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Community Collab Prediction Blog: Mario vs Sonic

-It should be obvious but this blog is not officially connected to Death Battle in anyway.

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So just some basic abbreviations used in the blog(ones not noted here should be easy to understand without guidance).

SMB: Super Mario Bros        SMB2: Super Mario Bros 2       SMB3: Super Mario Bros 3
SMW: Super Mario World        SM64: Super Mario 64      SMSS: Super Mario Sunshine
SMG: Super Mario Galaxy        SMG2: Super Mario Galaxy 2   SM3DL:Super Mario 3D Land
SM3dW: Super Mario 3d world        SMM: Super Mario Maker    NSMB: New Super Mario Bros
NSMBW: New Super Mario Bros Wii  NSMBWU: New Super Mario Bros U
PIT: Partners in time   BIS: Bowser’s Inside Story    DT: Dream team   PJ: Paper jam
 SS: Super Show Adv3: Adventures in Mario Bros 3  SMWC: Super Mario World cartoon
Kun: Super Mario-Kun KC: Mario KC Delux PM: Paper Mario PMTTYD: Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door SPM: Super Paper Mario PMSS: Paper Mario Sticker Star  

S3K - Sonic 3 and Knuckles SA - Sonic Adventure SA2 - Sonic Adventure 2
SH - Sonic Heroes S06 - Sonic 06 SC - Sonic Colors SG - Sonic Generations
SLW - Sonic Lost World

Match Stipulations

Given the ridiculous amount of weaponry, abilities and canons for each character, we’re going to have to set a few rock hard ground rules before getting into the main blog.

1.      Neither character will be given access to one time Macguffins, circumstantial forms, powers or equipment.

Sonic: For Sonic this includes his Werehog form, Darkspine Sonic, Excalibur Sonic, Dark Super Sonic, Ultra Sonic, and all associated Ultra Sonic variants.

Darkspine Sonic requires the non-standard World Rings, which can only be used under specific circumstances (using the power of the World Rings to even a partial extent requires a person to give up their life, which was the character Shara in the given situation). Excalibur Sonic requires the use of multiple “sacred” weapons along with Sonic’s own Caliburn sword to initiate the transformation, which means Sonic needs outside help for it. The Werehog form can only be taken on at night and was lost at the end of the Sonic Unleashed when Sonic was purified of the dark energy that gave him said form in the first place.

Dark Super Sonic is essentially featless, and requires Sonic to absorb Negative Chaos Energy by being overwhelmed by negative thoughts during a Super transformation, which normally wouldn’t happen. Ultra Sonic has to many abilities that are poorly defined to center a debate around, and the form takes 100s to 1000s of rings to maintain for even a minute and leaves Sonic drained after use. From a logical perspective if sonic really had the number of rings needed to perform this transformation, he would probably be better off just using the Super Sonic form instead over a much longer period of time. For that matter, the Super Emeralds would be better suited to activating the Hyper Sonic transformation rather than Ultra Sonic, given its most likely more powerful anyway.

On another note Fleetway Super Sonic works very differently in terms of activation and machinations compared to almost every other incarnation of the form. Because of that SOME elements of it will be excluded from this blog, though general powers and feats from Fleetway Super Sonic will still be included.

Mario: Mario is NOT getting the Star Rod from Paper Mario 64.  Mario DOES NOT ever use the Star Rod himself in Paper Mario 64, and promptly gave it back to its rightful owners after he wrestled control of it out of Bowser’s grasp. The Pure Hearts from Super Paper Mario are also being left out. These are all one time Macguffins that were specifically designed for the purpose of countering the power of another Macguffin called the Chaos Heart, and didn’t actually give Mario any sort of power-up until the 11th hour of Super Paper Mario. Even considering that the power up they did give was only obtained under specific circumstances, requiring Mario along with several other characters to gather in close proximity and provoke those abilities with heightened positive emotions and feelings towards each other. Mario also can’t outright transform into Paper Mario given he possesses a completely different biology from him, and he cannot use abilities specific to his younger Baby Mario form.

2.      Both characters are for the most part being fully composited from all their available sources. HOWEVER NO CROSS SCALING between continuities for either character ( if there’s reason to believe a character may be stronger in one continuity, Mario and Sonic can’t scale due to having fought a much weaker variant in another).

Sonic: Sonic gets all his main games, spin-offs games, the Fleetway comics, the Adventures of Sonic cartoon, Sonic SatAM, Sonic Underground, Sonic X, Sonic Boom (both the cartoon and the games), the OVA, his mangas and, yes, even Archie comics.

Mario: Mario gets his main platformer games, spin off games, Super Mario RPG, the Mario and Luigi series, the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, the Super Mario Bros. movie, various OVAs, whatever is available from various mangas (including Super Mario-Kun and KC Deluxe), Super Mario Adventures, his assorted comics, and any other miscellaneous appearances.

In regards to the Paper Mario series, yes, Mario will be allowed to have experience and feats from those games. He also will be allowed to have abilities and equipment from that series, as long as said stuff isn’t reliant on Paper Mario’s vastly different biology. Basically Paper Mario badges are okay, but no paper abilities.

3.      While this blogs features a composite for both characters, given the extreme length of their arsenals and abilities we are going to need to leave out quite a bit of material for both to keep the blog at a reasonable length. We’ve decided we are going to leave out power-ups on either side that are not very applicable to combat. Likewise we’re only going to use the arguably “best” or “unique” power ups and equipment that fill out certain niches in a characters moveset. For example, Mario’s Wing Cap is pretty negligible in the face of the Tanooki suit. Stuff that we consider irrelevant may also be removed.

Sonic: Sonic has had his Atomic Relativity Boots removed, as well as the Deep Power Stones, the Sonic Underground medallions, Shara’s ring, his normal shield, Spring Shoes, and Power Cores. Most of his level up items are also not listed separately. Some misc special moves and abilities similar to his standard Sonic Boost where also trimmed.

Mario: A lot of information from Paper Mario not deemed relevant has been left out. This includes all the stickers, his battle cards, the Crystal Stars, and a large amount of badges that have effects recreated elsewhere. The vast majority of Mario and Luigi armor, sans the chosen pieces made by Ultraguy in his Mario blog have been left out. The Giga Broom was removed, along with the Lightplunger, the Golden Plunger, Excalibur, Mario’s various spy plumbing equipment and anything used by Mario in his movie. Mario and Luigi battle cards have also been removed. Many power-ups where removed including the Weird Mushroom, Big Mushroom, Bee Mushroom, Spring Mushroom, Propeller Mushroom, Wing Cap, Luigi/Wario Caps, Super Acorn, Carrot, Red Star, Rainbow Star, and more.

4.      Most feats widely talked about or recognized for either character will be listed in this blog REGARDLESS of if everyone in it is in total agreement of its legitimacy. Additionally, no direct stat or scaling comparisons will actually be made in the summary section of the blog, given the wide variance in views on both characters power levels in their fandoms makes creating a definitive list an impossible goal. Things like stat and scaling comparisons are going to be made on a person by person basis in their actual verdicts. The only exception is if everyone in the blog has near unanimously agreed something is bullshit and should be left out. Some feats not directly mentioned include the cosmic highway for sonic. Also the mini star, Millenium star and Luiginary works feats for Mario.

5.      Sonic and Mario will both be allowed some level of psuedo outside help.
      Sonic: For Sonic we are going to allow him to use Wisps despite the fact they are technically separate creatures who choose to help him on their own accord. The reason for this is that they act more like power-ups than separate fighting characters during a match. He’ll also be allowed to have Chao from Sonic Chronicles since they mostly just grant passive supportive effects.

      Mario: Mario will be allowed to use the Pixls from Super Paper Mario and the Luma from Super Mario Galaxy. The argument being that the Pixls act more as tools for singular actions and the abilities granted by the Luma are passive enough to not interfere with the fight as a whole.

6.      That being said no full on outside help from beings that can act on their own during the fight or who are more established as full on separate characters. No Yoshi or Star Spirits for Mario for example.

7.      Obviously crossovers don’t count (at least within reasonable limitations). Sonic isn’t getting scaled to Nights Into Dream characters because he fought them as DLC bosses,Mario's fight with culex isn't going to be taken at face value, the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games means nothing, and nothing from Super Smash Bros. outside of abilities or attacks.

8.   We are also going to be mentioning calcs made by people or groups outside our own, though we will make great effort to make sure they are all cited and linked to the original sources.



Mario’s exact backstory hasn’t been entirely consistent throughout his entire history. Many early canons and even his character guide in early Nintendo history specifically reference him as being born in Brooklyn. Likewise some media portray him as having come across a Warp Pipe leading to the Mushroom Kingdom from the real world. That being said, the Yoshi’s Island series specifically shows he was born in the Mushroom Kingdom, and was in fact one of the “fabled Star Children” who possessed great power. He’s also shown to have known Peach since she was a baby in Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, which makes dimension hopping unlikely.  My personal opinion is that currently Mario is probably still from Brooklyn, albeit perhaps an alternate version of it set in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Regardless, most people know the story. Mario is currently a citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom and has a romance of sorts with its princess, Peach Toadstool. He regularly fights of threats to kingdom, mainly those posed by the evil Koopa King Bowser. In terms of personality, Mario can be described as curious, adventurous, brave, tolerant, resourceful, and a bit bold.


Art by Wanipop
Sonic is a blue hedgehog who was born on Christmas Island and was gifted with unnatural speed.  In his adolescence he left his home in sight of adventure across the world and eventually found himself embroiled in various conflicts with a maleficent scientist called Dr. Ivo Robotnik (also known as Eggman). He’s spent most of his life since their initial encounter stopping Eggman from achieving world domination, all the while dealing with side threats from other villains along the way. In many continuities Sonic tends to gain a cache of allies and friends to help him, often times being referred to as the “Freedom Fighters”.

Personality-wise, Sonic has a fairly cocky 90s “tude” personality, with some sprinkles of a more worldly nature due to his continental travels. He also acts like a big bother mentor to many of the characters in his cast, particularly Tails.


Standard Hammer
In several arcade games, spin-offs and RPG games Mario has been known to use large hammers for close quarters combat. He typically finds them either hidden an environment, or is given them by various characters over the course of an adventure. Mario’s standard hammers are often made of wood, but on occasion they have been metallic.

-Outside of basic bludgeoning attacks, Mario has used his hammers many times in the past to deflect projectiles attacks.

-Mario using a hammer in DK arcade

-Example of Luigi using his hammer to deflect a rock in Mario and Luigi Paper Jam:

Ultra Hammer
A more advanced hammer that has had a recurring presence in the Mario series, particularly the RPGS. In most appearances it’s a standard hammer that has been upgraded various times to gain additional power, though in some cases it’s just a separate weapon. In Mario RPG it raised Mario’s attack stat by 60, and increased the complexity of the hammer attacks he used during a fight. In Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, it can break large solid black stones.

Mario getting and using it in Mario RPG: and

It being forged by the Hammerhead Bros in Mario and Luigi

Super Hammer/Ultra-hammer (Paper Mario version)
Two sets of hammers that can be found in the first two Paper Mario games. They both serve as upgrades to a more standard hammer Mario can receive there, with the ultra-hammer doing as much 3x the amount of damage. The upgrades also allow for Mario to perform a powerful hammer spinning attack.

-Mario finding the Ultra Hammer in PM

-Mario getting and using it in the PMTTYD:

-Mario getting and using the Ultra Hammer in PMTTY

Mario and Luigi Hammer Variants           

In the Mario and Luigi series outside Superstar Saga Mario can also regularly find and equip various other hammers with altered stats and special added abilities. Logically quantifying the stat increases from the RPG series vs the other mainline and spin-off appearances would be difficult, but we can still list notable hammer variants based on special effects they give. Some notable variants include……..

Iron ball Hammer DX: Hammer that occasionally causes an iron ball to fall from the sky and drop on an opponent when used.

Soft Hammer DX: Hammer that has a possibility of lowering the defense of attacked enemies

Slap Hammer DX: Hammer that has the potential to lower the offensive power of enemies when used on them.

Blunt Hammer DX: Hammer that deals 150% damage to enemies with spiked protrusions

Flame Hammer DX: Hammer that can potentially cause the status effect “burn” in opponents (causes opponent to take periodic damage for a short period of time, and prevents attacking/defending).

Spin Hammer: Hammer that occasionally make opponents gain the status effect “dizzy” (disorients opponent and prevents them from attacking effectively).

Mario RPG exclusive weapons
Mega Glove
A pair of hand based weapons Mario can equip in Mario RPG. It increases Mario's attack stat by 60 in game, as well as the length and complexity of punching attacks.

-Being used in SMRPG:

Lazy Shell
A large Koopa Troopa shell that Mario can kick at an opponent as an attack in Mario RPG. In said game it’s his most powerful weapon and raises his attack stat by 90.

-Mario can also use various other Koopa shells in some games as a projectile he can kick at opponents, or ride on like a skateboard. He can also hold onto them underwater and use them to propel himself forward like a rotor.

Super Scope
An energy gun Mario used in the game Yoshi’s Safari. It was also added into Smash Bros as an attack item.  The gun shoots out energy bullets and has a rapid fire ability. It also has a “power meter” that must cool down or else the rate of fire for the scope will decrease (though Mario can collect flower like power ups in game to improve this limit).

-Mario using it in Yoshi’s Safari:

-Mario holding a similar weapon in the Motomo anime

-Mario using the Super Scope to destroy a mech piloted by one of the Koopalings in KC vol 22  and

Over the course of the Cartoon series Mario fairly regularly used the common plumber’s tool, the plunger, as a combat weapon. Typically he uses them as a short range blunt object weapons, however he can also use them to deflect projectiles or to latch onto the side of walls to more easily climb up them. He’s also on occasion tide ropes or used harpoon gun like devices in combination with them to make grappling devices.  He can also ride a plunger like a pogo stick for extra jumping height and can also bend and throw them in a fashion similar to a boomerang.

-Mario holding and throwing a plunger at an opponent in super show Ep 3

-Tying a rope to an end of a plunger and shooting it out of a cannon in SS ep 5. The suction was strong enough to tow a boat

-Using a plunger with a rope tide to it as a grappling hook and to ride up the side of a cliff in SS ep 9

-Using a plunger with rope tied to it to grapple a baby peach from a distance in SS ep 17

-Throwing one as a projectile attack in SS ep 32

-Shooting a plunger with rope out of a harpoon gun to suction onto a monster SS in ep 26

-Using a plunger as a pogo stick to gain increased jump height in SS ep 50

-Bending a plunger and throwing it like a boomerang in SS ep 50

-Using a plunger to climb up the side of a wall in ep 51

-Using another plunger to latch onto the side of a well and then jumping off it for extra height Adv3 ep 15

-Using a plunger to deflect attacks in a Nintendo System comic’s drainhead unimaail

Plumbers Snake
A pluming device comprised of a long rope/wire with a device at the end for unclogging drains. 
Mario can use one as if it’s a whip. He can also lasso/grab enemies or objects and swing from objects like Indiana Jones.

-Mario using one to grapple objects in SS ep 45

-Luigi holding the Snake as a whip in SS ep 33

-Mario using a snake to grapple Santa in SS ep 29



A sentient sacred sword used by Sonic to fight during the events of Sonic and The Black Knight. It’s capable of flying and moving on its own, and has various story related powers in the Black Knight.

-Sonic first getting Caliburn in the Black Knight

-Caliburn can dispel powers of immortality regulated by “Excalibur’s scabbard” in the Black Knight, when combined with several other sacred swords. It’s possible it could also have the ability to dispel immortality in general, though this isn’t clear



Mario and Luigi Armor
Mario and Luigi is home to a plethora of clothing items and accessories that can be equipped to characters as a form of armor. UNFORTUNATELY trying to quantify the stat boosts given by most of these articles would be near impossible due to the nature of the RPG mechanics in Mario and Luigi. That being said many articles do still have secondary special effects that make a few worth noting out, and we've picked out a handful we think are objectively better than the given choices in each game.

-It should be mentioned that in game Mario generally cannot wear two of a similar article at the same time. He also typically has a strict maximum limit of 5 equipment slots depending on player chosen level up upgrades in most Mario and Luigi games (which hammers actually take up one of in recent games), though we're going to forsake that second limit given we think it doesn’t make much logical sense.

Wear: Payback Wear - Sometimes deal damage equal to power of an opponent’s attack

Boots: Shroob Boots - May cut enemies power in half with jump attacks

Gloves: Bottomless Gloves - Allows Mario to use some items in battle without removing them from his inventory

Socks: Gumption Socks - Revives character from KO at ½ health once

Accessory: Lazy Scarf - Triples defense at ¼ HP

In the grand scheme of things these items have the most useful and unique secondary effects out of all the options presented in the Mario Luigi series. Giving Mario what amounts to an auto revival, what’s probably the statistically highest increase in defense he can get from a single item, an ability to drastic cut or match opponent attack power and the ability to re-use at least some normal items with reckless abandon.

You can see a full list of all other Mario and Luigi armor here

Mario RPG Armor
Hero’s Shirt
Mario’s armor has a much more linear progression in the game super Mario RPG, with the armor the Hero shirt clearly having better stats than any other potential options. Said hero’s shirt increases Mario’s defense stat by 48 and magic defense by 24 in said game.

Safety Ring
Similar to the Mario and Luigi series, Super Mario RPG also had various accessories available for Mario to use. It also has a fairly obvious “best” accessory to use, which is most likely the Safety Ring. Said ring reduces all elemental damage to 0, prevents all status ailments and prevents instant death from one hit KO attacks.
Badges are a separate form of equipment outside the main 5 (technically 6) Mario can use in the Mario and Luigi games. In older games like Superstar Saga Mario can equip one and gain its effects on his own, however in latter games like BIS, Dream Team and Paper Jam badges only have effects when both Mario and Luigi are wearing one each in battle at the same time. Likewise in the latter cases the Bros need to charge up power to use them by successfully attacking the enemy. Some common effects of badges are auto HP recovery and increased stats. One badge in particular, called Ulti Free Badge, also allows unlimited use of "Bros Items" from the PIT game.

Super Boots/Ultra Boots (Paper Mario version)
Two sets of boots that can be found in the Paper Mario series. When equipped by Mario they increase the power of his jumping attacks by 3x. The boots also allow him to use a few special jumping maneuvers.

For example, the Super Boots allow Mario to use the “spin jump”, which is basically just another version of the ground pound found in various other Mario games. The Ultra Boots also allow the use of “Tornado Jump” in the original Paper Mario and a “Spring Jump” in PMTTYD. The Tornado Jump is an upwards spinning jump that stomps back down with tremendous force. The Spring Jump is a jump where Mario scrunches his body downward and then springs upwards to greater heights than normal.

-Getting the Super Boots in PMTTYD:

-Mario getting the Ultra Boots and using a Tornado Jump in Paper Mario

-Mario getting the Ultra Boots and using a Spring Pump in PMTTYD:

Badges (Paper Mario version)
Similar to Mario RPG and the Mario/Luigi series, Paper Mario also has its own equipment system of sorts. This is called the Badge System. By using “BP” points you can equip various badges to Mario to enhance his stats, grant him new special attacks or abilities. Unlike the systems in place in other Mario games, there is NO LIMIT to the amount of badges you can equip as long as if you have enough BP to do so.
Jump Attack Badges
Shrink Stomp
A special attack stomp that allows Mario to shrink his opponents in size temporarily, decreasing their attack power significantly.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

Sleep Stomp
A special attack that allows Mario to temporarily put enemies to sleep with a stomping attack.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

Soft Jump
A special jumping attack that lowers an enemy’s defense temporarily for a shortened period of time.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

Tornado Jump
A jumping attack that creates a twister where Mario lands sucking up nearby opponents.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

D-Down Jump
A badge that allows Mario to expend energy to perform a special jumping attack that ignores normal defense.

Hammer Attack Badges
Power/ Mega Smash
A Special attack that allows Mario to perform an extra powerful hammer swing.

-Being used in PMTTYD: https://youtu.-be/s68brsIljVU?t=133

Hammer Throw
Allows Mario to throw his hammer as an attack, damaging flying opponents or other enemies from a distance.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

Quake /Mega Quake Hammer
Allows Mario to perform a ground laden hammer strike that creates a shockwave that damages nearby enemies. Flying enemies or enemies off the ground are not hit by this attack.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

Fire Drive
Allows Mario to perform a flaming hammer attack that flings fire at nearby opponents, and can potentially “burn” them causing subsequent periodic damage over a short period of time.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

Head Rattle
Allows the use of a special hammer attack that can cause the status effect confusion in enemies, which can cause opponents to attack allies or heal Mario.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

Ice Smash
Allows Mario to perform a special ice based hammer attack that can potentially freeze opponents for 
short periods of time.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

Piercing Blow
A special hammer attack that ignores normal enemy defense stats.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

D-Down Pound
A badge that allows Mario to perform a special hammer attack that ignores enemy defense.

Stat Altering Badges
Ice Power
A badge that increases Mario’s damage output against fire based enemies, lessens fire based damage and allows him to touch fire based enemies without taking damage.

Last Stand
A badge that Reduces the force of attacks Mario receives by ½ when his health gets low.

Power/Mega Rush
A badge that increases Mario attack strength significantly when his health is at extremely low levels.

Passive Support Badges
Dizzy Attack
A badge that allows Mario to perform a spinning maneuver towards an opponents that gives them the “dizzy” status effect if it hits, preventing them from fighting back for a short period of time.

Close Call
Occasionally causes an opponent to miss with an attack when Mario’s health is low.

Feeling Fine
A badge that protects Mario from most common status ailments found in the paper Mario series.

Fire Shield
Reduces damage caused by fire and allows Mario to better come into contact with enemies on fire for physical strikes.

Happy Flower and Happy Heart
Two badges that let Mario regen health and FP points periodically over the course of a battle.

HP Drain and FP Drain
A badge that slightly decreases Mario’s attack power, but allows him to regain health or fp points whenever he lands an attack on an opponent.

Lucky Day
A badge that occasionally causes enemies to miss Mario with their attacks.

Allows Mario to see the remaining health of an enemy.

Spiked Shield
Allows Mario to jump on spiked enemies at full force without taking damage or being impaled by said spikes.

Zap Tap
Makes Mario electrified, and causes all opponents that touch him to get zapped. Has limits as opponents resistant/immune to electricity or those simply tough enough are not effected by it.

Return Postage
Causes enemies that attack Mario to receive half the damage they inflict on him during direct attacks. It should be noted it does have limits, as iron cleft enemies in paper Mario can’t be injured by it.


Sonic Chronicles Equipment
Sonic can equip various types of equipment in the game Sonic Chronicles. They typically correlate to one for the feet, one for the hands and one for the neck. Some of Sonic’s best possible equipment includes.

The Immunity Idol, which prevents negative status effects.

The Kron Hammer, which increases damage done by a high threshold.

Speed Sneakers, which lightly enhance speed and defense.

There’s also various other pieces of equipment, including those that can revive the character from a deadly blow once. Allow the character to infuse attacks with elements like wind, earth, fire and lightning. As well as some that heal the user overtime.

-You can see a full list here



A “Flash Liquidizer Ultra-Dousing Device” that was invented by the scientist professor E. Gadd and used by Mario during the events of Super Mario Sunshine. Like the name suggests it’s a water pack that can spray high pressure water over long distances, typically at opponents as an attack or at dirty surfaces to clean them. The FLUDD NEEDS to be refilled with water periodically, typically requiring Mario to at least partially submerge himself in large source of water for a few seconds to do so (though in Mario Sunshine you could also find water packs in separate free containers to use). It has several different nozzles and attachments that effect the spread of the water being shot out of it.

-The FLUDD can be stolen off Mario’s back, as Bowser Jr did so several times in sunshine

-The FLUDD can also be broken, as it did so temporally in Sunshine’s ending
Squirt Nozzle
The standard nozzle for the FLUDD. Allows Mario to shoot water out of his pack in a fashion similar to that of a water hose. It’s useful for precisely aiming water at specific locations and enemies, and has a decent amount of knock-back.

Hover Nozzle
A nozzle that allows Mario to shoot water below himself to hover in the air for short periods of time. Generally used more for exploration than combat, though the water can hit objects directly below him.

Rocket Nozzle
A nozzle that allows Mario to boost himself upwards in the air like a rocket. It takes several seconds for him to charge up for an accent. Generally used more for exploration than combat.

Turbo Nozzle
A nozzle attachment that acts as a booster back to propel Mario forward with water. Along with aiding in increasing running speed, it can also help him make longer jumps. He can also swim through water in a manner resembling a speed boat when using it. It tends to be applied more towards exploration than combat.

Smash Bros Nozzle Variants
Mario also uses the FLUDD for his down special in Smash Bros Brawl and Smash 4. It has to be charged for a few seconds, and the default special is used mainly to push opponents away (while not actually dealing damage), gimping movement or air recovery. It also has two variants called scalding FLUDD and high pressure FLUDD. Scaling FLUDD shoots heated near boiling water at opponents as an attack. High pressure FLUDD shoots water with a stronger pressure, knocking opponents back further.

Mario RPG Items

Like in most RPG games, Super Mario RPG and the Mario and Luigi series do have separate items that have various offensive, supportive and defensive effects. You can see some of them below.

Energizer: Raises attack power by 100%

Bracer: Raises defense by 100%

Yoshi Ade: Raises pow and defense by 100%

Red Essence: Grants temporary invincibility

Earlier Times: Starts a fight back over from the beginning (can only be used once)

Sleepy Bomb: Put opponents to sleep

Bad Mushroom: Deals damage to opponent and potentially poisons them

Freight Bomb: Deals damage and potentially inflicts a “fright” status effect on opponents

Fire/Ice Bomb: Two bombs that deal fire or ice damage and

Rock Candy: Creates large shining stars that deal high damage to opponents

Star Egg: Summons a few star shaped enemies that deal damage to an opponent

Instant Defeat
Pure Water: Some sort of holy like water that instantly defeats normal ghost enemies

Sheep Attack: Summons a torrent of sheep that transforms enemies into sheep. Doesn’t work on the bosses or some larger enemies in Mario RPG.

It should be noted the Mario and Luigi series also has a few items of note, which overlap with the ones from Mario RPG to an extent. Specifically it has items called Green, Red and Blue peppers, which temporarily increase power, defense and speed respectively.  They also have a similar item to the earlier times clock called the "Retry Clock"(which also has limited uses).
Paper Mario Items

Repel Jell
A gel that can be used to temporarily make Mario intangible to attacks.

Shooting Star
An item that creates a bunch of energy stars that can rain down on opponents dealing damage.

Snowman Doll
An item that creates a giant snowman that jumps around damaging enemies. Effective against fire based opponents.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

Stone Cap
A cap that transforms Mario into a stone statue invulnerable to damage.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

Stop Watch
An item that immobilizes and freezes nearby enemies for a short period of time.

-Being used by enemy in PMTTYD:

Thunder Bolt
An item that summons a bolt of lightning to strike a single opponent.

Thunder Rage
A more powerful version of the thunderbolt that summons lightning strikes over a wider area, hitting multiple opponents.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

Zess Dynamite
A cake with dynamite sticks baked in that can be thrown at enemies to cause an explosive in the shape of the character Zess T.

-Being used in PMTTYD:

Courage Shell
A defensive item that can be used in various paper Mario games to reduce damage taken. The amount varies, but in the best case in super paper Mario it reduced damage to ½ normal.

-Being used in PMTYYD:

Earth Quake
Item that creates an earthquake that damages nearby ground laden enemies.

Ice Storm
An item that creates a blizzard that damages enemies and potentially freezes them solid.

Mario Party Items
Bowlo Candy
Transforms Mario into a large rubber ball that can roll over opponents as an attack.

Plunder Chest/Barter Box
A Mario party item that randomly steals an item from an opponent and gives it to Mario.


Power Sneakers
The standard shoes Sonic wears in every game and most of his spin offs. Their origins aren’t highly explained, but in several continuities they were either invented by Eggman (ironically) or Sonic’s Uncle Chuck using Power Rings. A character named Alberto also invented and gave Sonic a pair of customizable Power Sneakers in Sonic 06. Whatever the case they are highly resistant to friction and never wear out, making them imperative for Sonic to use his speed to the fullest.

-Sonic mentioning Chuck having made his shoes in Archie

Hover Shoes
Shoes that allow Sonic to hover in midair. Useful for when Sonic needs to fight near water as they keep him from sinking. Chris Thorndike invented them, and normally gave Sonic access to these shoes as needed in Sonic X season 3.

-Chris shooting the shoes onto Sonic’s feet in X ep 55

-Chris giving Sonic a pair so he can hover through a tunnel of rings in X ep 60

Hi Speed Shoes
A pair of specialized shoes invented by Chris Thorndike that enhance grinding ability. Generally given to Sonic by Chris mid battle in X depending on the situation. Sonic also wore a pair during the events of Sonic Adventure 2.

-Chris giving Sonic a pair in X ep 58

Nitro Blasters
A specialized pair of shoes that generates an energy sphere that can be kicked at opponents as an attack. The energy ball can bounce between multiple targets. Invented by Chris Thorndike and normally given to Sonic by him mid battle in Sonic X.

-Chris giving Sonic a pair to fight a group of Metarex ships in X ep 70

Power Shoes
A pair of power sneakers that have saw blades in the bottom. They allow Sonic to cut through the things he runs over. Invented by Chris Thorndike and given to Sonic when needed in Sonic X.

-Sonic using them to cut some vines in X ep 66

Magnetic and Antigravity Boots
Sonic’s Power Sneakers where modified in the Sonic SatAM cartoon to have additional functions. Particularly anti-gravity jets that slow the descent of long falls and magnetic soles that can stick onto metal surfaces.

-Sonic using the shoes magnetic soles to cling to the underside of a robot in SatAM season 2 ep 12

-An example of Sonic using his shoes anti-gravity feature to slow down a descent in SatAM season 2 ep 18

Mystical Objects
Power Rings
Ring like objects that hold great power. They have multiple uses, particularly being used to maintain many of Sonic’s transformations or to fuel several of his special attacks. In various outside media like SatAM, Sonic X and Archie Sonic, he can also harness their power to temporarily enhance his physical abilities and speed. They also have some healing properties, being used to undo brainwashing on occasion in SatAM or being able to prevent death from most attacks from a gameplay perspective.

-Ring are often implied to be connected to or created by chaos energy in some cannons.

-An example of Sonic using one to run faster in SatAM ep 1

-Another example in SatAM ep 7

-Sonic using a ring to enter an enhanced Spin Dash state in X ep 1

-A tunnel of rings being provided for Sonic to help boost him upwards in X ep 60

-Could also be used to protect against the transmutation of Eggman's Robotisizer in Sonic SatAM 26

Chaos Emeralds
A set of mystical objects that are said to grant near infinite power through the use of “chaos energy”. They can often be found hidden inside alternate pocket dimensions known as special zones, and are said to turn the thoughts of the user into power. Depending on the types of thoughts and motivations of their user, they will generate either positive or negative energy. Sonic typically uses the positive energy of the chaos emeralds as a means of transforming into a more powerful state called a “super form”. They scatter like dragon balls if all 7 are collected and used at the same time.

-Tikal talking about how the emeralds turn thoughts into power in Sonic Adventure

-The emeralds also apparently have some degree of sapience, allowing them to converse or guide characters to their position if they truly need them. This is probably why Sonic could call them back when they had already been used in games like Sonic Advanced 3

Super Emeralds
Enhanced versions of the Chaos Emeralds. They have additional power due to drawing power from the Master Emerald, another sacred gem that was created by the gods for the purpose of being able to regulate the chaos emeralds powers. They can only be unlocked in a linked Sonic 3 and Knuckles game.

-Sonic having got all Super Emeralds in S3K

-For the record the Master Emerald also has some form of sapience and has appeared to the characters when needed (Sonic in Battle for example).

Time Stones
A set of mystical stones found on little planet in Sonic CD. They have control over time and space, and can be used to freely travel through time in some continuities.

-Sonic and Sally Acorn using the time stones in SatAM

-Silver the Hedgehog using “Cronos Control” to travel in time with a Time Stone in Archie

-Sonic using one to time travel in STC is 28

A device used in the Sonic Boom games and cartoon. It’s basically an energy tethering device. In Rise of Lyric the devices where originally a set of energy shackles Tails modified for personal use, though by the end of said game he replicated their technology in wrist mounted communication bracelets.Those bracelets are what appear most often in the other Sonic Boom media.

-They can be used to lasso and throw enemies:

-The cartoon shows they can latch onto objects as a tether, like ep 44. You can also do this to specific objects in the games:

-Sonic using it to wrap up an opponent in Boom s2 ep 1

-They can be used to disarm opponents of shields. Logically we would think being able to do the same with handheld weapons is reasonable .

-You can see Tails modifying the original shackles in Boom here:

Extreme Gear
Flying hover boards, skates, scooters and other objects used by Sonic and co as a means for transportation, typically in the Sonic Riders series. Sonic can use multiple types of gear but his exclusive set is the blue star, a hover board type gear.

They typically use air as a fuel source, and are capable of gliding maneuvers called the air ride and wind tunnel/surfing abilities called the air slide. Users can also use fuel from the machine to create tornadoes behind them. They can also create short bursts of speed at the expense of air, with a maneuver called the “Kick Dash”.

-Example of the Air Ride

-Example of air slide

-Creating a tornado

-Sonic used a board similar to extreme gear in X ep 57

- They can in fact fully fly as shown in zero gravity

-Sonic riding one in Archie comics is 285 

Ark of the Cosmos/Gravity Band
Ring shaped stones that allow the user to manipulate gravity. They were used in the second Sonic Riders game in conjunction with extreme gear to enhance movement ability. Particularly to warp gravity and propel users forward with a move called gravity dive. As well as allowing them to make sharp sudden gravity assisted turns or to redirect gravity to other surfaces to run on them (think Mario kart 8).

-Sonic using an Ark’s power to stop gravity in mid air

-Sonic using the gravity dive ability

-Sonic using gravity to change direction during a sharp turn

-While the Ark’s of the Cosmos were lost at the end of zero gravity, items called Gravity Bands also existed within said game, and provided the exact same effects.

Special Abilities


Jumping Variants
The trademark jumping ability used by Mario in virtually all of his games. It’s been noted that Mario’s jumping ability is far greater than anyone in the mushroom kingdom.

Power Squat jump
An enhanced charged jump only available in super Mario Bros 2. Mario needs to stand still and duck down during the charge before the jump, making him somewhat vulnerable.

Double Jump
Surprisingly not a typical “double jump”. Mario’s double jump is a second higher jump he can initiate after landing from a normal one.

-Being used in SM64:

-It should be noted Mario can perform a more traditional double jump in smash bros.

Triple Jump
A third jump that Mario can perform after landing from a double jump that boosts him even higher. Mario typically needs to start from a run to pull off this maneuver and normally ends the final jump in a flip. In Super Mario 64 Mario can get an upgraded triple jump after collecting all the games power stars that makes him near invulnerable during the 3 jump to fall damage and enemy attacks.

-Being used in NSMBU:

-The Enhanced triple jump in SM64:

-Being used in SMG:

Long Jump
A long jump maneuver that covers a large horizontal distance. Initiated from a run and crouch and used to cross large gaps.

-Being used in SM3DW:

-Luigi doing it in SMG2:

Basically a side flip Mario can do by moving in one direction before quickly turning around and jumping in the other direction. It goes up higher than a normal jump.

-Being used in SM3DL:   

Back Fip
A back flip that reaches higher than a normal jump. Mario has a version of this in the GB version of Donkey Kong as well called the “back-flip somersault”. Variations of it have also appeared in games like Super Mario 64.

Spin Jump
A spinning jump that sends Mario up further than a normal jump. During a spin jump Mario can land on enemies that would normally hurt him (for example spiked enemies) without damage or break small blocks beneath him. It can also be used to slightly extend his air time in the New Super Mario Bros series.

-Being used in a SMW level in Mario Maker:

-Being used in SMSS:

-In some games like you can also use this move to clear away gas like substances or to slowly descend from falls after being caught in twisters or gusts of wind.

Wall Jump
Exactly what it says on the tin. A wall jumping ability. Anybody who’s played a few platformers before should know what this is.

Mario’s basic attack that follows after most of his jump variants. Basically he uses his downward momentum and weight to crush opponents underneath him.

Ground Pound
A butt smashing ability Mario can initiate from a jump. It hits with a stronger force than a normal stomp. An enhanced version can be used if initiated from a high location, allowing Mario to crush larger stone objects.

-Being used in NSMBU:

-Being used in SM64:

-Enhanced version in SMSS:   

A handstanding maneuver. Mario can use his feet to deflect objects falling from above in this position.

-Being used in MVDK:

Mario RPG Super Abilities
Fire Orb/Super Flame/Ultra Flame
A special attack from Mario RPG where Mario will rapidly shoot dozens of large fireballs at an opponent as an attack. Fire Orb, Super Flame and Ultra Flame are each progressively stronger versions of the same basic attack.

Jump/Super Jump/Ultra Jump
More powerful variations of jumping attacks used by Mario in Mario RPG. The highest version, Ultra Jump allows Mario to jump up and down on multiple opponents repeatedly as long as he maintains his timing.

Another fire based ability taught to Mario by the “fire god” in the game Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga. It allows Mario to create a ball of fire in his hand that he can use as an attack. He normally uses the move from a standing position at close range, though some bros moves in Superstar Saga show he can throw the fire produced by the Firebrand as a projectile if he wants to.

-Mario using it in MLSS:

-Mario using Firebrand to throw fire:

Smash Bros Abilities
Super Jump Punch
A rapidly ascending jumping punch used by Mario in the Smash Bros series. It’s based off the jumping motion Mario uses to smash blocks in the main series. It has two alternate variations called Super Jump and Explosive Punch. Super jump moves up higher, but lacks power. Explosive Punch doesn’t move as far up, but has an explosive charge go off at the end of the attack for extra damage.

An ability in Smash Bros that allows Mario to create a fireball that bounces along the ground and towards an opponents as an attack. It has two variations called fast fireball and fire orb. Fast Fireball is a smaller fireball that travels a few feat horizontally like a bullet. Fire Orb is a larger variation of fireball, which travels slower and hits multiple times.

Mario Finale
An ultra-powerful blast of comprised of two encircling fire dragons. It acts as Mario’s finale smash in the Smash Bros series. It’s easy for opponents to get entrapped in the blaze and flung dozens of feet away.

Sports Games Special Moves
Offensive Power Shot
A special move Mario can use in Mario Power Tennis. It conjures a giant hammer in his hands he can swing at a tennis ball (or other object obviously) with enough force to set it on fire.

-Being used in MPT:

Defensive Power Shot
A special move where Mario will rapidly spin around and hit a tennis ball with a ratchet. Can most likely be used on other projectiles to redirect them.

Fireball (Sluggers version)
Mario’s special ability in the Mario Slugger’s baseball games. In it he uses pyrokentic abilities to set either a baseball on fire during a pitch or a bat on fire during a swing, enhancing the power behind both significantly.

-Being used in the Superstar Baseball op:

Special Shot (Mario Sports Mix)
The special ability from Mario Sports Mix. Involves Mario conjuring flame and engulfing either his sports equipment or a game ball in an explosive aura of flame.

-Being used in MSM:

-The game Mario sports superstars has similar abilities:

Fire Shot
Mario’s special move in Hoops 3 on 3. It allows him to set the game basketball on fire, and enhanced the power behind a dunk or throw.

Super Strikes/Fire Strike
A fire infused kick Mario uses as a special move in the game Mario Strikers.

-Being used in SM Strikers:

-It in the Strikers op:

Mega Strike/Fiery Metal Mario
A powerful kick in Strikers Charged, where Mario will transform into a fiery version of Metal Mario and kick an object.

-Strikers Charged op

Plumbing Abilities
As a plumber Mario is unsurprisingly talented in plumbing. In addition to doing ordinary work like unclogging drains or fixing water flow, he can use plumbing pipes to rig water traps, and construct various objects out of plumbing equipment.

-Fixing a pipe in 3D World

-Using his plumbing skills to put out a large fire in SS ep 23

-Making instruments out of plumbing parts

-Setting up a water trap with plumbing in Ad3 ep 8

Misc Abilities
Mario has a few misc skills and abilities, most notably an ability to dig at super human speeds. He can also use normal capes to glide in one ep of the super show.

-Has super human digging ability in buried treasure Mario Party1 mini game

-Mario and Luigi digging at super human speeds using only spoons in SS ep 19

-Digging at super human speeds again with shovels in SS ep 38

-Using a normal cape from a costume to glide in SS ep 33

-Can summon some minor enemies in DK Jr including vine climbing crocodile like monsters called snapjaws and egg projectile dropping flying birds called nitpickers

Mario does have a light (I repeat light) toonforce. In particular his body seems to be malleable, almost as if it was made out of putty. While it still hurts him, he can also be flattened and spring back up to normal size for example. He can also sometimes spawn objects out of nowhere in some media and displays some light 4th wall awareness in a few commercials.

-Spontaneously creating guns and a cowboy outfit in the peach Hime anime movie

-Being smashed into a ball in Mario Pinball Land

-Being crushed by a Thwomp and springing back up form being flattened in Super Mario 64

-Showing some 4th wall awareness in this Super Mario 64 ad

-Many Bros Maneuvers in the Mario and Luigi games involve Mario contorting his body in inhuman ways. For example curling into a ball or being flattened like a pancakes in PIT

-Spawning glass and glue out of nowhere in Kun ch 3

-Luigi being flattened in KC vol 6

-Mario being flattened by a train in the German Club Nintendo comic foreground nonsense


Rolling and Spinning Attack Variants
Spin Attack and Dash
Sonic’s iconic attacking maneuver. The spin attack is a jumping attack where he will spin rapidly in the air while extending his quills to cut through objects and opponents. He’ll often perform the ability while bouncing around an environment. He can also perform a spin attack while rolling on the ground and can even charge up speed for such an attack with an ability called the spin dash or spin charge in most games. He can also initiate a burst of speed into a spin attack when hitting the ground with a new ability called Drop Dash in Sonic Mania.

-The Spin Dash modded into Sonic 1

-The Spin Dash on the left in SLW

-An example of how Drop Dash works hacked into Sonic 1

-Sonic using a ring enhanced Spin Attack in X ep 8

-Another ring enhanced Spin Attack in X ep 16

- Spin Attack in X ep 27

- Using a spin Attack in Archie is 191

-Sonic’s custom Spin Dash variants in Smash Bros 4 (note one variation can bury opponents in the ground)

-Sonic’s custom Spin Charge variants in Smash Bros 4 (note one variation can pull opponents to his position)

Homing Attack
The common midair homing attack. Basically a spin attack that homes in on an enemy from a distance. There’s also a variant that just boosts Sonic through the air in a general direction called the jump dash and one that moves towards an opponent without attacking called the homing dash.

-Homing Dash in the Black Knight

-Sonic custom Homing Attack variants in Smash Bros 4

Focused Homing Attack

A powered up version of the Homing Attack. In game a reticule goes through 3 different phases to represent 3 levels of power. It also allows Sonic to lock onto multiple targets (up to 6) at once.

A short range rolling attack that can be used to attack enemies and get under tight spaces.

Fire Somersault
A somersault attack embroidered with a fiery aura. Allowed Sonic to destroy steel crates in Sonic Adventure 2.

-One of Sonic’s custom moves in Smash Bros 4 is inspired by this attack

Skid Attack
A somersaulting skid attack used by Sonic in the Advance games. Sonic has a powered up version he can use at top speed called the Super Skid and a stronger version of the attack he can use when paired with Knuckles in Advanced 3 called the Fire Slide.

-Sonic using the Fire Slide in Advanced 3:

Insta Shield
An air shield Sonic can create by rapidly spinning to block attacks for a second or so. It’s explained to be caused by him rapidly vibrating the molecules in the air around him in Sonic the Comic.

Movement Abilities
Double Jump
A double jumping maneuver.

-Being used in Sonic Blast:

Wall Jump
Self-explanatory. A wall jumping maneuver you would normally see in many platforming games.

Triangle Jump
Basically a wall jump, but horizontally instead of vertically.

Bound Jump
A downward spinning attack that makes Sonic bounce into the air. Can be used repeatedly to reach higher places.

-Sonic using it in SA2:

Charge Jump

A crouching charge jump that’s higher than a normal jump.

-In Sonic and the Secret Rings:

Trick Action
Basically those flashy show off moves Sonic uses in some games during a jump. In games like the Advance series they can be used to change mid-air momentum. For example moving horizontally with the spinning move called Humming Top.

-Sonic using Trick Actions in SG

Various wall run based moves. They allow Sonic to run up walls, shuffle to the side when on a wall, among other things.

-An example from the fan community

Pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s a drifting maneuver Sonic can use while running in order to make it around a tight corner. Sonic either stays standing or rolls into his Spin Dash Attack when using it.

-Sonic using it in SU:

A running slide maneuver used to get under obstacles without losing momentum.

Quick Step
A side stepping maneuver Sonic can use to avoid attacks and move around obstacles.

A skydiving maneuver Sonic can use to control his speed when falling through the air.

-Being used in SU:  

Grinding/Grind Step
The ability to grind on rail like objects and a rail switching maneuver respectively.

-Sonic grinding and using a grind step in SG

A downward stomping attack.

Light Speed Dash

An ability that allows Sonic to travel along a trail of rings at light speed.

Speed Techniques
Super Peel Out
Sort of like a standing version of a Spin Dash. Sonic runs in place to build up speed before zipping off.

-A hacked version in Sonic 1:

Sonic Boost
A new staple move for the Sonic franchise that allows Sonic to envelop himself in some sort of aura and propel himself at higher speeds than normal. While moving he acts as a sort of battering ram to enemies in front of him. The move can also be used in the air.

-Sonic using it in Sonic Rush:

-Sonic has what can be described as an upwards moving boost called fever in Sonic Jump Fever

Boost Mode
A state of enhanced speed in the Advance series. It leaves afterimages behind the character, but has 
no explosive aura. The Sonic Boom franchise has an ability similar to this called Sprint.

-Being used in Advance 2:

-Sprinting in Sonic Boom

Melee Attacks
Axe Kick
A spin dash attack combined with a powerful axe kick. Only used in Sonic Chronicles.

-Sonic using it in Chronicles:

Flying Kick
A flying kick attack that knock the opponent backwards. Can be used to topple enemies or knock them into each other.

-Sonic using it in SLW:

Foot Sweep
A sweeping leg attack.

Kick Boost
A charged kicked used to move large objects.

-Sonic using it in SC:

Somersault Kick
A midair somersault maneuver followed with a kick, which creates a projectile energy wave that can damage or stun opponents.

-Being used in SLW3DS:

A blocking ability that creates a shield to stop attacks.

-Being used in Sonic the Fighters:

Advanced Attack Techniques
Light Speed Attack
A variation of the Light Speed Dash, that  is combined with the Spin Attack to rapidly hit all nearby enemies. It normally has to be charged for a few seconds before use.

Blue Tornado

A tornado Sonic can create by rapidly spinning around an enemy. It can be used to disorient opponents, disarm them or provide momentum for scaling poles or lifting sky gliders.

Magic Hand
An ability that can destroy, shrink, and entrap enemies in small spheres that Sonic can throw as a projectile. Must be initiated by a short range.

-Sonic using it in SA2:

Sonic Cracker
A landmine Sonic can throw into the ground to act as a trap for opponents.

-Using one in Sonic Battle:

Sonic Drive
A move where Sonic will throw a ring into the air and home onto it with a spin dash, damaging any opponents in his way.

-Sonic using it in Sonic Battle:

Sonic Storm
Sonic jumps in the air or stays on the ground and performs a spin dash that releases a shock wave that damages enemies.

-Sonic using it in Sonic Battle:

Sonic Wind
A special move where Sonic will summon a whirlwind to an opponent’s position to ensnare and damage them.

-Sonic using it in SA2:

Sonic Heal
An ability Sonic uses to heal himself by vibrating his molecules at supersonic speeds.

-Using it in Sonic Battle

Fire and Ice Mode
An ability granted in Sonic Boom Fire and Ice after absorbing fire and ice energy from an opened underground fissure. It allows Sonic to surround himself in either a fiery or icy aura that instantly melts/inflames or freezes the objects he comes into contact with.

-Sonic using fire powers

Chaos Control
The ability to bend time and space or empower oneself with the aid of a chaos emerald. The more Chaos Emeralds a character has the more enhanced the ability to use chaos control will be. Sonic first learned how to perform the ability after watching Shadow do it in Sonic Adventure 2.

The main use of Chaos Control is to teleport either the user and or an object through space. The applications of this ability are pretty much limitless when the user has all Seven Chaos Emeralds, with Sonic and co regularly crossing dimensions with it and with Sonic himself once sending the Chaos Emeralds across a galaxy with it in Sonic X.

-Sonic first using Chaos Control to escape a trap in SA2:

-Sonic will also use Chaos Control to get back on stage if you fight him as Shadow in SA2 during the final boss.

-Sonic having teleported in X ep 37

-Sonic having teleported Angel Island to Earth in X ep 26

-Teleporting the Ark with Shadow in X ep 38

-Sending the Chaos Emeralds across the galaxy in X ep 53

Time Stop
The ability to stop time through Chaos Control. Sonic has not used this ability in story, but it was implied he knew how to invoke this power at the end of Sonic X(where he was about to time stop an explosion, but had shadow beat him to it). He does have a “time stop” ability in SA2s multiplayer for the matter. It stops time for about 10 seconds.

-Sonic stopping time in SA2:

Time Travel
Chaos Control can also be used as a means of time travel. However traveling through time NORMALLY requires the use of multiple Emeralds from more than one user using Chaos Control at an intersecting point. Sonic used this ability mainly with the help of characters Silver or Shadow in Sonic 06.

-Using it in Sonic 06 to go back in time to save Princess Elise

Reality Warping
The Chaos Emeralds under specific circumstances can warp the fabric of reality, allowing for a person or machine to re-write entire histories and memories. This has really only been elaborated on in Archie, where Eggman could use the Emeralds power to create a chaos energy based “Genesis Wave” or “Super Genesis Wave”. The former which used one Chaos Emerald and could temporarily alter the reality of a universe. The later which used all 7 and could permanently alter the fabric of a multiverse with no limits.

-Eggman explaining it in Archie 251

In Archie this power has typically been technologically based, and there’s been very little evidence that Sonic himself can perfectly re-create the facets of an ENTIRE genesis wave on his own (nor has he ever actually applied such an ability to combat). That being said he has used Chaos Control once to undo the effects of a Genesis Wave and travel back in time a few seconds to save a friend in is 229

He also did this another time in the worlds collide crossover arch to undo a Super Genesis Wave (albeit Eggman interrupted him part way through, which caused the genesis wave to fail and for the multiverse to collapse)

In the two above cases it is arguable Sonic used Chaos Control to more or less hijack the effects of the Genesis Wave for his own purpose.  That being said it was implied Sonic can use Chaos Control on his own to affect reality in the Worlds Unite crossover, as he and Mega Man attempted to use it to fix damage Sigma had done to reality due to over use of “Genesis Portals”. Albeit it very clearly doesn’t have “no limits” given their attempt actually failed

INTERESTINGLY (the rabbit hole goes even deeper folks) having the power of all the Chaos Emeralds does give characters reality warping abilities in Sonic the Comic. Albeit the version of Super Sonic in that comic never displayed those abilities.

-Eggman after having absorbed the power of the chaos emeralds, reshaped reality so that he ruled and Sonic was never born and

-Perfect Chaos also had reality warping powers after getting all the chaos emeralds in issue 183

-On another note the Chaos Emeralds were capable of reviving Sonic from the dead at the end of 06.

Custom Actions
Various exclusive moves you can use as Sonic in Sonic 06. The original intention may have been for their use to be limited by some sort of gauge, but due to the shoddy and incomplete programming of Sonic 06 you can use them all without limit.

Thunder Guard
A move that can manually produce a thunder shield, which attracts rings and protects the user from attacks. If the shield gets destroyed, Sonic can conjure another.

-Sonic using it in S06:

Homing Smash
A move that allows Sonic to stop in midair during a homing jump, before resuming. Useful for preventing collisions.

-Sonic using it in S06:

Gun Drive
Sonic throws a gem, which he can then chase after through the air, allowing him to reach new places.

-Sonic using it in S06:

An ability that slows down time around Sonic. Useful for outmaneuvering opponents.

-Sonic using it in S06:   

An ability that Shrinks Sonic to a small size making him a harder target to hit. Also lets him jump indefinitely. It would also probably be useful for hiding and fitting in tight spaces as well.

-Sonic using it in S06:

Equipable upgrades found in games like the Secrete Rings, The Black Knight and Generations. For the most part they just increase or alter certain stats/parameters of Sonic’s abilities. A few also let him equip certain power-ups as freely usable abilities, particularly the Shield, Bubble Shield, Fire Shield, Lighting Shield, Speed Sneakers, Ring Time, and a skateboard/snowboard. 

-You can see a list of skills here

Speed Transferring
Sonic can apparently transfer his speed to objects to an extent. For example in Sonic Generations he can transfer his speed into mine cart, to cause them to move faster.

-Using it on a cart in SG:

Quill Sensing
It was very briefly noted in Sonic and the Secrete Rings that Sonic’s quills tingle a bit before impending danger.

-Him noticing an attack with his quills right before it happens in Secret Rings

Mind Control Resistance
Sonic has on occasion displayed some varying levels of resistance against both passive and direct mind control.

-Resisting the control of a mind control machine in Sonic the Comic is 17

-He also tapped into the power of the Master Emerald in Archie 184, despite it having a mind control hex on it

-It was stated to have a will strong enough to resist the corruptive influences of Dark Gaia energy in Sonic Unleashed

-He also resisted control from the Overmind in Sonic Chronicles, albeit he had some light protection at the time.

-Sonic can be mind controlled to moderate success by Ifrit in Sonic rivals 2 however, so he’s not completely immune to mind control.

Vibrational Phasing
Sonic can in some situations vibrate his molecules to phase through objects.

-Vibrating through a dome in Archie is 119

-Vibrating to get out of bindings in the Archie Sonic Blast comic

-Vibrating himself to get out of bindings in STC is 19

Tornado/Twister Creation
Outside of specialized techniques, Sonic has also used his speed to make tornados as an attack in several other forms of media. For example

-Created a tornado and threw people with it in Adventures ep 4

-Making a tornado in Adventures ep 7

-Making a tornado with the aid of a ring in Satam season 2 ep 12

-Making a tornado in Archie is 62  

-Making a water vortex in STC is 118  

Sonic can use his spin dash and speed to tunnel through the ground in several canons. This gives him a fair bit a maneuverability, and allows him to avoid attacks or outmaneuver opponents.

-Tunneling through a wall in SatAM ep 6

-Tunneling dozens of feet underground to reach a pump in SatAM ep 10

 -Tunneling through some rocks in Adventures ep 2

-Drilling sections of the planet Mobius in Adventures ep 42

-Drilling into the earth to find a Chaos Emerald in X ep 28

-Tunneling in Archie is 51

-Digging a huge hole in X comic is 7


wait what!

Sonic is incapable of swimming………..except when he can in some continuities.

-Sonic swimming in ep 11 of Satam

-Sonic having swam a least a bit in X ep 9 to save Amy

-Sonic clearly panicking when underwater and managing to swim out in X ep 16

-Swimming in STC is 2

-Amy explicitly saying Sonic had been getting tutored in swimming in X comic is 11

-For that matter the scan we're using as the header for this section also outright says Sonic can swim in the X comic.

-Early Archie Sonic could also swim.

-Sonic swimming in Adventures ep 26

-Swimming in Adventures ep 35

-Sonic in STC is 127 mentioned he eventually learned how to swim

-Sonic says he can’t swim in Sonic underground, but in Ep 9 he splash around a little to move a few feat

-On another note even in the main games not being able to swim has been AVERTED to an extent as of sonic colors. In Sonic Colors Sonic can use his spin jump indefinitely underwater, allowing him to move around freely in it and get out if he needs to. It’s not traditional swimming by any stretch, but it gets the job done.

-Sonic does have a fear of water in some canons like modern Archie and underground And Sonic X

The only well-known continuities where Sonic seemingly cannot swim at least a little is, post-gen Archie and the OVA.
Misc Abilities
Sonic could use his quills as a parachute in Adventures ep 46

Could spin fast enough to become invisible in Archie

Eggman theorized sonic had absorbed so much chaos energy that he became an “embodiment of chaos” impossible to plan against normally in Archie

Pretty much has his own version of the after image technique in the special version of Archie is 50

Sonic has had some 4th wall awareness in some media like Archie and some light toon force in some media as well

Sonic in the adventures cartoon was also prone to wearing outfits and disguises, then playing a fa├žade to trick opponents. Somewhat similar to bugs bunny



Mushroom power-ups
Super mushroom/super Mario
The most basic power-up in the Mario series. Typically in game whenever Mario gets hit he reverts to a small form and gaining a super mushroom returns him to a normal “super” Mario form. This facet of gameplay tends to get ignored on a game by game basis however (Mario doesn’t always shrink when damaged in some games), so the power up tends to have little use in that context in most actual fights. Though that being said in some rare occurrences eating or using the mushroom will increase Mario to gigantic sizes normally associated with the “mega mushroom” power up, such as Mario 64 and the Peach Hime anime. The super Mario world anime and the KC manga also portrayed a super mushroom as just giving Mario a general boost in strength and vitality when eaten.

-The super mushrooms in 64 DS

-Mario using its power to become as large as a skyscraper in the Peach Hime anime movie

-Gives a general power boost in Super Mario world anime

-Mario gaining a state of enhanced strength after eating a mushroom in KC vol 9 and

Mini mushroom/mini Mario
A mushroom that turns Mario into a miniaturized version of himself called mini Mario. Mario is much weaker in this form and cannot harm most enemies without performing a ground pound. Because of this the form is much more suited to exploration than combat, as it allows Mario to fit into tight spaces, walk on water, run along the surfaces of walls and perform a “floaty jump’ of sorts.

Mega mushroom/Mega Mario
An extremely large mushroom that transforms Mario into a giant version of himself called Mega Mario. The form can destroy most obstacles and enemies just by walking into them, and can produce a powerful shockwave by performing a ground pound attack. The form is also invincible to most contemporary damage, though on a downside it must be initiated in a space large enough to accommodate Mario’s bodily growth (or else the transformation will fail). The form functions on a timer and Mario will return to normal after a few seconds have passed.

-Strikers Charged also had a similar ability:!

Rock mushroom/rock mushroom

A rock like mushroom power up that lets Mario take on a form called rock Mario. In this form Mario can encase himself within a large stone boulder and roll in different directions with a large amount of momentum as an attack. He can also jump while rolling as a boulder, giving him some maneuverability over low ground objects or long horizontal gaps. The form can also be used as a battering ram to knock down or destroy large obstacles. If Mario crashes into something particularly hard he will exit the boulder form. If he takes heavy damage in the form he will lose the power-up.

Life shroom

A mushroom similar to the super mushroom, but has a decidedly different effect. Eating it doubles Mario’s health. Mario can maintain this enhanced health and heal to fill the extra cap, until he takes damage that depletes the entire extra health bar granted by the shroom. After that his health limit will return to normal.

-Being used in SMG:  

Flower power-ups
Fire flower/Fire Mario
A classic Mario power up that gives Mario the form of fire Mario. The form allows Mario to throw fire balls and typically works even underwater. The pyrokentic powers granted by this form are generally portrayed as greater than Mario’s natural ones. In some media he can also create beams of fire from his hands or use the flower itself to create a fire beam/balls.

-Being used Underwater

-Gaining and using a fire flower in KC vol 6

-Creating fire laser beam in kc vol 20

-Using the fire flower itself to make a beam of fire in the short story the secrete bridge

-Mario using the power of the fire flower item in the Peach Hime Anime movie

-The paper Mario version of the fire flower creates a ground laden flower that spurts out balls of fire like a flamethrower

Ice flower(galaxy ver)

One of two version of the “ice flower” power up that transforms Mario into basically a living body of ice, which can instantly freeze water and lava while walking over it (allowing him to create bridges to traverse areas), freeze larger bodies of water like waterfalls, and prevent damage from any fire based attacks. Mario also has a tendency to “skate around in this form”. This version of ice Mario also has a strict time limit.

Flower/superball Mario
A form Mario gains by absorbing a special flower in Super Mario Land. It throws bouncing ball like objects called superballs. These objects ricochet off walls and can be used to attack enemies or collect objects like coins from a distance. Mario losses the form if he takes heavy damage.

Gold flower
A golden flower like power-up that transforms Mario into a form called gold Mario. The form allows Mario to throw glowing gold fireballs that deal massive damage to enemies and grant Mario large sums of coins upon their defeat (along with giving him coins after destroying stone blocks). It can defeat most enemies in one hit, though some larger foes like boothemoth and some stronger bosses take multiple hits to be taken down. The form has a time limit(one stage) and Mario turns into fire Mario when it runs out.

-Being used in NSMB2:

-Against Bowser

-It's also arguable transmutation, though this is for debate

Boomerang flower/boomerang Mario
A boomerang like flower power-up that allows Mario to take on a form called boomerang Mario. The form allows Mario to throw a boomerang that can pick up far away objects and hurt opponents. Mario has an infinite amount of boomerangs to throw, though it will take him a second or so to make a new one if one gets destroyed. The form is lost if Mario takes heavy damage.

-Being used in SM3DL:

Cloud flower

A cloud like power-up that makes Mario take on a form called cloud Mario. The form enhances jump height and allows Mario to create cloud platforms that  he can used to cross horizontal or vertical distances. He can only make 3 cloud platforms at a time, and needs to absorb another cloud flower to gain more. Cloud Mario can also walk on more natural cloud like objects. If Mario comes into contact with water or takes heavy damage in the form, it will be lost.

Vanish cap
A translucent cap that allows Mario to take on a form called vanish Mario. In this form Mario becomes invisible to normal enemies and has select intangibility to some walls, ice and grate like surfaces. The form runs on a time limit, and gets lost once said time limit expires.

-Mario getting the vanish cap and using it to phase through some grating in KC vol 37

Metal cap/metal Mario
A metal hat like power-up that lets Mario take on a form called metal Mario. This form encases/transforms Mario into a living metal mannequin, which is invulnerable to most physical damage and has enhanced physical strength. The form also does not need to breath allowing Mario to stay underwater indefinitely or be immune to gas based toxins. The form is also incredibly heavy causing Mario to sink in water and quicksand.

-Mario gaining the metal cap and using it to tank an attack from Bowser in KC vol 36  and  

Tanooki suite/Tanooki Mario
A suite that transforms Mario into a form called Tanooki Mario. Mario can use the tail to perform a tail whip attack and to slow down high descents. He can also fly for short periods of time in game from a running start and indefinitely in certain game cutscenes. It can also transform into a near indestructible statue like form called statue Mario. If Mario transforms into this statue while in the air, he can stomp downwards towards enemies with surprising force, sometimes even defeating enemies he can’t damage with normal jumps. Mario cannot maintain the statue Mario form indefinitely, and will typically turn back into tanookie Mario after a few seconds (5 secs in SMB3 and 12 secs in SM3DL). Mario losses the transformation after taking a heavy hit.

-The method for attaining this power-up and the forms associated with it varies across the series. In SMB3 you had to find an actual “tannoki suite” in game, which had all associated abilities we'v described. In Mario 3D land the Tanooki form was obtained with a “super leaf” power-up however said power-up did not give Mario the statue transformation abilities. 3D land also had a second power up called the statue leaf, which allowed Mario to take on the form but also allowed the normal statue transformation abilities.

-The Statue leaf in 3DLand

-This form was in fact shown to be able to fly freely in the 3D Land ending

Frog suite/ frog Mario
A frog suite power-up that lets Mario transform into a form called frog Mario. In this form Mario has enhanced underwater mobility and enhanced jumping abilities. The form has limited mobility on land, as Mario can generally only hop on while using it (though carrying an object in game does allow him to run in SMB3). The form is lost after taking a heavy hit.

-In Adv3 ep 2                                                                             

Hammer suite/hammer Mario

The hammer-suit power-up lets Mario transform into a form called Hammer Mario.  The form allows Mario to throw an infinite amount of small hammers as a projectile attack, which are powerful enough to damage enemies Mario normally cannot. It also gives him an armored helmet and shell he can duck into to protect himself from attacks (mainly fire based ones). The form gets lost if he gets caught off guard by a powerful hit.

Blue shell/ shell Mario
A blue shell like power-up that transforms Mario into a form called shell Mario. The form gives him a large blue shell on this back that he can duck into to protect himself from most minor attacks. He can also run and duck into the shell to perform a battering ram “shell dash” maneuver capable of damaging opponents. The form gets lost if Mario takes a heavy hit.

Lucky bell
An enhanced version of the “super bell” that lets Mario take on a cat based form called lucky cat Mario. In this form Mario wears a large cat suite and can climb up/cling to walls. He can also perform a claw slashing attack, and do a downward mid-air pouncing attack. The form can also temporally transform into an invincible statue form for a few seconds for protection. The statue form also produces coins as it falls through the air and can be used to stomp enemies. Lost after a big hit.

-Being used by peach in SM3DW:

Penguin suite/penguin Mario
A suite that transforms Mario into a form called penguin Mario.  In this form Mario can throw bouncing globs of ice energy that flash freeze objects or opponents they come in contact with. Larger or stronger enemies may be immune to freezing or can break out of the confines of ice given a few seconds. Frozen enemies can also easily be shattered by physical attacks. It can also belly slide on ice, walk on ice without slipping and swim with greater dexterity. The form gets lost if Mario takes a heavy hit.

Invincibility leaf/white Tanooki Mario and white raccoon Mario
A special power-up leaf that lets Mario take on a white version of the toonoki Mario or raccoon Mario transformations. This power-up can only be found by losing many times in a row in certain games, and makes the user completely invincible until a stage is completed (though in game bottomless pits, being crushed, ect can still kill the player). The form has all the same abilities as the Tanooki/raccoon forms, as well as enhanced running speed and the ability to walk on water.

-while some would say the white Tanooki Mario transformation is permanent, I would note that given it does dissipate when a stage is over, it technically isn’t. A more realistic approach would be to take the average stage time limit of the games it appears in as it’s limitation of being used, which is normally around 200-500 in game seconds  at most (though occasionally the timer has gotten as high as 700, and should probably cap at 999). An an in game second is about .7 of a real second in most games, which means the time limit ranges to around 5.8 minutes or at max probably 11.655 minutes.

-Additionally the invincibility leaf is a “pity power up” obtained under very specific conditions, so whether it should be used in normal combat is up for debate.

-Being used in SM3DL:

-Being used in NSMB2:

Spiny helmet
A spiny buzzy beetle helmet Mario can were on his head. It helps block strikes and attacks that come from overhead.  Can also be used for head-butting from below. It gets knocked off if Mario takes damage.

Cannon box
A cannonball shooting device Mario can wear on his head like a helmet. Obviously it shoots explosive cannonballs, which Mario can use as a projectile attack against enemies or to break down strong barriers. The shots can be charged for additional range and power, though a single box has a limited amount of shots it can make before it deactivates permanently.

-Being used in SM3DW:

Kuribo’s shoe
A giant green shoe Mario can jump in and jump around on. It can make it easier to cross over dangerous ground laden terrain. In Super Mario maker Mario can gain a larger variant of the shoe with different cosmetic looks that can also do ground pounds. These shoes can also have wings attached to them that allow Mario to extend airtime while in the boot.

Pow block
A large block with the words pow on it, that cause either an earthquake or an explosion that can damage nearby enemies.

-Mario using a pow block in Mario bros arcade

-The power block in the cartoon causing an explosion in SS Ep 20 :

-Causes a tremor that damages all ground laden opponents in PM:
Spin drill
A giant drill Mario can pick up and stand on that allows him to drill through large quantities of earth. In game Mario drills straight down with the item, emerging on the opposite side of the small spherical planetoids found in the Mario Galaxy series.  If something blocks Mario’s pathway, he will be unable to continue and will turn around. The spin drill is more suited to exploration than combat, though enemies that come into contact with the drill itself while Mario is digging will be damaged. If Mario gets hit while carrying it, he’ll drop it.

-Being used in SMG2:

Misc power ups
Cape feather/Cape Mario
A feather like power-up that makes Mario take on a form called cape Mario. It gives him a cape that he can use to slow down from high descents, or to preform a  cape swiping attacking capable of damaging enemies. If Mario gets a running start he can also jump into the air and use the cape to fly, albeit with somewhat limited maneuverability in the video game(it’s difficult to change direction, and he can’t move up or down independently of horizontal movement). He can fly more freely in the cartoon and manga.

-Being used in SMWC ep 3

-Being used in Kun 6

-Gaining and using the cape to fly in KC vol 6

-Blocking fire with the cape from bowser in KC vol 9

Double cherry
A cherry like power-up that creates a clone of the character that uses it. Mario can use up to 4 cherries, to create 5 copies of himself on the battle field at any given time. Every copy has the exact same physical abilities of the original user and retains any other power-ups they had upon being cloned. If a clone takes a significant hit it will dissipate.

-Being used in SM3DW:

-In game the characters cloned via double cherry cannot be controlled separately. However this is most likely a game mechanic, as Bowser was fairly capable of moving his clones independently when he used the power-up as a boss in 3D world.

Starman/Invincible Mario
The classic and most famous invincibility power-up in Mario. The starman grants Mario invincibility and greatly enhances his physical speed, strength and stamina. Additionally most enemies Mario touches while the power-up is in effect are instantly killed on contact. The power up functions based upon a time limit, and Mario turns back to normal when it wears off.

-Being used in NSMB:

-In Peach Hime Anime movie

-Being used in kun ch 4

-Mario gaining the starman to defeat some enemies in Kc vol 7 and

-Using starman powers to effortlessly block some bullet bills in KC vol 11

Mario kun power-ups
SFC Mario
A form invoked by a pair of nes like controller nun-chucks that can be used as a melee weapon and essentially allow Mario to “freeze time”. Unfortunately this effect also extends to himself. All people caught in the effect of the form remain conscious. Because of those shortcoming it’s only really useful for stalling.

-Being used to deflect some seed based bullets Kun ch 2  

-Mario using the forms time stop ability Kun ch 2


Flame shield
A fire variation of an energy shield. It protects against fire or heat based attacks. When using it Sonic can even run on lava with no damage. Sonic can also perform a forward dashing fire spin attack when it is active. Breaks after blocking a powerful attack. It also dissipates if it comes into contact with water. It’s generally found by breaking a monitor in stage, but can also be equipped as a skill in Sonic Generations by classic Sonic.

Water shield
A water based variation of the shield. Protects against one deadly attack. It also allows the user to breathe underwater and can allow the user to preform a bouncing jump. It can deflect minor projectiles. It’s generally found by breaking a monitor in stage, but can also be equipped as a skill in Sonic Generations by classic Sonic.

Lightning shield
A lightning variant of the shield. Blocks one deadly attack. It attracts rings to Sonic’s position and has immunity to electricity based attacks. It can also deflect minor projectiles. Sonic can also performed another extra jump on top of his normal ones when it is equipped. In some but not all games it disappears if it comes into contact with water. It’s generally found by breaking a monitor in stage, but can also be equipped as a skill in Sonic Generations by classic Sonic.

Feet based power-ups
Hi speed shoes
A power up that temporarily increases running and jumping speed for around 15-20 seconds. Normally acquired from a monitor but can be equipped as a skill by classic Sonic in Generations.

-A cheated example in Sonic 2:

Rocket shoes
A power up that gives Sonic rocket shoes that let him fly through the air for a few seconds. Used in Sonic Chaos and Triple Trouble.

-Being used in Sonic Chaos:

Propeller shoes
A power up that gives Sonic’s shoes underwater rocket jets that let him move freely underwater for a few seconds. Only seen in Triple Trouble.

-Sonic using them in Triple Trouble:

Sonic will occasionally ride a snowboard in some games as a way of traversing snowy areas or to move downhill in slanted locations. He will also sometimes use a piece of scrap metal or a skateboard, rather than a traditional snowboard. He can find objects like this in the environment itself, but he can also get one from a monitor as a power up, or equip the ability to conjure one as a skill in Sonic generations.

-Using one in Sonic Triple Trouble:

Pogo spring
A power up that gives Sonic a bouncy spring pad under his feet that can propel him upwards while moving. Seen in Sonic Chaos and Triple Trouble.

-Being used in Sonic Chaos:

-Sonic can also produce springs to jump on as an ability in Smash Bros.

-Spring custom moves in smash

A power-up that surrounds Sonic in a bunch of sparkling lights and grants Sonic temporary invincibility. Normally lasts around 15-20 seconds.

Ring time
A power-up that turns nearby enemies into rings temporarily. Can be found as a power up in the environment in Sonic fever or equipped as a skill in Sonic generations.

A power up that stuns nearby opponents in Sonic Fever.

-Being used in Sonic fever

A power up that pulls objects and small creatures to Sonic’s position in Sonic Fever.

-Being used in Sonic Fever:

A power up that creates explosions that destroys enemies in Sonic Fever and Sonic adventure. Can also create a normal bomb to be used as a weapon in the Sonic riders series.

-Being used in Sonic fever

Self-propelled bomb
A bomb power up that files through the air to hit other opponents in the competition mode of S3K.


A power up that produces a banana peel that other characters can slip on in the competition mode of S3K.

A power up that gives Sonic a copy of a power up in the opponent’s current use. Only used in the competition mode of S3K.
Time stop
A power-up found only in special stages in Sonic Chaos. It stomps time temporarily.

-Being used in Sonic Chaos



A baby of the “luma” star species given to Mario in the game Super Mario galaxy and galaxy 2 as a form of aid. He resides under Mario’s hat and gives Mario various passive abilities he doesn’t normally have under normal circumstances.

A magic spin maneuver Mario uses with his arms outstretched to damage or stun enemies. It can also slightly extend his airtime if used during a jump. After being used Mario needs to wait a few seconds for the Luma to recharge energy to do it again.

-The ability can also occasionally be used to attract small objects to Mario’s location.

-This ability is also connected Mario’s ability to activate and use launch stars and sling stars, which are means of traveling across vast distances of space or boosting him to new areas. Pull stars also serve a similar function but don’t need a spin to activate.

Star bits
Shiny star shaped items that fall from space and are found in environments in Mario Galaxy. Mario can collect these and then fling them at opponents to stun them.

-In game the collection of star bits and their use is performed through the Wii remote cursor and happens independent of Mario’s movement. How Mario uses them to fight outside the context of this game mechanic is unclear.

-Shooting star bits into a Lumas mouth in SMG

A species of magical pixie like creatures created by an ancient race of magicians. They each have individual special abilities that they can use to help Mario,  ranging from grabbing things, acting as bombs or creating platforms for him to land on. You can see a list of relevant pixls below


A pixl that Mario can use to grab far away objects and throw them.

A pixl that has the ability to turn into an explosive bomb that Mario can use to attack opponents. If it gets hit by a source of fire while being used, it will explode immediately.

A pixel that can transform into a floating flying stationary pad. Mario can ride on it to get over dangerous ground laden traps. It also travels slightly faster than his running speed.

A pixl that can flip flat surfaces next to Mario. It allows Mario to find hidden objects and can also be used on opponents to flip and disorient them.

A pixl that can shrink Mario to minuscule sizes and enlarge him back to normal on command. Similar to the effects of a mini mushroom and great for stealth.

A pixl that can create a spiky barrier around Mario for a few seconds that can damage opponents and deflect minor projectile attacks.

A pixel that can give Mario a short burst of speed.

A pixl that plays status ailment healing songs. It can also make certain blocks disappear and lull monsters like the under chomp to sleep.

A robotic replacement for the pixl Tippy. Like the real version it can see/show invisible objects and can aid in analyzing opponents.


A species of small winged creatures often featured in life sim minigames in Sonic. In Sonic Chronicles you can raise/equip them to characters, and the chao will grant the characters various boosts in stats or special abilities(such as health/stamina regeneration, the ability to do elemental damage, shielding, insta killing, reviving after a deadly hit, ect)

Color power/wisps
Color power is a series of states and abilities Sonic can take on by absorbing the “hyper-go-on” energy from a species of alien lifeforms called wisps. Said wisps temporarily (and voluntarily) merge with Sonic giving him this power. In game they tend to be found trapped in capsules, though canonically the wisps can come to Sonic himself to give him help if they so choose. Color powers function more along the lines of power-ups and have incredibly short time span for use once activated, so how much it veers on the side of outside help is up for debate. There are also many different colors of wisp correlating to the different powers they provide. White wisps are considered the standard, and just fill Sonic’s boost meter in Sonic Colors. Most of the rest of the color powers are listed below.

Black Bomb
The black bomb is gained when Sonic absorbs a black wisp.It transforms Sonic into a large bomb that increases in size as he rolls over enemies. When the timer is about to run out, the bomb will cause an explosion proportionate to the bombs size.

Blue cube
A ability Sonic gains after absorbing a blue wisp, which allows him to turn into a large blue cube. The cube can smash into the ground to destroy objects and also sends out a shockwave that can damage opponents from a distance. It will also transform “blue rings” into cube like objects and vice versa, which can be useful for platforming.

Crimson eagle
A form ability gained from absorbing a crimson wsip, which allows Sonic to turn into a red eagle like creature that can fly.

Cyan laser
An ability gained by absorbing a cyan wisp. Turns Sonic into a living laser that can bounce off opponents to damage them, off walls to reach new areas or travel through special crystals to get to new places. It gets used up right after being activated.

-Using it in SC opening:

-Using it in SLW to travel through some crystals:

Gray quake
An ability gained by absorbing a gray wisp. Transforms Sonic into a heavy stone block that can make shockwaves to destroy opponents. It can also scale up walls.

-Being used in SLW3DS:

Indigo asteroid
A form where Sonic uses an indigo wisp to become a miniature planet like object that uses intense gravity to tear objects and opponents apart. The more objects pulled in the stronger the gravity effect becomes. Can also hover in midair.

Ivory lightning

A from where Sonic uses an Ivory wisp to transform into a living bolt of lightning. The form can latch onto objects and electrocute opponents. Can also control and channel sources of electricity.

-Being used in SLW3DS:

Orange rocket
An ability Sonic get after absorbing an orange wisp, which allows him to become a rocket like object that can explosively propel upwards. The force of the upwards movement can harm enemies.

Pink spikes
An ability Sonic gets after absorbing a  pink wisp, which allows him to become a large spiked ball. Said ball can latch onto  walls, and move along them at high speeds with a spin dash like maneuver.

Purple frenzy
An ability Sonic gets after absorbing a purple wisp, which allows him to become a become a large floating pacman-ish head. Said form has sharp teeth it can use to devour objects in front of it, growing with size as it does so. At maximum size the form can also suck objects to its position through a sort of vacuum breath.

-The purple wisp is a corrupted form of wisp that was created when Eggman experimented on them in Sonic Colors. All purple wisps transformed back to normal at the end of said game, meaning technically there aren’t any left in the sonic series(most likely).

Red burst
An ability gain by absorbing a  Red wisp. It turns Sonic into a ball of fire that can burn opponents and perform additional jumps in the air.

-Sonic using it in SCDS:

-Sonic using it in SLW3DS:

Violet void
An ability where Sonic absorbs a Violet wisp and turns  into a floating void like object. The form can hover, can absorb nearby objects and enemies, and travel through grate/fan like objects like a gas.

Yellow drill
An ability Sonic gains after absorbing a Yellow wisp. It turns Sonic into a drill like object, which can drill though the ground,through obstacles and through water.

-Being used in SLW3DS:  

Final color blaster

A combination color power that merges multiple wisp powers into a single amped homing attack. The wisps in question are the yellow, cyan, pink, orange, blue, green and purple wisps for Sonic Colors on Wii. The red, orange, cyan and violet wisp for Sonic Colors on the DS.



A slight variation of Mario that takes on the form of a doctor. TRUTHFULLY speaking the differences between Mario and Dr. Mario are mainly a cosmetic one, with it mostly just being Mario wearing doctors attire that he can take off at any time. Though he does occasionally use weapons outside his standard while in it, particularly “megavitamins”. In Smash Bros where both forms are separate characters Dr. Mario is also slower than regular Mario, albeit with higher attack damage to compensate.

Specialized vitamin capsules with magical properties. They come in several different color combinations and can be used to defeat the supernatural virus enemies found in the Dr. Mario games. In Smash Bros they are also used as a projectile attack, which involves Mario throwing one in front of him and having it bounce along the ground towards opponents. Smash also has two variants of megavitamins, fast capsules and mega capsules. Fast capsules are smaller vitamins that travel straight forward at a fast rate. Mega capsules are large vitamins that travel slower but hit multiple times.

Being used Smash Bros 4:

Contrary to jokes about Mario’s ability as a Doctor, Mario did in fact invent these things and they do in fact work. Mario has on many occasions used them to cure the flue, colds, stomach achs, physical wounds and all sorts of other afflictions.

Curing the flue and a headache in Dr.M64:

Can cure the common cold DR.M64:

Using them to heal Yoshi’s physical injuries in Kun 1

Using a bazooka like weapon that can shoot megavitamins in KC vol 5

Using megavitamins as a weapon to kill some piranha plants in KC vol 5   and

Dr. Mario using a megavitamin to give donkey kong a burst of strength in KC vol 30
Miracle cure
A bomb like megavitamin that can blow up to clear away large groups of viruses. There a few variations that effect what radius, column, or color of viruses are defeated by it in game.

Being used in Dr.Mairo miracle cure

Super sheet

Dr. Mario’s side special in Smash. It’s basically the same thing as the cape move normal Mario uses to deflect projectiles and turn opponents around. Even the alternate variants are the same as Mario. The only real difference is using it doesn’t stall him in the air.

Super jump punch
Dr. Mario also has his own version of the super jump punch and its variants. For the most part they are exactly like Mario’s, albeit slower and generally without traveling as high.

Dr tornado
Basically the Dr. Mario version of the Mario tornado move in Smash Bros. Dr. Mario also has two variations called soaring tornado and clothesline tornado.  Soaring tornado sends Dr. Mario higher into the air, but has less attack power than the standard version. Clothesline tornado has less movement, but hits harder.

Being used in smash 4:

Doctor finale
Dr. Mario’s finale smash. It’s similar to Mario finale but fires two giant megavitamins instead of fiery dragons. It also hits with a harder amount of force.

Dr. Mario using Stethoscope for a whip and chocking normal Mario with it in KC vol 17  and  

Some of Dr.Mario’s smash attacks in the smash bros series seem to have an electric knockback to them

Dr.Mario can also take on a metal form, by using megavitamins.


Hyper mode
A super mode all characters can use in Sonic the fighters. It enhances speed, strength and allows for more powerful special attacks.

-Sonic using hyper mode during the last boss in the fighters

Super Sonic
The traditional Sonic super form. Sonic can gain the use of this form after absorbing the power of all 7 chaos emeralds at once. In game Sonic typically requires 50 rings in addition to the chaos emeralds to start the transformation, and burns through said rings at a rate of one ring per second to sustain the form. While in this form Sonic gains a myriad of new abilities, including flight, greatly enhanced physical abilities and enhanced chaos powers. He can be also be described as near invulnerable in this form, though it is possible for a few incredibly strong villains in his series to bypass his defense (Solaris for example).

-In Archie pre-gen Sonic once described this form as making himself “1000x faster”.

-Interestingly having all 7 chaos emeralds was said to have made Perfect Chaos a 1000x times more powerful as well in Sonic the comic

-The above two examples tend to lead to a 1000x stats multiple  for the super form. Though to be clear whether or not said statements should actually be taken seriously is a matter of debate..

-Sonic mentions the forms heals and give a boost to the user when it ends in Archie is 196

-Super Sonic draws power form the positive power of the chaos emeralds.

-Super sonic has no time limit when used as a character in Sonic R

- Super Sonic has no time limit in unleashed either, and instead he has a health bar

- In Sonic advanced Sonic showed up as Super Sonic several days after first transforming(albeit he probably didn’t fight during that time and what happens during those days isn’t shown)

-It should also be mentioned that Sonic maintained his super form for almost 3 episodes during the final fights of Sonic x (easily half an hour). He’s also kept it for over a minute in some cut scenes likes unleashed opening. Archie also had him once star a fight as super sonic at daylight, and the fight didn’t end until the sun went down. He also has many other appearances in various comics, cartoons and media where he holds the form for longer than 50 seconds.

-As a whole while some of the above cases are likely outliers (holding it for days maybe) it can be argued that Sonic can hold his super form for longer than the minimum limit on average.

-Sonic has the highest amount of experience with super forms in the Sonic series.

Super sonic boost
An enhanced version of Sonic’s boost ability. It moves faster and surrounds the user in an aura of chaos energy.

Turbo boost
A midair dash of a slower variety than the Sonic boost. Acts similar to a quick step in Sonic Unleashed for the Wii.

Bolt of lightning
A bashing attack where Super Sonic will move so fast he gains a blue aura and becomes a lightning bolt of sorts. Used against Perfect Chaos in adventure to piece his body and do harm to him.

Arrow of light
A bashing attack used against Solaris in Sonic 06.

An ability that allows Super Sonic to project an energy shield from his hands to shield and redirect projectile attacks and objects.

-Using it in the final boss of Sonic Rush Adventure:

-Super Sonic could also create an energy shield in Archie is 84

Super Sonic energy blast
A series of amped homing attacks followed by an energy blasts released from the hands at an opponent. Used during the final fight in Sonic Chronicles.

-The attack in Sonic Chronicles

-Sonic also displayed the ability to shoot small blasts of energy from his hands in X ep 64

Chaos regeneration
A healing ability, which allows Sonic to heal others of their wounds. Seen mainly in Sonic X.

-Using it on Chris Thorndike in X ep 26

-Sonic and Shadow attempting to use it on Cosmo in the jap version of X ep 78  

Positive energy aura
Because Super Sonic uses the positive aspects of the chaos emeralds, it gives Super Sonic a sort of positive friendship aura. This allows him to literally pacify evil creatures by beating the badness out of them and in the Archie comics break dark magic hexes.

-Sonic purifying Chaos in Sonic Adventure being explained by Tails

-Sonic mentioning trying to use said aura to break a hex on Knuckles in Archie is 184

Sonic briefly displayed the ability to become intangible and phase through objects as Super Sonic in some early issues of Archie sonic.


-Can create eyebeams in STC is 81

-Draining power from others in STC is 184

-Could also make an explosion that creates an EMP powerful enough to knock out the technology of an entire planet in STC.  

Hyper Sonic

An enhanced version of Super Sonic that becomes available after upgrading the power of chaos emeralds to super emeralds with the help of the master emerald in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. The form has all the abilities of Super Sonic, but enhanced. It also functions on similar standards (using ring energy to maintain the form for example).

-It should be noted that how much stronger hyper sonic is compared to super sonic has never been elaborated on and is unquantifiable. We would wager AT LEAST maybe a lowball of 2x, but this is just speculation.  The only correlation we may have is how a single super emerald in Archie Sonic had enough power to turn Sonic into super sonic on its own, potentially giving a 7 times multiplier to their power. It should be noted however that the super emeralds in Archie have an entirely different origin in comparison to the games and had inconsistent representation there.

Hyper flash
Hyper Sonic’s only exclusive ability. It acts as an additional jump and creates a blinding flash/explosion that destroys all enemies on screen in game.


This was noted in the Match stipulations but we're saying it again. Any feat or form of scaling is being included in this section as long as there was any reasonable doubt for it. This includes slightly more controversial stuff not everyone would agree on.


Mario can physically destroy some castles in Super Mario world. Including Morton’s and Lemmy’s He Could also lift and throw Larry’s castle in SMW The last one of these has been called to 2.719 megatons, or about small city level by OBD member Chaostheory.

Mario can physical restrain and move this giant chomp chomp in Mario sunshine, which is revealed to be made out of solid gold. Even a single cubic foot of gold weighs around 1,206 pounds. Even estimating the chomp most likely weighs a few tons.

Can damage this small tower sized mech piloted by bowser Jr by ground pounding it from the top in Mario galaxy 2

After fighting the Axem rangers in Mario RPG, the resulting damage from the fight destroyed the giant blade ship said rangers used as a base of operations. The ship is the size of the top of a volcano

Can physically power a rocket in this Mario party 9 mini game, without enough power to send it past multiple planets

Mario’s fire strike pitch in Superstar Baseball seems to go to fast for this measuring device to keep up with. The device has MPH written on it and has 3 digits, which would probably go up to 999 mph so Mario probably threw the ball faster than that

Under the influence of a super star was strong enough to throw a T-Rex outside of the planets orbit in the Mario world cartoon ep 8. A T-rex easily weighs at maximum 18.5 tons, and considering it had to be moving with enough force to reach escape velocity, that would been launched with the force of about  about 304.98 tons of tnt(granted the helicopter part is a factor as well, but that's hard to account for)

With the aid of a power star could throw Metal Bowser(a Bowser with 10x the weight) into the outer atmosphere in Mario party 2

Dr. Mario with the added power of a few mushrooms is strong enough to punch some giant viruses into the outer atmosphere ,   and

Picking up a passenger ship as baby Mario with a star in vol 35  and Most passenger ships can be around 70,000-100,000 tons in weight.

Many people like to quote that Mario moves faster than cannonballs on airships in games like Mario Bros 3. Most contemporary cannonballs travel around 1769 Feet Per Second or 1206 mph

Can steer the star driver move in DT as it moves from an area of space through the atmosphere (though admittedly a dream version of it). It takes about 5 seconds for Mario to reach the ground. At max assuming it’s somewhere between the kermain line and the start of the exosphere it would be moving at mach 58-mach 413. Mario has to steer and react to its movements

Some Bros attacks in Paper Jam have Mario and Luigi move so fast they set themselves on fire through friction(so about mach 5 for ablation speed)

The bros attack bye bye cannon potentially sends Mario over the horizon and around the earth in 7 seconds. That means when Mario lands he has to react at about 1.9% the speed of light(calced by vs member Lasatar) 

Mario can outspeed and outrun Bowser’s airships in various games, which have been calculated to go around mach 133(calc by OBD member Merlight).

Mario party 8 mini game involves riding a space sled out past the moon. This can range between .36-6x the speed of light.(calc by OBD member Merlight).

In super Mario run, Mario is capable of keeping up Bowser’s clown car. In super Mario party 8 said clown car fly to the sun within what was likely a few minutes, putting it either around light to slightly faster

Can survive Roy’s castle exploding on him in Super Mario World

Getting knocked into the planet’s atmosphere along with a chunk of peaches castle towards the opening of Mario Galaxy

Survived being smashed by the giant arm of an airship the size of a castle and then thrown thousands of feet away across the entire mushroom kingdom in New Super Mario Bros U

Survived having one of Bowser’s ship explode on him and crashing into the ground in a way resembling a meteor in Mario and Luigi.

Stayed underwater for several minutes in the Peach Hime anime movie

Being crushed by a 200 KG football in Kun ch 1

Tanking the explosion of a castle in super Mario world KC vol 7

As a whole Mario’s various status effect prevention items can prevent him from being burned,made dizzy, being made tiny, having alteration in stats, succumbing to fear, being frozen, being immobilized (which includes time stop), falling asleep, having skills locked, being poisoned, and becoming sluggish.

Got shot out of a cannon filled with tons of bombs straight from the Earth to the moon, and tanked the impact in PMTTYD(this has been calced to around 2.93 megatons by OBD member Regicide)

Strong enough to hold onto a rocket at escape velocity in Sonic 2

Caused an explosion the size of a small mountain and destroyed the chains that were holding little planet in place in Sonic CD. You can tell given Sonic runs off, then apparently lands right near where the explosion happened and the chains fell

Along with Shadow teleported the ark in SA2 (it’s about 15 miles long and weighs 15 million tons according to Sonic X data cards)

Kicking a TV monitor with a trapped baddie with enough force to knock it out of the planet Mobius’s orbit in STC is 13 (calced to 3.6 megatons by our own Lswan)

Caused an explosion while fighting metal sonic, which dislodged a hunk of stone the size of a mountain in the OVA to 75 kilotons to 199 Kilotons by our own Lswan, using a base rock and finding the needed shearing strength)

Destroyed several huge ships in a space armada as Super Sonic in the Unleashed's opening

Using physical strength to outmuscle Eggman’s 550 ton E-18 robot in X ep 13

Destroying one of Eggman’s flying fortresses with a ring powered spin dash in X ep 15  This fortress was larger than several skyscrapers and a few 
city blocks long for comparison Many of Eggman’s flying bases also tend to range in to 100s of thousands of tons.

Stopped a physical attack from the E-99 robot with one hand as super sonic, before destroying said robot in X ep 26

Destroying the Biolizard along with shadow and making an explosion the size of the underside of the ark in X ep 38

Arguably a gag feat, but Sonic moves the sun in adventures

Along with knuckles crashed right into an energy ball, and caused an explosion large enough to take out the egg makan fortress in X ep 47. Said fortress weighs 755392 tons

Destroying the grand egg imperial as Super Sonic, Eggman’s near largest flying fortress in X ep 52

Lifting a mechanized Perfect Chaos in x comic Sonic X is 29

An artificial version of Super Sonic nearly blew up two moons in Archie is 126

Created an explosion the size of a large city as Super Sonic along with Enerjak in Archie is 184

Super sonic Claims he could easily move the moon when placed in an a induced fantasy in STC is 147(the moons mass is about 73 quintillion, 430 quadrillion tons)

It’s been implied by several characters that super forms are physically strong enough to destroy planets in Archie,

Clashing with Hyper Knuckles as Super Sonic with enough force to destroy a pocket dimension in Super Sonic vs Hyper Knuckles

Super sonic is capable of heating himself and a surrounding area up to and over a million degrees. 

Sonic Cd’s opening gives a good example of Sonic’s mobility

Delivered millions of presents and ran around the planet Mobius multiple times in a few minutes when filling In for Santa after unlocking the “secrets of speed” and wearing a special ring in the Christmas blast special Many estimates of Santa’s speed to perform a feat of delivering presents in 32 hours are massively hypersonic and around 1,800 miles per second. Sonic performed the feat in a few minutes, so assuming Mobius has similar demographics  to Earth and all the deliveries where done in a a time span of 5-15 minutes, his speed would have been around 1.3-3.8 times the speed of light.

Ran halfway around planet Mobius in less than 5 seconds and underneath a laser aimed at the planet from space after it fired in STC is 11 ,  ,  , and  The beam took only a second to reach earth. Even assuming it was only in a low earth orbit of 99 miles-1,200 miles in the air, it would still be traveling at about mach 464 to mach 5630.

Once pushed himself so far that he caused himself to enter a state where time seemed to be frozen for everyone but himself in STC is 134

Raced against a car built to have space  rocket engines as its propulsion system in X ep 21 and then won by a large enough margin to fuck around at the photo finish(many high speed cameras in real world sports events are able to capture photos only milliseconds apart)

Flying around the second form of final mova as Super Sonic in ep 77. Given it’s body was originally planet Aquarius, which had a diameter of about 2159 miles, and the fact Sonic could easily travel through it in about a second, that’s about mach 10,134(in the lower sub rel range)

Fast enough to dodge multiple lightning bolts in Archie is 15. A single bolt goes around mach 287, and all three where around mach 4000-2% the speed of light)

Avoiding more strikes of lighting in Archie is 277

Also easily outspeeding lighting in Sonic X ep 72

Could throw pocket sand out of his shoe and run across it before it fell in Archie issue 49 and

Ran across a country around the size of the united states in a few seconds in is 175  and Assuming he ran around 1800 miles in a lowball of 10 seconds (about the distance from the coast to Denver Colorado)his speed would be around Mach 500- 850.

Super sonic once flew from an Eggman space station in to the moon in about 6 seconds in sonic advanced. Assuming Eggman’s station was in low orbit, the distanced traveled that would be almost 238,651 miles, making the feat around mach 186,623 or relativistic (.21x the speed of light)

Eggman once used a machine to slow down time for everyone in the environment in Boom ep 38. Sonic however was able to move at normal speed, due to being so fast compared to the time slow.  In addition all the actions Sonic and Eggman took during the slowdown were apparently too fast for any of the other character to notice.

In Boom ep 54 Deflected 30 pieces of an asteroid falling through the planet’s atmosphere  after knuckles had destroyed it in space

In a robotized form was actually immune to a time stop apparently via speed from the character flashman in the Archie worlds unite crossover. Granted the fact this immunity only came up in a form Dr.Wily himself had a hand in creating is suspicious.

Balling up some water and throwing it within a .000,000,000,000,1 of a millisecond in sonic blast. That’s like .1 of a femtosecond. Though granted this is highly contested

The Sonic bible originally used in the west side of the fandom, does claim Sonic could move at the speed of light in base Sonic himself also occasionally made claims of FTL speed in early Archie.

Some moves like the light speed dash and attack also reference Sonic being able to move at the speed of light during those movements.

Super Sonic claims he's 1000x faster than his normal form in Archie, though these claims have varying skepticism.

Came into contact with a hyper go induced black hole. Note Eggman also survived this, though said black hole was strong enough to easily tear apart Eggman’s entire moon sized amusement park

Crashing into the ground through the atmosphere with enough speed to resemble a meteor in STC is 12

Getting punched through multiple buildings by Eggman’s e 99 robot in X ep 26

Sonic was forced to keep running for at least 1 or 2 days straight in X ep 24. He apparently slept a bit while running and did get a meal, but he was not exhausted when the problem was resolved

Surviving a fall from space in X ep 53. Note Sonic reverted back to his normal state way before hitting the ground. This did knock him out for a week however ( Assuming re-entry speed, the force would be around .25 tons of TNT)

Coming into powerful fields of gravity as Super Sonic in X ep 64

Easily deaing with being frozen solid and breaking out of solid ice in one of the mangas

One of the heads of final mova (the thing that used a planet a 10th the size as our moon as a chair, if anybody remembers Shadows Death battle) smashed Sonic into into a wall in ep 75

Being shot out of the sonic power cannon in super form with enough power to destroy final mova/planet Aquarius in the final episode of Sonic X.

Took a head on blast from the chaos deity Enerjak in Archie is 184, who’s capable of disintegrating, tearing apart and re-arranging objects on an atomic level

Survived being at the center of the planet Mobius after being teleported there as super sonic in Archie is 184. Given Mobius was a future earth in Archie, sonic would have had to withstand heat and pressure similar to our planets center. Around 9,000 degrees F and 3 million 600 thousand atmospheres of pressure.  

Could come into contact with lava multiple times in some earlier issues of Archie. Lava easily ranges between 1,292 to 2,192 °F

It was specifically mentioned that Sonic can take more of a beating than normal because he’s absorbed so many rings he’s taken on their healing properties in Archie is 175

Sonic’s RPG items protect him against several ailments, such as decreased luck, distraction/reduced accuracy, poison, sluggish/decreased evasion, stunned/sleep, altered attack and defense.



I should point out that a lot of Mario scaling tends to get contested by least somebody on the internet. Either due to the fact the series itself is so fragmented with spin-offs, that they may as well be separate franchises with loose connections or due to some people having mixed feelings on the nature of feats being scaled in the first place. That being said I list some of the ones I Commonly see cited.

During his final fight in Mario Party 9 Bowser can create something similar to a black hole, which is capable of sucking up planets. Granted these planets look somewhat small compared to real ones

Bowser could survive having a castle fall on him in New Super Mario Bros Wii

At the beginning of Paper Mario Bowser lifted his and peaches castle far into the sky through some unknown means, potentially with magic. Obviously this is the kind of power Mario has to deal with on the reg (it was calced to around 48.44 megatons by OBD member Regicide)

A contested feat, but many believe Bowser survived the black hole at the end of Mario galaxy 2 on his own power, meaning Mario has comparable DC to harm him. This has been calced to solar system level by OBD member Merlight.

Lubba mentions Bowser having shot down starship Mario(albeit off screen and without much context behind the confrontation). Given the ship is a star ship that can move FTL, some people use this to give several Mario characters FTL reflexes(around 7x the speed of light as calced by OBD member Merlight, sometimes much much higher as calced by vs member Cal Howard)

Another questionable feat. Many use the grand stars in Mario as a measure of power, given Bowser absorbs them in Mario galaxy 2.  Even one grand star shines with the brightness of a class 6 star. Bowser also claims he was going to use one to make a new galaxy and the collapse of a generator using one caused a universe destroying black hole.

During the final fight against Dark Bowser in BIS, Dark Bowser creates a giant hurricane that covers a large majority of the mushroom kingdom(this has been calced to 12.39 gigatons by OBD member Regicide)

Other miscellaneous punishment the Koopa King has survived include being shot out of a cannon into a mountainside in Mario is Missing,and having his flying castle falling into an ocean hundreds of feet below and exploding on him. He also had peaches castle fall on him in BIS and managed not to die immediately.

Wario and Wa-Luigi survived an explosion from fireworks in Mario Sluggars

Wario and Wa-Luigi could survived this explosion in Toadstool Tours opening

Wario and Wa-Luigi survived this explosion in Mario power Tennis

Pretty questionable just in terms of inconsistency between franchises, but defeating the shake king in 
Wario land shake it dispersed this cloud. This is often seen as a small planet level feat as calced by OBD member Regicide

DK has knocked the moon out of orbit before and he has interacted with Mario on various occasion. This is considered a country level feat of 7.8 teratons as calced by OBD member Master Megatron.

Even this fodder toad can kick this soccer ball hard enough for it to catch on fire in the Strikers Charged opening

The final boss of PMTTYD was capable of causing an earthquake that shook the city Ruegport and some surrounding areas when it was awakened. She was also said to have destroyed an entire city in a near fell swoop in that past  and

Power stars in the general series and the black jewel Wario fought in Wario World have been capable of creating pocket dimensions with mountain ranges and arguably stars in them.

When Raphael the Raven is defeated by Yoshi in Yoshi’s Island he explodes into a star in the background, possibly due to the after effects of the magic that empowered him from the character Kamek who Mario has fought

After being prematurely awakened in Sonic unleashed, Dark Gia could push away significant portions of the earth’s crust Sonic fights him in super form as the final boss of said game either with the aid of chip or on his own. His strength has been calculated to 7.2 yottotons by OBD member Alpha-13.

Knuckles could punch the moon with enough force to be seen from space in sonic X. This was calced to 60 gigatons. Sonic fights him in X several times

Knuckles was able to clip off a significant portion of Angle Island by punching at a specific fault line in Sonic the Comic is 44. Sonic has fought him in that series several times and

Perfect chaos can easily destroy a city, and Sonic could best him in base in Sonic Generations in base  In Archie comics chaos 0 also kept the entire planets water in place when the earth got shattered and it's continents lifted.

Enerjak in the Archie comics has been able to move islands and sink continents in SU is 27 and  28 and  Super Sonic has fought this guy.

Fought god Sigma with Megaman in the Archie worlds collide crossover. Sigma had intended to leach power from infinite worlds in said arch . Granted he never got that far but he still had multiple planets worth of energy during the fight

Knuckles can make a volcano erupt with the force of a punch in the OP of  the Sonic Boom cartoon , which is at least 3.9 Megatons of force according to Death Battle. He was also capable of destroying a huge asteroid mid-flight, that would have devastated his planet(or at least the village where he lives) It's made clear knuckles is the physically strongest of the heroes in boom, but it's unlikely Sonic is lagging that far behind.

Solaris in 06 was easily capable of destroying entire timelines,making some people believe he is multiversal. Although it should be noted many people argue he had this power via hax, not stats. Sonic also needed help to take him down.

Extremely questionable, but a game board in Sonic Shuffle involves traveling along constellations and moving into black holes (which act more like wormholes truthfully) and   



After being summoned to some sort of alternate dream world, aided in the defeat of a frog like tyrant named Wart in Super Mario Bros 2

Traveled across the galaxy with the aid of the character Rosalina and stopped Bowser when he attempted to create a galactic empire in Mario Galaxy

Traveled across the land of Sarasaland in super Mario land, and fought alien being called Tatanga to save Princess Daisy in Super Mario Land

Defeated Wario, after said character stole entrance to a castle Mario owned and cast of mind control spell on the surrounding populace in Mario Land 2

Defeated the martial arts Jinx and became the master of his dojo in Mario RPG

Traveled to an alternate dimension and beat an inter-dimensional conqueror named smithy In Mario RPG

Defeated the dark witch Cackletta in Mario and

Was taught how to harness fire as an attack known as firebrand by the “god of fire" in Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

If the opening of PIT is anything to go by, the Mario bros have been shown to have been fighting Bowser since they were baby’s

Defeated an space faring alien race called the shroobs and their two ruling princesses in PIT and

After having both the mushroom kingdom and Bowser’s kingdom taken over in a cue, Mario/Luigi teamed up with Bowser to take down the technological batman gambit villain character Falful in BIS. Additionally they helped him fight an evil eldritch abomination version of Bowser called dark Bowser, that was powered by an artifact called the dark star.

Traveled across Pillow Island and defeated the ancient dream power based villain Antasma, as well as Bowser after he absorbed the power of a powerful artifact called the dream stone in Dream Team.

Mario teamed up with an alternate universe version of himself called  Paper Mario  and defeated the might of two universes of Bowsers in Paper Jam

Chased Donkey Kong across multiple worlds and fought him in a giant mech, when he stole an assortment on mini Mario toys in Mario vs DK

Apparently worked as a soldier in the game Mario bombs away. This probably means he has basic military combat training

Was regularly shown to have a penchant for creating and setting traps in the supercade cartoon show(albeit they didn’t always work)  and

Figuring out he could use the vibrations from a hammer swing to undo an electronic locks of some shackles in SS ep 10

Spent time training with the character Masaki to better learn martial arts in SS ep 41

Was taught how to shoot a gun, lasso, and perform other cowboy skills by the character Pronto in SS ep 45

Somehow built a kaiju mech out of discarded movie monster parts in adv3 ep 9

Tricked this lion statue in KC, and hit him from behind with as super ball Mario  

In general the KC Mario manga tends to place Mario in several games or events he wasn’t originally a part of. This includes stories based around Wario land, Donkey Kong country, and Yoshi’s story. He was also a MUCH more active combatant in that mangas version of Yoshi’s island.

After Bowser stole the wish granting star rod in Paper Mario 64 and imprisoned its care takers the Star Sprites, Mario proceeded to rescue them all before taking  down Bowser. Some notable opponents he had to take down along the way included some TMNT rip offs called the Koopa Bros, a mystic pharaoh like koopa called Tutankoopa and a near immortal monster named Tuba Bubba.

Defeated all the members of the town dojo in Paper Mario, including “the master” who actually has better stats than Bowser sans star rod invincibility hax

Defeated a 1000 year old shadow demon and saved the world from destruction at the end of PMTTYD.

Traveled across dimensions to gather the “pure hearts” to counter act a multiverses destroying artifact of doom called the “chaos heart”. Mario eventually defeated the chaos hearts summoner Count Bleck, a descendant from a powerful lineage of dark magicians. He also beat many of Blacks minions (Mimi, Natashi, Ochunks) who all had dimensional abilities, as well as his brainwashed brother Luigi wielding a mech called bro bot.

At the end of Super paper Mario he  defeated a psychotic dimensional being called Dementio, who managed to wrestle control of the chaos heart from Count Black to become a near all powerful being called super Dementio.

Traveled through a 100 floor gauntlet in a town called Flopside twice, before fighting dark clone versions of himself, Luigi, Peach and Bowser in super paper Mario

Traveled through an entirely different 100 floor gauntlet in a town called Flipside, and fought a giant dragon called Wracktail in Super Paper Mario

Finally dueled 100 trained samurai like warriors called shammer guys, back to back in Super Paper Mario

Travel across the mushroom kingdom with the help the character Kertsi to find the pieces of the "royal stickers" and defeated Bowser after he gained control of one of said artifacts in Sticker Star.

Collected ancient artifacts called the paints stars and defeated Bowser after he was corrupted by an evil substance called black paint in Color Splash

It should be noted that across all franchises Mario has shown himself to be proficient in dozens of different jobs, ranging from athletics, to blue color construction, to art, medicine, being a company CEO, dancing and Piloting. He's basically a renaissance man


Defeated Eggman, traveled through time and collected all the time stones in Sonic CD preventing him from taking over little planet

Traveled to Angle Island, avoided traps set by its guardian Knuckles, collected the chaos emeralds and upgraded them into super emeralds. Then stopped the launch of a war machine called the death egg once, before fighting Eggman on it after its second launch. Then finally fought Eggman in space as Super Sonic for control of the master emerald in S3K

Defeated Perfect Chaos, a mutated chao with the negative power of all 7 chaos emeralds and who was strong to flood the city of Station Square in Sonic Adventure

Fought Shadow, a genetically engineered “ultimate lifeform” made through alien technology on the ark space station in SA2

Made it to the core of the ark and teamed up with Shadow to destroy the prototype ultimate lifeform the Biolizard in SA2

Defeated the villain Void in Sonic Shuffle, the evil half of the ruler of a dream kingdom called Maginary World

Collected the chaos emeralds and fought a Metal Sonic that had copied all the stats and abilities of most of the main Sonic cast and merged with a fleet of warships to become the giant dragon form called Metal Overlord in Sonic Heroes. Granted he needed  help from Tails and Knuckles to do so.

Aided in repelling the alien forces of the Black arms in the game Shadow the Hedgehog. He can also aid Shadow in fighting their leader Black Doom in some endings.

Defeated ultimate Emerl, an ancient 4000 year old battle machine that can copy the abilities of those in its environment in Sonic Battle. More impressively Emerl had all 7 chaos emeralds on his person at the time, had copied and amped versions of most of the main casts abilities (including Sonic himself), and Sonic had to defeat him in less than 30 seconds

Defeated Blaze a trained guardian with similar speed to Sonic, pyrokenetic abilities and a set of emeralds called the sol emeralds in Sonic Rush

Collected the chaos emeralds and worked with Blaze to beat Eggman and Eggman Nega in Sonic Rush. They prevented both their dimensions from being destroyed in the process

Collected the chaos and sol emeralds, and worked with blaze to defeat Eggman Nega and Eggman when they stole a magical McGuffin called the jeweled led scepter in Sonic rush adventure

Along with the characters Shadow and Silver, defeated Solaris, a time/space omnipresent monster capable of manipulating and destroying multiple timelines

Traveled across the planet to restore the energy of the chaos emeralds in Sonic Unleashed, and worked with a light spirit named chip to destroy Dark Gia, an evil spirit millions of years old

Defeated an illusion King Arthur and a corrupted Mage called Merlina in Sonic and the Black Knight, eventually saving the alternate dimension of Camelot

Rescued some chao and aided in taking down the other dimensional monster Ifrit in Sonic rivals 2.

Traveled to an alternate pocket dimension called the twilight cage, rallied various alien species together and then took on the militaristic Nocturne Echidna clan, eventually taking down their leader IX

More or less stomped his entire verse in Sonic generations. Defeating Shadow, Silver(a time traveling with powerful telekinetic powers), metal sonic, various Eggman robots,and perfect chaos throughout his story. He also fought the time eater along with his younger self, a being that can destroy time and space.

Traveled to the lost hex, fought off a group of supernatural monsters called the “zeti”, and prevented Eggman from using stolen energy from the planet in Sonic Lost World. Also destroyed a super bot piloted by him

With aide from his friends defeated Lyric in Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal

Aided in taking down this monster at the end of Sonic Boom Fire and Ice

Creating a diamond enforced string to disable a trap in adventures ep 2

Using his wits to escape a prison in adventures ep 6

Super heating the sides of a bomb to safely detach it from the ground in adventures ep 42

In adventures ep 42 Eggman attacked 3 transit areas all across Mobius forcing sonic to move to each one in a short manner of time. He also planted hidden bombs at each place forcing sonic to go back to each location a second time. The second half of the episode took place over the course of 5 minutes

Between adventures eps 48-51 went on a wacky time travel adventure in an attempted to beat Eggman to some chaos emeralds. When Eggman got them all and attained a super form, Sonic more or less teamed up with other versions of himself to take him down

Creating a giant mirror  using his speed to melt sand into glass and then using it to reflect a death laser from space in Sonic The Comic is 11  and

Fighting a liquid monster known as Mega Muck, during a time where it had thousands of volts of energy to back him up in STC is 115

Between STC issues 128-130 Robotnik absorbed the powers of all the chaos emeralds, and became a reality warping god like entity. He toyed with sonic, sending various comic villains after him only to be defeated by a ruse by Sonic himself set up with Knuckles help , and

When Eggman rebuilt the moon in Sonic X (after blowing up half of it in a previous arch), he attempted to keep it stopped due to a “malfunction”. Eggman then tricked people into buying giant lightbulbs when the suns rays could no longer reach the earth. Sonic was the only person on earth with enough common sense to not fall for this.

Fighting the villain Dark Oak as super Sonic in X ep 53  

Traveled across the galaxy fighting off an army of intergalactic soldiers known as the Metarex in Sonic X, eventually culminating in him and Shadow taking down their leader and saving the galaxy

Fought and defeated a mechanized Eggman controlled Perfect Chaos in the sonic x comics

Aided in defeating Mammoth Mogul, a near god of chaos energy who had lived for 100s of years in Archie is 56

Managed to help fend off an attack from an alien army called the Xorda, and disabled a weapon of theirs that would have created a black hole in Archie is 125

Fought on par with an Enerjak possessed knuckles, an ancient deity powered by chaos energy with enough power to sink a continent in Archie is 180-184

Dealt with an invasion from an alternate dimension with evil variants of his friends and evil version of himself called Scourge between Archie is 189-186

Dealt with an invasion from an army called the iron dominion and defeated their leader the iron maiden in Archie is 211

When Eggman create a “genesis wave” with the power of a chaos emerald to warp reality in Archie is 229, Sonic managed to set things back to normal with chaos control  and

Teamed up with Megaman and stopped Eggman and Wily from reshaping the fabric of reality in the worlds collides crossover in Archie

Fought Hyper Knuckles as Super Sonic in an Archie comic special

HE BEAT SEGA SANSHIRO in Archie is 269

More or less went on a world spanning journey between Archie sonic 253-287, fighting off various factions of Eggman’s army, misc villians and more in order to restore the planet from a broken state .

Worked with Megman, Megman X and various other Capcom/Sega characters to take down the character Sigma when he started crossing realities in the Archie Worlds unite crossover.

Fighting style
Mario’s fighting style is for the most part seemingly self-taught. Sans power-ups he seems to focus on close range melee attacks, with a wide mix of acrobatics to outmaneuver his opponents. He was also tutored in a martial arts called plum fu, which focuses on using plumbing equipment in conjunction with traditional karate moves.

Learning plumb fu from the character Misaki in SS episode 41

-Described as being effective underwater


Sonic can be described as mobile rush down character, and a bit of a lightning bruiser. Sonic also lacks book smarts akin to Tail’s, but he is by no stretch dumb. He tends to be fairly worldly in many of his games and media, gaining great street smarts overtime, and having a lot of experience with a large myriad of opponents. Because of this he is often able to think well on his feet, coming up with clever plans or workarounds mid-fight when he hits a brick wall. His general fighting technique is noted to be a self-taught style and somewhat inspired by breakdancing moves. He has also learned 3 different types of sword fighting styles in Sonic and the black knight, knight style, paladin style, and cavalier style.



Mario can be a bit headstrong at times and bit too eager to fight. Additionally while he’s not adverse to making plans, he tends to only do so after being pushed into a corner. He can also occasionally be easily distracted, childish and to be honest a bit ditzy.(For example he made a decision to trust Bowser in Mario party DS, which lead him straight into a trap).

-Somehow didn’t notice when Bowser used a robotic peach to issue fake orders in adv3 ep 7

-Easily distracted in the Peach Hime movie, missing his chance to end the fight again Bowser sooner

On another note Mario has on occasion been captured or been placed in need of rescue, particularly in both Luigi’s mansions games, Mario is missing and Super Princess Peach. In some games losing his hat also makes him more susceptible to damage, though this can be inconsistent.


Sonic is impulsive, which occasionally leads to him to making bad decisions (For example most of the plot of lost world would not have happened if he hadn’t impulsively kicked a device Eggman used for controlling the evil zeti out of his hands). He also lacks patience and a more extensive formal education, often causing him to rely on characters like Tails or Sally Acorn to create more complex plans over long term conflicts. Additionally while he can in fact swim in some continuities and has numerous ways around water, many media like Sonic X and post gen Archie show he has a fear of it. This can occasionally cause him to panic when in deep water, although with the proper motivation he can normally overcome it.


We're making a point to bring this up again. The summary section WILL NOT have any stat comparisons as it would be impossible for us to collective agree on that. 


  • Mario has a large amount of equipment that allows him enhance his defense or prolong his ability to keep fighting. This includes the Lazy scarf which triples defense at ¼ health and the Last stand badge which reduces damage to ½ at low HP(assuming these stack that’s an 8x boosts in durability).
  • Mario himself most likely has protection against Sonic’s transmutation options like ring time. The safety ring in Mario RPG protects against transmutation (it prevents Mario from becoming a scarecrow or mushroom), and Mario can be hit by magic spells by the koopalings and kamek without being transformed into animal or enemy.
  • Several of Mario’s RPG equipment pieces can protect against immobilization similar to time stops, which could grant Mario protection against chaos control.
  • Mario’s Zap tap and return postage badges could make sonic attacking him directly become an issue.   He’ll either get shocked when hitting Mario physically or take half the damage/force he dishes out upon a direct attack.
  • Mario has a much larger variety of power-ups. He also has a lot more secondary items that can be used to attack opponents or temporally enhance his attack/defense or speed stats.
  • Mario has multiple ways to nullify attacks. For example the stone cap, mega mushroom, starman, and metal cap all grant various forms of invincibility. Repel jells can also make him intangible to attacks.
  • Vanish cap allows for invisibility, which can have tactical applications (sneak attacks, evasion, ect)
  • Can reflect some of Sonic’s projectile attacks with the cape power-up.
  • Mario’s healing options are as a whole more numerous or more instantaneous than Sonic’s are. He has more pieces of equipment that restores health overtime, and Megatavitamins allow for a near instant and easy HP restore.
  • Mario technically has more fighting experience than Sonic, being older and having fought since he was at least a baby. He’s also gotten more training in combat, albeit never over a more extensive length of time.

  • The Fludd needs to be refilled with water constantly, limiting how long it can be used in battle and what situations.
  • Plunder chest and few other Mario party items that can steal or switch equipment/items with another person typically have random results. Items that summon a character to perform an item steal could also reasonably be fought off by an opponent.
  • Many of Mario’s power-ups have time limits or can be lost upon taking significant damage.
  • Mario has time stop options, but his stop watch item is single use and his SFC form prevents him form moving as well.
  • There are divided opinions in regards to galaxy, party and scaling options for Mario. This includes if feats themselves are valid, or if certain things should be considered standard to use in general debates.


  • Many of Sonic's shoe variants have greater use and versatility than Mario's Fludd. They also don’t have limitations in regards to fuel.
  • Gravity band also allows for manipulation of gravity in the environment.
  • Sonic can potentially use the enerbeam to disarm Mario of certain weapons or equipment.
  • Sonic has potential counters to a large majority of the status effects Mario can dish out. He can already handle being frozen solid and his own status ailment prevention equipment will likely protect him against things like sleep, poison, dizzy, confusion or stat alterations. He can already change his size with some of his gems and likewise effects like fear probably wouldn’t apply to him given his resistance to mind manipulation. He himself was also immune to time stop as Sonicman, though it’s not clear if that was a special ability granted by the form.
  • Sonic has more abilities in base than Mario does. He also has a lot more maneuverability based abilities that allow him to get around an environment much easier. His tunneling abilities are also faster for that matter.
  • Sonic has multiple ways to avoid attacks from Mario. For example he can  use chaos control to teleport out of the way and Super Sonic can become intangible.
  • Sonic’s shields can reflect minor projectiles and fire shield or elec shield can be used to block a large majority of Mario’s fire and elec based attacks. Sonic’s thunder guard shield can also be re-spawned repeatedly allowing for him to consistently protect himself against attacks.
  • Wisps grant a larger list of unique attacks and abilities to Sonic than Mario’s pixls and luma.
  • Sonic’s shown himself to be a bit more street smart and fast on his feet when it comes to coming up with combat plans.
  • Sonic’s transformations are much more relevant and impactful on the fight. Likewise Sonic himself has proven that he can consistently pass the 50 second time mark by a fairly large margin, meaning he can hold the form for the majority of a fight even if an opponent has options for stalling.
  • Ring energy and most likely super transformations powered by it can prevent and repel rays that would normally cause transmutation. This does mean Sonic has some protection against Mario’s potential transmutation options.
  • Sonic can in fact swim. He just doesn’t like it.

  • A lot of FTL evidence for Sonic comes from statements rather than feats. Likewise there’s also divided opinions in regards to certain feats from the adventures of Sonic cartoon, and Archie Sonic. Particularly interpretation of them or whether they should be considered standard parts of debates.
  • Much smaller variety of power-ups, weapons and equipment.
  • Lacks much formal training in most continuities.


SA Forums
To keep things as simple and basic as possible, Mario wins pretty much because of the huge amount of exposure he's gotten. His franchise is the largest in gaming with over 250 different video games alone, and that's not including the related side media. Then there's the spin off series featuring characters Mario has interacted with in some shape and form, giving him even more feats in the form of scaling. All this together gives Mario a much larger body of feats, power-ups, items, armor, weapons, and experience to work with. Using near composite firms means Sonic would always be fighting an uphill battle, since his multimedia franchised would be dwarfed, and unfortunately for Sonic, Mario possesses both quantity and quality feats and scaling for this battle

So for starters, base Sonic is overwhelmingly outclassed. The only edge he has is running speed, but that is outmatched by Mario's equivalent (and often superior) reaction speed. When it comes to strength, durability, equipment, experience, etc., Mario has the often vastly larger advantage. Mario has feats and scale to characters who performed feats in the planet level range up to large star and even solar system level. And he has at least sub-relativistic reactions and even up to millions and billions of times faster than light (maybe more with some calcs). While some people might be hesitant to accept these feats, the fact is that they each have a logical basis for accepting these figures. To help matters (though their opinions shouldn't be the only reason to accept these levels of power alone) both the OBD and VS Battles Wiki have come to accept Mario is this strong in light of the amount of correlating and consistent evidence

In short, if this fight were realistic, Mario's physical stats are so much greater than base Sonic's that he would defeat him using only his bare hands before any items or extra material come into play

With Super Sonic and Sonic's other forms things get a bit trickier. While there are feats we've gone over that have been argued to put him at the level of or even far above Mario, the vast majority of these examples come from exactly one source: Archie Sonic. However, these feats have drawn a good amount of scrutiny out of people I consider to be very knowledgeable on these comics
In addition, the boost in speed the super forms give Sonic are unknown. While we know for certain his movement and reaction speeds are higher, we haven't found many examples that shown by how much

Overall, if you accept Archie Sonic being able to control a multiverse warping Genesis Wave while also having MFTL reactions, then Mario doesn't have much outside the Pure Hearts to win. But because doubts on these feats exist in people far more informed on the series than I, I'm going to take their word on it and doubt them too

To quickly go over their items, Sonic has his own abilities and equipment that can counter some of Mario's power-ups and items. But, thanks to that exposure I mentioned earlier, Sonic can't possibly counter all of Mario's stuff. Mario just has too much at his disposal, including the important factor: hax. Whether it be through stat-alteration, transmutation, time manipulation, space manipulation, power over the elements, and negative status effect inflicting abilities, Mario has a ton of unpredictability Sonic would need to account for and  I don't believe he has the equipment and skills to do so.

Lastly, while both have a huge amount of experience, Mario's again comes out on top because of the huge variety of adventures he's been on compared to Sonic's (often against more powerful beings too). And while neither are the absolute smartest characters in fiction, they both have shown tactical prowess and an affinity for spotting enemy weaknesses. Personally, it just seems like Sonic would have to account for much more factors than Mario would, who just seems to have much more ways to win.

Mario annihilates Sonics in all of his incarnations. In Mario & Luigi they beat Dreamy Bowser who's powered by the dream stone which maintains universes (dreams) and also has them dodging lasers and Mario scaling to Dreamy Luigi who can move entire constellations extremely fast at mftl+ speeds Mario Galaxy has Mario being above base Bowser who survives a black hole collapse and he's faster than the meteors from Bowser that tagged Rosalina's ship as it was flying to the centre of the universe Paper Mario scales to M&L but outside of that they blatantly survived a universe getting destroyed and can also resist black hole suction and outspeed it in SPM as well Classic Mario scales to Yoshi's constellation butthole pound which sent Raphael to space and created a constellation and in Strikers Charged Mega Strikes has them all fly to the sun nigh instantly

Mario Party Mario has them fly all the way to the sun very quickly in MP8 which is where the final level is near and has Bowser survive another yet black hole and also has him survive it again in MP9 which was absorbing planets SMRPG has the Star Road being destroyed by Smithy which is own universe, the speed is MFTL+ for the sword and he can move in tandem with beams of light Canon Sonic can only hurt Dark Gaia who has the best physical feat done by a character in the series in his weak point and even then it's surface area is massive compared to Sonic's and even then base Sonic was doing the exact same thing and all Super Sonic could do was shut down a shitty forcefield by hitting tiny things several times while Light Gaia did all the work, also he's consistently said to move at the speed of sound, do you really think other peoples inputs matter over the creators? Even then 
Game Theory proved he's not faster than the sound so even that's a hyperbole. To further the point he gets hurt by spikes all the time while even Baby Mario in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island can run on them no problem. Meanwhile Archie Sonic has nothing super impressive compared to canon Sonic either and he considered a snowball an impressive weapon so taking any of his high end feats seriously which are usually out of context anyway or outliers is rather silly SM64 had Bowser create entire dimensions with suns within them with the power of the power stars which he also gave to the bosses within that Mario defeated Hotel Mario wins via not being the worst thing to come out of mankind. Sonic loses, like he lost the war with Mario years ago and proved that Sega does what Nintendon't, go Third Party.(edited)

Main screwattack site

I think it goes without saying that Mario has base Sonic beat no problem at all. Mario's physical feats like tossing a castle with no effort and drop kicking a castle into dust absolutely eclipses Sonic's physical feats. Mario even has reactions that put himself on par/and even past Sonic's reactions. However, there is one underlying factor that trumps over Mario, and it has to be Super Sonic. While Mario has physical feats that put himself above Sonic's, Sonics super form has speed that Mario quite simply can't keep up with. Add in the fact that Sonic has durability that surpasses that of Mario's (Sonic X's Planet busting cannon feat, for example) Mario won't be able to put a solid hit on him.

Mario gets a lot of boosts from galaxy, a lot that, in my opinion, don't work because of the reasoning behind it, being "It looks like this so it must be this," and I think you all probably know that I'm talking about. Black holes in Mario, and any other canon for that matter, aren't like black holes in real life. The only thing they share is the same name, other than that, the comparison only goes as far as "It's big, black and a hole of death" Mario without a doubt gets scaling from Bowser, who he has had run ins with multiple times, but the black hole feat in question that Bowser survives is one of unquantifiable destructive capacity. (Unless you actually calc it, and I promise you the explosion itself wouldn't produce anything all that impressive) Mario party feats are kinda hard to quantify too, since the type of feats that get Mario into the levels of strength that hype seems to suggest only happen within the Mario party games, and it's not even necessarily within the main Mario games. 

Stuff like that is an outlier, no exceptions. Sure, reaction helps, but when the other character can move and react just as fast as you, you're going to have a hard time hitting your mark. However, this match is close no matter what you accept. Whether you believe in black hole Mario feats or Archie dimension level feats, there's a lot of factors to take into account that I feel you could justify either of these characters winning. With that said, it takes a lot less for Sonic to take the win than it does Mario who needs everything to pull a victory. So my vote goes to Sonic.

"Ok, so, it's been a while since Mario vs Sonic happened. Even after the Death Battle it's still one of the most iconic rivalry battles out there. Both have gotten plenty of new stuff and new media to go through since Death Battle’s old version of the fight. Has there been a big change for both? Yes. Does the verdict change? Hell yes.

For starters, Mario is far above Wario, who has a planet level feat.!_-_The_Shake_King_Disperses_a_Cloud?useskin=oasis
Thus, Mario can one shot Sonic in base form already, and is equal to Super Sonic. Even if you don't want to scale Mario to Wario for some reason, there's other blatant feats in favor of Mario being at least planet level, like his Paper counterpart being able to survive forces strong enough to make the earth spin at a rapid pace.

And just to point out, Paper Jam made Mario blatantly far more stronger than Paper Mario.

So yea, realistically speaking, Mario could just crush Sonic like a grape before he even goes super.

One other important thing to mention is that Sonic will have no reason to decide he needs to go super without understanding just how dangerous his enemy is. The argument that "he can start the fight in his Super form" is absolute bullshit, as it just compromises Sonic's character.

It'll be hard for him to decide to go Super however after he's been hit once and is already dead.

Now to address the "But muh Super Sanic speed argument".

Sonic is largely overestimated in speed. I don't know how else to put that. In game canon, Sonic is only faster than light through a specific move that only lets him boost forward for a small distance, and it requires a charge up time, and even when it's charged, him holding it actually largely slows him down.

Game Sonic's best feat was running across a continent in Sonic Unleashed, which may get Sub Relativistic.

As for Archie Sonic's speed, his best feats come from Early Archie, which is actually unreasonable to use in a debate, due to the fact that Pre Genesis Sonic gets a more established speed later, making those two feats (one of which, we have to rely on a narrator for [who may have actually been Sonic himself] and the other, we have to rely on Sonic's word) And even if the infamous femtosecond feat wasn't Sonic narrating it, it's still a major outlier for that incarnation, and he used it on fodder of all things.

So Archie Sonic's best speed feat is him running from the end of the US to the other end around California. This makes him MHS at most.

Sonic's best speed feat comes from Adventures, where he can harness the power of a ring given to him by Sally that let him run across the earth multiple times in a short time frame. This is actually FTL. It's Sonic's best speed feat and the only one that gets to be this fast.

What does Mario have in terms of speed? Well, at lowest, Mario is sub relativistic via the Bye Bye Cannon shooting him around the globe in a small timeframe:

And in Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario steers the Spaceship Mario through actual galaxies:

(yes, he steers it manually through a
steering wheel)

And in Mario Party 8, Bowser's Clown Copter is fast enough to fly to the sun in a time frame: @11:20

And Mario has directly kept up with the Clown Copter on foot in many games, one of the most direct moments of scaling being in Super Mario Run:

So, Mario should actually have no problem keeping up with Sonic.

As for Super Sonic trying to keep his distance via Chaos Control, Mario's Feeling Fine badge protects him from the effects of time manipulation:

Meanwhile, Mario has time manipulation of his own that while Sonic can remain aware in, he has no resistance to, so this gives Mario plenty opportunity to wail on him.

And thanks to Color Splash, Paper items give Mario a weird color erasing hax that if used on an enemy, drains them of their color, and because of this, they become unmoving "corpses": (They're still alive, but they can't move, or do much of anything)

Sonic has no resistance to this hax, so Mario should also have no trouble discoloring him into a blank corpse with the multiple items Paper Mario provides.

So overall, Mario should win this out due to having plenty opportunity to one hit kill Sonic before he goes Super, the speed to tell Sonic that HE'S too slow, and the superior amounts of hax that the other has no resistance to.

So yes, things have changed. My paisano plumber bro has everything he needs to win this fight out.”

Deviant Art

Despite the new material being used in this fight and the different continuities and items, I still see this match going the way Mario vs Sonic did back in the old day. (SPOILERS: Sonic won that one) Comparing their physicality, I will admit that Mario should have the advantage in both strength and durability (at least on a base level) but Sonic definitely has a major speed advantage over Mario, which will make it difficult for Mario to really land a hit on Sonic. Also, it's not like Sonic hasn't dealt with getting around opponents when he's at a major disadvantage. He managed to survive long enough against Knuckles, Super Scourge, another version of Super Sonic, and even Robotnik when he became a god until openings came open, so I do feel that Sonic has things to compensate for his disadvantages until he gets the opening he needs thanks to his superior speed and surprisingly fair intelligence. I mean, Sonic at least has FTL reactions speed, has ran around the planet multiple times in more than one continuity, and even has claims that suggest he can make movements faster than a femtosecond, which would mean he has to move over 10,000,000x the speed of light. You see where I'm getting at right? He even beat a guy who had 4,000 years of combat experience and the abilities of everyone (including Sonic) and managed to beat him in less than 30 seconds, through sheer speed and hand to hand. The other examples I mentioned were more through exploiting weaknesses and/or intelligence

Mario should have a more diverse set of power-ups but, not to sound redundant, just like DEATH BATTLE said, most of Mario and Sonic's power ups counter each other. Fire Flower. Fire Shield. Everybody who follows DEATH BATTLE knows what I mean at this point. However, the main thing that makes me lean towards Sonic is his transformations, specifically Super Sonic. Super Sonic is implied to destroy moons and planets, has ran at "immeasurable" speeds and can move at even faster speeds than before, and has survived not only a gravity field that would've destroyed a planet which would've caused the destruction of a universe, but has also survived being ripped apart on an atomic level + battles with planet level beings. This is all without including Hyper Sonic (which is more powerful than Super Sonic) and other forms of hax that I don't think Mario can overcome (Chaos Control is a good example and so is the Super Genesis Wave that he can and has used to replay events, mainly to save Sally). And just to clear things up, I'm not exactly a supporter of OP Mario. I do not believe he's a Multi-Solar System buster or that the black hole Bowser fell into was a legit black hole (considering the color is different from the actual black holes which kills Mario in the game if he falls into one). But then again, if I do take Mario's questionable feats into account, I feel I could do the same with Sonic's, which still puts him on a higher level than Mario. So at the end of the day, I feel that Sonic should come out the victor and Mario is simply (ahem) "TOO SLOW!" I'm sorry. I couldn't help it #SonicFTW

WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOO boi. This is a fight I can’t see most people agreeing on. It’s honestly somewhat hilarious to see how incredibly inconsistent all the verdicts have been above. Actual thoughts in regards to stats, counters, what’s legit and what isn’t is all over the place. Heck you’ll probably notice that feats themselves are all over the place in this blog itself in regards to what’s mentioned.

….Anyway I think the first thing you’d have to do is firmly establish what arguments are the most objective and how both characters stack up to each other in ways other than stats or scaling.

Training: Truthfully I don’t really think either character really has that much of an advantage over the other in terms of training.  Neither character really has that much of a formal education in how to fight, with most of their fighting abilities most likely being self-taught. At best you can make the argument that Mario has a slight advantage given he occasionally has a few episode in the super show centered around some sort of training (plumb fu karate and sharshooting) or that there are some instances in the RPGs where characters teach him a technique, but none of these instances where really implied to last more than a few days at most which is hardly akin to say years working under a martial arts master. Sonic also did learn to swordfight in the Black Knight, which probably counts for something, evening it out.

Tactics: Again truth be told neither character really has that much of an advantage over the other. When you get down to it Sonic and Mario both have a similar approaches when it comes to fighting their enemies. Both typically have a somewhat headstrong attitude and normally fight in a straightforward manner. They also both tend to be impulsive and somewhat rely on smarter teammates or higher authority figures to create more complex plans for long term situations. That being said by no account is either character an idiot. Both characters are clearly capable of making well thought out strategies when the situation calls for it. For example Mario has regularly created traps from plumbing supplies or suggested plans for taking down baddies in the super show cartoon. Likewise Sonic is frankly sometimes the only sane person in Sonic X(for example understanding the astronomical issues with Eggman’s  claims about the eggmoon not moving) and quite regularly using quick wit to take down opponents in the Fleetway comic, once even managing to take down a near omnipotent Eggman through clever acting.

Experience: Quit frankly again this category barely matters. At best maybe Mario technically has a slight edge since games like Yoshi’s story and PIT have shown Mario has been adventuring since he was a baby. Granted depending on the incarnation Sonic’s probably been adventuring since perhaps his tweens or toddler ages as well (He was fairly young during Eggman’s takeover in Satam and pre-gen Archie for example). Though even then Mario has at his oldest been referred to as 26, while Sonic has only been around 17 at his oldest not counting possible alt futures in Archie. Considering that Mario’s probably still been adventuring and fighting longer than him.

 That being said outside that one age distinction everything in regards to each characters experience is pretty subjective. I’m going to be honest here I don’t buy for a second that the amount of material or games or whatever each character has really factors that much. Both characters have 100s of games under their belts, but that doesn’t actually mean a large portion of that is actually relevant. For example a large chunk of Mario games are sports games, racing games, educational games, spins offs, remakes ect, which don’t really add much to Mario’s fighting resume. Likewise technically speaking, Sonic has way more printed comics and animated media than Mario by a large margin, though that doesn’t exactly mean every episode of adventures or issue of Archie matters just cause it exists.

In the grand scheme of things both characters have fought similar opponents with similar architypes over the years and have dealt with threats on a similar scale. They’ve both fought Mechanical geniuses like Eggman and Fawful. Dream demons like Antasma and Void. 1000 year old demon monsters like the shadow queen and the Erazo Dijin. Alien conquers like the Shroobs and the Meterex. Interdimensional threats like Dementio, Smilthy, Solaris, and Enerjak. Mages like Bowser or the Iron queen. Plus tons of doppelgangers and rival rip-offs. Both characters have also traveled through time, through space, across countries and dimensions. Have saved planets, universe and multiverses.

Hax and status effects: I do not believe hax or status effects are very relevant in this fight either. Getting the elephant out of the room while Sonic is capable of using chaos control to stop time and teleport he very rarely does so in the context of a fight, nor has he ever shown super complex applications of those abilities. I can believe him using the ability to teleport to avoid an attack, but any arguments of him say teleporting Mario into the sun or whatever are surely stretching. Likewise Mario arguably has protection against time stop with certain Paper Mario badges (feeling fine),so that tactic wouldn’t work even if he did want to use it. Mario most likely has transmutation resistance due to tanking spells from kamek/the koopalings and likewise has RPG equipment that can protect against it. Outside that Sonic doesn’t really have any haxes or status effects left to inflict.

On Mario sides, I’m pretty skeptical of his haxes and status effects. Firstly his time stop. While I do admit I’m not sure whether Sonicman being able to “outrun” a timestop in the Archie worlds unite crossover should count given this ability only showed up once in an alternate form basically programed by the scientist responsible for creating the robot with said time powers to begin with, Mario’s time stop lasts a short amount of time and can’t be spammed. Like the stop clock is a single use item. How useful it is would be depends on where you place each characters stats and even then it really only matters if used at the right time.

I also don’t really buy the idea that stat alterations, shrinking, poison, burning, freezing, transmutation or whatever will work on sonic. Sonic has RPG equipment as well that protects against most of that. One of his gems in 06 already lets him freely change his size and he’s already been exposed to extreme cold or heat in many continuities with no issues. Heck technically power ring energy was able to push back the power of transmutation from a robotisizer in Satam and not only does sonic carry several of those, but Super Sonic is maintained through said energy. I also have great qualms about knocking “paint” off characters when you defeat them in Paper Mario being a form of hax. The Paper Mario characters clearly have some huge biological differences from 3D objects/people and it’s clear that paint is an actual physical substance with magic properties plastered onto them. The idea of Sonic having it, or anything regards to it being similar to “color stealing” in other series seems like a false equivalency. In my opinion It borders more on the lines verse mechanic that’s hard to equivocate to other verses, almost like if there was a verse where cutting a person’s hair killed them, and then trying to apply that to places where that obviously isn’t true.

Also finally I find the idea of time travel of any kind on both sides way to complicated and convoluted to put into place. Things like Mario’s retry clock and earlier times items borderline on being game mechanics implemented for the point of making gameplay for the player themselves less frustrating if they lose(in fact the retry clock can ONLY be used after you get defeated in battle). Some of their parameters are also a bit vague, as in universe it really isn’t established if one or both sides of a fight retain memories during a reset. With Sonic… TBH while I think there’s little evidence to support Sonic can outright warp reality with chaos control and turn back time to any extreme, I will admit he at minimum managed a few seconds during the genies ark and Silver was said to supposedly travel back in time using chaos control by Sega. Add in the time stones and I guess it’s possible he could reset some segments of a fight or travel back in time to his advantage. 

Though that being said a lot of that is speculation. Sonic to my knowledge has almost never used time travel as a tactic in any given fight and the only exception is probably in Adventures where Sonic himself had more equipment for time travel and specifically knew he could meet up with past selves clued in on the situation. Trying to use time travel as a way to work around and recruit Sonic’s with more circumstantial equipment would also be difficult, as you would still have to deal with the threats said transformations where invoked to fight.

Healing: This is probably one of the few areas where Mario may arguably have an advantage. Though even then I’m not really sure by how much. Both characters have RPG equipment or buddies that can recover HP over time. Mario technically has more equipment for it, but on the flip side many of the RPG number mechanics on both sides makes the recovery rates for these kinds of items pretty unquantifiable. Mario’s megavitamins are objectively faster and more instant in terms of healing than Sonic’s vibration healing abilities. Though it should be noted you can’t exactly assume Mario has an infinite amount of potent healing ones, and Sonic’s vibro healing can be used infinitely even if it takes longer to work. There’s also the fact that Super Sonic itself heals Sonic once the transformation wears offs.

Power-ups: I do not think Mario and Sonic power-ups perfectly counter each other. Though that being said each character can protect against a lot of what the other character is packing. Sonic’s fire, elect and bubble shield will in fact remove some of the threat of Mario’s fire/electric based attacks and minor projectile attacks. His shield from 06 can also be put up indefinitely, so that can block a lot of singular attacks as well. The safety ring on Mario’s side also protects against various elemental abilities and Mario himself can block various attacks though his myriad of invincibility stuff.
Even discounting the stuff that you can argue for perfectly countering, I don’t really think much in either’s power up arsenal is super relevant. Most of Mario’s most powerful or useful power-ups have time limits and many of his power ups can be lost. Sonic’s also have a similar problem with more of his power ups being used for movement and many of his wisp powers being extremely short lived.

Thoughts on composite: I kind of hate to say this but I do agree with Kirby kid on some points. While we included Paper Mario, Party and Galaxy feats in this blog IT HAS TO BE noted that a lot of people would widely contest that. Paper Mario has been confirmed to be a separate universe within the Mario canon, and given the biological differences between him and the main universe, complaints would be sure to arise from that(if not in regards to feats, at least using items and equipment from there). Likewise even given Mario’s lack of continuity I have been told many a time before that the party series is wonky and can have wonky rules in comparison to the main series. Finally yes galaxy feats tend to be a huge area of contention in debate, as many people even in this blog could not agree with interpreting them and even then I’ve been told by some people that a few major feats from there could be considered an outlier. 

This also extends to an extent to Mario’s RPG equipment. IT SHOULD BE NOTED that there is a lot of customization involved in regards to what weapons you use, what equipment you wear and what badges you equip in various games. We also took some liberties into how much equipment Mario can use at once, assuming that he gets optional upgrades to increase his item slots in some games over other level up bonuses, and actually letting him have more than really equip in a single game. The fact Mario and Sonic generally have equipment that affords similar effects, but Sonic was given a disadvantage in some areas due to having a RPG mechanic that made his stuff harder to quantify should also be pointed out. A lot of the items or weapons from Mario RPG and Mario Party also aren’t specific to Mario and boarder on nonstandard for that matter. Heck even Mario’s scaling has been widely contested by some people, with some people I know expressing concern about the length of fights between characters like Wario or DK and the feats of those characters that make them so powerful.

I make this distinction because….I do in fact think it is a bit two sided to be so free form in regards to what we use for Mario and then to turn around and draw lines in the sand in regards to what you can use from early Archie, what doesn’t count from adventures, what transformations Sonic has access to, ect.

Thoughts on feat interpretation: On that note interpretation of feats is all over the place and I do actually think both sides need a bit of calling out. I’m frankly finding it hard to accept certain feats based on certain bits of logic, only to turn around and disregard another. A couple of examples I can think of. I think it’s weird to use the power stars or any character creating worlds or realms with “possible” stars in them or whatever, when chaos emeralds have been used to create pocket dimensions in the comics as well and when characters have literally used their powers to change or shape the reality of entire universes/multiverses or split the planet into separate worlds in Advanced 3. I think it’s odd to use the speed of star ship Mario crossing a background of a world in galaxy 2, and then scale that speed to Bowser supposedly shooting down the ship off screen at some point before the game starts, making him and everyone else trillions of time FTL. Then turning around and saying you can’t make any assumptions about the length of the cosmic highway to give sonic ridicules base speeds in early Archie. I think it’s odd to give Mario great levity in regards too certain scaling or feats, but again not the other way around.

 Also think it’s ironic that my blog on Archie has to extent become a double edged sword. To be clear under normal circumstances I wouldn’t use or go with the most high end interpretations of that stuff, but I do think people have gone a bit too far in the other direction at time.

Misc thoughts: The White Tanooki suite is something that’s completely ridicules to rely on as the basis of any argument. It’s a pity power-up you can’t obtain under normal circumstances. Saying it last forever or is totally invincible is also a blatant NLF.  I’m also iffy on hyper sonic really having any confirmable information in regards to its power, and I’m pretty sure the Sonic wiki was edited recently to extrapolate his hypothesized power. 

I also do think most black holes in Mario galaxy are legitimate, though I can understand detesters to Bowser surviving the one in the first game and whether the last one in the second game is dis-similar or an outlier for the franchise.

Final thoughts:
OK so end of the verdict
REALISTICALLY there’s about 3 MAYBE 4 ways this fight could go, and really all it actually has to do with is stats. Almost nothing else matters since it’s fairly even on both sides.
1.      If you allow Mario to have the most lenient interpretation of Galaxy/party/scaling feats, while being less lenient in regards to how to interpret Sonic’s stuff, Mario most likely wins. He’ll be stronger than both base Sonic and Super Sonic by a large margin.
2.      If you give Sonic a lenient interpretation of Archie and adventures feats, he probably wins via Super Sonic. Nothing outside maybe the pure hearts in paper Mario have that kind of power and they both require outside help to use and are non-standard.
3.      If you cut out galaxy/party, go with more lenient interpretations of Archie and adventures, and are fairly moderate with most other feats it’s kind of close. It’s somewhat dependent on the scaling both characters get. Sonic probably wins a decent amount of times via Super Sonic, though you can probably still give Mario some wins through some higher argued scaling. Mario has a lot more equipment with support effects that can close and widen a gap in stats, so that’s also probably a tipping factor.
4.      No Galaxy/Party and more lenient interpretations of Archie and adventures. Very moderate views on outside feats and little scaling that can be contested in anyway. Sonic probably wins in a similar circumstance to the original death battle a few years ago.
So those are probably your main choices. If you’ve ever talked about this match you probably fall somewhere on that spectrum and most people in this blog seem to as well.

……wait what are my thoughts on which view is most valid

….shut up the verdict is already too long. Now I need to find a sexy ass fence to sit on so I can get a proper view of the carnage that’s rue to transpire in the comments.

Ah can’t forget these

Anyway thanks for reading the blog and stuff

Oh also

Special thanks to a few people who did not create verdicts or who may have helped in a more indirect way. This includes Meddadius,Ramonzer ,GrandBlazer and Lswan. Also a shout out to PokeSega64 and Dr. Moo for their extensive Sonic and Mario blogs respectively.


  1. Damn this is too well done.

    Quick question, why wasn't Solaris included in Sonic's scaling section? That seems to be one of the most impressive villains he brought down (with help).

    1. Thanks. Also yeah I added that in.

      You actually wandered in before we finished all the editing funny enough.

  2. Couple of things while reading through the verdicts.

    Mazin-go: "Mario annihilates Sonics in all of his incarnations. In Mario & Luigi they beat Dreamy Bowser who's powered by the dream stone which maintains universes (dreams)"

    Is that even legit?

    Metabro "the vast majority of these examples come from exactly one source: Archie Sonic. However, these feats have drawn a good amount of scrutiny out of people I consider to be very knowledgeable on these comics."

    I'm guessing this is a result of Ulraguy's Archie Sonic blog. Speaking of, what's your stance on Archie comics and their feats Ultra? Do they live up to the insanity that has been pushed for years. Or are they mostly all fraudulent/debunked with careful reading?

  3. I may get painted a little biased when voicing my opinion on this match, but I completely agree with the guys above who backed Mario. Despite being told by most people back in the day that Mario is just a snail in comparison to Sonic, recent research and feats collecting for Mario have changed all of that since 2011 and I think Mario has Sonic beat in most aspects including strength, durability, skill, items, firepower, and yes even speed (who's the one that's "TOO SLOW" now, hedgehog?) and Mario has the Star Rod + Pure Hearts which are at least above everything Sonic has outside of Archie comics. They both may have a shit ton of power-ups, but Mario has more and tanked a black hole without any items and could just rip even Super Sonic's head off if he wants to.

    Yeah I'm going with my first gaming childhood icon here, Mario.

  4. Well, there's also the fact Bowser canonically steals power from the Come Observatory when it was at full power. The same thing that casually flew to the center of the universe at speeds in the quadrillions of times.

    Mario Party also shows the Mini Stars returning to their place in the night sky which is a clear MFTL+ feat since Bowser and Bowser Jr. are seen flying at comparable speeds to them and can react to them.

    Also, Bowser Jr. flies from what look like a white dwarf in the background to the center of the universe or Galaxy (depending on the version), and using the timeframe given for the Starship Mario feat, that comes out to be MFTL+ as well.

    People arguing that Super Sonic destroys given the multiversal thing in Archie are relying on Sonic immediately busting out the big guns, which he wouldn't do, as Homestucklover said. Mario, however, casually blitzes Sonic in base.

  5. So, can we just take Mazin out of this entirely since he used Game Theory unironically as evidence?

    As for Sonic being only MHS in Archie, that's just bull. He was fast enough to literally run through time twice in one day without any sort of assistance. Hell, Game Sonic was fast enough to run across dimensions in Secret Rings.

    Also, I feel the need to mention that Paper Jam only made Mario equal/superior to base paper mario without any pure hearts, so Paper Mario would not even be planet level since he needed at least the crystal stars to reach that point.

    Also, Sonic could be FTL in base in the games according to Omega, the Colors black hole, and the aforementioned Secret Rings thing.

    Ultra Sonic also has matter manipulation so he could probably particalize Mario into nothingness if he got too close to him.

    The Bye Bye cannon only shoots him in one specific direction that Sonic could just dodge out of the way of. Even when Mario comes back he's still on the same line he was when the cannon fired.

    Comparing a minor item in paper mario to chaos control is just dumb. Not all time manipulation is created equal, and that probably only works on characters the same level as base paper mario, which isn't really even planet level.

    1. Talk about biased. You ignored every other point they made that showed Mario has better stats and all.

      Mario is casually FTL and MFTL due to multiple things from both Mario Party AND the Galaxy games.

      He scales to things like Large Planet level Bowser in Mario Party, as well as Multi-Galaxy Bowser in Galaxy. There's also the questionable Multi-Solar System level stuff due to Dreamy Luigi being able to manipulate entire constellations as well as the painting worlds in Super Mario 64 which had entire star systems within them.

      Super forms are small planet level now due to a recent downgrade and Archie just BARELY brings them up to legit being able to destroy planets like the Earth. You can say they're Multi-Solar System due to being powered by the Chaos Emeralds but, that's power source scaling which is apparently frowned upon so, the fault would be on you there.

      There's pretty much nothing Sonic has that Mario can't do better or counter. This goes for both respective multiverses.

    2. Also doesn't help that running through dimensions and time are both unquantifiable at best.

      Paper Mario has a Thing Card that literally makes the planet spin uncontrollably until the card is down attacking. Please stop.

      Secret Rings happened in a literal book. There's a reason it's part of the "storybook series". Statements are taken with a grain of salt, but even giving it to him, there's been no specified amount so, the most reasonable assumption we can make is that he's just barely faster than light. I'm talking a 1.01 multiplier at best. Black holes have VERY mixed views within the community and are likely illegitimate.

      Ultra Sonic is a form Sonic has VERY little experience in and likely would be left out of most fights anyways, since it's severely not standard.

      Did you miss the point of the calc? They can REACT while they are shot at those speeds, which translate to them being able to combat at those speeds as well.

      Hax is freaking hax, no matter how powerful the other character is. You'll have to show me Sonic resisting a time stop in order to convince me it wouldn't work. Also, Chaos Control only lasts 10 seconds and the user CAN wear themselves out, as shown by SA2's ending where Shadow "dies". Hell, Super Sonic and Super Megaman we're both struggling with the Genesis Wave which DOESN'T scale, mind you, so Super forms aren't all that great in the endurance department amd can't spam attacks indefinitely.