Monday, December 19, 2016

Ultraguy's Second Annual Death Battle Blog Contest

Long time no see guys!

Following the tradition set last year, I’m going to have another year end Death Battle blog contest. The concept is pretty simply. You chose a blog to enter, it gets voted on, and the winners get prizes.

For additional information read the paragraphs below.

General rules
1: The deadline for entering the contest will be Jan 1st.

2: The blog you submit for this contest MUST be centered around Death Battle in some fashion. Death Battle analyses and predictions are preferred, but other blogs including calculation blogs, top ten lists, analyses/reviews of the show, written fights, Desk of battles, or character matchup charts ect will be accepted. No videos however.

3: One entry per person. You can post your choice here in the comments of this blog, or you can pm me your choice on the Screwattack main site or forums. You can change your entry before the deadline if you want, but you can’t change it after Jan 1st.

4: The blog created must be made this year (2016). It can be a blog you previously completed prior to me posting this announcement or you can create a new blog before the deadline of the contest entry.

5. This contest is mostly for the Screwattack G1s in the Screwattack community. However unlike last year you can enter blogs you posted on other sites like Deviant art, DB fanon, Vs wiki, ect. THAT BEING SAID YOU HAVE TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT ON SCREWATTACK(either the main site or forums) and post a link to your work from a Screwattack profile before participating.

6. This contest is open to everyone, including current member of the Death Battle research team. Though if I feel our own members are dominating the contest to much, I may alter how blogs get ranked to give others a fighting chance. Additionally I obviously won’t enter because I would realistically win with little effort with blogs like composite sonic and Yu vs Jotaro it would be a conflict of interest.

7. You can enter colab blogs if you want. However you need to split credit between all major contributors, and be willing to split the prize if said blog wins. Likewise if two or more people enter one blog together, that counts as the entry for all participants. This rule can also be subject to change if I think people are taking advantage of it.

How the winner will be determined
The winner of this contest will be determined by a community vote after all the blogs have been entered. Each person participating in the vote will be allowed to vote for 10 blogs each. Obviously however you will not be able to vote for yourself.

A blog officially discussing the contest entrants will be posted in early to mid-January and Voting will most likely start immediately upon its posting.

Sometime between late January to early February I’ll be creating a Death Battle blog anthology vol 3, a sequel to my first two anthologies which collected all the best DB oriented blogs on the screwattack site at the time of their creation. All entered blogs will be included in this blog as a constellation prize (along with others of my own choice).

Additionally the top 5 winners of the contest will get various prizes

1st place: 20$ game
2nd place: 15$ game
3nd place: 10$ game

How I hand out these prizes will be determined on a case by case basis, though most likely I will gift the winners the game/download code of their choices online, or I will provide them codes for the appropriate amounts of money. The 1st place prize may also be higher depending on my finances at the time of the contests end (though don’t count on it).Additionally I do live in the USA, which means giving out a prize to another country may be somewhat difficult. Keep that in mind when you sign up.

The announcement of winners and prizes will occur around the same time period of DB Blog anthology vol 3, after 1-2 weeks of voting in late January to early February.

Anyway hope you guys take an interest in this contest. I’m hoping it will give people something to do during the upcoming downtime, as well as kickstart some community activity on screwattack.



    I submit Cole vs Alex


    This counts, right?

  3. So, can my custom season thing count? It's one list, but I had to split it into two posts...

    1. Alrighty. For now, that will be my entry. I have a blog in the works, but I don't think it'll be finished in time.