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Character Analysis:Composite Sonic The Hedgehog

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In case you were wondering

This is a full composite. That in includes the games, every cartoon series (including adventures of sonic the hedgehog), Archie comics (pre-gen, post-gen and early Archie), Fleetway comics, the mangas, the ova, all of the Sonic Boom sub franchise and Sonic X.

I highlighted the best of Sonic's various feats in red.

Most of the abbreviations should be obvious, though for reference.

S3K- Sonic 3 and Knuckles
SA- Sonic Adventure
SA2- Sonic Adventure 2
SH-Sonic heroes
S06- Sonic 06
SC- Sonic Colors
SG- Sonic Generations
SLW-Sonic lost world


Art by Wanipop 
A blue hedgehog born on Christmas Island, who was gifted with unnatural speed.  In his adolescence he left his home in sight of adventure across the world and eventually found himself embroiled in various conflicts with a maleficent scientist called Dr. Ivo Robotnik (also known as Eggman). He’s spent most of his life since their initial encounter stopping said scientists from achieving world domination, all the while dealing with side threats from other villains along the way. In many continuities Sonic tends to gain a cache of allies and friends to help him, often times being referred to as the “freedom fighters”.

Personality wise Sonic has a fairly cocky 90s “tude” personality, with some sprinkles of a more worldly nature due to his continental travels. He also has the attitude of a big bother mentor to many of the characters in his cast, particularly Tails.


Power sneakers
The standard shoes Sonic wears in every game and most of the spin offs. Their origins aren’t highly explained, but in several continuities they were either invented by Eggman (ironically) or Sonic’s uncle chuck using power rings. A character named Alberto also invented and gave Sonic a pair of customizable power sneakers in sonic 06. Whatever the case they are highly resistant to friction and never wear out, making them imperative for Sonic to use his speed to the fullest.

-Sonic mentioning Chuck having made his shoes in Archie

Hover shoes
Shoes that allow Sonic to hover in midair. Useful for when Sonic needs to fight near water as they keep him from sinking. Chris Thorndike invented them, and normally gave Sonic access to these shoes as needed in sonic x season 3.

-Chris shooting the shoes onto Sonic’s feet in X ep 55

-Chris giving sonic a pair so he can hover through a tunnel of rings in X ep 60

Hi speed shoes
A pair of specialized shoes invented by Chris Thorndike that enhance grinding ability. Generally given to Sonic by Chris mid battle in X depending on the situation. Sonic also wore a pair during the events of sonic adventure 2.

-Chris giving Sonic a pair in X ep 58

Nitro blasters
A specialized pair of shoes that generates an energy sphere that can be kicked at opponents as an attack. The energy ball can bounce between multiple targets. Invented by Chris Thorndike and normally given to Sonic by him mid battle in Sonic X.

-Chris giving Sonic a pair to fight a group of Metarex ships in X ep 70

Power shoes
A pair of power sneakers that have saw blades in the bottom. They allow Sonic to cut through the things he runs over. Invented by Chris Thorndike and given to Sonic when needed in Sonic X.

-Sonic using them to cut some vines in X ep 66

Atomic Relativity gravity boots
A pair of boots invented by professor Caninstien that allow the user to run at the speed of light and travel backwards or forwards in time. They were a fairly one off item only seen in the adventures cartoon.

-an explanation of the boots and Sonic using them in adventures ep 48

-Sonic using them in adventures ep 49

-Sonic using them again in adventure ep 48

Magnetic and Antigravity boots
Sonic’s power sneakers where modified in the Satam cartoon to have additional functions. Particularly anti-gravity jets that slow the descent of long falls and magnetic soles that can stick onto metal surfaces.

-Sonic using the shoes magnetic soles to cling to the underside of a robot in season 2 ep 12

-An example of Sonic using his shoes antigravity feature to slow down a descent in season 2 ep 18

Level up items
Light speed shoes
Specialized shoes or chips that allow Sonic to use a move called the light speed dash. Found in various games like Sonic Adventure.

-Sonic gaining them in SA:

Ancient light
A Power-up that allows the user to use a move called the light speed attack. Found in the adventure games.

-Sonic gaining it in SA:

Crystal ring
A ring that reduces charge time for the light speed dash and attack moves. Found in Sonic adventure.

-Sonic picking it up in SA:

Bounce bracelet
A bracelet that allows the user to use a bouncing attack. Found in Sonic adventure and Sonic 06.

Flame ring
A ring that gives sonic the ability to do a move called the fire somersault. Found in Sonic adventure 2.

-Sonic finding it in SA2: 

Magic gloves
A pair of gloves that allow Sonic to perform a move called the magic hands. Found in Sonic adventure 2.

-Sonic obtaining it in SA2: 

Mystic melody
A piece of equipment that allows Sonic to use a power called mystic melody. Found in Sonic adventure 2.

-Sonic finding it in SA2:

Stomping shoes
A pair of shoes used to enable a stomping attack. Found in Sonic unleashed and Sonic generations.

Wall jump shoes
A pair of shoes that allow the user to use a wall jump ability. Found in Sonic unleashed.

Air boost shoes
A pair of shoes that allows Sonic to use a move of his called “boost” in the air. Found in Sonic unleashed.

Mystical objects
Power rings
Ring like objects that hold great power. They have multiple uses, particularly being used to maintain many of Sonic’s transformations or to fuel several of his special attacks. In various outside media like Satam, Sonic X and Archie Sonic, he can also harness their power to temporarily enhance his physical abilities and speed. They also have some healing properties, being used to undo brainwashing on occasion in Satam or being able to prevent death from most attacks from a gameplay perspective.

-Ring are often implied to be connected to or created by chaos energy in some cannons.

-An example of Sonic using one to run faster in Satam ep 1

-Another example in Satam ep 7

-Sonic using a ring to enter an enhanced spin dash state in X ep 1

-A tunnel of rings being provided for sonic to help boost him upwards in X ep 60

Chaos emeralds
A set of mystical objects that are said to grant near infinite power through the use of “chaos energy”. They can often be found hidden in alternate pocket dimensions known as special zones, and are said to turn the thoughts of the user into power. Depending on the types of thoughts and motivations of their user, they will generate either positive or negative energy. Sonic typically uses the positive energy of the chaos emeralds as a means of transforming into a more powerful state called a "super form". They scatter like dragon balls if all 7 are collected and used at the same time.

-Tikal talking about how the emeralds turn thoughts into power in Sonic adventure

-The emeralds also apparently have some degree of sapience, allowing them to converse or guide characters to their position if they truly need them. This is probably why Sonic could call them back when they had already been used in games like Sonic Advanced 3 

Super emeralds
Enhanced versions of the chaos emeralds. They have additional power due to drawing power form the master emerald, another sacred gem that was created by the gods for the purpose of being able to regulate the chaos emeralds powers. They can only be unlocked in a linked Sonic 3 and knuckles game.

-Sonic having got all Super emeralds in S3K

-For the record the master emerald also has some form of sapience and has appeared to the characters when needed(Sonic battle for example).

Time stones
A set of mystical stones found on little planet in Sonic CD. They have control over time and space, and can be used to freely travel through time in some continuities.

-Sonic and sally using the time stones in Satam

-Silver the Hedgehog using “Cronos control” to travel in time with a time stone in Archie

-Sonic using one to time travel in Sonic the comic is 28

World rings
A set of 7 magical rings that bind together the alternate reality of the Arabian knights in Sonic and the secrete rings. The 7 rings all hold immense power and represent several emotions including Prayers, Sadness, Rage, Hatred, Joy, Pleasure and Wishes.

-Sonic gaining the world ring of sadness in Secrete rings

-Gaining another world ring

Deep power stones
A pair of stones that when combined together either grant the user great power or cause a great destructive blast in Satam. They have 10,000 times the power of a normal power rings found in Satam.

-Sonic and Sally Acorn using the power stones in the final episode of Satam

Various gems that can be equipped to Sonic’s shoes to grant him special abilities in Sonic 06. Sonic has several different colors including Green, Red, Blue, White, Sky, Yellow and Purple.

A Magical medallion that transforms into a guitar capable of producing lasers in Sonic underground. It can also nullify the effects of mind control temporarily. It can run out of energy and revert back to its medallion form if overused.

-Sonic learning to use their power in underground ep 2

-Creating a laser blast with it in underground ep 4

-Another example of the lasers in ep 4

A device used in the Sonic boom games and cartoon. It’s basically an energy tethering device. In rise of lyric the devices where originally a set of energy shackles Tails modified for personal use, though by the end of said game he replicated their technology in wrist mounted communication bracelets. 

Those bracelets are what appear most often in the other Sonic boom media.

-They can be used to lasso and throw enemies:

-Cartoon shows they can latch onto objects as a tether. You can also do this to specific objects in the games:

-Sonic using it to wrap up an opponent in boom s2 ep 1

 -They can be used to disarm opponents of shields. Logically I would think being able to do the same with handheld weapons is reasonable as well.

-You can see Tails modifying the original shackles here:

Extreme gear
Flying hover boards, skates, scooters and other objects used by Sonic and co as a means for transportation, typically in the Sonic riders series. Sonic can use multiple types of gear but his exclusive set is the blue star, a hover board type gear.

They typically use air as a fuel source, and are capable of gliding maneuvers called the air ride and wind tunnel/surfing abilities called the air slide. Users can also use fuel from the machine to create tornadoes behind them. They can also create short bursts of speed at the expense of air, with a maneuver called the “kick dash”.

-Example of the Air ride

-Example of air slide

-Creating a tornado

-Sonic used a board similar to extreme gear in X ep 57

- They can in fact fully fly as shown in zero gravity

-Sonic riding one in Archie comics is 285

-Sonic riders does have some power-up weapons that can be used on boards. You can see a list here

Ark of the cosmos/ gravity band
Ring shaped stones that allow the user to manipulate gravity. They were used in the second Sonic riders game in conjunction with extreme gear to enhance movement ability. Particularly to warp gravity and propel users forward with a move called gravity dive. As well as allowing them to make sharp sudden gravity assisted turns and redirect gravity to other surfaces to run on them(think Mario kart 8).

-Sonic using an ark’s power to stop gravity in mid air

-Sonic using the gravity dive ability

-Sonic using gravity to change direction during a sharp turn

-While the ark’s of the cosmos were lost at the end of zero gravity, items called gravity bands also existed within said game, and provided the exact same effects.

Shara’s ring
A magic ring given to Sonic by the genie Shara in Sonic and the secrete rings. It allows him to draw upon her magic to perform certain special attacks and utilize “soul energy” in said game.

-Sonic getting the ring in the secrete rings

A sentient sacred sword used by Sonic to fight during the events of Sonic and the black knight. It’s capable of flying and moving on its own, and has various story related purposes in the black knight. It also grants the ability to use soul energy.

-Sonic first getting Caliburn in the black knight

-Caliburn can dispel powers of immortality regulated “Excalibur’s scabbard” in the black knight, when combined with several other sacred swords. It’s possible it could also have the ability to dispel immortality in general, though this isn’t clear and

Sonic chronicles equipment
Sonic can equip various types of equipment in the game Sonic chronicles. They typically correlate to one for the feet, one for the hands and one for the neck. Some of Sonic’s best possible equipment includes.

The immunity idol, which prevents negative status effects.

The kron hammer, which increases damage done by a high threshold

Speed sneakers, which lightly enhance speed and defense

There’s also various other pieces of equipment, including those that can revive the character from a deadly blow once. Allow the character to infuse attacks with elements like wind, earth, fire and lightning. As well as some that heal the user overtime.

A species of small winged creatures often featured in life sim minigames in Sonic. In Sonic chronicles you can raise/equip them to characters, and the chao will grant the characters various boosts in stats or special abilities(such as health/stamina regeneration, the ability to do elemental damage, shielding, insta killing, reviving after a deadly hit, ect)


Normal shield
A protective bubble that defends against one deadly attack. It’s generally found by breaking a monitor in stage, but can also be equipped as a skill in sonic generations by classic Sonic.

-Sonic with a shield in SLW

Flame shield
A fire variation of the shield. It protects against fire or heat based attacks. When using it Sonic can even run on lava with no damage. Sonic can also perform a forward dashing fire spin attack when it is active. Breaks after blocking a powerful attack. It also dissipates if it comes into contact with water. It’s generally found by breaking a monitor in stage, but can also be equipped as a skill in sonic generations by classic Sonic.

Water shield
A water based variation of the shield. Protects against one deadly attack. It allows the user to breathe underwater and can allow the user to preform a bouncing jump. It can also deflect minor projectiles. It’s generally found by breaking a monitor in stage, but can also be equipped as a skill in sonic generations by classic Sonic.

Lightning shield
A lightning variant of the shield. Blocks one deadly attack. It attracts rings to Sonic’s position and has immunity to electricity based attacks. It can also deflect minor projectiles. Sonic can also performed another extra jump on top of his normal ones when it is equipped. In some but not all games it disappears if it comes into contact with water. It’s generally found by breaking a monitor in stage, but can also be equipped as a skill in sonic generations by classic Sonic.

Gold shield
A variation of the normal shield that appeared in Sonic 3D blast. It allowed Sonic to perform what was basically a proto version of the homing attack in addition to having normal shield functions.

-Being used in 3D blast:

Feet based power-ups
Hi speed shoes
A power up that temporarily increases running and jumping speed for around 15-20 seconds. Normally acquired from a monitor but can be equipped as a skill by classic Sonic in generations.

-A cheated example in Sonic 2:

Rocket shoes
A power up that gives Sonic rocket shoes that let him fly through the air for a few seconds. Used in Sonic chaos and triple Trouble.

-Being used in Sonic chaos:

Propeller shoes
A power up that gives Sonic’s shoes underwater rocket jets that let him move freely underwater for a few seconds. Only seen in triple trouble.

-Sonic using them in triple trouble:

Sonic will occasionally ride a snowboard in some games as a way of traversing snowy areas or to move downhill in slanted locations. He will also sometimes use a piece of scrap metal or a skateboard, rather than a traditional snowboard. He can find objects like this in the environment itself, but he can also get one from a monitor as a power up, or equip the ability to conjure one as a skill in Sonic generations.

-Using one in sonic triple trouble:

Pogo spring
A power up that gives Sonic a bouncy spring pad under his feet that can propel him upwards while moving. Seen in Sonic Chaos and triple trouble.

-Being used in Sonic chaos: 

-Sonic can also produce springs to jump on as an ability in smash bros.

-Spring custom moves in smash

Spring shoes
A power up that enhances Sonic’s jumping ability for a short period of time in Sonic fever.

-Being used in Sonic fever

A power-up that surrounds sonic in a bunch of sparkling lights and grants Sonic temporary invincibility. Normally lasts around 15-20 seconds.

-Being used in S3K:

Ring time
A power-up that turns nearby enemies into rings temporarily. Can be found as a power up in the environment in Sonic fever or equipped as a skill in Sonic generations.

A power up that stuns nearby opponents in Sonic fever.

-Being used in Sonic fever

A power up that pulls objects and small creatures to Sonic’s position in Sonic fever.

-Being used in Sonic fever 

A power up that creates explosions that destroys enemies in sonic fever and games like Sonic adventure. Can also create a normal bomb to be used as a weapon in the Sonic riders series.

-Being used in Sonic fever

Self-propelled bomb
A bomb power up that files through the air to hit other opponents in the competition mode of S3K.

A power up that produces a banana peel that other characters can slip on in the competition mode of S3K.

A power up that gives Sonic a copy of a power up in the opponent’s current use. Only used in the competition mode of S3K.
Time stop
A power-up found only in special stages in Sonic Chaos. It stomps time temporarily.

-Being used in sonic chaos

Power core
Cores of power you can collect in Sonic heroes to amp up the physical powers and abilities of the characters in the game.

-Sonic having gotten a power core in heroes

Special abilities
Rolling and spinning attack variants
Spin attack and dash
 Sonic’s iconic attacking maneuver. The spin attack is a jumping attack where he will spin rapidly in the air while extending his quills to cut through objects and opponents. He’ll often perform the ability while bouncing around an environment. He can also perform a spin attack while rolling on the ground and even charge up speed for such an attack with an ability called the spin dash or spin charge in most games. He can also initiate a burst of speed into a spin attack when hitting the ground with a new ability called drop dash in Sonic Mania.

-The spin dash modded into sonic 1

-The Spin dash on the left in SLW

-An example of how drop dash works hacked into sonic 1

-Sonic using a ring enhanced spin attack in x ep 8

-Another ring enhanced spin attack in X ep 16

- Spin attack in X ep 27

- Using a spin attack in Archie is 191

-Sonic’s custom spin dash variants in smash 4(note one variation can bury opponents in the ground)

-Sonic’s custom spin charge variants in smash 4(note one variation can pull opponents to his position)

Homing attack
The common midair homing attack. Basically a spin attack that homes in on an enemy from a distance. There’s also a variant that just boosts Sonic through the air in a general direction called the jump dash and one that moves towards an opponent without attacking called the homing dash.

-Homing dash in the black knight

-Sonic custom homing attack variants in smash

Focused homing attack
A powered up version of the homing attack. In game a reticule goes through 3 different phases to represent 3 levels of power. It also allows Sonic to lock onto multiple targets (up to 6) at once.

-Being used in SLW: and

A short range rolling attack that can be used to attack enemies and get under tight spaces.

Fire somersault
A somersault attack embroidered with a fiery aura. Allowed Sonic to destroy steel crates in Sonic adventure 2.

-One of Sonic’s custom moves in smash 4 is inspired by this attack

Skid attack
 A somersaulting skid attack used by Sonic in the advanced games. Sonic has a powered up version he can use at top speed called the super skid and a stronger version of the attack he can use when paired with knuckles in advanced 3 called the fire slide.

-Sonic using the fire slide in advanced 3:

Insta shield
An air shield sonic can create by rapidly spinning to block attacks for a second or so. It’s explained to be caused by him rapidly vibrating the molecules in the air around him in Sonic the comic.

-In Sonic the comic is 33

-In Sonic the comic is 36

Movement abilities
Double jump
A double jumping maneuver.

-Being used in Sonic blast:

Wall jump
Self-explanatory. A wall jumping maneuver you would normally see in many platforming games.

Triangle jump
Basically a wall jump, but horizontally instead of vertically.

Bound jump
A downward spinning attack that makes Sonic bounce into the air. Can be used repeatedly to reach higher places.

-Sonic using it in SA2: 

Charge jump
A crouching charge jump that’s higher than a normal jump.

-In Sonic and the secrete rings: 

Trick action
Basically those flare show off moves Sonic uses in some games during a jump. In games like the advanced series they can be used to change mid-air momentum. For example with horizontally moving spinning move called humming top.

-Sonic using trick actions in SG

Various wall run based moves. They allow Sonic to run up walls, shuffle to the side when on a wall, among other things.

-An example from the fan community

Pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s a drifting maneuver Sonic can use while running in order to make it around a tight corner. Sonic either stays standing or rolls into his spin dash attack when using it.

-Sonic using it in SU:

A running slide maneuver used to get under obstacles without losing momentum.

Quick step
A side stepping maneuver Sonic can use to avoid attacks and move around obstacles. 

A skydiving maneuver Sonic can use to control his speed when falling through the air.

-Being used in SU:  

Grinding/grind step
The ability to grind on rail like objects and a rail switching maneuver respectively.

-Sonic grinding and using a grind step in SG

A downward stomping attack.

Light speed dash
An ability that allows Sonic to travel along a trail of rings at light speed.

Speed techniques
Super peel out
Sort of like a standing version of a spin dash. Sonic runs in place to build up speed before zipping off.

-A hacked version in sonic 1:

Sonic boost
A new staple move for the sonic franchise that allows sonic to envelop himself in some sort of aura and propel himself at higher speeds than normal, while acting as a sort of battering ram to enemies in front of him. Can also be used in the air.

-Sonic using it in Sonic rush:

-Sonic has what can be described as an upwards moving boost called fever in sonic jump fever

Dash (sonic boom)
Basically another variation of boosting. From the Sonic dash game.

-Sonic using it in Sonic dash 2:

Sonic boom
A burst of speed similar to the Sonic boost move, used as Sonic’s special in the Sonic rivals series.

-Sonic using it in Sonic rivals:

Boost mode
A state of enhanced speed in the advanced series. It leaves afterimages behind the character, but has no explosive aura. The Sonic boom franchise has an ability similar to this called sprint.

-Being used in advanced 2:

-Sprinting in sonic boom

Speed up
A move that temporarily increases speed in adventure 2 battle.

-Being used in SA2:

Melee attacks
Axe kick
A spin dash attack combined with a powerful axe kick. Only used in Sonic chronicles.

-Sonic using it in chronicles:

Flying kick
A flying kick attack that knock the opponent backwards. Can be used to topple enemies or knock them into each other.

-Sonic using it in SLW:

Foot sweep
A sweeping leg attack.

Kick boost
A charged kicked used to move large objects.

-Sonic using it in SC:

Somersault kick
A midair somersault maneuver followed with a kick, which creates a projectile energy wave that can damage or stun opponents.

-Being used in SLW3DS:

A blocking ability that creates a shield to stop attacks.

-Being used in Sonic the fighters:

Advanced attack techniques
Light speed attack
A variation of the light speed dash, that  is combined with the spin attack to rapidly hit all nearby enemies. It normally has to be charged for a few seconds before use.

Blue tornado
A tornado Sonic can create by rapidly spinning around an enemy. It can be used to disorient opponents, disarm them or provide momentum for scaling poles or lifting sky gliders.

Magic hand
An ability that can destroy, shrink and entrap enemies in small spheres that Sonic can throw as a projectile. Must be initiated by a short range.

-Sonic using it in SA2:

Sonic Cracker
A landmine Sonic can throw into the ground to act as a trap for opponents.

-Using one in Sonic battle:

Sonic drive
A move where Sonic will throw a ring into the air and home onto it with a spin dash, damaging any opponents in his way.

-Sonic using it in Sonic battle:

Sonic storm
Sonic jumps in the air or stays on the ground and performs a spin dash that releases a shock wave that damages enemies.

-Sonic using it in Sonic battle:

Sonic wind
A special move where Sonic will summon a whirlwind to an opponent’s position to ensnare and damage them.

-Sonic using it in SA2:

A whirlwind attack used by sonic in sonic chronicles. Hits multiple opponents.

-Sonic using it in chronicles:

Sonic heal
An ability Sonic uses to heal himself by vibrating his molecules at supersonic speeds.

-Using it in Sonic battle

Fire and Ice mode
An ability granted in Sonic boom fire and ice after absorbing fire and ice energy from an opened underground fissure. It allows Sonic to surround himself in either a fiery or Icy aura that instantly melts/inflames or freezes the objects he comes into contact with.

-Sonic using fire powers

Chaos control
The ability to bend time and space or empower oneself with the aid of a chaos emerald. The more chaos emeralds a character has the more enhanced the ability to use chaos control will be. Sonic first learned how to perform the ability after watching Shadow do it in Sonic adventure 2.

The main use of chaos control is to teleport either the user and or an object through space. The applications of this ability are pretty much limitless when the user has all seven chaos emeralds, with Sonic and co regularly crossing dimensions with it and with Sonic himself once sending the chaos emeralds across a galaxy with it in Sonic X.

-Sonic first using chaos control to escape a trap in SA2:

-Sonic will also use chaos control to get back on stage if you fight him as Shadow in SA2 during the final boss.

-Sonic having teleported in x ep 37

-Sonic having teleported angle island to earth in X ep 26

-Teleporting the ark with shadow in x ep 38

-Sending the chaos emeralds across the galaxy in x ep 53

Time stop
The ability to stop time through chaos control. Sonic has not used this ability in story, but it was implied he knew how to invoke this power at the end of Sonic X(where he was about to time stop an explosion, but had shadow beat him to it). He does have a “time stop” ability in SA2s multiplayer for the matter. It stops time for about 10 seconds.

-Sonic stopping time in SA2:

Time travel
Chaos control can also be used as a means of time travel. However traveling through time requires the use of multiple emeralds from more than one user using chaos control at an intersecting point. Sonic used this ability mainly with the help of characters silver or shadow in Sonic 06.

-Using it in Sonic 06 to go back in time to save Princess Elise

Reality warping
The chaos emeralds under specific circumstances can warp the fabric of reality, allowing for a person or machine to re-write entire histories and memories. This has really only been elaborated on in Archie, where Eggman could use the emeralds power to create a chaos energy based “genesis wave” or “super genesis wave”. The former which used one chaos emerald and could temporarily alter the reality of a universe. The later which used all 7 and could permanently alter the fabric of a multiverse with no limits.

-Eggman explaining it in Archie 251

In Archie this power has typically been technologically based, and there’s been very little evidence that Sonic himself can perfectly re-create the facets of an ENTIRE genesis wave on his own(nor has he ever actually applied such an ability to combat). That being said he has used Chaos control once to undo the effects of a genesis wave and travel back in time a  few seconds to save a friend in is 229

He also did this another time in the worlds collide crossover arch to undo a super genesis wave(albeit Eggman interrupted him part way through, which caused the genesis wave to fail and for the multiverse to collapse)

In the two above cases it is very likely Sonic used chaos control to more or less hijack the effects of the genesis wave for his own purpose.  That being said it was implied Sonic can use chaos control on his own to affect reality in the worlds unite crossover, as he and Megaman attempted to use it to fix damage Sigma had done to reality due to over use of "genesis portals". Albeit it very clearly doesn’t have “no limits” given their attempt actually failed

INTERESTINGLY (the rabbit hole goes even deeper folks) having the power of all the chaos emeralds does give characters reality warping abilities in Sonic the Comic. Albeit the version of Super Sonic in that comic never displayed those abilities.

-Eggman after having absorbed the power of the chaos emeralds, reshaped reality so that he ruled and Sonic was never born and

-Perfect chaos also had reality warping powers after getting all the chaos emeralds in issue 183

-On another note the chaos emeralds were capable of reviving Sonic from the dead at the end of 06. 

Custom actions
Various exclusive moves you can use as Sonic in Sonic 06. The original intention may have been for their use to be limited by some sort of gauge, but due to the shoddy and incomplete programming of Sonic 06 you can use them all without limit.

Thunder guard
A move that can manually produce a thunder shield, which attracts rings and protects the user from attacks. If the shield gets destroyed, Sonic can conjure another.

-Sonic using it in S06:

Homing smash
A move that allows Sonic to stop in midair during a homing jump, before resuming. Useful for preventing collisions.

-Sonic using it in S06:

Gun drive
Sonic throws a gem, which he can then chase after through the air, allowing him to reach new places.

-Sonic using it in S06:

An ability that slows down time around Sonic. Useful for outmaneuvering opponents.

-Sonic using it in S06:   

An ability that Shrinks Sonic to a small size making him a harder target to hit. Also lets him jump indefinitely. It would also probably be useful for hiding and fitting in tight spaces as well.

-Sonic using it in S06:

An ability that creates a tornado.

-Sonic using it in S06:  

Mach speed
An ability that gives sonic a quick boost of speed.

-Sonic using it in S06:

Storybook series moves
Soul energy/gauge
Soul energy is a gameplay mechanic present in the secrete rings and the black knight. Soul is some sort of ethereal energy source Sonic could gather by collecting pearls, fairies, defeating enemies, or a few other misc methods. Sonic can then put this “soul” energy towards certain special abilities specific to the storybook series games.

Speed break
An ability that utilizes soul energy to temporarily increase Sonic’s speed. Sonic will run so fast the air around him will be set on fire.

-Using it in secrete rings gameplay: 

-Him using it in a cut scene of the secrete rings

Time break
An ability that uses soul energy to slow down the flow of time, giving Sonic extra time to react to his environment. It was first introduced in the secrete rings, but the ability also appeared as a skill in Sonic generations outside the storybook series soul mechanics.

-Sonic’s movements also slow, down making this skill better for reacting to danger.

-Sonic using it in the secrete rings:

Soul surge
An ability that uses soul energy to perform a powerful Dash or physical attack.

-Being used in Sonic and the black knight: 

Equipable upgrades found in games like the secrete rings, the black knight and generations. For the most part they just increase or alter certain stats/parameters of Sonic’s abilities. A few also let him equip certain power-ups as freely usable abilities, particularly the shield, bubble shield, fire shield, lighting shield, speed sneakers, ring time, and a skateboard/snowboard. A version of time break can also be equipped as a skill.

-You can see a list of skills here

Misc. Sonic battle attacks
 Sonic battle is home to various physical attacks, like kicks, punches and so forth. Many of them are partially inspired by breakdancing moves.

Speed transferring
Sonic can apparently transfer his speed to objects to an extent. For example in Sonic generation he can transfer his speed into mine cart, to cause them to move faster.

-Using it on a cart in SG:

Quill sensing
It was very briefly noted in Sonic and the secrete rings that Sonic’s quills tingle a bit before impending danger.

-Him noticing an attack with his quills right before it happens in secrete rings

Mind control resistance
Sonic has on occasion displayed some varying levels of resistance against both passive and direct mind control.

-Resisting the control of a mind control machine in Sonic the comic is 17

-He also tapped into the power of the master emerald in Archie 184, despite it having a mind control hex on it

-It was stated to have a will strong enough to resist the corruptive influences of Dark gia energy in Sonic unleashed

-He also resisted control from the over mind in Sonic chronicles, albeit he had some light protection at the time.

-Sonic can be mind controlled to moderate success by Ifrit in Sonic rivals 2 however, so he’s not completely immune to mind control.

Vibrational phasing
Sonic can in some situations vibrate his molecules to phase through objects.

-Vibrating through a dome in Archie is 119

-Vibrating to get out of bindings in Archie sonic blast comic

-Vibrating himself to get out of bindings in Sonic the comic is 19

Tornado/twister creation
Outside of specialized techniques, Sonic has also used his speed to make tornados as an attack in several other forms of media. For example

-Created a tornado and threw the people with it in adventures ep 4

-Making a tornado in adventures ep 7

-Using a tornado to move an Eggman ship and make it crash into another in satam ep 2

-Making a tornado with the aid of a ring in satam season 2 ep 12

-Making a tornado in Archie is 62  

-Making a water vortex in Sonic the comic is 118  

Sonic can use his spin dash and speed to tunnel through the ground in several canons. This gives him a fair bit a maneuverability, and allows him to avoid attacks or outmaneuver opponents.

-Tunneling through a wall in satam ep 6

-Tunneling dozens of feet underground to reach a pump in satam ep 10

-Avoiding a robots assault by tunneling underground in satam ep 10

-Tunneling through some rocks in adventures ep 2

-Drilling into a wall in adventures ep 19

-Drilling through the planet Mobius in adventures ep 42

-Drilling into the earth to find a chaos emerald in x ep 28

-Tunneling in Archie is 51

-Digging a huge hole in X comic is 7

wait what!

Sonic is incapable of swimming………..except when he can in some continuities.

-Sonic swimming in ep 11 of Satam

-Sonic having swam a least a bit in X ep 9 to save Amy

-Sonic clearly panicking when underwater and managing to swim out in X ep 16

-Swimming in sonic x comic is 2

-Amy explicitly saying Sonic had been getting tutored in swimming in x comic is 11

-For that matter the scan I’m using as the header for this section also outright says Sonic can swim in the X comic.

-Early Archie Sonic could also swim

-Sonic swimming in adventures ep 26

-Swimming in adventures ep 35

-Sonic in Sonic the comic is 127 mentioned he eventually learned how to swim

-Sonic says he can’t swim in Sonic underground, but in Ep 9 he splash around a little to move a few feat

-On another note even in the main games not being able to swim has been AVERTED to an extent as of sonic colors. In Sonic colors Sonic can use his spin jump indefinitely underwater, allowing him to move around freely in it and get out if he needs to. It’s not traditional swimming by any stretch, but it gets the job done.

-Sonic does have a fear of water in some canons like modern Archie

And Sonic X

The only well-known continuities where Sonic seemingly cannot swim at least a little is Sonic boom, post-gen Archie and the Ova.

Misc abilities
Sonic could use his quills as a parachute in adventures ep 46

Could spin fast enough to become invisible in Archie

Eggman theorized sonic had absorbed so much chaos energy that he became an “embodiment of
chaos” impossible to plan against normally in Archie

Pretty much has his own version of the after image technique in the special version of Archie is 50

Sonic has had some 4th wall awareness in some media like Archie and some light toon force in some media as well

Sonic in the adventures cartoon was also prone to wearing outfits and disguises, then playing a fa├žade to trick opponents. Somewhat similar to bugs bunny

Color power
Color power is a series of states and abilities Sonic can take on by absorbing the “hyper-go-on” energy from a species of alien lifeforms called wisps. Said wisps temporarily (and voluntarily) merge with Sonic giving him this power. In game they tend to be found trapped in capsules, though canonically the wisps can come to Sonic himself to give him help if they so choose. Color powers function more along the line of power-ups and have incredibly short time span for use once activated, so how much it veers on the side of outside help is up for debate. There are also many different colors of wisp correlating to the different powers they provide. White wisps are considered the standard, and just fill Sonic's boost meter in Sonic colors. The rest of the color powers are listed below.

Black Bomb
The black bomb is gained when Sonic absorbs the black wisp.It transforms Sonic into a large bomb that increases in size as he rolls over enemies. When the timer is about to run out, the bomb will cause an explosion proportionate to the bombs size.

Blue cube
Uses a blue wisp to give sonic the ability to turn into a large blue cube. The cube can smash into the ground to destroy objects and also sends out a shockwave that can damage opponents from a distance. It will also transform “blue rings” into cube like objects and vice versa, which can be useful for platforming.

Crimson eagle
Uses a crimson wisp to turn Sonic into a red eagle like creature that can fly.

Cyan laser
Gained by absorbing a cyan wisp. Turns Sonic into a living laser that can bounce off opponents to damage them, off walls to reach new areas or travel through special crystals to get to new places. It gets used up right after being activated.

-Using it in SC opening:

-Using it in SLW to travel through some crystals:

Green hover
Uses a green wisp to become a large floating green object. Can be used to hover through an environment and even has its own version of the light speed dash.

Gray quake
Gained by using a gray wisp. Transforms Sonic into a heavy stone block that can make shockwaves to destroy opponents and scale up walls.

-Being used in SLW3DS:

Indigo asteroid
Uses an indigo wisp to become a miniature planet like object that uses intense gravity to tear objects and opponents apart. The more objects pulled in the stronger the gravity effect becomes. Can also hover in midair.

-Being used in SLW:

Ivory lightning
Uses an Ivory wisp to transform into a living bolt of lightning. Can latch onto objects and electrocute opponents. Can also control sources of electricity.

-Being used in SLW3DS:

Magenta rhythm
Uses a magenta wisp to become a large music note. The form can bounce in midair off specific bouncing points.

-being used in SLW:

Orange rocket
Sonic becomes a rocket like object after absorbing an orange wisp. Allows him to rocket upwards like a rocket. The strength of the upwards movement can harm enemies.

-Being used in SLW:

Pink spikes
Uses a pink wisp to become a large spiked ball. Said ball can latch onto and travel along walls, and move along them at high speeds with a spin dash like maneuver.

Purple frenzy
Sonic uses a purple wisp to become a large floating pacman-ish head. Said form has sharp teeth it can use to devour objects in front of it, growing with size as it does so. At maximum size the form can also suck objects to its position through a sort of vacuum breath.

-The purple wisp is a corrupted form of wisp that was created when Eggman experimented on them in sonic colors. All purple wisps transformed back to normal at the end of said game, meaning technically there aren’t any left in the sonic series(most likely).

Red burst
A Red wisp turns Sonic into a ball of fire that can burn opponents and perform additional jumps in the air.

-Sonic using it in SC3DS:

-Sonic using it in SLW3DS:

Violet void
Violet wisp turns Sonic into a floating void like object. The form can hover, can absorb nearby objects and enemies, and travel through grate/fan like objects like a gas.

-Being used in SC3DS:

Yellow drill
A Yellow wisp turns sonic into a drill like object, which can drill though the ground,through obstacles and through water.

-Being used in SLW3DS:  

-Being used in SLW:

Final color blaster
A combination color power that merges multiple wisp powers into a single amped homing attack. The wisps in question are the yellow, cyan, pink, orange, blue, green and purple wisps for sonic colors on Wii. The red, orange, cyan and violet wisp for sonic colors on the ds.

-Being used in SC3DS:

Combination color powers
In the 2P mode of Sonic colors the player can potentially merge the power of more than one color power together at once to create more powerful variants. Sonic NORMALLY cannot use these himself in the 1p mode, however given he can combine up to 7 wisps at once for an attack during the final boss for the color blaster attack, the potential for him being able to use something like such abilities might exists.

-Some quick examples

Spike + spike:

-There’s also a combination orange drill/rocket and hover/hover form.

A form Sonic gained in sonic unleashed after absorbing large amounts of dark gia energy. The form has enhanced physical strength and his limbs can stretch for the sake of extra reach. It can also enter a slightly more enhanced state of power with “unleashed mode”. The werehog has many physical skills you can read about here

-The form can only be accessed at night and was permanently lost at the end of unleashed.

Hyper mode
A super mode all characters can use in Sonic the fighters. It enhances speed, strength and allows for more powerful special attacks.

-Sonic using hyper mode during the last boss in the fighters

Super Sonic
The traditional sonic super form. Sonic can gain the use of this form after absorbing the power of all 7 chaos emeralds at once. In game Sonic typically requires 50 rings in addition to the chaos emeralds to start the transformation, and burns through said rings at a rate of one ring per second to sustain the form. While in this form Sonic gains a myriad of new abilities, including flight, greatly enhanced physical abilities and enhanced chaos powers. He can be also be described as near invulnerable in this form, though it is possible for a few incredibly strong villains in his series to bypass his defense (Solaris for example).

-In Archie pre-gen Sonic once described this form as making himself “1000x faster”.

-Interestingly having all 7 chaos emeralds was said to have made perfect chaos a 1000x times more powerful as well in Sonic the comic

-The above two examples tend to lead to a 1000x stats multiple  for the super form. Though to be clear it’s probably an increase of 1000 fold MINIMUM.

-Sonic mentions the forms heals and give a boost to the user when it ends in Archie pre-gen is 196

-Super Sonic draws power form the positive power of the chaos emeralds.

-Super sonic has no time limit when used as a character in Sonic R

- Super Sonic has no time limit in unleashed either, and instead has a health bar

- In Sonic advanced Sonic showed up as super Sonic several days after first transforming(albeit he probably didn’t fight during that time and what happens during those days isn’t shown)

-Sonic has the highest amount of experience with super forms in the Sonic series.

Super sonic boost
An enhanced version of Sonic’s boost ability. It moves faster and surrounds the user in an aura of chaos energy.

Turbo boost
A midair dash of a slower variety than the Sonic boost. Acts similar to a quick step in Sonic unleashed for the wii.

-Being used in S06: 

Bolt of lightning
A bashing attack where Super Sonic will move so fast he gains a blue aura and becomes a lightning bolt of sorts. Used against perfect chaos in adventure to piece his body and do harm to him.

Arrow of light
A bashing attack used against Solaris in Sonic 06.

An ability that allows Super Sonic to project an energy shield from his hands to shield and redirect projectile attacks and objects.

-Using it in the final boss of Sonic rush adventure:

-Super Sonic could also create an energy shield in Archie is 84

Super Sonic energy blast
A series of amped homing attacks followed by an energy blasts released from the hands at an opponent. Used during the final fight in Sonic chronicles.

-The attack in Sonic chronicles

-Sonic also displayed the ability to shoot small blasts of energy from his hands in x ep 64

Chaos regeneration
A healing ability, which allows Sonic to heal others of their wounds. Seen mainly in Sonic X.

-Using it on Chris Thorndike in x ep 26

-Sonic and Shadow attempting to use it on Cosmo in the jap version of x ep 78  

Positive energy aura
Because super sonic uses the positive aspects of the chaos emeralds, it gives Super Sonic a sort of positive friendship aura. This allows him to literally pacify evil creatures by beating the badness out of them and in the Archie comics break dark magic hexes.

-Sonic purifying chaos in Sonic adventure being explained by Tails

-Sonic mentioning trying to use said aura to break a hex on knuckles in Archie is 184

Sonic briefly displayed the ability to become intangible and phase through objects as Super Sonic in some early issues of Archie sonic.

Hyper Sonic
An enhanced version of Super Sonic that becomes available after upgrading the power of chaos emeralds to Super emeralds with the help of the master emerald in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. The form has all the abilities of Super Sonic, but enhanced. It also functions on similar standards (using ring energy to maintain the form for example).

Hyper flash
Hyper Sonic’s only exclusive ability. It acts as an additional jump and creates a blinding flash/explosion that destroys all enemies on screen in game.

Dark spine Sonic
A super form taken on by absorbing the power of three world rings in Sonic and the secrete rings, specifically the world rings of rage, hatred and sadness. This form allowed Sonic to warp the entire reality of the Arabian nights, although whether said powers would work outside of that world are up for debate. The form can also fly and create infinite soul energy, allowing Sonic to use skills like speed and time break endlessly.

-Dark spine appears to have a fiery aura and pyro-kinetic powers

-An example of Erazor djinn using the power of the world rings to warp reality

-Sonic using the world rings power to bring the Arabian night’s reality back to normal

Excalibur Sonic
A super transformation where Sonic will use the power of Excalibur to encase himself in a magical golden armor. The form can fly, has increased physical abilities and can generate soul energy with sword parries. Sonic can channel its power through weapons, and also has an enhanced version of the soul surge attack in it.

-Sonic taking on the form

-Using the Excalibur soul surge

-Projecting energy into Excalibur and performing a dash attack
A combination of multiple sacred swords and caliburn in Sonic and the black knight. It’s considered the greatest of sacred blades, and its power was awakened by Sonic’s never give up spirit.

Dark super sonic
A dark version of Super Sonic that was taken on in Sonic X after Sonic witnessed some of his friends being tortured and deciding to draw upon the negative power of some nearby fake chaos emeralds. It presumably has the same general powers as the normal Super Sonic form. Sonic’s behavior is more erratic due to the influence of negative chaos energy.

-Sonic using it in X ep 67

Fleetway Super Sonic
The fleetway version of super sonic. It doesn’t function the same way Super Sonic does in most other cannons. In the comic it was typically a form Sonic could take on when in a state of high stress or physical danger. It also caused his personality to change into a more violent and psychopathic character. The form overall had most of the same powers as most contemporary versions of sonic, but could also create laser eye beams and leach the power from other entities.

-Becoming Super Sonic after being exposed to fire in is 7

-Becoming Super Sonic after being dumped in lava in is 20

-Changing in is 65

-Sonic gained the ability to take on this form after being exposed to emerald radiation in is 27   and

-It should be noted Sonic and Super Sonic became separate entities during some segments of Sonic the comic, but re-merged by the comics end.

-Example of the eyebeams in is 81

-Claims he could easily move the moon when placed in an a induced fantasy in is 147

-Draining power from others in is 184

-Could also make an explosion that creates an EMP powerful enough to knock of the technology of an entire planet.

Ultra sonic
Ultra Sonic is an alternate super form Sonic can access typically by collecting an absurd amount of power rings Archie comics. The amount needed isn’t clear but according to the Sonic comic encyclopedia but it’s in the hundreds or thousands. Several scans from the issues this form appears in also back up this fact.
The transformation burns out VERY quickly however, with Sonic only being able to hold it long enough to perform a few attacks. It also leaves him drained if he pushes his abilities.

-Creating portals between dimensions in Free comic book day 2011 pg 21

-Mentally constructing shields of ice in Archie is 66 pg 9  

-Uses powers to construct a shield of granite in Archie is 66 pg 11

-Sonic can also gain this form through the use of a super emerald. Said emerald can also alter his form farther based on the environment in Archie is 71 pg 15

-Some scans refer to ultra sonic’s abilities as a mastery over atomic particles. 

Cosmo fighter
A space ship used by Sonic in the arcade game cosmo fighter. It’s capable of space travel and equipped with energy guns, homing missiles and rocket fists.

Sonic patrol car
A police car Sonic uses in the arcade game waku waku patrol car. It’s pretty much just a normal car.

-You can see it here

Blue force one
A cabin motorcycle that can ride in places sonic can’t run in Sonic boom. Fairly new with little of its abilities explained.
A sports car similar to a Ferrari, with high speed/acceleration but poor turning. It’s used by Sonic to race in the Sonic drift series. It has the ability to perform a speeding dash.

-Can also gain power ups that allow the car to jump and drop mines respectively and

Speed star
A convertible car built for Sonic by Tails to be used in the Sonic all-star racing games. It functions like a normal car for the most part (if a bit more powerful), although it can also transform into a boat and into plane for sea/air transport.

-The Sonic all star op gives a decent idea of its abilities:

-Can also perform an “all-star” move where the car will produce rings Sonic can use for a light speed dash attack :

-Can use various kart game like items, you can see them listed here  and here 

A bi plane owned by Sonic that was later modified by his friend Tails. The tornado is typically used as a means of air transportation or combat vehicle for air dogfights. It can move faster than the speed of sound and has built in machine guns and homing missiles. It can also perform a boosting maneuver called the tornado boost and has a tether for hauling objects.

-The tornado using some of its weapons in SA

-Performing the tornado boost in Sonic 4 ep 2

-uUsing a tether in S3K

Fighting style

Sonic can be described as mobile rush down character, and a bit of a lightning bruiser. Sonic lacks book smarts akin to Tail’s, but he is by no stretch dumb. He tends to be fairly worldly in many of his games and media, gaining great street smarts overtime, and having a lot of experience with a large myriad of opponents. Because of this he is often able to think well on his feet, coming up with clever plans or workarounds mid-fight when he hits a brick wall. His general fighting technique is noted to be a self-taught style somewhat inspired by breakdancing moves. He also learned 3 different types of sword fighting styles in Sonic and the black knight, particularly knight stylepaladin style, and cavalier style.
Sonic is impulsive, which occasionally leads to him making bad decisions (For example most of the plot of lost world would not have happened if he hadn’t impulsively kicked the conch Eggman used for controlling the zeti out of his hands). He also lacks patience and a more extensive formal education, often causing him to rely on characters like Tails or Sally acorn to study and create more complex plans over long term conflicts. Additionally while he can in fact swim in some continuities and has numerous ways around water, many media like Sonic X and post gen Archie show he has a fear of it. This can occasionally cause him to panic when in deep water, although with the proper motivation he can normally overcome it.



Strong enough to hold onto a rocket at escape velocity in Sonic 2

Breaking through metal bars in the arcade game sega Sonic

Drilling through a stone several stories high in the Sonic CD Opening

Caused an explosion the size of a small mountain and destroyed the chains that were holding little planet in place in Sonic CD. You can tell given Sonic runs off, then apparently lands right near where the explosion happened and the chains fell

Throwing a rock at Eggman hard enough to cause a small explosion in CD

Stopping a runaway train in Sonic shuffle with help

Knocked over the egg golem with a single kick inSA2  The Egg Golem is 250 tons according to Sonic X

Along with shadow teleported the ark in SA2 (it’s about 15 miles long and weighs 15 million tons)

With aid from Knuckles and Tails can easily destroy huge mechanical ships with physical attacks in heroes

Destroyed several huge ships in a space armada as Super Sonic in the unleashed opening

Holding onto a rocket moving into space at escape velocity  in Sonic 4 ep 2

Hammering and bending the cannons of a giant mech to make it shoot itself in ep 1

Using his speed to cause a dust storm in ep 1

Using his speed to catapult the character Scratch hundreds of feet away in ep 4

Grabbing two missiles out of mid flight in ep 17

Slicing through a giant manta ray like robot underwater in ep 26

Destabilizes the ground around giant laser machine by running around it in ep 29

Using his arms to paddle backwards up a waterfall in ep 35

Moving a large stone rock in ep 38

Destabilizing the ground around the a mech by spin dashing near it in ep 41

Destroying a large several story high machine with a single spin dash in is 1   and

Using his speed to suffocate a fire that had been being fought for days in Is 7

Kicking a TV monitor with a trapped baddie with enough force to knock it out of the planet Mobius’s orbit in is 13

Destroying a giant metal spire just by running around it in is 15

Destroying large stone arm trap with a spin maneuver in is 36

Using his speed to create an air cushion to stop a city bell from crashing into the ground in is 94

Vibrating his arms to break shackles in is 124

Containing a missile in an speed induced pocket of air in is 134

Piercing a large monster in is 160

Making an entire building collapse by running around it in is 144

Caused an explosion while fighting metal sonic, that dislodged a hunk of stone the size of a mountain

Creating multiple dust clouds the size of city blocks from clashes with metal sonic

Sonic Boom comic
Using a spin dash to impale a large rock based mech in is 1

Toppling a several story high mech with a spin dash in is 11  

Running through a giant mech in ep 2

Preventing a plane from toppling off a cliff in ep 5

His running can cause a small wind storm in s2 ep ep 4

Sonic X
Spin dashing through multiple robots including a few several story high mechs in ep 1

Kicking his way through a large metal tube structure the size of a house in ep 8

Destroying a large mech with a spin dash in ep 8

Running through the wind of a robot strong enough to collapse a house and knocking it over in ep 13

Using physical strength to outmuscle Eggman’s 550 ton E-18 robot in ep 13

With the power of two chaos emeralds destroyed Eggman’s E-18 robot and destroyed a large section of his island base

Destroying one of Eggman’s flying fortresses with a ring powered spin dash in ep 15  This fortress was larger than several skyscrapers and a few city blocks long for comparison Many of Eggman’s flying bases also tend to range in to 100s of thousands of tons.

Knocking the several story tall Boom Boom ghost into a wall with a ring powered spin dash in ep 19

Stopped a physical attack from the E-99 robot with one hand as super sonic, before destroying said robot in ep 26

Spinning his feet while stuck in the ground with enough force to uproot 4 trees in ep 30

Destroying the Biolizard along with shadow and making an explosion the size of the underside of the ark in ep 38

Along with knuckles crashed right into an energy ball, and caused an explosion large enough to take out the egg makan fortress. Said fortress weighs 755392 tons

Destroying the grand egg imperial as Super Sonic, Eggman’s near largest flying fortress in x ep 52

Destroying multiple missiles in midair in x ep 54

Using a spin dash to destroy a large mech in ep 55

Attacking an Eggman mech and causing an explosion the size of a small forest in x ep 58

Sonic x comic
Tearing apart the legs of a robot in is 9  and

Lifting a mechanized perfect chaos in is 29 Sonic underground

Smashing through an energy shield protecting a huge base in ep 1

Sonic underground
Sonic cutting the floor of a concert room in ep 4

Knocking a living tree into the air in ep 5

Archie pre-gen
Spin dashing into the ground with enough force to make a huge crater in is 51

Smashing the skyscraper sized perfect chaos around as Super Sonic in is 83 and

An artificial version of Super Sonic nearly blew up two moons in is 126

Created an explosion the size of a large city as Super Sonic along with Enerjak in is 184

It’s been implied by several characters that super forms are physically strong enough to destroy planets in Archie,

Matching the strength of the massive silver sonic in is 239

Knocking down a giant metal sonic robot with a bit of help in is 241 and

Clashing with hyper knuckles as super sonic with enough force to destroy a pocket dimension in super sonic vs hyper knucles

Archie post-gen
Causing a small explosion with a spin dash in is 256

Piercing through the massive hundreds of feet high dark gia monster as Super sonic in is 287

Sonic boom
Kicking a robot called burnbot dozens of feat away into a cliff

Knocking Eggman hundreds of feet away with a stale piece of bread S2 ep 1

When he was tricked into powering a robot with his running, he ran so fast he overloaded said robot in ep 19

After knuckles destroyed this huge world threatening asteroid with a punch in season 2 ep 2 Sonic ran outside and deflected 30 shattered fragments hundreds of feat into the air 

Strength feats summary
In his base Sonic is strong enough to hold onto rockets moving into space at escape velocity speeds. Can kick objects the size as old time computer monitors with enough force to send them out of a planets orbit. Outmuscled robots weighing over 500 tons and destroyed flying fortresses weighing well over 500,000 tons. He’s caused explosions the size of small forests, and once when fighting metal sonic in the Ova helped cause an explosion that dislodged a chunk of earth the size of a mountain.

As super sonic he’s created explosions nearly 9 miles long, as well as explosions the size of cities. He can blow up moons and very likely has planet buster power under his belt bar minimum. Super Sonic has also easily curb stomped monsters like perfect chaos and Dark Gia which are dozens of feet high, and in Chaos’s case had a body that encompassed the whole city of station square.

Getting flung hundreds of feet into the air by a geyser and landing with no harm in sega sonic

Could survive atmospheric reentry in sonic 2

Could survive being sucked into a giant tornado in Sonic adventure

Survived being knocked out of the sky while on a biplane and falling hundreds of feet in sonic adventure

Just up and jumped off the egg carrier when it was descending from 100s of feet in the air in sonic adventure

Could survive atmospheric reentry in sonic advanced

Surviving atmospheric reentry as super sonic in advanced 2

Came into contact with a hyper go induced black hole. Note Eggman also survived this, though said black hole was strong enough to easily tear apart Eggman’s entire amusement park

Shot by a dozen robots in Sonic boom

Being crushed by a giant stone in ep 5

Surviving atmospheric reentry without a scratch in ep 17

Drilled through the planet of Mobius to get to a location where a bomb was being kept o100s of miles away in ep 42. Even lowballing he would have had to endure continents worth of pressure and heat

Crashing into the ground through the atmosphere with enough speed to resemble a meteor in is 12

Being electrocuted in is 23

Getting hit by some laser eye beams by the comic version of super sonic in is 100

Survived being grazed by some sort of explosive shell

Took a fall thousands of feet through the air after being kicked by metal sonic

Survived the explosion of the presidents motor vehicle  

Getting hit by an energy attack in ep 9

Sonic x
Being hit dead on with explosive missiles while in a ring powered spin dash without flinching in ep 3 and

Getting punched several stories into the air by Knuckles in ep 5

Survives being frozen solid in the earth’s upper atmosphere ep 8

Getting smashed around by Eggman’s e-18 robot

Was clearly still in the blast radius of Eggman’s island base when it exploded, albeit with the power of two chaos emeralds boosting him ep 13

Getting punched through multiple buildings by Eggman’s e 99 robot in ep 26

He was forced to keep running for at least 1 or 2 days straight in ep 24. He apparently slept a bit while running and did get a meal, but he was not exhausted when the problem was resolved

Getting swatted by perfect chaos in ep 32 Perfect chaos can easily slice buildings in half

Blocking an energy blast from perfect chaos as super sonic in ep 32  Said blast could easily destroy the egg carrier for comparison

Getting knocked back hundreds of feet by an energy ball in ep 47

Surviving a fall from space. Note Sonic reverted back to his normal state way before hitting the ground. This did knock him out for a week however ep 53 and

Getting shot out of the sonic power canon with enough force to destroy a giant robot in ep 54 .He took the recoil with no damage

Taking the recoil of another shot out the sonic power cannon in ep 56

Coming into powerful fields of gravity as super sonic in ep 64

Being crushed against a ship with a giant mass of stone in ep 66

One of the heads of final mova (the thing that used a planet a 10th the size as our moon as a chair, if anybody remembers Shadows Death battle) smashing him into a wall in ep 75

Surviving inside another powerful gravity field in ep 77

Being shot out of the sonic power cannon in super form with enough power to destroy final mova/planet aqurius

Sonic x comic
Surviving a building sized explosion in is 22

Archie pre-gen
Took a head on blast from the chaos deity Enerjak in is 184, who’s capable of disintegrating and tearing apart opponents on an atomic level

Survived being at the center of the planet Mobius after being teleported there as super sonic in is 184  

Took a beating from super scourge in in base in is 196

It was specifically mentioned that Sonic can take more of a beating than normal because he’s absorbed so many rings he’s taken on their healing properties in is 175

Being thrown with excessive force through several metal constructs in is 218

Archie post-gen
Being frozen solid in is 286

Getting blasted by an energy beam by dark gia as super sonic in is 287

Sonic boom
Surviving a large explosion the size of a small house in ep 7  
Getting kicked with enough force to make a small crater by shadow in ep 52

Can be frozen solid

Endurance summary
In base Sonic has survived atmospheric reentry and falls from space multiple times. He can survived being punched through skyscrapers and getting hit with missiles with little effect.

As super Sonic he can easily survive the pressure of an entire planet on his body, as well as being shot into one with enough force to destroy it. Resist being torn apart on an atomic level and is nigh invulnerable to all but high level gods. He also survived incredibly intense gravity fields on more than one occasion.
Sonic Cd’s opening gives a good example of Sonic’s mobility

Launching himself 100s of feet into the air with a spin dash in the sonic cd OP

Various examples of him avoiding traps in sonic CD’s end scene

Jumping between various pads in adventure

Out snowboarding an avalanche in sonic adventure

Somehow reacted to Shadow moving during chaos control in SA2

Flew to the moon as super sonic from a fair distance away in Sonic advanced

Surfing on a tidal wave in Sonic shuffle

Outrunning an earthquake in Sonic shuffle

Avoiding dozens of gun shots and attacks from Eggman during the opening of unleashed

Jumping dozens of feet horizontally in 06

Escaping an exploding egg carrier in 06

Avoiding various attacks from behind by silver the hedgehog in generations

Temporarily outpaced a hyper go on induced black hole in Sonic colors

Avoiding various energy blasts from mechs in lost world

Avoiding gun shots from a large mech in ep 1

Can run fast enough to set the ground on fire in ep 2

Delivered millions of presents and ran around the planet Mobius multiple times in a few minutes when filling In for Santa after unlocking the “secrete of speed” in the Christmas blast special

Moving to fast for Eggman’s premier prison to keep up with him

Avoiding a hidden trap by reflex in ep 23

Moving Tails out of the way of a bolt of lightning in ep 31

Drilled through one side of planet Mobius to an area 100s of miles away in less than 15 seconds (at minimum 12).Then found a hidden bomb planted in the area and got rid of it in less than 3  seconds.

Ran halfway around planet Mobius in less than 5 seconds when pushed into a corner in is 11 ,  ,  , and

An example of Sonic bounding around an environment while fighting metalix

Ran around the entirety of miracle planet in a few seconds to hit metalix from behind . The planet for comparison

Spin dashing and destroying dozens of egg robos in midair in is 51

Once pushed himself so far that he caused himself to enter a state where time seemed to be frozen for everyone but himself in is 134

Moving to fast for knuckles to see him in is 148

Running across an entire beach in order to save tails before a plane he was trying to stabilize crashes

Showing his parkour skills by running through the land of darkness

Uses his spin dash in the air to propel himself towards an enemy

Running past multiple city blocks in a second or so

Jumping hundreds of feet in the air while fighting metal sonic

Boom comic
Outmaneuvering a mech while jumping between its appendages in is 4

Jumping out of the way of missiles in is 5

Running up a wall and on the ceiling to avoid Robotnik in ep 1

Creating fire from running in ep 3

Avoiding eye lasers and multiple traps in ep 6

Raced a robot that could move at least 1000 MPH in ep 7   

Using the power of a ring to catapult himself hundreds of feet into the air in season 2 ep 5

Avoided lighting strikes in season 2 ep 10  and

 Sonic x
Avoiding gun shots and missiles from multiple assailants in ep 1

Going past the speed of sound and causing a gust of wind powerful enough to send a dozen windmills into overdrive in  ep 1

Running across multiple mountains in a second in ep 7

Can easily make sharp turns at a minutes notice while keeping full speed in ep 21

Raced against a car built to have a rocket engine as its propulsion system ep 21 and then won by a large enough margin to fuck around at the photo finish

Destroyed a section of the E-99 robot so fast as super sonic nobody could understand what was happening

Jumping up the side of a skyscraper in ep 27

Flying around the second form of final mova as super sonic in ep 77

Archie pre-gen
Could run around a planet the size of earth several times in a few seconds when fighting evil sonic in is 11

Fast enough to dodge lightning bolts in is 15

Could throw pocket sand out of his shoe and run across it before it fell in issue 49 and

An example of him bouncing around an environment in is 54

Dismantling the guns of gun soldiers without them noticing

Spin dashing from the center of a planet to its surface in a second or so in is 183

Could easily outmaneuver all of Dr.Wily’s faster robots in worlds collide part 9

Balling up some water and throwing it within a .000,000,000,000,1 of a millisecond in sonic blast. That’s like .1 of a femtosecond

-Sonic had on occasion claimed he had FTL speed in early Archie.

-Ran across a country around the size of the United states in a few seconds in is 175 and 

Archie post-gen
Spin dashing between flying robots in is 253 h

Avoiding strikes of lighting in is 277

Sonic boom
Eggman once used a machine to slow down time for everyone in the environment in ep 38. Sonic however was able to move at normal speed, due to being so fast compared to the time slow. In addition all the actions Sonic and Eggman took during the slowdown were apparently too fast for any of the other character to notice.

Sonic underground
More or less seems to be able to run on thin air in ep 9

Sonic’s feet can move so fast they more or less set the air around them on fire in ep 13

The Sonic bible originally used in the west side of the fandom, does claim Sonic could move at the speed of light in base

Super Sonic’s description in smash bros mentions the form being able to go near the speed of light

Speed feats summary
Sonic is really really fast. In his base he’s outpaced lighting, has run around the planet in seconds in multiple continuities. Can move at such high speeds he can set the ground or air he walks on fire, and has moved so quickly the world around him has seemed effectively stopped. He also regularly jumps hundreds of feet into the air, and bounds around his environment like his world is a pinball machine.

Additionally his feat of standing in for Santa is very impressive when taken in contex. Having delivered what was described as millions of presents in a few minutes in base. Of course this is likely a lowball as even singular cities in real life have been known to have millions of people in them. There’s also claims of sonic making movements in less femtosecond in base in early Archie, which to put in perspective is only a few steps below an atto second. If you know about the character flash then well.

For the most part Super Sonic has direct speed feats of a similar caliber as the highest ones shown as base sonic, albeit normally with more ease than Sonic typically displays. The form is also supposedly a 1000x faster according to Sonic himself
After being prematurely awakened in Sonic unleashed, Dark Gia could push away significant portions of the earth’s crust Sonic fights him in super form as the final boss of said game.

Interestingly in Archie Chaos was apparently able to hold the entire planets ocean in place  Sonic’s fight with him as super sonic did occur there

Knuckles could punch the moon with enough force to be seen from space in sonic X. Sonic has him in X several times

Knuckles was able to clip off a significant portion of angle island by punching at a specific fault line in sonic the comic is 44. Sonic has fought him in that series several times and

Perfect chaos can easily destroy a city, and Sonic could best him in base in Sonic generations

Enerjak in the Archie comics has been able to move islands and sink continents in SU is 27 and  28 and  Super sonic has fought this guy.

Fought god sigma with megaman in worlds collide. Sigma had intended to leach power from infinite worlds in said arch .  Granted he never got that far but he still had multiple planets worth of energy during the fight

Knuckles can make a volcano erupt with the force of a punch in the op of Sonic boom . He was also capable of destroying a huge asteroid mid-flight, that would have devastated his planet(or at least the village where he lives)  It's made clear knuckles is the physically strongest of the heroes in boom, but it's unlikely Sonic is lagging that far behind.

Probably among one of the more controversial scaling, but one I’ve thought to re-evaluate. Eggman’s final egg blaster in Sonic battle is capable of destroying multiple stars at once.   Some would say this should scale to super Sonic, as the final egg blaster didn’t have the chaos emeralds equipped in it at the time of the blast(and logically they should be more potent than a weapon Eggman can make without them).

Training experience
Beat the final boss of sonic 1

Beat the doppelganger Silver sonic in sonic 2 mega drive

Beat a more agile silver sonic in sonic 2 for game gear

Defeated Eggman, collected the chaos emeralds and saved tails in sonic 2 for game gear

Got imprisoned in Eggman island in sega sonic the hedgehog and escaped with Mighty and Ray and

Beat metal sonic a robot meant to outdo him in a race in Sonic Cd and saved Amy rose

Defeated Eggman, traveled through time and collected all the time stones in Sonic CD preventing him from taking over little planet

Collected the chaos emeralds and defeated Eggman to save south island again in sonic chaos

Fought the guardian of the master emerald knuckles in sonic 3 and knuckles

Fought another robot sonic called mecha sonic in sonic 3 and knuckles

Collected the chaos emeralds and beat the final boss of sonic pocket adventure 

Traveled to angle island, avoided traps set by its guardian knuckles, collected the chaos emeralds and upgraded them into super emeralds. Then stopped the launch of a war machine called the death egg once, before fighting Eggman on it after its second launch. Then finally fought Eggman in space as super sonic for control of the master emerald in S3K

Fought knuckles, fang the sniper, metal sonic and Eggman over the course of triple sonic, while eventually getting all the chaos emeralds and

After having his normal shoes stolen and replaced with ones that disabled his speed he managed to escape a prison labyrinth and beat Eggman in sonic labyrinth

Collected the chaos emeralds, and went to the death egg 2 and defeated metal sonic and Eggman in sonic the fighters

Collected the chaos emeralds, saved fickly island and defeated Eggman in sonic 3d blast

Collected the chaos emeralds and won the grand prix in Sonic R.

Collected the chaos emeralds and defeated Eggman in Sonic blast

Defeated the Egg viper in Sonic adventure

Defeated perfect chaos, a mutated chao with the negative power of all 7 chaos emeralds and who was strong to flood the city of station square in sonic adventure

Fought shadow, a genetically engineered “ultimate lifeform” made through alien technology on the ark space station in SA2

Made it to the core of the ark and teamed up with shadow to destroy the prototype ultimate lifeform the Biolizard in SA2

Defeated the villain void in sonic shuffle, the evil half of the ruler of a dream kingdom called maginary world

Defeated a mechanized version of knuckles in Sonic advanced

Collected the chaos emeralds and defeated Eggman’s Super egg robot mech in sonic advanced

Collected the chaos emeralds and fought Eggman’s true area 53 robot in Sonic advanced 2

Traveled across 7 dimensionally fractured landmasses of his world, rescued several of his friends from Eggman, collected the chaos emeralds and fought the super robot Gemerl in advanced 3

Collected the chaos emeralds and fought a metal sonic that had copied all the stats and abilities of most of the main sonic cast and merged with a fleet of warships to become the giant dragon form called metal overlord in sonic heroes. Granted he needed the help from tails and knuckles to do so.

Aided in repelling the alien forces of the black arms in the game Shadow the hedgehog. He can also aid Shadow in fighting black doom in some endings.

Defeated ultimate Emerl, a an ancient 4000 year old battle machine that can copy the abilities of those in its environment in Sonic battle. More impressively Emerl had all 7 chaos emeralds on his person at the time, had copied and amped versions of most of the main casts abilities (including sonic), and Sonic had to defeat him in less than 30 seconds

Defeated Blaze a trained guardian with similar speed, pyrokenetic abilities and a set of emeralds called the sol emeralds in sonic rush

Collected the chaos emeralds and worked with Blaze in his super form to beat Eggman and Eggman Nega in sonic rush. They prevented both their dimensions from being destroyed in the process

Collected the chaos and sol emeralds, and worked with blaze to defeat Eggman Nega and Eggman when they stole a magical McGuffin called the jeweled led scepter in Sonic rush adventure

Would have won the Ex world grand prix racing tournament in sonic riders had the Babylonians not cheated

After traveling to Babylon garden in sonic riders, beat a genie like guardian

Fought master core Iblis in sonic riders zero gravity, an Eggman robot that merged with several arks of the cosmos objects and a black hole core found in the technologically advanced Babylon garden area

Won the second EX world grand prix racing tournament in Sonic free riders

Also beat metal sonic in a race in free riders, even after he had copied the data of the entire casts extreme gear skills and stolen a specially created board from Eggman

Along with shadow and silver, defeated Solaris a temporally omnipresent being capable of manipulating and destroying multiple timelines

Collected the 7 world rings and defeated the immortal and long lived erazor djinn genie in the secret rings

Infiltrated Eggman’s interstellar amusement park, rescued and alien species called wisps held there and defeated Eggman’s nega wisp robot in sonic colors

Fought and defeated the nega mother wisp in sonic colors 3ds as super sonic

Traveled across the planet to restore the energy of the chaos emeralds in sonic unleashed, and worked with a light spirit named chip to destroy dark gia, an evil spirit millions of years old

Collected the chaos emeralds and destroyed an enhanced version of the death egg robot in sonic 4 ep 1

Collected the chaos emeralds, defeated metal sonic and stopped Eggman from taking control of little planet again by defeating his egg heart robot in sonic 4 ep 2

Defeated an illusionary King Arthur and a corrupted Mage called Merlina in the black knight, eventually saving the alternate dimension of Camelot

Rescued Tails and Amy from Eggman nega in Sonic rivals, as long as fighting or racing knuckles, shadow and silver in said game.

Rescued some chao and aided in taking down the other dimensional monster Ifrit in Sonic rivals 2.

Traveled to the alternate pocket dimension of the twilight cage, rallied various alien species together and then took on the militaristic nocturne echidna clan, including taking down their leader IX

More or less stomped his entire vs in Sonic generations. Having fights against Shadow, Silver(a time traveling with powerful telekinetic powers), metal sonic, various Eggman robots, beating perfect chaos in his base. He also fought the time eater along with his younger self, a being that can destroy time and space.

Traveled to the lost hex, fought off a group of supernatural monsters called the “zeti”, and prevented Eggman from using stolen energy from the planet to take over. Also destroyed a super bot piloted by him

With aide from his friends defeated lyric in Sonic boom and shattered crystal

Aided in taking down this monster at the end of Sonic boom fire and ice

Outsmarting various bounty hunters in ep 1

Creating a diamond enforced string to disable a trap in ep 2

Using his wits to escape a prison in ep 6

Using a mirror to reflect laser blasts at a robot in ep 13

Figuring out that a group of people posing as Tail’s “parents” where fakes, based on them not knowing his real name in ep 16

Super heating the sides of a bomb to safely detach it from the ground in ep 42

In ep 42 Eggman attacked 3 transit areas of Mobius all across Mobius forcing sonic to move to each one in a short manner of time. He also planted hidden bombs at each place forcing sonic to go back to each location a second time. The second half of the episode took place over the course of 5 minutes

Using wit to get another pair of time traveling machinery in ep 48

Between eps 48-51 went on a wacky time travel adventure in an attempted to beat Eggman to some chaos emeralds. When Eggman got them all and attained a super form, Sonic more or less teamed up with other versions of himself to take him down

Building a car based on schematics in ep 55

Sucking a liquid based monster through a tunnelway by using his speed to make suction like effect in is 10

Creating mirror plate using his speed to melt sand into glass and then using it to reflect a death laser from space in is 11  and

Trapping some opponents in spires of rock cut down with a spin dash in is 25

Creating an explosive bubble of air pressure to launch knuckles in is 34  and

Getting a friend to focus a laser blast on the exterior metal of a robot, allowing Sonic to invade and dismantle it in is 58  ,  and

Knew that the actions of a rampaging super sonic would make an electromagnetic pulse that would cripple Eggman’s robotic forces in is 100

Fighting a metal knuckles in is 110

Fighting a liquid monster known as mega mack, during a time where it had thousands of volts of energy to back him up in is 115

Using his environment against his opponent in is 117

Between issues 128-130 Robotnik gained the powers of all the chaos emeralds, and became a reality warper like entity. He toyed with sonic, sending various comic villains after him only to be defeated by a ruse by Sonic himself set up with Knuckles help , and

With the aide of tails and knuckles defeated the giant robot metal Robotnik

Fought hyper metal Sonic, who had all of Sonic’s memories and life data programed into him

Fighting metal sonic again

Making up a plan to trick some robots into going with the freedom fighters weapons range in ep 1

Distracting some robots by destroying a camera in ep 3

Avoiding some robots and dropping trash on them from above in ep 3

Managed to save the day in ep 6 without the aid of his speed

Tricking a robot into tearing itself apart in ep 9

Tricking Robotnik into destroying one of his own machines in ep 9

Using the power of the deep power stones to defeat Eggman in s2 ep 13

Sonic x
Fighting against knuckles in ep 5

Fighting against Eggman’s E-18 robot in ep 13

Using a smaller flying robot as a ride in order to reach a flying fortress Eggman was piloting in ep 15

Using his sense of hearing to locate an invisible mech, allowing him to strike back in ep 18

Destroying the several dozen story high E-99 Eggman robot in ep 26

When Eggman rebuilt the moon (after blowing up half of it in a previous arch), he attempted to keep it stopped due to a “malfunction”. Eggman then tricked people into buying giant lightbulbs when the suns rays could no longer reach the earth. Sonic was the only person on earth with enough common sense to not fall for this.

Fighting the villain dark oak as super sonic in ep 53 

Fighting knuckles again in ep 56

Fighting on par with Super shadow in ep 64

Making a plan to take down the meterex yellow zadornov in ep 66

Traveled across the galaxy fighting off an army of intergalactic soldiers known as the metarex, eventually culminating in him and Shadow taking down their leader and saving the galaxy

Sonic x comic
Fought and defeated a mechanized Eggman controlled perfect chaos

Archie pre-gen
Making an impromptu weapon to fight Eggman with in is 15 and

Fought to the death with the original Dr.Robonik in the endgame storyline in is 50  

Aided in defeating mammoth mogul, a near god of chaos energy who had lived for 100s of years in is 56

Managed to help fend off an attack from an alien army called the xorda, and disabled a weapon of theirs that would have created a black hole in is 125

Between issue 125-130 Sonic was marooned in space, and went on various journeys in an attempt to get home.

Fought on par with an Enerjak possessed knuckles, an ancient deity powered by chaos energy with enough power to sink a continent

Tricked the character Scourge into powering down out of his super state in is 196  

Dealt with an invasion from an alternate dimension with evil variants of his friends and evil version of himself called scourge between is 189-186

Defeated Eggman so many times in Archie that after he toppled his empire in is 200 he snapped

Dealt with an invasion from the army called the iron dominion and defeated their leader the iron maiden to take back a city in is 211

When Eggman create a “genesis wave” with the power of a chaos emerald to warp reality in is 229, Sonic managed to set things back to normal with chaos control  and

Fought with Megaman to defeat bass, treble, and metal sonic in worlds collide past part 11

Teamed up with Megaman and stopped Eggman and Wily from reshaping the fabric of reality in the worlds collides crossover in Archie

Fought hyper knuckles as super sonic in super sonic vs hyper knuckles

Archie post-gen
Pulling of a distraction maneuver so Tails could hit metal sonic with a missile in is  256


Beat the character honey the cat in a fighting tournament in is 270

Working with another character to trick an Eggman robot into a lightning storm

More or less went on a world spanning journey between sonic 253-287, fighting off various factions of Eggman’s army, misc villians and more in order to restore the planet from a broken state and prevent Eggman from gaining world power.

Worked with Megman, Megman X and various other Capcom/Sega characters to take down Sigma when he started crossing realities in Worlds collide.

Sonic universe pre-gen
Prevented the Babylon rouges and bird battle armada from accidentally destroying the world with the power of the Babylon gardens in is 36

Archie misc.
Has enough common sense to realize he needs a plan to fight metal sonic in next level

Sonic boom
Using one of Eggman’s machine to create a personality changing cookie so he can get back up against his brainwashed friends in ep 8

Tricking a swarm of bee bots into hitting Eggman

Tricking a robot into flinging him into an opponent

Sonic underground
Performing a save and rescue mission on a group of captives in ep 13

Training and experience summary
Sonic has a lot of experience fighting a variety of foes. He’s bested combatants specifically designed to take him down like metal sonic. He’s defeated characters created for the sole purpose of being living weapons like shadow. He’s defeated trained soldiers or guardians, like Blaze and knuckles. He’s fought SEVERAL immortal or long lived beings like the Erazor djinn and mammoth mogul. He’s defeated Ancient monsters capable of wiping out civilizations or worlds like Chaos and Dark Gia. He’s fought intelligent demi-god like beings like Enerjak. Heck he’s fought godlike beings capable of warping reality or destroying entire timelines on multiple occasions, including Solaris and the time eater. Finally he’s also fought various people with entire armies to back them up like Eggman, the Iron dominion, and the nocturnes.

Most impressively is probably his victory over Emerl. Despite having all the chaos emeralds and copying the skills of nearly the entire sonic cast and being a war robot specifically designed for battle, he still lost to sonic when push came to shove.

Misc blog thoughts

I already mentioned some of my thoughts on Archie feats in this blog , but I’ll go over it again here. Some of the feats people bring up from Archie are very questionable. The zone Sonic and Knuckles busted in their super forms was most likely a pocket dimension, Sonic didn’t need to combat the actual power of a black hole to stop the quantum dial, Mammoth mogul was only fought by titans when he gained multiversal power, the ultimate annihilator didn’t hurt sonic because it was sabotaged SPECIFICALLY only to target Robotnik. Characters or forms like Enerjak or chaos knuckles don’t actually have any feats to back up the huge claims about them without comparison to Mammoth. A LOT of feats for Archie Sonic commonly reference are not actually from in story panels, but silly break up comic strips between them.

Now obviously since this is a full composite I’m waving some of my distinguishing between feats done by early Archie Sonic compared to the rest of the publication. That being said the .01 femtosecond thing is way better than using the cosmic interstate for feats regardless of if you make that sort of distinction.

I explained this in the blog, but the cosmic interstate as an area has very inconsistent designs and pathways, so making sense of it's exact size and structure requires a lot of assumptions.There’s also no actual confirmation in story about Sonic’s speed when using it and there are no direct feats him using abnormally high speed while on it. Other characters have also used the cosmic interstate before, so it's harder to say for sure that you really NEED to be able to move incredibly fast to use it for any transport whatsoever.

Also interestingly it was confirmed in a special comic that “Zonic” the zone cop generally aided or guided Sonic in the right direction across the multiverse or in the cosmic highway without him knowing about it the early days. Heck Zonic says outright HE HIMSELF sent Sonic to alternate reality zones or made portals for him to get around with, and that Sonic just happening to navigate the multiverse himself was a ridicules notion. When Sonic "got lost in the multiverse" and ended up in anti mobius, it was because Zonic sent him there. When he traveled across the multiverse to gather alternate versions of himself, Zonic probably provided him portals to the universes he needed to go to. These facts alone throw a huge wrench into the feats regarding the cosmic interstate, because Sonic TECHNICALLY had outside help in most of the situations people quote.

On another note only one sign has ever been shown denoting a distance for the cosmic highway, and it was in an out of the way place Sonic had a specific reason to travel to. Taking it as an average to measure the whole highway by is a bit much.

Overall It’s a highly fishy feat, with a lot of unknown variables. Now to be fair personally there is a sign in some early comics that claim the speed limit of the cosmic highway is 74,656 light years per hour, so if you wanted to flub it and Say Sonic must have gone at least that fast...well ok. However using anything with the cosmic highway to prove he's quintillions of times FTL is a bit much.

Anyway in comparison the femtosecond feat, while still inconsistent with most of modern Archie, at least is acknowledge and explained in detail within the actual story. You can calc it fairly high for that matter

On another in my opinion the best and most defendable feat to make Sonic universal or multiversal or whatever is probably saying he has reality warping powers based on his experience using chaos control to affect genesis waves or fix damage to reality. This is somewhat supported given Sonic seemed to think he could use chaos to fix reality in the worlds unite, even though a genesis wave wasn’t involved there. Not to mention media like Sonic the comic does show reality warping to be a power the chaos emeralds can grant outright. Though that being said that’s a power that ers more on the side of hax, and not physical ability.

Finally for those wondering the size of earth can for the most part be substituted for the size of Mobius or Sonic’s planet in most media for the sake of calcing. They tend to be related, extremely similar planets or the same planet in most continuities.

- Earth and Mobius are said to be similar in sonic the comic

-The earth and Sonic’s planet are basically twins in shifting dimensions in Sonic X.

-Satam was supposed to take place on a post-apocalyptic earth, likewise the writer’s bible for AOSTH mentions it took place on the same planet as Satam (believe it or not)

-Pre-gen Archie was confirmed to be a future earth.

-Planet freedom in the OVA was implied to be a future earth (there are ruins of a new York city featured in it)

-Finally the main games have referred to the planet as earth before, and post-gen Archie is primarily based on those games now.

Fairly good at thinking of intelligent plans at a moment’s notice and has a ton of experience with large varieties of foes.

Excalibur can potentially dispel powers of immortality.

Multiple super forms at his disposal. Many have near invulnerability and greatly enhance his states.

Mobility and speed are off the charts.

Various forms of defense like shields, including some he can regenerated endlessly.

Some instances of reality warping.

Teleportation and time stop are hax

Can also manipulate gravity to an extent

Also has some time travel powers

Has various time stop or slow abilities.

Abilities like Ring time or magic hands technically count as a form of transmutation to an extent

Many forms of defense like shields can be regenerated endlessly.

Has good taste in food


While he can swim in some cannons, there are a few where he can’t. Likewise in several cannons he displays either a fear or dislike of water.

Fairly cocky and impulsive. Also tends to not take situations seriously.

Sonic 06 and Sonic Boom are a thing.

Potential opponents

Because we need who can gotta go faster.

Cause Pikachu is my favorite pokemon. So a version of him combined with Sonic must be awesome right?
Cause I have no idea who Sonic.EXE is, and I’m curious.

I dunno because …..reasons.

Might be cool to see, cept it’s kind of a stomp in Cinos’s favor. Cause when he takes the chaos emeralds, master emerald, sol emeralds and world rings he becomes SUPER ULTRA MEGA DARK SPINE….aw fuck just call him Jesus the hedgehog.

Any MLP character
BECAUSE WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG!(both these fandoms are pretty chill right?).

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. So what a femtosecond times 1000 equal then? Since Super Sonic increases his speed by 1000x anyway

    1. 0.1 femtoseconds divided by 1000 (lessor time, means better reaction), equals 0.1 attosecond. Yes, Super Sonic is comparable, if not better than the Flash in terms of reaction time.

  2. In Sonic X, Sonic outpaced lightning and drew it to himself as a speed feat.

    1. Nice I actually missed that feat. I'll add it in at some point.

  3. All of the joke match-ups that you have at the end aside, this was extremely well done! I think this does you well considering your infamous Archie-debunk blog that you've made which drew a lot of attention. The blog really shines and is proof that Sonic can certainly contend with the likes of very powerful characters like Goku or rival speedsters like The Flash. The fact that you looked at every single canon in detail is commendable. Some of it must have been fun, but at times I understand if it got exhausting. How long did it take you to complete? Anyway, the only complaint I would put forth is grammar-based, I'd gladly peer edit this entire blog for you if you wanted.

    1. Thanks. Yeah a lot of people misunderstood my reason for making the Archie blog. It more to start a dialogue about it and actually make people be willing to talk about it in a vs debate, rather than immediately trying to dismiss everything in regards to it as cheating the second it got brought up. Likewise while it was def true there were a lot things from archie that were most def out of context(ultimate annihilator), the fact i said some feats were probably more defend-able tended to be glossed over.

      Anyway It takes awhile to write a blog this long about a character with so much history. I probably wrote it slowly over the course of 2-3 months, and it def took over a dozen or 2 hours.

    2. Neosonic97 here.

      Oddly enough, your Cosmic Interstate thing only makes Sonic about... twenty-five times slower than what I originally had him pegged at, from said feat (2.35 trillion times lightspeed (705 quintillion m/s) as opposed to 58 trillion). At least, that's if we assume that's how fast Scourge was going on his bike. Your thing about the signs in the original 'Archie Sonic Debunked' thing doesn't quite take into account the Genesis Wave. We know for a fact that Sonic's Chaos Control that reversed the original Genesis Wave only restored HIS world to the way it was. Hence why the Cosmic Interstate was in such disrepair when he next went there. It's also been stated by Ian Flynn (The writer of the Archie Comics before they got discontinued) that the Prime Zone and Sol Zone are amongst the only realities that WEREN'T destroyed at the end of Worlds Collide. If nothing else, it does prove that the Super Genesis Wave was a multiverse-busting weapon, at least, by Word of God.

      Here's the line in question, regarding the Sol Zone:

      '#6 Can you provide a solid explanation for the state of Blaze's world in Pirate Plunder Panic?

      Blaze’s World was in the process of being chewed on by the Super Genesis Wave – about the only interdimensional thing not utterly wiped out. Time and space got fuzzy, resulting in things like the Egg-of-War.'

      Here's the link:

    3. Sorry about the double-post, but it also confirms canonicity of games to the comics. Namely the only games that DIDN'T happen in canon to the Sonic Comics are, according to Ian Flynn, Sonic R, Sonic Unleashed (Not happened yet) and Sonic Lost World.

      It also explains why Blaze's world wasn't wiped out- the Jeweled Scepter, the McGuffin from Sonic Rush Adventure.

    4. I'm aware of all of this.

      Also Eh you have it slightly off. The reason why the cosmic interstate was in disrepair was because the zone cops where in some sort of war with Eggman nega for an extended period of time.

      The first gen wave also ONLY effected Sonic's dimension and that event happened after the arch where Sonic took scrouge to the cosmic interstate. It was only in that case Sonic was able to restore things back to normal.

      It was the super genisis wave much later that warped all reality and nothing outside Sonic's dimension and Blaze's survived under similar circumstances. including the comsmic interstate which was ret conned into not happneing.

    5. Like you're mixing up multiple events, placing them out of order and confusing the reasoning for the no zone damage for something else entirely.