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Character breakdown: Shadow The Hedghog

Author’s notes

This blog is based on my own personal notes for Shadow and may not reflect all the information you may see in an official Death Battle. Likewise it does not encompass the thoughts of the entire Death Battle team on it’s own.

In case you were wondering

The Archie sonic comic series went through a MAJOR continuity reset after the worlds collide crossover event with Megaman a few years ago.  All historic events, many characters and several universe concepts prior were written out of the comic. Additionally like Archie Knuckles, Archie shadow DID NOT keep his memories of that previous timeline.

That being said the differences between pre and post genesis Shadow are milder compared to how they were for Knuckles. His backstory wasn’t as drastically altered as Knuckles was and the general limits of his abilities and powers are basically the same in the current continuity as they were back then(probably because he really didn’t start becoming a regular character until after the current writer Ian Flynn took over in the comics modern run, keeping his portrayal more consistent). Considering that I think most feats and abilities used by him in pre-genesis Archie should still apply to him for the most part currently, though obviously the lack of memories means anything pre-genesis can’t really be used for training/experience purposes.

I wont bother including the alternate version of Shadow from the black knight.


The iconic anti- hero of the Sonic the hedgehog series introduced in the game sonic adventure 2. He was originally created as a collaboration between an alien species named the black arms and Eggman’s grandfather Gerald robotnik, but was shut down by a government agency known as GUN once it became apparent his creation could pose a threat to humanity. During the raid that shut down the research facility Shadow was created in(a space station called ark) Gerald’s granddaughter Maria was killed, which caused him to spiral into grief and attempt to reprogram Shadow so he would carry out a revenge mission against humanity. This mission was enacted by shadow when he was discovered by Eggman 50 years later, and aborted after the actions of Sonic the hedgehog changed Shadow’s views on the world around. Since then shadow has been a regular sonic characters, helping take down metal sonic in sonic heroes, ironically joining GUN himself and having played a key part in repelling an invasion by the black arms race in his own game.

In terms of personality Shadow is basically Vegeta from dbz(hence why they fought in a death battle previously). He’s extremely confident in his power, no nonsense and not a very good people person.


Hover shoes
A pair of hover shoes created by Gerald that allow Shadow to propel himself at high speeds. It can be presumed that Shadow has a degree of super speed without him, but the shoes are implied to help him considerably.

The jet’s the on the bottom can be used for limited hovering. Shadow has done this in some games to use a projectile attack while remaining stationary in the air, or to release multiple midair physical attacks. The shoes also produce a fire that can be extended during physical attacks, an example being the Shadow Slider attack in sonic battle and a few instances in Archie.

Air shoes/ Air chip
A hover skate heel attachment that allows the use of the light speed dash in sonic adventure 2 and sonic 06 respectively.

Inhibitor rings
Ring like appendages that Shadow wears on his wrists that control/restrain his access to chaos energy. Taking them off gives Shadow a gigantic boost in power and durability, but causes him to tire out after short periods of time. Shadow typically only takes them off for singular powerful attacks or for short assaults on the enemy.

-He had them off during this assault on Black Death in Archie sonic universe 62

-Taking them off to fight 100s of Mephiles clones in sonic 06

-Taking them off to destroy an entire Metarex fleet in sonic x.

-Sonic X really shows the negative effects of taking them off. For example when he lacked them in season 3 he regularly got tapped out in less than a minute of fighting

Flame ring
A red ring that grants a flame aura to Shadow’s summersault attack.

Memory shards blue, red and black
Unseen items that boost Shadows ability to use chaos energy and enter different tiers of the “chaos boost” form he has in sonic 06.

Ancient light
An ancient light you find as a permanent level up item in sonic adventure 2. Allows the use of the Light speed attack move.

Special abilities
Spin/Spin attack/dash/jump
Shadow can perform the classic Spin Attack, Spin Dash and Spin Jump Sonic series maneuvers.  You g1s probably know how all these work (spinning at high speeds with quills stretched out to cut through opponents).

Homing attack/Dash/Jump dash
Another standard sonic attack. Basically a spin attack, but homing on the opponent in midair. You can curve and change direction to follow an opponent with his attack in some games. The moves also has variants called homing dash and jump dash, which give a boost in midair in the direction of an object or place, but lacking the spin attack.

Sonic boost
The same thing as the “boost” ability sonic uses in most modern games. Shadow propels himself slightly above ground with his hover skates with a red aura around his body that increase body blow damage.

-here’s an example of him using it here in generations

Light speed dash and light speed attack
A special ability that allows Shadow to travel along a trail of rings at light speed. If opponents are standing within the ring trail when the ability is used, they will take damage.

An offensive variation of this ability also exists, called the light speed attack. It allows Shadow to rapidly attack various enemies in his vicinity at light speed, albeit only after performing a “charge up’ period. Needing to charge the move can make the ability a bit cumbersome and the attack itself is a bit unwieldly gameplay wise.

Black tornado
Shadow jumps and rapidly spins around an enemy causing a minute tornado. Can fling enemies into the air, disorient them or disarm them of held items (egg pawns with shields for example).

Somersault/fire summersault
A summersaulting maneuver that can be used to harm enemies, break objects, or get under tight spaces. Gains a fire attribute with the fire ring equipped.

A running slide maneuver used for getting under tight spaces without losing momentum.

Shadow can grind on rails or similar surfaces to get around his environment.

Triangle/wall jump
Shadow can perform both wall jumps and triangle jumps. The former should be self-explanatory, while the latter is the same thing just horizontally along two walls.

Spin kick/tornado and kick
Ground laden whirlwind kicks and an airborne dropkick respectively.
Various punching maneuvers
Speed up
A short burst of speed Shadow can activate in the 2 player mode of adventure 2.

Chaos control abilities and Chaos powers

The ability to warp time and space, or empower yourself through the use of Chaos energy. All powers associated with chaos energy are AMPLIFIED through the possession of chaos emeralds, although some characters like Shadow can use a good fraction of the abilities associated with it without one.

-Chaos energy can be positive or negative, correlating to positive or negative thoughts.

Chaos control teleportation
The most common use of chaos control is teleportation. Shadow does not need a chaos emerald to do this, though his range is limited to the immediate battlefield without one. However even with just a few he can teleport at least as far as earths outer atmosphere, as shown when he rescued Rouge in adv 2.
Shadow uses teleportation in combat A LOT. To catch up to opponents, to avoid attacks, to surprise people ect. He doesn’t often teleport his opponents elsewhere to get an advantage though.

- Shadow generally can’t teleport more than himself without a chaos emerald.

-The largest thing Shadow has ever teleported is the black comet as super shadow (It’s about the size of a city).

-He also aided Sonic in teleporting the ark when it was on a crash course with earth in adv 2

-Some examples of him using it in combat Archie comics post and pre genesis respectively in Sonic universe 69 and Sonic universe 22

-Shadow teleporting around during a fight in the sonic boom cartoon

-Teleporting in the sonic boom rise of lyric game

-Using it to fight in the OP of Shadow the hedgehog

-Just getting around in his story of Sonic 06

-Chaos control with the aid of an emerald is capable of warping the user to different dimensions.  Shadow did this to escape ifrits dimension at the end of sonic rivals 2   He’s also done so to escape the special zone and warp to places such as anti-Mobius, the sol dimension and the sonic-x continuity in the pre-genesis Archie series.

Chaos control Time slowing
Shadow can also use chaos control to slow down time in his vicinity or slow down his opponents. This gives him a leg up on them in terms of speed, given he can already blitz most opponents.

-Here’s an example of him using this ability in 06 on silver

-Shadow uses time slowing as his assists in smash

-“hero Shadow’s abilities are also similar to this.

Chaos control Time freezing
Chaos control can also be used to completely stop time in the immediate battlefield or in localized places. Shadow often does this as his special attacks in various games and occasionally in outside media. Shadow claimed in sonic X he could stop time for about 90 seconds with the aid of a chaos emerald.

-Shadow generally has a chaos emerald when he does this.

-He uses it during a special team attack in Hero’s It lasts for around 7-10 seconds

-The sonic adventure 2 player version

-Shadow used chaos control to stop time around a metarex ship

-The largest thing Shadow has ever time stopped is an explosion that would have extended beyond the diameter of a planet in the final ep of sonic x (the explosion originated from final mova, which was originally planet aqurius) Said planet has a diameter of 347km however

Chaos control Time travel
Finally you can use chaos control to travel through time. This was done multiple times in Sonic 06, though it required two people both using chaos control to perform.

Misc. chaos abilities
Chaos boost
An enhance state of power Shadow can enter by collecting life orbs or chaos drives. Given chaos drives are basically just more limited sources of chaos energy it could be presumed having a chaos emerald would be enough to allow him to enter this state as well. Chaos boost has 3 tiers of power and enhances some of Shadow’s chaos abilities, in addition to making him less susceptible to damage.

-Shadow has a similar ability he can use at will during his boss battle in sonic boom rise of lyric, though he can’t keep it going constantly

Chaos attack
A barrage of kicks and punches enhanced through chaos energy. At boost level 1 Shadow will perform a teleporting move called chaos snap, before attempting these attacks.

Chaos sphere
A lightning bolt-ish projectiles made out of chaos energy. Shadow summons barrages of them in games like adventure 2, though he’s also been known to fire singular ones in games like 06. In the Archie comics he can actually create a large handheld sphere, which he can use as a melee weapon, as well as throw at the opponent. The attack also has the ability to briefly paralyze foes in 06 and has an armor piercing properties in chronicles.

The sphere causes fairly large explosions in sonic all-stars racing and Sonic X. They can also be imbedded or laden in the ground/air as mine like traps in Generations and Sonic boom. They also have homing properties in Sonic boom.

-A n example of it being used in adv 2 battle mode

-Him using it as a boss in adventure 2

-Using it as super shadow in super the hedgehog

-Using it as super shadow in all stars

-Using it in generations after collecting power cores. Note he can use them as makeshift mines/stages hazards

-Him using it during his boss fight in sonic boom  and  . They have homing properties here and can lie in the air

- Him using it in Archie sonic universe 61

-Him using it in Pre–gen Archie 182 and universe 1

-Shadow using it in Sonic X

Chaos lance
A power-ed up version of the chaos sphere attack. Only useable in chaos boost mode level 2.

Chaos arrow
A weaker version of the chaos sphere attack, used mainly by shadow in his super state in shadow the hedgehog.

-You can see it in the shadow hedgehog boss here

Spear of light
The most powerful version of chaos sphere. Basically a multi shot of the chaos lance. Only usable as super shadow

-Him using it in 06 as super shadow

Chaos blast
A large blast of chaos energy, typically saved as a finishing attack against a strong opponent. Shadow can release this blast in an expanding bubble, a myriad or radiating red beams, a smaller physical attack and even a kamehamish-energy attack. He normally only uses the ability in some sort of power-ed up state, like in level 3 chaos boost or with his inhibitor ring off.

-Version from the Shadow game and opening cut scene

-Him using it in Shadow hedgehog gameplay

-The Sonic 06 version

-The version from sonic boom rise of lyric. Mostly just tears up the ground

-Shadow uses an similar unnamed attack in sonic X ep 34

-Him using it in Pre gen Archie 182

-Him using it in Archie sonic universe 62

-Him using it as a physical strike in Archie universe 68

-Here’s an example of him firing it like a beam in sonic chronicles

Chaos Burst
A special attack where Shadow will use chaos control to teleport across the battlefield, only to remerged will producing a powerful white sphere of energy that damages nearby opponents.

-Here is the air version

Chaos magic
A special attack where Shadow uses chaos control to create a purple temporal rift that damages opponents. Shadow can control where the rift appears allowing it to act as a projectile of sorts, though he needs to concentrate for a period of time the farther away he wants to manifest it.

-Here’s the ground version

Roaming Chaos
Shadow uses chaos control to create a roaming ball of distorted space that follows him around the battlefield. It damages opponents if they come in connect with it. Shadow can only use one at a time.

Chaos nightmare
A heavy attack where Shadow will use chaos control to distort space at both his fist to produce an explosive attack.

You can see it here:  

Chaos upper
An attack where Shadow distorts space to create an energy sphere that blast opponents into the air.
You can see it here

Shadow guard
A blocking stance said to be fortified with chaos energy. In Sonic battle all guard skills create a spherical shield of energy upon activation capable of nullifying most attacks.

You can see him use it here

-A possible future version of Shadow in Archie made a chaos shield of some kind, though he’s never actually blocked an attack with it.

-He also made a shield like object with his inhibitors off in Archie sonic universe 62

Shadow Heal
A healing skill that restores health with chaos power. Shadow’s version of this skill is somewhat mediocre compared to the other characters in sonic battle (he’s on the bottom half tier wise).

-It takes around 10-20 uninterrupted seconds or so to fully heal this way in sonic battle. That being said it can be difficult to do if you can’t get away from the opponent.

-It’s mentioned towards the end of sonic X ep 78, that supersonic and shadow had an ability called chaos regeneration, which they attempted to use to save the character cosmo.

Chaos rift
An attack where Shadow will create a rift in time/space meant to banish with foes. Basically a method of “ring out”. It’s used in a fashion similar to a projectile in chronicles. It has a 60% chance of working if it hits, and causes the status effect distracted, which lowers attack accuracy.


Shadow also leaves energy projectile mines as traps when the opponent chases him in chronicles.


Super Shadow
The classic sonic super form, obtainable after collecting and utilizing the power form all 7 chaos emeralds. It grants Shadow enhanced stats, chaos powers, flight and nigh invulnerability.
Shadow has used this state to fight evenly with several super powerful bosses, most impressively solaris(with the help of sonic and silver)who was claimed to have the power to destroy dimensions, timelines and have near omnipotent control over time itself). If we still consider the modifier from pre-genesis Archie, than it grants 1000% boost in abilities, though I’d argue it much higher than that.

Dark Shadow
A power-ep state that Shadow can enter by utilizing negative chaos energy. It raises his durability and chaos powers and can be stacked with his super shadow form. Only lasts for a limited amount of time and using chaos powers shortens the time span.
-This ability is basically the same thing as the chaos boost ability in sonic 06.
-You can see it here 

Hero Shadow
An enhanced state of power Shadow can enter by utilizing positive chaos energy.  Raises durability and allows for a massive chaos control move and the ability to more freely slow down time. Only lasts for a short period of time.

-Him using it to fly through a stage in shadow

-Him using it to slow down time in a boss battle

-Shadow can use chaos control on his own and slow/stop time without entering this form, so it’s kind of pointless.


Shadow seems to have a lot of experience with vehicles. He uses motorcycles, military cars and Hang gliders a lot in Shadow the hedgehog and Sonic 06. For the most part it’s pretty irrelevant to this fight, so I won’t bother detailing it.

-on another note tinkering with motor vehicles seems to have been Shadow’s hobby in at least pre-genesis Archie and he’s given a motorcycle due to being part of GUN. This is the actual reason why the hypersonic hedgehog bothers to have one, when he can easily run faster than it.


I’m not going to dignify this section with a picture
Shadow can use guns and stuff, …..but those are all stupid so meh


Shadow can use some common sonic shields. The generally protect against a single attack or block certain elemental attacks or draw rings to shadow’s location.


Shadow can easily overturn large motor vehicles or patches of concrete with one hand in shadow the hedgehog.

Kicks sonic with enough force to make a small crater in boom cartoon

Causes huge explosion and turbulent wind with some of his attacks in sonic X ep 60

Managed to knock around a Metrex ship the size of a battle station with his rings off in Sonic X ep 61. 

Given this was in space however, the amount of force needed may have been less.

Destroyed a large metarex ship with the aid of a chaos emerald in sonic X ep 68

With his rings off, he caused an explosion at least 1000s of feet in diameter that took out the entire Metarex fleet in Sonic X ep 68.

Managed to knock away and restrain one of the heads of final mova first form in Sonic X ep 76 also resisted its pull when it tried to pull on him with grappling vines  That thing is the size of a skyscraper at least, and is probably a few hundreds tons in weight based on estimation alone.

In Pre-genesis Archie 182 Shadow could make a chaos blast large enough to be seen from the skyline of a city and hold off the physical god enerjak temporally with his inhibitor rings off

Drills through solid stone with sonic pre-gen Archie Sonic universe 2

Managed to use chaos control to divert a laser capable of destroying half the eggdome fortress with his inhibitor rings off in pre-gen Archie Sonic universe 2  

Manages to take on and destroy hundreds of Mephiles clones in 06 with his rings off

He and sonic destroyed the out shell of final mova’s second form while in their super form in ep 77. from aqurius

Aided in stopping and chaos controlling the ark back into orbit in his super form in sonic adv 2

As super shadow lifted a 950,000,000 ton black comet off the ground and teleported it into space.  

-Super shadow has fought alongside or evenly with Super sonic so some comparisons seems fair.
Super sonic was able to use chaos control to help recreate a dimension in the world collide finale(though it was somewhat circumstantial). Shadow could probably do the same thing in that situation.

Super sonic pre gen was also implied to be able to destroy moon in issue 126.

-Pre gen  Super sonic in issue 184 could also fly from the center of the earth to the surface in seconds

Shadow has often been considered comparable to Sonic in terms of speed. It’s well known Sonic can move at match 1, and in sonic unleashed he can get clocked at around 3000 MPH at goal posts. It’s been said Sonic is at least hypersonic, in the Sonic DX manual. There’s also some data files or claims Sonic can run at light speed in base, though they generally aren’t well backed. They include a one off comment from omega in colors ds not backed by feats, where Sonic could be cocky. Data files from a pedigree activity book, which is a company that makes tons of licensed books for kids. Finally comments in the unleased game section in the history of sonic book, which was contradicted in the actual Sonic profile(which just calls him supersonic).That being said the light speed dash and light speed attack are both said to move at light speed in game.

Jumps several stories in air in boom cartoon

Destroys dozens of robots without his attacks being visually noticeable in his 06 opening

Avoided a barrage of gunfire from omegas despite having no memories seconds after waking up in Sonic heroes

Easily avoids and deflects laser fire from a Metarex ship in Sonic X ep 61  

Avoids laser/electricity from government guard robots in Sonic X ep34

Flies around a planet sized object (the second form of final mova, which was originally planet aqurios) multiple time at super speed in his super form. Granted this planet is smaller than most at only a 347 diameter .

Super Sonic has been said to be near light speed in smash bros trophies. The previous Death Battle with shadow also claimed him to have similar speed.

Survives gun fire in shadow opening

Got smashed through a wall by sonic in the sonic boom cartoon

Smashed into a spire by Mephiles in Sonic 06

Gets flung dozens of feet away by energy waves by Mephiles in 06

Shadow did survive a fall to earth at the end of sonic adv 2

Shot out of a cannon into a silo with enough force to destroy it in heroes

Withstands a powerful gravitation field made by final mova’s 3rd form in super form in sonic X ep 77 . This gravity was considered to be similar to that of a black hole, and intended to destroy collected planet eggswith enough pressure to cause an explosion capable of destroying the universe

He and sonic got shot as projectile into final mova’s 3rd form(which was originally planet aqurius) with enough power to blow it up while in their super forms in Sonic X 77. They were completely unaffected by the recoil. This planet while small does have normal gravity, presuming high density

Also survived a fall to earth in pre-genesis sonic comic issue 124. He gets up after it no worse for wear seconds later.

Jumps off angle island and lands with no issue in pre-gen comic 146

This explosion killed him in Archie sonic in his base form with his rings on. It was caused by two planes of reality merging together

In the original version of Sonic X68 jp , Shadow jumps in front of hundreds of Metarex ship shots shortly before molly gets blown up

Survived intense gravity enough to destroy a dozens Metarex ships in his super form in Sonic X ep 64

……on another note I’m going to have to call some major bull on the 6 million feet per second crash landing claim from Death Battle’s vegeta/Shadow video. Terminal velocity for a normal human is around 110-120 mph, and shadow’s body is smaller than that. Not to mention actual asteroids/meteors only move through the atmosphere at 25,000 to 160,000 mph max, and they have inertia before getting to the planet. Heck even the meteor that killed the dinosaurs only moved around 67,000 mph. 6 million feet per second is over 4 million mph and significantly faster than the movement of the earth around the sun. It doesn’t make much sense.


Understands omegas systems somewhat

Beat silver in a fair fight 

Defeated and helped defeat Biolizard and final hazard

His team dark beat team caotix in a fight

His team also held his own against Sonic’s team in heroes

Beat Ifrit in rivals

Fought eclipse in his monster form. Was overwhelmed until he could get to the master emerald though

Overall Shadow’s been a major player in a lot of sonic adventures and has held his own against most of the top tier characters in the verse including Eggman, Sonic and Silver. He’s fought evenly with tons of other characters in the comics, spin-off games as well (omega, Blaze, Megaman characters, scourge, rouge, espio, ect). He’s also been the second most common user of a super form in the sonic franchise, often going up against world, universe or even dimension destroying entities at the end of story climaxes. He single handedly turned the tide against the black arms, a world conquering race in his own game as well. He also conquered Mobius on his own and became a king in the alternate universe 20-30 years later Archie comics series.

It should also be mentioned Shadow leads team dark as part of a faction of GUN, a Military corporation. This means he regularly goes on missions.

Misc notes

Black arms notes
Shadow has a minor “mental link” to the black arms race, which is a hive mind controlled by a singular leader. Shadow discusses this connection to the hive mind in the comic

In the games and the comics these leaders tend to try to exploit this “mental link” by using it to mind control shadow. In the games Black doom was initially successful, but failed after Shadow got some encouragement from a video of Gerald/maria. Eclisp and black death also tried it in sonic universe and where successful until Shadow’s friends managed to get through to them. 

Shadow’s also dealt with the black arms shutting down his chaos powers, most prominently with Eclipse in post gen Archie. Something similar also happened with pre-genesis Archie zone god feist
Shadow was able to overcome Eclisp’s blocking powers by tapping into the power of the master emerald in sonic universe issue 68. Shadow managed to override fiest’s ability to block his chaos control, after directly getting his hands on a chaos emerald in sonic universe 4 (Granted he took fiest off guard by attacking him shortly before teleporting)

That being said the black arms don't appear to have mind powers they can use on others outside their own race, so whether some of this is applicable to general mind haxers is highly contestable at best. Shadow also has been mind controlled by the overmind in sonic chronicles and by a mechanical device in Sonic boom shattered crystal. 


  • FTL speed, enormous  strength and supposed invicibility at minimum as super Shadow.
  • Time hax is Shadow’s most useful ally, allowing him to slow down or stop his opponent to give him a better speed advantage.
  • Can disarm opponents of his with the black tornado ability
  • Can heal.
  • Truthfully super shadow is broken unless you have a direct counter to him or are stronger than him to begin with.
  • In a pinch he can remove his rings for an extra boost of power. Also has several different powered up states at his disposal.
  • Even in base has survived gunfire, a fall to earth and numerous giant explosions, ect.

  • Shadow’s healing ability requires him to stand still.
  • Most of his mental feats come from a genetically encoded hive mind, not general mind hax. Thus making his resistance to more general abilities iffy and debatable at best.

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