools Bowser’s minions, but how useful it would be with foes outside of them is a matter of debate.

Being used in SM3DW:

Light box
A lightbox that shines a bright light capable of harming and defeating ghost like enemies in the Mario series, like boos. Can also be used for exploring dark areas.

Being used in SM3DW:

Potted piranha plant
A potted “piranha” plant. The plant can extend its vines and eat nearby objects and enemies with a large gapping mouth.  

Being used in SM3DW:

Pow block
A large block with the words pow on it, that cause either an earthquake or an explosion that can damage nearby enemies.

Mario using a pow block in Mario bros arcade

The power block in the cartoon causing an explosion in SS Ep 20 :

 Causes a tremor that damages all ground laden opponents in PM:
Spin drill
A giant drill Mario can pick up and stand on that allows him to drill through large quantities of earth. In game Mario drills straight down with the item, emerging on the opposite side of the small spherical planetoids found in the Mario galaxy series.  If something blocks Mario’s pathway, he will be unable to continue and will turn around. The spin drill is more suited to exploration than combat, though enemies that come into contact with the drill itself while Mario is digging will be damaged. If Mario gets hit while carrying it, he’ll drop it.

Being used in SMG2:

Misc power ups
A little known power-up Mario could get in the game super Mario special. It allowed him to fly in a manner similar to swimming for a few seconds.

Being used in Mario special:

Cape feather/Cape Mario
A feather like power-up that makes Mario take on a form called cape Mario. It gives him a cape that he can use to slow down from high descents, or to preform a  cape swiping attacking capable of damaging enemies. If Mario gets a running start he can also jump into the air and use the cape to fly, albeit with somewhat limited maneuverability in the video game(it’s difficult to change direction, and he can’t move up or down independently of horizontal movement). He can fly more freely in the cartoon and manga.

Being used in SMWC ep 3

Being used in Kun 6

Gaining and using the cape to fly in KC vol 6

Blocking fire with the cape from bowser in KC vol 9

Carrot/bunny Mario
A carrot like power-up that turns Mario into a form called bunny Mario. The form gives Mario long bunny ears that can flap in midair to make Mario hover for a few seconds or slow descents from a fall. The form can also perform a rapid hopping maneuver. The form is lost upon taking heavy damage.

Allows for full flight in KC vol 19

Double cherry
A cherry like power-up that creates a clone of the character that uses it. Mario can use up to 4 cherries, to create 5 copies of himself on the battle field at any given time. Every copy has the exact same physical abilities of the original user and retains any other power-ups they had upon being cloned. If a clone takes a significant hit it will dissipate.

Being used in SM3DW:

-In game the characters cloned via double cherry cannot be controlled separately. However this is most likely a game mechanic, as Bowser was fairly capable of moving his clones independently when he used the power-up as a boss in 3D world.

Red star/flying Mario
A red star like power-up that contains the power of a “red luma” and allows Mario to take on a form called flying Mario. The form allows Mario to hover and fly freely through the air, but has a strict time limit (like 10-20 seconds) limiting its use.

Starman/Invincible Mario
The classic and most famous invincibility power-up in Mario. The starman grants Mario invincibility and greatly enhances his physical speed, strength and stamina. Additionally most enemies Mario touches while the power-up is in effect are instantly killed on contact. The power up functions based upon a time limit, and Mario turns back to normal when it wears off.

Being used in NSMB:

In Peach hime Anime movie

Being used in kun ch 4

Mario gaining the starman to defeat some enemies in Kc vol 7 and

Using starman powers to effortlessly block some bullet bills in KC vol 11

 Rainbow star/rainbow Mario
A rainbow star like power up that lets Mario take on a form called rainbow Mario. The form is similar to the enhanced state Mario takes on when he absorbs a starman, and grants him invincibility, enhanced speed/jumping abilities and the ability to defeat most opponents on contact.

Super show power ups
Super Mario (Mario super show version)
Perhaps due to conflictions with early cannon, the “super Mario” transformation in the early super Mario cartoon cannon was CLEARLY different in terms of activation mechanics and usage compared to the actual games. In the super show “super Mario” was a fire Mario like form that allowed Mario the usage fire balls, but also had added powers like the ability to telekinetically direct said fireballs, enhanced strength and the ability to fly. It could also be triggered by almost any sudden massive influx of energy including a starman, fire flowers, certain weapons like Excalibur, sudden volts of electricity, magic wands and more. Unlike the game, the form also seemed to have a time limit.

Being used in SS Ep 1

Mario showing the ability to change the direction of his fireballs in midair in SS ep 35

Using the form to create fire balls in SS ep 19

Mario using it to fly in SS ep 12

Using fire underwater in SS ep 26 :

Gaining the form from a magic wand in SS ep19

Using a starman to get the form in SS Ep 16

Gaining the form from magic pendants in SS ep 5

Getting the form from volts of electricity in SS ep 32

Super sushi/super sushi shrinker
A specialized food dish created by the character T.Garden, which causes the person who eats it to either grow or shrink in size respectively. Used by Mario to fight a giant bowser. The increased size gives Mario added strength, but the form is not invincible like his mega form (though this form has no given time limit). It’s unlikely Mario would be able to get this item again easily in a pinch though, given it was made by a specific character in limited quantities.

Mario gaining the form in Ep 28

KC Mario manga power-ups
Jet pot/Jet pot Mario
A power up that was originally use by Wario in the original Wario land, but was also used by Mario in the KC manga. It’s a pot with rocket boosters on the back that allow the user to fly.

Mario using the Wario land 3 power up, the jet pot to fly in Kc vol 24

Bull helmet/bull Mario
A pot helmet with horns that increases the size of the person who wears it and gives them extra physical power. It was originally used by Wario in the original Wario land, but Mario also got it a few times in the KC manga.

Mario using the pots power to bulk up and gain extra strength in KC vol 25 ,   and

Mario kun power-ups
Fireball Mario
A more powerful version of fire Mario that surrounds Mario in a powerful fire aura. It also has some enhanced physical abilities.

Being used in Kun ch 5

Being used in Kun ch 5

SFC Mario
A pair of nes like controller nun-chucks that can be used as a melee weapon and essentially allow Mario to “freeze time”. Unfortunately this effect also extends to him and all people caught in the effect of the form remain conscious. Because of this it’s only really useful for stalling.

Being used to deflect some seed based bullets Kun ch 2  

Mario using the forms time stop ability Kun ch 2


A large green dinosaur Mario rides in multiple games as a form of transportation. THERE IS a separate Yoshi character with a more enhanced set of moves and skills, but not all Yoshi Mario have ridden in the past are the same one. Considering that I’m only going to focus on abilities Yoshi has exhibited when Mario was riding him for the sake of simplicity.

Yoshi generally have incredibly long tongues that they can use to grabble onto and swallow all manners of objects. Typically these objects can be digested near instantly, making for a deadly insta kill attack against minor enemies. Yoshi can also use its tongue to grapple onto objects to pull them or lasso from point to point when Mario is riding him. In most games Yoshi can also perform a mid-air hovering maneuver called the flutter jump, and Mario himself can also jump off his back at the height of a jump for extra air(often called a Yoshi jump).

Yoshi grappling swing points in SMG

Pulling an object in SMG

Performing a flutter jump in SMG

Eating an enemy in SMG

In addition to those basic powers several games Mario can ride a Yoshi in also have various others powers like.

Shell powers
When Yoshi swallows and holds different colored koopa shells in his moth in super Mario world, he gets a variety of additional abilities.  Red shells give him the ability to spit out 3 fireballs. Yellow shells cause him to make puff clouds that can damage enemies when landing from a jump. Blue shells give him a pair of wings he can use to fly for short periods of time. Additionally in super Mario world certain colors of Yoshi can have consistent abilities when eating any color shell, based on the color of their skin.

Example of yellow Yoshi using the stomp power:

Example of blue Yoshi flying:

Red Yoshi using fire breath:

Example of fire breath in KC vol 6: 

A power-up in Mario world can also give Yoshi wings for a short time:

Blimp fruit/blimp Yoshi
After eating a special blue fruit called blimp fruit, Yoshi can temporality take the form of a large floating balloon like state called balloon Yoshi. Mario can ride on him in this form to get vertical height, though the form wears off in a few seconds if Yoshi doesn’t continually keep eating fruit to maintain it.

Being used in SMG2:

Bulb berry
After eating a tallow fruit power up called the bulb berry, Yoshi can transform into a state called bulb Yoshi. In this state he can reveal objects that are normally invisible within his immediate surroundings. Likewise it seems like physical objects that are normally intangible, somehow become tangible while the form is active. The form runs on a time limit, and needs a constant supply of bulb berries to continue going.

Being used in SMG2: 

Dash pepper
A red pepper power up that makes Yoshi take on a form called Dash Yoshi. In this state Yoshi gains enhanced running speed, that can allow him to run on walls, on water or up steep slopes. The form has a time limit and dissipates after a few seconds if Yoshi doesn’t continue to eat more dash peppers.

Being used in SMG2:

A baby of the “luma” star species given to Mario in the game super Mario galaxy and galaxy 2 as a form of aid. He resides under Mario’s hat and gives Mario various passive abilities he doesn’t normally have under normal circumstances.

A magic spin maneuver Mario uses with his arms outstretched to damage or stun enemies. It can also give him a slightly more moderate airtime if used during a jump. After being used Mario needs to wait a few seconds for the Luma to recharge energy to do it again.

-The ability can also occasionally be used to attract small objects to Mario’s location.

-This ability is also connected Mario’s ability to activate and use launch stars and sling stars, which are means of traveling across vast distances of space or boosting him to new areas. Pull stars also serve a similar function but don’t need a spin to activate.

Star bits
Shiny star shaped items that fall from space and are found in environments in Mario galaxy. Mario can collect these and then fling them at opponents to stun them.

-In game the collection of star bits and their use is place to the wii remote cursor and happens independent of Mario’s movement. How Mario uses them to fight outside the context of this game mechanic is unclear.

Shooting star bits into a lumas mouth in SMG

Bros attacks
Bros attacks are abilities or items Mario and Luigi use to fight opponents as a team in the Mario and Luigi series. While TECHNICALLY they are meant to be used together, certain items/attacks are held by singular brothers before being initiated, and could conceivably by used without help to some extent. Considering that here are some ones of note.

Bros items
 Cannonballer: Summons a cannon that can shoot Mario towards opponents as an attack.

Copy flower: Summons tons of copies of the user that can perform a barrage of attacks. All copies dissipate once a single copy misses a strike.

Grean shell or red shell: Koopa shells Mario can kick at an opponent as a form of attack.

Smash egg: Creates a large egg like object that can be kicked at opponents as an attack.

Spring board: Creates a spring that can boost jumps for powerful stomping attacks.

Special attacks
Yoo woo canon: Makes various barrel canons that can shoot Mario at an opponent like a projectile.

Mighty meteor: Creates a large meteor that can be re-directed at opponents with hammer attacks.

Magic window: Creates magic windows that Mario can jump out of to attack opponents.

Bros attacks
Red shell: A red koopa troopa that Mario can kick at an opponent.

Bye bye cannon: A cannon that can create clones of Mario and shoot them out at an opponent

Bomb Derby: Summons multiple bombs. Mario can hit them at opponents as an attack

Jet board bash: Summons a rocket powered jet board Mario can ride on. Luigi normally helps scoot it forward. Mario uses his hammer on a foe at full speed.

Rocket blast: Summons a large rocket Mario can ride into the air and crash down onto enemies as an attack

Canonball chuck: Summons a giant cannon ball Mario can swing and through at opponents


Marine pop
An underwater submarine Mario could use in the game super Mario land. It has great maneuverability and can fire torpedoes out of the front. It go into an invincible state if Mario absorbs a star while in it.

Mario piloting the vehicle in KC vol 1

Can also apparently be modified to shoot megatavitamins in KC vol 5

Sky pop
A multi seat yellow airplane Mario uses in the game super Mario land. It has good air maneuverability and can fire missiles as an attack. Mario also has a second similar plane with more seats and jets called the sky pop 2.

Mario using the sky pop in SML:

Using the sky pop 2 at the end of SML

Mario flying and shooting at some planes with sky pop in KC vol 1

Can also drop megatavitmins in KC  

A motorized kart used for traveling and racing. Mario typically uses a standard MR Kart, which is a kart fairly balanced in most attributes. Though he also has other unlockable karts in some games, along with various parts he can use to modify them.

You can see a general list of all Mario kart karts here

Karts in Mario kart also have some transformative abilities, being able to spout gliders from the top  to glide in the, rotors to move underwater like submarines and having an anti-gravity feature that lets them move on the sides of walls. It can also perform short boosts after drifting or after a person performs tricks in the air while ridding it.

Preforming some boosts in MK8:

Using anti-gravity in MK8

Moving underwater in MK8

Mario also uses various items while in kart in most of his racing games, though there’s some overlap with his normal arsenal, like having the starman, fire flowers, bombs, shells, potted piranha plants, boomerangs, Pow blocks, Super leafs, mushrooms (which give speed boosts) and mega mushrooms available to him. He can also throw banana peels on the ground to trip other racers, create explosive fake item boxes to trick opponents, use a golden mushroom item to obtain infinite boosts for a short period of time, summon bloopers to spurt ink of the eyes of other racers, summon boo ghosts that steal items from other opponents, using lightning to temporarily shrink other racers, use an item called the thunder cloud to create lighting strike making clouds over opponents, use a bullet bill item to temporarily transforms into a speeding bullet bill. Of course he can also use the infamous spiny/blue shell item,which instantly locks onto and chases down a racer in first place. There’s also two items called crazy 8 and lucky 7 that randomly generates 8 and 7 items that can be used in succession respectively, as well as shockwave creating Super horn that can damage enemies or protect against attacks with powerful sound waves.

Gaining coins can also increase the speed of a kart, with it maxing at 10.Finally baby Mario in double dash has a special chain chomp kart item, which summons a chain comp that drags a racer along while attacking nearby others.

-There’s also various more obscure items in the game Mario kart arcade GP DX, you can read about here

A mech created by the character Dr.Nerrick. It grants enhanced strength, has a flyswatter for knocking away projectiles built in the chest, a pair of giant plunger boxing gloves and can shoot eggs to blind opponents out of the helmet. It was destroyed at the end of the cartoon episode it appeared in, making it somewhat non-standard equipment.

Mario in the mech in the ep robo koopa

Starships/starship Mario
Mario has used various spaceships in different media. In the super show he’s used a personal one seat spaceship. He’s also piloted a large disc shaped starship called the flying pizza and a smaller battle starship called the mushroom Starfighters in the same series. Most famously in mario galaxy 2 he was given control of a planetoid spaceship by the character lubba, which transformed in a head shade starship called starship Mario.

Using a spaceship in SS ep 10

The flying pizza in SS ep 51

Mushroom Starfighters in SS ep 51

Mario getting starship mario in SMG2

Magic carpet
What it says on the tin. In the main games it’s not unusual for Mario and co to ride magic carpets as a form of transportation. In the cartoon they also occasionally rented car like magic carpets for sky transportation. Most of the times these were not kept however.

Using a carpet in the super show

Circus van
An ordinary van Mario would drive in the supercade cartoon. Mario typically held various equipment and tools in it for attempts at catching Donkey Kong.

Mario in the van in supercade:

An ambulance Dr.Mario may occasionnaly drive. Just a basic vehicle for emergencies.

Alternate forms

A slight variation of Mario that takes on the form of a doctor. TRUTHFULLY speaking the differences between Mario and Dr. Mario are mainly a cosmetic one, with it mostly just being Mario wearing doctors attire that he can take off at any time. Though he does occasionally use weapons outside his standard while in it, particularly “megavitamins”. In smash bros where both forms are separate characters Dr. Mario is also slower than regular Mario, albeit with higher attack damage to compensate.

Specialized vitamin capsules with magical properties. They come in several different color combinations and can be used to defeat the supernatural virus enemies found in the Dr. Mario games. In smash bros they are also used as a projectile attack, which involves Mario throwing one in front of him and having it bounce along the ground towards opponents. Smash also has two variants of megavitamins, fast capsules and mega capsules. Fast capsules are smaller vitamins that travels straight forward at a fast rate. Mega capsules are large vitamins that travel slower but hit multiple times.

Being used smash bros 4:

Contrary to jokes about Mario’s ability as a Doctor. Mario did in fact invent these things and they do in fact work. Mario has on many occasions used them to cure the flue, colds, stomach achs, physical wounds and other sorts of afflictions.

Curing the flue and a headacheDrM64:

Can cure the common cold DRm64:

Using them to heal Yoshi’s physical injuries in Kun 1

Using a bazooka like weapon that can shoot megavitamins in KC vol 5

Using megavitamins as a weapon to kill some piranha plants in KC vol 5   and

Dr. Mario using a megavitamin to give donkey kong a burst of strength in KC vol 30
Miracle cure
A bomb like megavitamin that can blow up to clear away large groups of viruses. There a few variations that effect what radius,column, or color of viruses are defeated by it in game.

Being used in Dr.Mairo miracle cure

Super sheet
Dr. Mario’s side special in smash. It’s basically the same thing as the cape move normal Mario uses to deflect projectiles and turn opponents around. Even the alternate variants are the same as Mario. The only real difference is using it doesn’t stall him in the air.

Super jump punch
Dr. Mario also has his own version of the super jump punch and its variants. For the most part they are exactly like Mario’s, albeit slower and generally without traveling as high.

Dr tornado
Basically the Dr. Mario version of the Mario tornado move in smash bros. Unlike the standard version Dr. Mario also has two variations called soaring tornado and clothesline tornado.  Soaring tornado sends Dr. Mario higher into the air, but has less attack power than the standard version. Clothesline tornado has less movement, but hits harder.

Being used in smash 4:

Doctor finale
Dr. Mario’s finale smash. It’s similar to Mario finale but fires two giant megavitamins instead of fiery dragons. It also hits with a harder amount of force.

Dr. Mario using Stethoscope for a whip and chocking normal Mario with it in KC vol 17  and  

Some of Dr.Mario's smash attacks in the smash bros series seem to have an electric knockback to them

Dr.Mario can also take on a metal form, by using megavitamins. 

Baby Mario
A younger version of Mario found mainly in the Yoshi’s island games. Despite being essentially a child, he still has superhuman attributes and has been shown to be quite capable of fighting monsters in games like PIT. He’s also been on many occasions shown to participate in sports games to the same level as his adult self.
Superstar Mario
Baby Mario’s one unique transformation. He gains it by absorbing a super star power up and gains the ability to run up walls, float with a large cape like object and a state of temporary invincibility. The form can also fly in the KC manga.

Baby Mario using the power of a Star in vol 33  and  

-When Yoshi carries Baby Mario in Yoshi's island DS, Yoashi himself is also granted a dashing power.

Paper Mario

An alternate dimension version of Mario found inside a magic book within the main Mario universe. For the most part his backstory and personality can be assumed to be similar to his more contemporary counterpart, with the sole exception that everything in the Paper Mario universe is.....well made out of paper and cardboard. Though that being said because Paper Mario is made out of some sort of paper like substance, he also has distinct biological differences from the main Mario that allow for different collection of abilities and skills than him.

-Paper Mario has so much to look at, he pretty much needed to have his own separate analysis, which I have placed here for you're reading pleasure.

Please take a good look at it and then pick back up at this part of the main blog when you're done.


Main series platformers
Mario can physically destroy some castles in super Mario world. Including Morton’s and Lemmy’s

Could lift and throw Larry’s castle in SMW

Can lift and throw the gigantic king bomb-omb in Mario 64

Can lift and throw bowser at his smaller sizes dozens of feet away in Mario 64

Can damage this building sized wiggler like enemy with a ground pound in Mario sunshine

Can fling this giant blooper squid enemy dozens of feet into the air with a physical blow in Mario sunshine

Mario can physical restrain and move this giant chomp chomp in Mario sunshine, which is revealed to be made out of solid gold

Can break off significant portions of this flying tub, by using a ground pound from a high vantage point in Mario sunshine

Can reflect projectiles from and damage this giant squid like enemy called king caliente in Mario galaxy

Can damage a giant grand star infused bowser by redirecting these meteors at him in Mario galaxy 2

Can damage this small tower sized mech piloted by bowser Jr by ground pounding it from the top in Mario galaxy 2

Damaging the large house sized concrete king thomp with ground pound attacks in Mario galaxy 2, albeit from a weak spot

As rock Mario can destroy these large crystal/rock formations in galaxy 2

When powered up with a rainbow star can run through and destroy large comp comps made out of pure gold

Mario RPG and Mario/Luigi
After fighting the Axem rangers in Mario RPG, the resulting damage from the fight destroyed the giant blade ship said rangers used as a base of operations. The ship is the size of the top of a volcano

Even as a baby Mario could destroy large wooden containers with a hammer

Destroying large boulders from a boss in partners in time

During one of the bros attacks in Bowsers inside story, Luigi can inflate himself to a semi giant form.
With SOME difficulty Mario can lift him

Mario knocking bowser hundreds of feet away with a hammer swing in dream team 

Mario party
With the aid of a power star could throw metal bowser(a bowser with 10x the weight) into the outer atmosphere in Mario party 2

Can physically power a rocket in this Mario party 9 mini game, without enough power to send it past multiple planets

Sports games
Mario’s fire strike pitch in superstar baseball seems to go to fast for this measuring device to keep up with. The device has MHP’s written on it and has 3 digits, which would probably go up to 999 mph so Mario probably threw the ball faster than that

Can knock theses bomb-ombs hundreds of feet into the air with a baseball bat in sluggers

Re-directing a bullet bill missile with a racket in the op of Mario power tennis

Super show
Breaking a brick ceiling with a wooden chair in SS ep 27

Breaking through a brick wall with a spoon in SS ep 19

Blocking the fall or a large stone thomp with a plunger in adv3 ep 6

Under the influence of a super star was strong enough to throw a t-rex like dinosaur outside of the planets orbit in ep 8

Effortlessly kicking away bullet bills shot at him in the peach hime movie

KC Mario
Dr. Mario with the added power of a few mushrooms is strong enough to punch some giant viruses into the outer atmosphere   and

Physically destroying one of the castles in Mario world through a physical fight in KC vol 6  

Punting one of the super Mario world castles in KC Vol 8

Stopping a giant bullet bill that was about to level peaches castle as cape Mario in vol 11  

Easily punting a massive boulder with a golf club in kc vol 13  and  

Creating a giant tornado by swinging a tree under the influence of a mushroom in kc vol 13  and  

Causing a massive explosion after getting in a fisticuffs fight with Wario in KC vol 27  and

Punching over a giant bowser with the aid of a star as a baby in kc vol 34  and

Picking up an ocean liner as baby Mario with a star in vol 35  and

Club Nintendo
Making a tornado by swimming in aloha germen club Nintendo comic

Paper Mario
Destroying large metal stones in PM

Strong enough to harm the giant dragon of PMTTYD, Hooktail and Gloomtail and Bonetail

Fighting his way throw hundreds of dry bones at once in PMTTYD

Can destroy large solid stone blocks in PMTTYD

Can fight a giant building sized blooper in SPM:

Strength summary
Mario is strong enough to lift or destroy castles easily weighing hundreds of thousands of pounds. Can destroy battleships the size of volcanos, and easily throw objects at forces between match one and two. He can lift golden chomp chomps the size of a small house, and under a power-up state can easily lift ocean liners and throw objects outside of the planets orbit.

Main series platformers
Can survive Roy’s castle exploding on him in super Mario world

Getting shot out of a cannon hundreds of feet into the air in Mario 64

Getting shot out of a cannon thousands of feet away into a separate them park location on isl delfino in Mario sunshine

Getting knocked into the planet’s atmosphere along with a chunk of peaches castle towards the opening of Mario galaxy

Getting shot out of a cannon hundreds of feet into the air in 3dland

Surviving a fall of a few hundred feet along with bowser in 3d land

New super Mario bros
Survived being smashed by the giant arm of an airship the size of a castle and then thrown thousands of feet away across the entire mushroom kingdom in new super Mario bros u

Mario RPG and Mario/Luigi
Got flung hundreds of feet into the air and landed with no cushioning in Mario rpg

Got washed down a waterfall and some rapids in Mario rpg

Took an explosion of a dozen foot tall bomb-omb to the face with flinching in Mario rpg

Survived having one of Bowser’s ship explode on him and crashing into the ground in a way resembling a meteor in Mario and Luigi

Taking another fall from 1000s of feet in the air

Survived a ship sinking and being cast at underwater depths in Mario and Luigi

Taking a fall thousands of feet high in partners in time

Having a large cannonball shot at him in PJ

Mario party
Can get pelted with cannon balls in bombs away Mario party 1 mini game

Other platforming games
Can survive having a bomb go off in his face in Mario bombs away

Can throw barrels with enough force to hurt a giant donkey kong in donkey kong gb

Technically during the entire campaign of Mario run, Mario doesn’t stop running or moving at any point.

Misc games
Can get shot out of a cannon thousands of feet away in Mario pinball land

Being hit point blank with a bomb in SS ep 2

Spent the entirety of SS ep 16 underwater

Falling dozens of feat in SS ep 21

Crashing a car and being flung upwards hundreds of feet in SS ep 24

Being shocked with large sums of electricity in SS Ep 26

Being frozen solid by bowser in SS ep 32

Along with his friends got shot out of a space pod and crashed with little cushioning in SS ep 46

Stayed underwater for several minutes in the peach hime anime movie

Falling form the sky and crushing a large brick tower in the peach hime movie

Takes a blast from bowser’s fire, after it drilled right through a large stone in the peach hime movie

Luigi took a blast strong enough to level a castle to the face in the super Mario world anime. Mario should easily be comparable

Mario adventures
Got flung hundreds of feet into the air by a bullet bill and crashed into a castle  ,  ,

Getting flung from an explosion of a castle in adeventures

Mario kun
Being crushed by a 200 KG football in Kun ch 1

Being frozen solid in Kun ch 4

KC Mario
Taking the explosion of a castle in super Mario world KC vol 7

Having a large metal cannonball fall on him in kc vol 9   

Surviving an explosion large enough to take out a large pirate ship in KC vol 14

Being crushed by a thomp in KC  vol 16

Having a construction site explode on him and Donkey kong and coming out ok in Kc vol 28  

Being picked up by a large water spout and thrown hundreds of feet away in kc vol 30  and  

Coming into contact with lava in KC vol 37  

Paper Mario
Survived getting thrashed by Bowser and kicked out a window thousands of feet in the air in PM

Got shot out of a cannon filled with tons of bombs straight from the earth to the moon, and tanked the impact in PMTTYD

Could survive in the outer atmosphere of the moon with no protection in PMTTYD

Struck by lightning by grodus multiple times in PMTTYD

In the vacuum of space again in SPM

Mario and co having a bomb go off in their faces in SPM

Survived this explosion in paper Mario sticker star

The machine used for powering up bowser, had enough energy to blow up his castle when it malfunctioned in PM. This could be seen as a good indication of the kind of power

Endurance summary
Mario(or Luigi) have survived the explosion of the castle of super Mario world in multiple continuities. Mario has also survived the explosion of battle stations and being sent into earth with speeds fast enough to apparently cause ablation. He’s been smashed by giant fists from flying ships and thrown across the entire mushroom kingdom and of course he has tons of power-ups that enhance defense to the point of near invincibility.

Main series platformers
Many people like to quote that Mario moves faster than cannonballs on airships in games like Mario bros 3

New super Mario bros
Easily runs the distance of peaches’ castle in a few seconds in Mario bros wiis opening

Mario adventures
Jumping across multiple enemies in is 8

Jumping across various lava monsters to avoid being burned alive in is 10  

Mario RPG and Mario/Luigi
Jumping hundreds of feet into the air after avoiding a swipe from bowser in Mario rpg

Avoiding various arrows from a boss enemy in Mario rpg can also knock one out of midair

Hitting cannonballs aimed at him out of the sky in DT

Can steer the star driver move in DT ass it moves from an area of space through the atmosphere (admittedly a dream version)

Can run upwards what’s probably a hundred or so feet in a few seconds in paper jam

Bros attack in paper jam has Mario and Luigi move so fast they set themselves on fire through friction

Mario party
Running fairly fast around Boswer in Mario party 2

Mario party 6 has a mini game called black hole buggie, that involves swimming against the force of a black hole

A questionable example. The board Astro Avenue in Mario party 6 connects between multiple planets and asteroids and space objects Mario and co walk between them

Sports games
Mega strike in strikers shows he can jump hundreds of feet into the air in a single bound

Super show
Outrunning an avalanche in SS ep 1

As super Mario can jump fast enough to catch up to a speeding car in SS ep 39

Outrunning the car from a roller coaster in SS ep 48

Jumping around floating platforms and avoiding various projectiles in Adv3 ep 5

Somehow defying gravity with kicking attacks on these music blocks in ad3 ep 10

Again defying gravity for a few seconds when jumping up to hit some goombas in SMW ep 1

Running up the side of a wall in SMW ep 5

Mario kun
Deflecting fire compared to a machine gun in Kun ch 2

KC Mario
Jumping between multiple flying panels in KC vol 1

Caching some sort of energy blade from Tataga’s ship in vol 20 and
Paper Mario
Luigi was capable of donging the point blank explosion made by the character Demntio, Mario should easily be comparable

Speed summary
Mario is fast enough to run right up vertical walls, can outrun cannonballs. Can jump thousands of feet into the air in a single bound and has on occasion at least fought the pull of puesdo black holes. Most impressively was how he was able to steer a star coming from the outer atmosphere to ground level within a few seconds,  which could easily be MHS to relativistic even lowballing.


I should point out that a lot of Mario scaling tends to get contested by least somebody on the internet. Either due to the fact the series itself is so fragmented with spin-offs, that they may as well be separate franchises with loose connections or due to some people having mixed feelings on the nature of feats being scaled in the first place. That being said I list some of the ones I Commonly see cited.
During his final fight in Mario party 9 Bowser can create something similar to a black hole, which is capable of sucking up planets. Granted these planets look somewhat small compared to real ones

Bowser could survive having a castle fall on him in new super Mario bros wii

At the beginning of paper Mario Bowser lifted his and peaches castle far into the sky through some unknown means, potentially with magic. Obviously this is the kind of power Mario has to deal with on the reg

A contested feat, but some people believe bowser survived the black hole at the end of Mario galaxy on his own power, meaning Mario has comparable DC to harm him

Lubba mentions Bowser having shot down starship Mario(albeit off screen and without much context behind the confrontation). Given the ship is a star ship that can move FTL, some people use this to give several Mario characters FTL reflexes

Another questionable feat. Many use the grand stars in Mario as a measure of power, given bowser absorbs them in Mario galaxy 2.  Even one grand star shines with the brightness of a class 6 star. Bowser also claims he was going to use one to make a new galaxy and the collapse of a generator using one caused a universe destroying black hole.

During the final fight against dark bowser in BIS, dark bowser creates a giant hurricane that covers a large majority of the mushroom kingdom

Other miscellaneous punishment the Koopa King has survived include being shot out of a cannon into a mountainside in Mario is Missing,and having his flying castle falling into an ocean hundreds of feet below and exploding on him. He also had peaches castle fall on him in BIS and managed not to die immediately.

Wario and wa luigi survived an explosion from fire works in Mario sluggars

Wario and wa-luigi could survived this explosion in toadstool tours opening

Wario and wa-luigi survived this explosion in Mario power tennis

Pretty questionable just in terms of inconsistency between franchises, but defeating the shake king in Wario land shake it dispersed this cloud. This is often seen as a moon level feat

Another questionable scaling choice. Dk has knocked the moon out of orbit before, though by all accounts most people don’t compare this directly to Mario

People also scale Mario to the speed of the millennial star coming from the center of the universe in the opening(admittedly though this gets a bit muddled given there’s two millennial stars, and which is depicted in the opening can be debated)

Even this foder toad can kick this soccer ball hard enough for it to catch on fire in the strikers charged opening

The final boss of PMTTYD was capable of causing an earthquake that shook ruegport and some surrounding areas when it was awakened. She was also said to have destroyed an entire city in a near fell swoop in that past  and


Main series Platformers
After Bowser turned the inhabitants of the mushroom kingdom into blocks and kidnapped peach,
Mario trudged through 8 worlds and rescued her

Traveled through 8 worlds and rescued peach in the lost levels as well

After being summoned to some sort of alternate dream world, aided in the defeat of a frog like tyrant named wart in Super Mario bros 2

After Bowser and the koopalings transformed various kings in areas around the mushroom kingdom into animals, Mario defeated them, transformed the rulers back to normal and saved peach from bowser

Defeated Bowser and saved peach after he took over dinosaur land and imprisoned the Yoshi species in Mario world

After Bowser took over peaches castle and stole a stash of power stars, Mario got them all back and defeated him

Traveled to the tropical island of isl delfino, defeated Bowser and his son Jr’s  alter ego shadow Mario and undid various damage bowser did to the environment with said son in Mario sunshine

Travelled across the galaxy with the aid of the character Rosalina and stopped Bowser when he attempted to create a galactic empire in Mario galaxy

Travelled across the galaxy again and defeated a Bowser empowered by a magic meggufin called a grand star in galaxy 2

Defeated Bowser after he captured the princess in Mario 3dland. Also saved his brother from capture in said game as well

Traveled to the sprixie kingdom in Mario 3d world, and rescued several fairy like creatures called sprixies from Bowser. Worth noting Bowser himself also wised up and used several of Mario’s power-ups against him during the final showdown

Traveled across the land sarasaland in super Mario land, and fought the alien being called Tatanga to save princess Daisy in super Mario land

Defeated Wario, after said character stole entrance to a castle Mario owned and cast of mind control spell on the surrounding populace in Mario land 2

New super Mario bros
Chased and fought Bowser JR across various geographic locations, before defeating bowser and rescuing peach in new super Mario bros

Traveled across various locations while fighting the koopalings, Bowser Jr and finally a giant Bowser himself to save peach in new super Mario bros wii

Traveled across the mushroom kingdom and took back princess Peach’s castle after Bowser occupied it in new super Mario bros u

Traveled across several different lands and defeated bowser and the koopalings after they kidnapped Peach in new super Mario bros 2

Mario RPG and Mario/Luigi
Defeated the martial arts jinx and became the master of his dojo in Mario RPG

Fighting an optional boss said to be made out of anti-matter in Mario RPG called Culex

Completed various puzzles and stuff in Mario RPG

Traveled to an alternate dimension, collecting several pieces of a broken star road and beat an interdimensional conqueror named smithy 

Defeated the dark witch with admirations to take over the Beanbean kingdom Cackletta in Mario and
Luigi superstar saga

Was taught how to harness fire as an attack known as firebrand by the “god of fire" in Mario and Luigi  superstar saga

Was also further tutored in the ways of fire manipulation by the jellyfish sisters in Mario and Luigi superstar saga

If the opening of PIT is anything to go by, the Mario bros have been shown to have been fighting Bowser since they were baby’s

Defeated an space facing alien race called the shroobs and their two ruling princesses in PIT and

After having both the mushroom kingdom and bowser’s kingdom taken over in a cue, teamed up with Bowser to take down the technological batman gambit villain character Falful in BIS. Additionally they helped fight an evil eldritch abomination version of Bowser called dark Bowser, that was powered by an artifact called the dark star and could make giant hurricanes.

Traveled across Pillow Island and defeated the ancient dream power based villain Antasma, as well as Bowser after he absorbed the power of a powerful artifact called the dream stone in dream team.

Mario teamed up with an alternate universe version of himself called  paper Mario in paper jam and defeated the might of two universes of Bowsers

Mario party
Competed against several other characters in mini-games to decide who was “a superstar” in Mario party

Traveled to various lands and defeated Bowser multiple time while competing to give a name to a new location in Mario party2

Participated in the contest to claim the millennium star in Mario party 3

Competed against multiple characters in Mario party 4

Conducted a Mario party in Mario party 5 to collect stars to fill the “star bank” and appease the deities brighton and twili.

Defeated bowser and his lackeys when they tried to interrupt his vacation in Mario party 7

Competed against various characters in Mario party 8 to win a life time supply of candy and a magical object called the star rod. Also most likely helped to defeat bowser at the end when he stole said star rod.

Competed against various characters in Mario party to steal back the power of the “mini stars” Bowser stole in Mario party 9, while fighting characters like Jr, giant bloopers and bowser himself.
After being shrunk by bowsers minimizer in Mario party ds, banded wit several other characters to collect objects called sky crystals he was seeking and defeat his cronies to return to normal size.

Banded together with several characters to take down Bowser when he built bowser tower on Party Island in island tour.

At least participated in the events of star rush.

Sports games
The Mario strikers sub-series is more or less balls to the wall insanity. Character’s play soccer in the midst of electric fences, explosions, tornados and such and the tournaments seem to be taken way more seriously compare to other sports series.

Competed in several golf and tennis tournaments throughout the Mario tennis and baseball series.

Also competed in a basketball tournament in Mario hoops 3 on 3

Has been an unlockable character in games like NBA street and SSX

Competed in multiple sports in sports mix and sports superstars, as well as fighting against the final fantasy character behemoth

Mario vs DK
Chased donkey Kong across multiple worlds and fought him in a giant mech, when he stole an assortment on mini Mario toys in Mario vs DK

Used an assortment of mini Mario toys to solve puzzles and fight DK when he kidnapped the character Pauline in Mario vs DK march of the minis

Rescued Pauline with the aid of mini Mario toys again in Mario vs DK minis march again

Chased DK through the theme park of Mario land and recued Pauline from him again in min-land mayhem

Again chased after DK in tripping stars to get back Pauline. Though in this case it turned out to be a set up for a surprise party

In general the Mario vs DK series involves intense puzzling. The first game requires a lot of outside the box thinking when it comes to dealing with platforming challenges and all instalments afterwards are basically a Nintendo version of lemmings, but with wind-up toys.

Other platforming games
While working as a carpenter in the original donkey Kong arcade game, rescued the character Pauline from the original donkey Kong(cranky Kong) after he kidnapped her

While working in new york sewers with his bother Luigi, fended off attacks from various monsters in Mario bros arcade

Worked in a cement factory in the game Mario’s cement factory.  Later worked in a cookie factory in the updated version in game and watch gallery 4

Apparently worked as a soldier in the game and watch game Mario bombs away. This probably means he has basic military combat training

Worked as a demolitionist in the game wrecking crew

Fought bowser after he took over several hotels in hotel Mario.

After getting a bucket stuck on his head by Wario, got aid to get through puzzles by a fairy to remove it in Mario and Wario. Then shot Wario out of the sky in an airplane

In the enhanced donkey Kong GB game, Mario chased the original donkey Kong across several worlds to save the character Pauline. He eventually had a showdown with the character in a giant form

Cleared out the clash house tower of monsters in the game Mario clash on virtual boy

In wrecking crew 98 acted as a demolitionist to destroy illegal high rises that were blocking out sunlight for plants made by bowser

Traveled through several worlds and rescued peach from Bowser in Mario run

Collected the music keys musical artifacts in dance dance mix and stopped Bowser from abusing their power

Education games
When Bowser used a time machine to steal various artifacts across history, Mario stole said time machine to get them back in Mario’s time machine. He also displayed some decent knowledge of history after the adventure

In general Mario has a host of low level education games, including those dealing with math, numbers, typing, ect. He’s also had a variety of art games and level editors. Taken at face value this implies some basic knowledge and creativity on his part.

Misc games
Went on a journey to save king fret and prince pine for bowser and the koopalings in Yoshi’s safari.

Riding Yoshi while using a super scope to destroy various mechs the opposition where using along the way.

In Mario pinball land basically fought through bowsers army and rescued peach while taking on the form of a rolling pinball.

Used the power of magical “orbs” in puzzles in dragons to defeat bowser and his family and save peach

Was regularly shown to have a penchant for creating and setting traps in the super cape show(albeit they didn’t always work)  and

Super show
Mario creating a plan to hide a flying carpet he’s riding on from bowser in SS ep 4

Makes a plan to distract and disoriented an opponent’s 3 heads by moving around erratically in SS ep 6

Figuring out to use vibrations from a hammer swing to undo the electronic locks of shackles in SS ep 10

Coming up with a plan of attack against some undersea adversaries in SS ep 47

Sets a trap for some koopas when placed in a jail and makes a plan to distract the villain mouser with Luigi and toad in SS ep 27

Spent episode SS 34 training with the character Masaki to better learn martial arts in ep 41

Saved Christmas in SS ep 29

Was taught how to shoot a gun, lassoing, and such by the character pronto in SS ep 45

Stopped bower from rampaging in Brooklyn and tricked him into retuning to the mushroom kingdom in SS ep 48

Somehow built a kaiju mech out of discarded movie monster parts in adv3 ep 9

Were able to build primitive cars out of prehistoric materials in smw ep 2

Making a makeshift telephone system for the inhabitants of dinosaur land in SMW ep 8

Aided in combating the threat of bowser to the mushroom kingdom, various misc lands and dinosaur land in the super Mario show.

Saved the president from a huge flood in Brooklyn in ep 40 and save the white house from another attack by bowser in adv3 ep 2

Traveled to the mushroom kingdom through a portal in a TV in the animated movie and traveled the land in search of 3 power ups, a starman, super mushroom and fire flower. Finally used their combined power to defeat bowser and rescue the princess peach.

When swallowed by Bowser in the ammada anime, used a makeshift sword to give him a stomach ache and get out

Defeated bowser and the koopalings in the various fairy tale based shorts of the amada anime series.

Traveled across dinosaur land and defeated bowser in the super Mario world anime

………….This happened. I don’t want to talk about the details.

Mario adventures
Made a makeshift weapon to take out some enemies in is 1

Managed to pacify some boos in is 9 by posing as a doctor and giving them therapy to feel about their shyness and

KC Mario
Tricked this lion statue in KC, and hit him from behind with as super ball Mario  

Actually fought a giant bowser as a baby in vol 34

In general the KC Mario manga tends to place Mario in several games or events he wasn’t originally a part of. This includes Wario land, Donkey Kong country, and Yoshi’s story. He was also a MUCH more active combatant in the mangas version of Yoshi’s island.

Nintnedo comic systems
Acted as a research Assistant for "Doctor Waldo Bloom" of the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital and chased down giant human sized viruses in comic "doctor in over his head

Chapter books
In the adventure book double trouble, Mario can potentially tick a robot built to make duplications of anything it sees into making a duplicate based on its own reflecting, causing it to go in downward spiral of making infinite copies of itself

Paper Mario
After Bowser stole the wish granting star rod in paper Mario 64 and imprisoned its care takers the star sprites, Mario proceeded to rescue them all before taking  down Bowser. Some notable opponents he had to take down along the way included some TMMT rip offs called the koopa bros, a mystic pharoh like koopa called Tutankoopa and a near immortal monster named tuba bubba.

More impressively during the final battle Bowser had Kammy give him a power-up on top of the powers granted to him by the star rod, making him near invincible even with the power of the star spirits backing Mario up.

Many of the areas in the first paper Mario game require some ingenuity to find and get into. For example Mario had to discover the location of the hidden dry dry ruins, had to stalk shy guys to find their hideout in the “shy guys toy box”, ect.

Defeated all the members of the town dojo in paper Mario, including “the master” who actually has better stats than bowser sans star rod invincibility hax

Traveled across Rogueport to track down the “crystal stars” before the high tech villainous group led by the villain Grodus in PMTTYD. Along the way he fought a giant dragon called hooktail, an X-nut mech called the von grapple, a shapeshifting ghost called dooplish, a giant shadow monster called the smorge , an ancient ghost of a pirate leader called Cortez.

He also fought in and ranked first in a fighting arena called the glitz pit twice in PMTTYD.

Fought his way down through a 100 floor fighting gauntlet called the pit of 100 trials and beat a giant dragon at the end of it called Bonetail.

After fighting and defeating Grodus in PMTTYD, immediately fought bowser and kammy koopa afterwards with no rest

Defeated a 1000 year old shadow demon and saved the world from destruction at the end of PMTTYD.

Traveled across dimensions to gather the “pure hearts” to counter act a multiversesal destroying artifact of doom called the “chaos heart” summoned by a villain named count Bleck. Not did Mario deafeat count bleck,  who is thousands of years old and descended from a powerful lineage of dark magicians. However he also beat various of his minions(mimi, natashi, ochunks) who all had dimensional abilities, as well as his brainwashed brother Luigi wilding a mech called bro bot.
At the end of Super paper Mario he even defeated a psychotic dimensional being called Dementio, who managed to wrestle control of the chaos heart late game to become a near all powerful being called super dementio.

Traveled through a 100 floor gauntlet in super paper Mario in the town “flopside” twice, before fighting dark clone versions of himself, Luigi, peach and bowser in super paper Mario

Traveled through an entirely different 100 floor gauntlet in the town flipside, and fought a giant dragon called wracktail in super paper Mario

Finally dueled 100 trained samurai like warriors called shammer guys, back to back after the end of super paper Mario

Travel across mushroom kingdom with the help the character “kertsi” to find the pieces of the royal stickers and defeated Bowser after he gained control of one of said artifacts in sticker star.
Collected anchient artificats called the paints stars and defeated bowser after he was corrupted by an evil substance called black paint in color splash

Defeated Mad Scienstein and Wario in Dr. Mario 64. Also regularly combated virus in the mushroom kingdom, sometimes with the aid of peach or luigi in the Dr.Mario series

Regularly traveled with Yoshi as a baby in the Yoshi's island series. Mario himself also traveled back in time to give Yoshi aid covertly as Mr.Pipe in New Yoshi's island.

It should be noted that across all franchises Mario has shown himself to be profienct in dozens of different jobs, ranging from athletics, to blue color construction, to art, medicine, being a company CEO, dancing and Piloting. He's basically a renaissance man

Apparently tried to Keep the original DK captive in DK Jr and fought DK Jr during that time period.

Training/experience summary
So to get the elephant out of the room. Mario has fought Bowser A LOT and has been confirmed to have been fighting him(along with other villains) either directly or indirectly since he was a baby. This may make a lot of his experience sound unimpressive given fighting Bowser’s family makes up the bulk of his accomplishments, but when considering Bowser’s own experience and arsenal in context with that(He's taken over kingdoms, countries, and galaxies with widespread armies before) it’s amazing Mario can hold his own against him so consistently. 

Even taking that out of the equation Mario has quite a large rouges gallery. He’s beaten dimensional conquerors like smilthy, beaten technological villains like Cackletta, Fawful and Grodus. Fought magic monsters or magicians 1000s of years old like Count Bleck and Dementio. Dream demons like Wart and mountains of mechs and magical doomsday weapons. He consistently fought through 100 battle fighting gauntlets and has bested trained martial arts masters on par with Bowser in strength in games like paper Mario and Mario RPG.

Likewise he has had some slight training in the martial arts plumb fu and various cowboy skills like marksmanship and lassoing in his cartoons. He also does show a decent amount of ingenuity in many situations, often coming up with plans to take down opponents or using his plumbing skills in unorthodox ways to take opponents off guard in the super show. Overall he's pretty well rounded and dangerous.

Fighting style

Mario’s fighting style is for the most part seemingly self-taught. Sans power-ups he seems to focus on close range melee attacks, with a wide mix of acrobatics to outmaneuver his opponents. He was also tutored in martial arts called plum fu, which focuses on using plumbing equipment in conjunction with traditional karate moves.

Learning plumb fu from the character misaki in episode 41

-Described as being effective underwater


Mario can be a bit headstrong at times and bit too eager to fight. Additionally while he’s not averse to making plans, he tends to only do so after being pushed into a corner or having failed once already. He can also occasionally be easily distracted, childish and to be honest a bit ditzy.(For example he made a decision to trust Bowser in Mario party DS, which lead him straight into a trap).

-Somehow didn’t notice when bowser used a robotic peach to issue fake orders in adv3 ep 7

-Easily distracted in the peach hime movie, missing his change to end the fight again bowser sooner

On another note Mario has on occasion been captured or been placed in need of rescue, particularly in both Luigi’s mansions games, Mario is missing and super princess peach. In some games losing his hat also makes him more susceptible to damage, though this can be inconsistent.




  • Various Mario and Luigi, Mario Rp and paper Mario equipment has tons of useful special effects, including increasing stats, auto revival, decreasing stats for opponents, hp restoration and preventing status effects.
  • Also has a wide variety of items or equipment that can cause statues effects in opponents, including sleep, immobilization, burning, ect. Paper Mario badges like Return postage or zap tap can also make him difficult to hit directly, due to be electfied or dealing damage back out to the aggressor on contact.
  • Has several power-ups that grant temporary invincibility the starman, metal cap and mega mushroom. Combine this with various other RPG items, and he has a lot of ways to null damage or drag out a fight.
  • The sheer number of power ups and items at his disposal means he’s unlikely to run out of at least some alternate option during a fight. Equipment that allows infinite or continuous use of SOME items also help with this.
  • Has a large assortment of both short range and long range weapons at his disposal.
  • Luigi cap and wario cap, allows him to take on the powers of said characters
  • Several power-ups of items allow him to manipulate time to some minuet effects.
  • Actually has a few items that allow him to start a fight over from the beginning, albeit said items tend to be more for the benefit of the player out of universe.
  • Various ways to protect against elements like fire, ice, and electricity.
  • Mobility is off the charts and has several methods to fly
  • Megavitamins double as a great weapon and a great healing/power-up option
  • Actually can think of decent plans in a pinch
  • If allowed white Tanooki form is pretty difficult to get past
  • Many power-ups have a time limit or can be lost upon taking damage.
  • Tbh many of Mario’s power-ups are functionally similar and add little utility to his main moveset, causing only a very small percentage of them to actually be useful in a fight.
  • Mario can be a little air headed at times and to impulsive. This can lead to him making bad decisions.

Suggested opponents

I don't know I'm  kind of tired from writing to want to make this section.


Just use your imaginations

"Insert opponents here"


Anyway thanks for reading everyone! This was a long time coming. Hopefully people find this Bio helpful to them in the future.

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