Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ultraguy's Second annual Death Battle Blog Contest: Winners blog

Welp 2016 has gone by, and the voting for my yearly contest has finally finished!  The competition was fierce this year, with there being MANY people barely getting edged out in votes and with the contest having a slightly larger amount of ties than last year. Quite frankly I consider this a testament to our excellent community, which pumps out lots of high quality content,despite some dips in active members from time to time.

I hope everyone had a fun time participating even if they didn't win and I'm glad I can get so many people to get involved in a big project like this!

Anyway without further adui it’s time wrap everything up by formally announcing our winners!

1st place



Ultraguy comments: This years first place winner is HerosShade! Personally I don’t think this was much of a surprise to anyone who voted. Hero (and Thor who helped to an extent) have been talking about this dream match for quite a while and clearly put a lot of effort into making the most accurate analysis they could. Likewise outside the info dump for both characters, they took a lot of time to write an interesting and funny combat scenario for the math-up as well.

So overall well researched, entertaining and a fantastic blog that really does deserve to win this year.

HerosShade’s comments
A long time ago, in a website far far away... actually not that far away at all... it was here... a biased fantard ranted and whined in the comments about how Goku should have won. After getting ripped a new one by the regulars, and being taught the ways of VS, this boy began writing fan-made DEATH BATTLE content of his own. One day, he decided to make a blog on a character no one had before: Axe Cop. Although he's gotten way better since then, and has discovered that Axe Cop doesn't actually solo fiction as he once thought, it is still considered one of the best DB-related blogs in the Screwattack community.

This boy- okay you probably figured out by now that it's me, especially if you've been following G1 Legacy  (Shameless plugs ftw), I challenged others to come up with a worthy opponent for this insanely OP character, some of which included Pre-crisis Superman, The Tick, and various cartoon characters like Monkey from Dexter's Lab. But the one that stood out was the embodiment of Japanese weirdness himself, Bobobo Bobo-Bobo. It wasn't until years later that I actually wrote a VS blog on these two (with G1 ThorG1058's help) and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Thank you all for being so supportive of me, this wouldn't exist if it weren't for you.

Stay awesome."

2nd place

Grand blazer


Ultraguy comments: Another non-surprising placement in my opinion. Last year’s winner placed spectacularly just as expected and with a very unorthodox matchup to boot. The popularity of the requests seems to have not mattered much in the long run, as people recognized the writing and research as top notch.

Great job grand! And here’s to another year of blog making!

Grand blazer comments
Woo! Second place! Better than third, not as good as first! Many thanks to the people who voted for me in this contest. I put a lot of work into Spiderman VS Kyoko, so it's nice to see that came through. I originally planned on only doing an analysis for Kyoko, but I wanted to use Spiderman in some sort of DB blog eventually too since he's my favorite comic hero. So I found enough reason to justify them having a match together and threw it into a big prediction with a written fight. Tried my hardest to accurately represent the two of them, and it seems that I did.

I know that my blogging habits kind of slacked last year, what with the new site and all. Plus school's had me keeping busy, but three DB blogs and a few others doesn't seem too bad. I got a lot of stuff planned for soon as well, so I hope you all enjoy it when it comes out. See you all then!

3rd place

Imperator, ThankSwalot and Thorgunderson

Imperators’s Entry

ThankSwalot’s Entry

Thor’s Entry

Ultraguy comments: This year we have a 3 way tie for 3rd place! Congrats to imp! I realize that for some bizarre reason you didn’t think you’d make it this far up in the placement, but trust me your blog on sailor moon was AWESOME and you deserve the accolades everyone wants to give you.

Next ThankSwalot your blog on sceptile was one of the more detailed Pokémon blogs I’ve seen in recent months and I think you did a great job on covering a character that often goes unrecognized in the DB Pokémon fandom.

Finally Thor you did an awesome job with your Freddy Kruger blog. I had little to no idea how expansive and hax his powers were until after I read your blog. I’d love to see him in a fight a lot more than I ever have now.
Imperator's comments
How on earth did I get this high?

ThankSwalot’s comments
I was hoping I'd place high in this but I didn't expect it to be this high, especially with that being the first blog I ever made. There were some really good ones in there that made me worried a bit, but you can't believe how happy I was to find out I made 3rd place in the end. Guess my love for Pokémon really paid off so to those who voted for me, thanks

Thorgunderson’s comments
Oh wow this is quite an honor. I’d like to thank my parents for creating me and our President Axe Cop…but in all seriousness, it feels great to just get votes to begin, let alone to make it into the top 3. I never saw my blogs as fantastic or anything, and certainly not to the degree the other winners are so it means a great deal to me that you guys see them as such.  Imp did a great job with her Usagi blog, it is super comprehensive and accurate, she is the victim of a lot of unjustified Nerfing in other VS communities so it’s great we have hers to turn to. Blazer did one hell of a comeback with a fun lil prediction blog with a lot of re-readability. Finally Shade did great on that Axe Cop VS Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo blog me and him had been debating that forever, so to see it come to fruition was quite a treat. The music was epic and the writing was hilarious, also I collabed with him on that blog so technically i did win in a way :P

Let’s give a round of applause for all our contestants this year! Hopefully we can continue to make this site tradition in years following!

For anyone wondering the next anthology blogs (with numerous blogs from last year) will probably be out sometime next month or so. For winners wondering about their prizes, I’ll contact you all individually and we can work out the details.

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