Friday, March 18, 2016

Death Battle Analysis: Link

In case you were wondering.

I’ve included pretty much EVERYTHING for Link that could possibly be useful in a combat setting in this blog. This includes things that can be used as weapons, for battlefield maneuverability or for support. However anything else doesn’t fall within those parameters was left out, particularly things like trading items, quest items, maps, ect.

Additionally I’ve used pretty much EVERY form of Zelda media for this blogs. This includes the main games, Hyrule warriors, every manga and every comic. The only exception are the cdi-games and cartoon….because f@#k those things.

I’m not going to put a huge emphasis on listing the magic limitations or maximum item carrying limitations for Link’s various abilities or pieces of equipment. For the most part Link can carry more than enough of any item for inventory to never realistically become an issue over the course of a single fight. Additionally with the right set up magic can become a non-issue as well.

There are 3 different link to the past comics/manga. I differentiate them by calling them the comic, manga and atura manga respectively.

Credit to Hero’s shade and Arot, who I took some ideas/quotes from.

Finally I’m treating the skyward prequel manga included in Hyrule Historia as cannon and will be referencing extensively it in Link’s background and some of his equipment sections.

The eternally reincarnated hero of the mystic land of Hyrule. Link’s first incarnation served the great kingdom of Hylia and its goddess Hylia during the world wide war against an evil demon king known as demise. He faithfully served his land and gained fame as a hero, only to be framed for a crime he did not commit and imprisoned for a period of 4 years.

Naturally things went to sh@t without the local hero around and when the populace eventually uncovered the fact Link was innocent, they naturally freed him so he could aid them against demise. Disregarding his harsh treatment by his own people, Link chose to fight at their sides eventually earning the respect of a great goddess Hylia and being chosen to be her “hero”. As Hylia’s chosen Hero Link was chosen to wield the goddess sacred blade, the master sword, using its power to defend the weak against Demises army.

Link’s campaign went well for a while, but unfortunately during his final battle against demise he was gravely wounded. This injury rendered him unable to re-unite with his people before Hylia chose to send them and the land into the sky to protect them from the dangers of the ground world only moments after the clash. After his dying breath it was revealed that Hylia and several other gods had actually been in on the conspiracy that landed him in jail, and the experience was devised to toughen his soul so that he could stand a chance of leading hylia’s forces against Demises army. Under extreme guilt Hylia decided to shed off her divinity and reincarnate herself and her hero spirit throughout time to combat any evils that befell what eventually became the kingdom of Hyrule.
This “hero’s spirit” originating form the first hero, was passed on to all of Link’s reincarnations or successors and is the common link all Links have in the series.
Link’s personality varies slightly from incarnation to incarnation, but he’s typically noted for his humbleness, courage and kindness.
Divine Swords
Master sword

Link’s most iconic blade and his weapon of choice in most confrontations. The master sword was originally forged by the gods of the Zelda universe for the use by the gods themselves, but Link’s original incarnation broke and reformed the blade by his own hands for mortal use. The sword was again reformed over the course of skyward sword, where it was infused with power by the sacred flames of the 3 golden goddesses and blessed by Hylia’s reincarnation Zelda. This gave the sword it’s most prominently known abilities. The ability to repel evil forces, reflect magic spells, negate curses and seal away evil beings for undisclosed periods of time.

In addition to the power to repel evil, the master sword also has the ability to utilize 3 magic medallions, the ether, quake and bombos medallions. The quake medallion causes a localized earthquake that severely damages most ground laden enemies. The bombos medallion calls up pillars of fire from the ground that expand in every direction and the ether medallion creates a large blast of frigid cold the flash freezes opponents. Each medallion power covers about a basketball to football fields worth of area.
The master sword also houses the spirit of a powerful artificial being known Fi.  She was created by Hylia and acted as an assistant of sorts for Link’s skyward sword incarnation, giving him advice on how to tackle enemies, keeping tabs on his objectives and performing a treasure seeking ability for him called dowsing. Fi’s consciousness was put into a deep slumber at the end of skyward sword however, preventing her from helping future Links in such a direct way. Though that being said the master sword still shows some level of sentience to later Links who attempted to wield it and can help him in less direct ways. For example in the link to the past comic the master sword was capable of responding to link’s emotions s, granting him increased power in times of need or generating large bolts of electric or magic energy. A similar power boost occurred in the atura link to the past manga.
It should be noted that while the master sword is strong in its own right, it can be upgraded to higher levels of power in various Zelda games. Specifically it can be reforged in link to the past and a link between worlds by various sword smiths into the tempered sword and the golden sword respectively. The tempered sword has a red-ish glow and 2x the power of the standard master sword. The golden sword has a golden glow and 4x the power of the standard master sword.
Finally It was shown in the ataru link to the past manga (and has occasionally been alluded to in the games), that only Link or  heroes chosen by the master sword can wield the blade.

The four sword
A magic sword used by Link in the 4 sword games and the minish cap. The blade originally took the form of the picori blade, an ancient sword created by the minish for the hero of men (an ancient unseen incarnation of Link). However Link reforged the blade over the course of the minish cap storyline with the power of crystal elements (powerful concentrated representations of the world’s elements of fire, water, wind and water) giving it its current form.

Similar to the master sword the 4 sword has the power to repel or seal away evil. This power can be enhanced by gathering crystalline rocks of life force called force gems. It also has the unique ability to create 3 perfect clones of the person who wields it and to split their soul amongst the clones so they can control them as thus. Due to a person’s soul being split between the clones however, each clone may take on more extreme individualized personality traits based on the original. For example in the four swords adventures manga green link acts most similar to Link in his natural state, Red link acted simplistic and innocent, Blue was a hot-blooded brawler and finally Vio was an intellectual schemer.
When split into 4, Link’s clones can occasionally butt heads or get in each other’s way. However since each of the 4 swords games requires complex cooperation between the Links for both dungeon exploration and boss battles, it can be hypothesized that they can get along and fight together as team quite aptly when they need to.  The 4 swords manga was also heavily based around Link and his clones learning to work together.

In case you were wondering

There are differences between how the 4 sword blade worked in the minish cap compared to how it worked in the two 4 swords games. Mainly that in the minish cap clones created could only last for a limited amount of time and could only be summoned on specialized summoning tiles. However both 4 sword games happen after the minish cap on the official Zelda timeline, and it’s made abundantly clear Link did permanently separate into 4 beings in both those games in terms of both story and gameplay. Because of that it’ it fair to say in terms of current Zelda lore the 4 swords interpretations of its abilities is the most current, and that while an exact explanations for the change in its power isn’t given, it was probably just got re-forged with additional abilities between the timespan between games.

The Phantom sword
A blade forged by Zauz in phantom hourglass through the use of powerful metallic substances called pure metals. It has the power to repel evil and was merged with Link’s phantom hourglass, a device filled with a crystalline form of life called sands of time. The sword permanently protects Link from gradual life draining ailments, such as those found in the temple of the ocean king. It also has the power to temporarily stop time, though only through the use of phantom sphere, which can only be provided by an outside character name cilia.

Lokomo sword
A magic blade that was once wielded by the spirits of good and given to Link towards the climax of spirit tracks. The sword is filled with sacred energy similar to that of “tears of light”, giving it the ability to repel evil like several of Link’s other swords.

High tier swords
Great fairy sword
A gigantic 2 handed sword gifted to Link by the great fairies of termina upon rescuing their fragmented parts and returning to their true forms. It does 4 times the damage of Links basic sword in that game. Link can’t use a shield when holding it in majora’s mask. Its item description in soul caliber 2 mentions it has the ability to reflect dark magic. It also gradually heals link in soul caliber 2 and can be wield one handed in that game.

Magical sword
The most powerful blade Link cold obtain in the original Legend of Zelda and his starting blade in adventure of Link. According to its description in soul caliber 2 it has a powerful enchantment that counters dark forces and can deliver damage without making direct contact.

Big Goron’s sword
A large blade forged by Big Goron in ocarina of time after completing a very convoluted series of fetch quests. It deals twice as much damage as the master sword, though it’s a two handed blade, so Link normally can’t use a shield when holding it(however he can attempt to block attacks with the sword itself if he chooses). In soul caliber 2 Link can wield it one handed, though doing so will reduced his HP/stamina.

Glided sword
A reformed kokiri sword created by mountain smith in Majora’s mask. It deals 3 times the damage of the original blade and is highly resistant to chipping due to gold dust integrated into the metal.

Normal bombs
Standard bombs that Link carries on his person in every game. Perfect for breaking down stone walls or damaging enemies with heavy armor exteriors. They’re normally the size of a basketballs, but they can be upgraded in some games to be the size of boulders. His most upgraded versions have enough explosive power to level a(very) small 1 story house. Link can generally only use one at a time in the main games, though he can throw several in rapid succession in Hyrule warriors.

Remote bombs
Remote detonated bombs that only activate and explode on Link’s command.

Water proof bombs
Water proof bombs designed for use underwater. They have no notable qualities besides not fizzing out when they come into contact with H2O.

Mobile bombs that can home onto enemies or travel through tight passages to get to places Link’s normal bombs can’t. If no enemy is nearby they will travel in a straight line and will even attach to and travel up walls or ceilings. Link can more specifically control their movement in phantom hourglass (the player can draw it out on the DS screen).

Bows and arrows
Long bows
Link has gained various long bow weapons throughout his travels, though collectively Link can shoot about 3 arrows at once from his best ones and over a distance of a few 100 feet without much difficulty. It generally takes a second or so for him to pull the string.

Cross bow
A crossbow used by Link in the “Link’s crossbow training” spin off. It fires at a faster speed and with more precision than an ordinary bow. It can hit targets over a dozen yards away near instantly and hits with enough force the stun the 3 story high stalford.

Link uses various types of arrows to get a leg up on his opponents. He typically uses them specifically with his standard long bow, though nothing logically suggests he couldn’t use him with his cross bow if he desired. Anyway the arrows Link has used are as follows.

Normal arrows: Garden variety wooded arrows with stone or metal tips.

Bomb arrows: Arrows armed with explosive bomb like tips. They hit with enough force to destroy boulders 3 times Link’s size.

Fire arrows: Fire magic enhanced arrows capable of burning targets and melting blocks of ice several feet in diameter near instantly. A single fire arrow was also able to heat up the entirety of ice Ring Island in wind waker, an island so cold it is impossible for normal humans to set foot on it for long periods without freezing to death in a few minutes.

Ice arrows: Arrows infused with ice magic that can flash freeze both opponents and small volumes of water instantly (in a fashion that puts liquid nitrogen to shame). Frozen opponents can be shattered into pieces by powerful physical attacks. A single ice arrows was enough to cool down the entirety of Fire Mountain to room temperature in wind waker, despite said mountain basically being an active volcano.

Light arrows: Light magic infused arrows that have the power to stun evil beings like Ganondrof. They’re immensely powerful and can often one hit KO most minor enemies in the Zelda universe.

Silver arrows: Evil piecing arrows used primarily in the original LOZ and LTTP. They are more powerful than light arrows and are capable of easily killing evil beings with god like power like Ganon outright rather than stunning them.

Magic boomerang
The upgraded form the more nominal boomerangs Link gains in most of his games. It can slice through thick bushes, collect items from a distance and stun larger enemies on contact. Link is capable of aptly controlling the flight path of the boomerang midflight, typically hitting around 5 in a single throw and complexly steering it around corners, walls or corridors. In a link between worlds Link has 3 boomerangs, which he can fling simultaneously.

Gale boomerang
A more specialized boomerang infused with wind magic from the “fairy of winds” in twilight princess. It creates a small twister like gust of wind wherever it goes, allowing for it to easily put out fires, remove ground laden debris and more easily carry items to Link’s location. The boomerang can also be used to pull opponents towards Link’s position if it passes by them on the return, in addition to acting as normal blunt throwing weapon like Link’s magical boomerang.

Rods and canes
Fire rod
A magic rod infused with the power of fire. In most games it either expels large fireballs as a projectile attack or creates a continuous stream of flame like a flamethrower. It can also create a line of large fire pillars in a link between worlds.
Additionally in Hyrule warriors the fire rod gained the ability to summon fiery meteors from the sky, fire larger fireballs larger than links own body and to summon fiery dragon astral projections that can fly around the battlefield damaging enemies. It can also temporarily transform into a large fire axe like weapon for melee attacks.

Ice rod
A magic rod that harnesses the power of frost and snow. In a link to the past it shoots large balls of ice like energy that flash freeze opponents on contact. In a link between worlds it summons between 1 and 4 blocks of ice from the sky to crush opponents.

Tornado rod
A magic rod that harnesses the power of wind. It has a pair of helicopter blades that lifts Link into the air whenever he uses it and creates a localized green tornado that lifts, throws and damages/stuns nearby enemies.

Sand rod
A magic rod empowered with the power of sand. It can manipulate bodies of sand into large planforms or pillars useful for exploration. It can also create a puff of sand that can blind opponents.

Cane of pacci
A magic cane created by the minish that fires magic projectiles that flip whatever they hit upside-down. If used on a small hole, it creates an explosive vat of magic that causes anything that enters it to be flung upwards at high speeds. While more suited to exploration than fighting, the flipping abilities can be useful for taking opponents off guard. 

Cane of Somaria
A magic rod that can manifest large stone blocks that are useful for solving puzzles or blocking incoming enemy fire. Only a single block can be made at once.

Cane of Byrna
A large blue cane that creates magical force field that both protects link and damages enemies that come into contact with him. In soul caliber 2 it can also heal him somewhat.

Hammer/Magic Hammer
A large mallet like hammer that Link can use to destroy boulders, drive down stakes and crush opponents in various games. In 4 sword adventures Link can swing the weapon downward with enough forces to create a large shockwave that stuns nearby opponents.

Megaton hammer
A hammer used by an ancient goron hero for the purpose of vanquishing the evil dragon god Volga. It’s used similarly to Link’s standard hammer, but has a larger reach. The Skull hammer from wind waker has a similar shape and function.

Slingshots and seed shooters
A slingshot that fires various seeds as pieces of ammunition. Link’s most upgraded versions can typically shoot 3 seeds at once and over a distance of several dozen feet.

Seed shooter
A gun like projectile device that more rapidly shoots seeds than a standard slingshot. Because of the design of the weapon, Link can more easily aim his shots. Seeds shot out of this device can also ricochet off walls up to 2 times.

Mystical seeds
Similar to Link’s bows, his slingshot and seed shooter arsenal can utilizes various types of ammo to get a leg up on the opponent. These seed types include.

Deku seeds: Standard seeds that have no special abilities or properties.

Ember seeds: Heat infused seeds that set what they hit on fire.

Scent seeds: Seeds that give off a pleasant scent that attract monsters.

Pegusus seeds: Speed magic enhanced seeds, which freeze the movement of opponents they hit.

Gale seeds: Wind infused seeds that violently blow away the enemies they hit with gusts of wind.

Mystery seeds: Jack of all trade seeds that contain the attributes of ember, scent, Pegasus and gale seeds. They can also drive spirits out of possessed bodies, a tactic Link used to smoke out the body stealing Veran in oracle of ages.

Ball and chain
A large ball and chain weapon Link gained after defeating darkhammer in twilight princes. It adds to Link’s overall weight and normally slows down his movement speed when being used. Link can twirl it above his head and throw the weapon with a surprising amount of skill and dexterity, easily breaking down blocks of ice, large stone rocks, and sniper watchtowers.
It can be paired with the golden gauntlets(strength enhancing items I’ll talk about later) in Hyrule warriors to get around its inherent weight/speed problems, with the gauntlets themselves giving link the power to easily swing the weapon like a children’s toy and run at his normal speeds throughout a battle. The weapon can also be electrified through various means (mainly the Hyrule warriors rendition of the golden gauntlets)to allow for some electric damage in addition to physical damage.

A large top like device that Link could balance on and use for exploration in twilight princess. It can attach to specific rails systems and act as a rapidly moving elevator as sorts. It can also travel safely over ground surfaces like quicksand and ice. In its original appearance it had VERY limited combat abilities, being able to ram into enemies when used on normal ground, but not being able to travel very far when not attached to a rail keeping it’s attack range low.
In Hyrule warriors however link can stand on it and more freely move around on it for an indefinite amount of time. This has made it much easier for him to ram into nearby opponents for damage. He can also enlarge the spinner temporarily in said game, perform jumping dive bomb attacks while on it, summon cylindrical rails structures to gain altitude with and create 2 secondary spinners to acts as traps of sorts. Some of his spinner attacks in Hyrule warriors are also infused with electric energy.

A whip that has either a snake head or a faint glowing light on its tip. It can latch onto overhead outcroppings to allow Link to use it as a swinging apparatus. It can also steal equipment and armor from opponents, particularly shields. It can do light damage or stun most enemies on contact and the glowing tip cane damage enemies weakened by natural sunlight.

A small pinwheel like device that creates a small horizontally moving tornados capable of stunning opponents, flinging objects at high speeds and throwing allies to different locations. It can also be used to clear out poisonous gases form a room.

Deku nut
Small nuts from the deku plant that produce an explosion and blinding flash similar to that of a flash bang. They stun, blind and disoriented opponents when thrown at them, allowing for easily follow up attacks or getaways.

Deku stick
A stick from the deku plant. It has all the wondrous abilities of a large stick. Can be used as a blunt melee weapon or an impromptu torch if lit on fire.

Bug catching net
A bug catching net used for catching bugs. For some reason Link actually has been able to use it as an effective weapon in some games, and the rod portion of the device actually can reflect some magic and electrical attacks. Taking out this device in combat often confuses or bewilders Link’s opponents, allowing him to take them more easily off guard.

Tunics and mails
Green tunic/Heroes cloths
The iconic green tunic that Link is shown wearing in all the incarnations of his character. It has a layer of thin chain mail under the green garb to grant some minor protection against physical damage.

Magic armor
A set of golden plated or magic purple armor that makes Link invulnerable to all forms of attack. It functions slightly differently from game to game, but typically runs off of Link’s rupee stockpile (the currency of his world). Said rupees are lost from him each time he takes a hit, with a maximum number of rupees lost being around 20 per strike. Given Link’s maximum rupee capacity is 9999 in some games , this gives him a very generous protection from over 500 strikes in a row at its highest extremes.

In case you were wondering

While Link originally used up rupees simply by walking around in this armor in twilight princess, as of wind waker HD he no longer losses rupees by walking, buffing the armor extensively.

Magic cape
A magic cape gained by Link in a link to the past. It makes link both invisible to enemies and intangible to normal forms of attack.

Goron tunic
A heat resistant tunic gifted to link in ocarina of time by the goron species. While wearing it Link can walk into incredibly hot areas like active volcanos unharmed and even walk through lava itself while only taking light damage. In skyward sword he gets a piece of equipment that performs a similar function, called the fire shield earrings.

Zora tunic
A dark blue tunic crafted by the zora species in ocarina of time. Link can breathe underwater for an indefinite amount of when wearing it…for some reason.

Red and blue clothes
Red and blue clothing Link could obtain in link’s awakening DX from the fairy queen that double his attack strength or defense respectively.

Red mail
A red defensive tunic used by link in the link to the past and link between worlds games. Lowers the amount of damage he takes by ¼ normal.

Hylian shield
A legendary shield forged by the dragon god Laynaru. It was given away to Link in skyward sword after completing 8 rounds of Laynaru’s lighting round boss rush challenge. The original incarnation of this shield is completely indestructible, making it the ultimate defense against most enemy assaults. It’s also insulated against electricity and blocks “curse” laden attacks(a status effect that prevents Link from using weapons).

Mirror shield
A shield with a large mirror like plate on its face. It reflects light and magic based projectiles. It can also reflect some physical projectiles or turn their kinetic energy into a beam attack to send back towards opponents. In the soul caliber series even hitting the shield with a physical attack will cause that force to rebound on the opponent somewhat, causing them damage (about 33% of the original force).

Rings and bracelets
Red ring
A  Red ring found by link in the original LOZ. It lowers the damage he takes from attacks by 1/4th. It changes the color of his tunic to red when he wears’ it.

Blue bracelet
A blue bracelet that Link can obtain in four swords adventures. It lowers damage taken by half.

Hyrule warriors introduced a brand new customization feature to the Zelda series called “badges”, where a player could equip various magical upgrade items that improve a fighter’s offensive, defensive or supportive abilities.  Some notable effects of badges Link can equip include reduced damage from elemental attacks like fire, water, lightning, light and darkness. Reduced or prevention of knockback from attacks and increased attack power against guarding opponents.

Triforce of courage
One of the 3 pieces of the triforce, a divine sacred relic which was left behind by the Zelda goddess Nayru, Din and Farore after their creation of the Zelda universe. The triforce of courage’s powers have never been specified, but it’s been implied to grants its user great courage to overcome overwhelming obstacles as well as light protection against various magic spells and curses. Some manga’s and smash do show him using to power up his attacks.
When combined with the other pieces (the triforce of courage and wisdom respectively) it can grant 1 high level reality warping wish.

Grappling and zip line devices
One of the most iconic pieces of equipment in Link’s inventory. The hookshot is a giant metal spear connected to a chain and a rotary device that Link can shoot at various objects to zip line directly to their location (typically objects made out easily penetrable substances like wood). It can also be used to pull objects or enemies to Link’s position (though Link can also be pulled to an opponent’s position depending on their weight). It can also be used as a weapon, stunning or damaging some enemies on contact, instead of grabbing them should Link chose.

Clawshot/double clawshot
The clawshots are zip line devices that work similarly to the hookshot, but can’t latch onto the same kinda surfaces due to having claw like appendages on the end instead of piecing spears. Instead only fences, grates, vines or other objects with notable gaps in between (that the claws can close behind) can be zip lined to by link. Since Link has two of these he can zip line from point to point without needing to remain stationary on solid ground. He can also extend the length of the chains when hanging in the air to change his altitude somewhat. Like the hookshot the clawshot can be used to grab far away objects, grab enemies, zip line to heavy enemies and damage/stun opponents.

Switch hook/long hook
A more unorthodox zip line device gained by Link in link’s awakening. It’s a claw like device connected to a chain like the hookshot and clawshot, but instead of pulling link to his chosen target, it actually switches his position with it via teleportation.

Grappling hook
A large hand like hook connected to a long nylon rope. It can be swung around by Link and thrown at different outcropping objects to latch onto them, allowing Link to swing between two destinations. It can also be used to pull large objects to Link’s destination or to steal items off his foes mid battle. If Link ties both ends to two objects at similar vertical height, he can also create a tightrope he can walk across.

Gloves and Gauntlets
Mole mitts/Digging mitts
Large gloves with big claw like appendages on their ends. Link can use them to aptly dig through mounds of dirt and rubble at a rapid pace. While they can only be used in specified places in the games they appear in, the minish cap manga shows Link can easily dig more unrestrictedly if he desires.

Magnetic gloves
Magnetic gloves that can attract or repel sources of metal from their location. They can be useful for manipulating the movements of opponents wearing thick metallic armor, turning attacks from metallic weapons like flails back on theirs users and disarming. They can also be used in a manner similar to the hookshot if Link attracts or repels himself towards or away from a stationary piece of metal.

Golden gauntlets
Link has gained many different strength enhancing gloves and bracelets in almost all of his games, but nothing is more powerful or iconic than the golden gauntlets from ocarina of time. These gauntlets give link the strength to lift huge pillars of granite weighing over 1000 tons.  The previously mentioned weaker strength enhancing devices can also allow him to rip fully grown trees out of the ground.
While originally used more to remove obstructions and allow for more free form exploration, Link learned to utilize these gloves for more direct combat in Hyrule warriors. For example Link will use the gloves strength to punch opponents or to wield larger harder to maneuver weapons like the ball and chain from twilight princess. He’ll also grab chunks of earth or large stone pillars to use as projectiles and occasionally throw enemies themselves at high speeds for body damage.
Hyrule warriors also gave the golden gauntlets some additional attributes and abilities to further aide link in battle. They now carry a powerful electric charge that can used to create small bolts or blasts of lightning. Link can also use them to dig through the ground similar to mole/mogma mitts.
Grip ring
A ring gained by link in the minish cap that greatly improves his climbing abilities, allowing him to scale the sides of cliffs with relative ease.

Pegasus boots
Speed enhancing boots gained by link in several games of the series. When wearing them he can run fast enough to crush large stones through sheer inertia, as well as travel over large holes and gaps. Typically Link needs a second or two to build up his speed. In most games he also cannot change directly well once he reaches his maximum speed (though he can make split 90 degree turns in 4SA). Link typically outstretches his blade to impale enemies while he’s running like this. Young link in Hyrule warriors also appears to use a variation of the Pegasus boots for rapid slashing attacks.

Iron boots
Boots made out of Iron (no duh), that add to link’s weight by 4.5X, weighing him down. They’re used most often as a protection against powerful gusts of wind (keeping Link from being moved) or for Link to remain stationary when matching the power of those weightier than him(for example if he uses their weight to prevent himself from being moved, he can manhandle the much larger goron species with his superior upper body strength in twilight princess). They also work effectively when paired with the hook/clawshot, allowing Link to pull much heavy objects to his location than normal.

Hover boots
A pair of boots that allow Link to float in mid-air for short periods of times. They also reduce his weight, making them useful for avoiding pressure sensitive traps.

Water boots
Boots obtained by link in Zelda 2 that allow him to walk on top of the surface of water.

Swimming devices
Zora flippers/mermaid suit
A pair of flippers or a bottom half of a mermaid suit meant to imitate the flippers of the aquatic zora species. Allows for easier swimming both above and below water.

Water dragon’s scale
Given to Link by the dragon god Faron in skyward sword. The water dragon’s scale allows Link to perform a powerful underwater spinning maneuver that temporarily boosts speed and allows for him to crash through thin underwater objects.

Golden scale
A golden Zora scale that enhances Link’s ability to swim and dive underwater.

Agility and flight devices
Rocs feather
A magic feather that increases Link’s jumping and acrobatic abilities. When using it link can jump around 2-3 stories in the air. When upgraded in 4 swords adventures he can also perform an extended double jump. Can be combined with the Pegasus boots for extended horizontal jump length.

Roc’s cape
A large cape woven out of roc’s feathers that allows Link to gently glide through the air. In the minish cap manga it’s abilities where expanded to allowing Link to fly freely.

Deku leaf
A giant leaf produced for Link by the deku tree in wind waker. Its large size and thin structure make it a great sail/parachute when falling through the air from a high location. Link can also create a powerful gust of wind by swinging it in different directions.
Link’s sails cloth in skyward sword and the upcoming wii u games, has a similar parachuting ability.

Site seeing devices
Lens of truth
A large purple magnifying glass originally created by the shiekien tribe. When Link uses it he can see through all manners of optical illusions, as well as invisible undead earthly spirits like Darmani. In the game Hyrule warriors the lens of truth was also used to negate the magical disguise wizro used to make himself look like Zelda, showing it can directly nullify magical transformation spells.
Link as several other similar items to the lens of truth in some games, including the cross from Zelda 2 and the magnifying lens from links awakening.

A traditional one eyed telescope commonly used by pirates among the open seas. It’s perfect for link when he wants to survey an area in a less combat intense situation.

An owl like mask that acts like a pair of head mounted binoculars. It can be used to in conjunction with Links long ranged weapons (like the bow and arrow) to enhance their accuracy over longer distances.

Hero’s charm
A large myian like mask that Link could gain in the wind waker. It allows him to see how much health his opponents have left

Lantern/candles/flame lantern
Link has carried various lanterns and candles that perfectly illuminate dark places like caves and underground dungeons allowing him explore them without impaired vision. They can also be used to burn enemies or set various objects on fire (though they normally need to be right in front of link, due to a lanterns short range). In twilight princess Link’s lantern can disperse poisonous gas clouds, protecting him from their affects.

Hook/quick/tough beetle
A remote controlled flying beetle machine similar to that of an RC copter. It can be useful for scouting an area and can grab objects or hit switches located around the environment. In smash brothers it can grab opponents and rapidly fly them into the air. The beetle can only move a short distance from links position and always returns to links position after getting struck down or running out of steam.

Gust jar/Gust bellows
Large pot devices that rapidly suck dirt, debris, or small enemies to their positions with a violent torrent or violently send them away with a powerful gust of wind. They can be useful for clearing out a battlefield riddled with poisons gasses or pollens, finding hidden objects and moderately controlling the movements of opponents (either daring them in or pushing them away).

Gnat hat
A special shrinking hat that reduces Link to the size of a gnat. Great for getting through tight spaces or sneaking past enemies.

Magic powder
A mysterious powder capable of transmogrifying enemies and allies. Can often turn opponents into “slimes”, animals into humans and break various curses.

Magical Rings
A specific set of Rings Link could gather throughout the oracles of ages and oracle of season’s duology. They enhance his physical abilities or grant him various supportive attributes, though Link can normally only use one at a time. The most notable rings he could collect are as follows.

Power ring 1-3: Increases damage given, and damage taken.

Armor ring 1-3: Decreases damage taken and damage given.

Red ring: Doubles sword damage.

Blue ring: Halves damage taken.

Blast and rang rings: Increases bomb and boomerang damage.

Expert ring: Allows Link to punch with the force of one of his standard bombs.

Swimmers ring: Increases swimming speed.

Toss ring: Increase throwing strength by 2x.

Light ring 1-2: Enables use of sword beams even after light damage.

Blue,Red,Green rings: Negates electrical attacks, small fire attacks and small rock attacks respectively.

Wisp: Prevents link from getting cursed(prevents usage of wepaons).

Protection: Lower’s the amount of damage link takes down to one heart regardless of the attack (though this isn’t really a quantifiable attribute outside of the game mechanics of his series).

Blast mask
A bomb shaped mask that Link can detonate to explode with the force of a bomb. Useful for of he runs out of normal bomb ammunition. It unsurprisingly damages Link himself since the explosion goes off right in front of his face, though somehow he can nullify this damage by raising his shield at the time of the explosion.

Bunny hood
A pair of Bunny ears Link obtained after helping Grog in Majora’s mask. They increase his running speed and jumping ability by about 68%.

Giants mask
A stone mask gained by link in the stone tower temple in Majora’s mask. When equipped it transforms him into a giant version of himself nearly 9-12 stories tall. In this state Link gets greatly enhanced physical strength. In the original Majora’s mash his sword and shield also increased in size along with the rests of his body, although in the 3D remake they do not.

The giants mask can only  be used during a single boss fight in Majora’s mask(twinmold).The item description for it in Majora’s mask also calls the ability for Link to use it everywhere into question, making it questionable whether he could use it in a death battle.

Deku mask/Deku Link
A magic mask gained by Link in majoras mask. It’s implied to house the soul to the deco butler’s son and allows Link to transform into a short wooden creature called a deku shrub. In this form Link can sprout deku flowers from his hands that he can use to glide for short distances. He can also spit a large bubbles of magic energy from his mouth and bounce along the surface of water with wood like buoyancy. He can also rapidly spin into enemies as a physical attack and protect himself with a large nut like husk. Unfortunately being made out of wood gives Link the weakness of easily being burned in this form.

Goron mask/Goron Link
A magic mask gained by link in Majora’s mask, which transforms him into a member of the goron species. It houses the soul of the goron hero Darmani. While in this form Link gains enhanced physical strength he can use for various punching attacks and a ground pound move. He can also curl into a ball and roll around his environment rapidly as a form of transportation. He can also expel large spikes from his body while rolling, essentially turning him into a large buzz saw.

Zora mask/Zora Link
A magic mask gained by link in Majora’s mask, which transforms him into a Zora. It houses the spirit of the Zora guitarist Mikau. While in this form Link can breathe underwater and rapidly swim through water in a manner resembling a fish. He can also enlarge the two fins on his arms to use as sharp melee weapons or throw them in a manner respacing boomerangs. He can create a barrier of electric energy around himself to both protect from damage and deal it to those who come in contact with him. Due to being an amphibious creature, the zora form has a weakness to fire and intense coldness however.

Fierce deity mask/Fierce deity link
A mask gained by Link in Majora’s mask that supposedly contains the power of a god named fierce deity. The specifics of this god are unknown, but it is speculated to have been a rival or enemy of the spirit within Majora’s mask. Conversely Zelda director Aonuma suggest the mask is somehow some sort of culmination of the memories and thoughts of the people Link helped throughout Majora’s mask (which makes sense since you literally need to sacrifice all the other masks he gained by helping them to get it).
Regardless Link gains immense power after donning this mask, becoming a humanoid nearly 8 feet tall that wilds a giant double helix sword. Said sword does as much damage as the great fairy’s sword and can release blasts of magic energy on command, regardless of current health level. In Hyrule warriors he can also extend the blade with a magic beam of energy nearly 2-3 stories tall.

Link has played dozens of instruments through the franchise including several woodwind instruments, harps, and whistles. Collectively speaking they typically allow him to teleport to specified locations when played or to open up hidden passageways. Other common attributes include waking up those In a deep sleep, putting them to sleep, creating thunderstorms, summoning, soothing negative emotions and changing night to day(or vice versa). There are also a few more “special” instruments detailed below.

Ocarina of time
An ocarina handed down through the royal family of Hyrule and given to Link during and after the story of ocarina of time. This ocarina is said to be made from the material that created time shift stones in skyward sword, and has very special properties giving its owner limited control over the flow of time. Some important songs link can only play on this instrument include the song of time, song of double time and song of reverse time. The song of time and song of double time both cause Link to travel back and forward in time by a specified amount respectively. The inverted song of time slows the flow of time to everyone besides link by 30%, allowing link to complete his tasks at a much more rapid pace than normal in majoras mask. However only normal people are affected by it in that game, with enemies retaining normal speed, making its effects in combat questionable.

If Link has this instuments equipped when he transforms into a goran, deku or zora, it transforms into a set of drums, saxophone like horns or a guitar respectively. He can also use its power to replenish his magic meter as young Link in Hyrule warriors.

Wind waker
A magical conductor wand given to link by the king of red lions, aka the king of Hyrule in disguise. It produces sound based on its placement in the air and links hand movements. It has a unique ability to control the direction of wind in the immediate area.

Bottle Items
Like a good boy scout Link never enters a fight unprepared. He can carry various concoctions and elixirs for the purpose off healing himself or enhancing his abilities. Said concoctions are carried in glass bottles, of which he can carry 7 of maximum in his games. The most notable substances are the following.

Guarding potion +: A defensive potion that can be conducting by Link in skyward sword through the use of various insect extracts. Grants him complete immunity to all attacks for 3 minutes.

Stamina potion plus: A supportive potion link that can concoct in skyward sword through the use of insect extracts. It completely restores his stamina and make him incapable of getting tired for 3 minutes, regardless of how he exerts himself.

Chateau Romani: The most broken thing Link can possibly store in a bottle. It’s an alcoholic milk created from the finest bred cows in termina. It grants Link unlimited magic for 3 days, making all limitations on attacks and equipment that require it negligible.

Elixir soup: Delicious homemade soup given to link by his grandmother in the wind waker. It fully restores both his health and magic. It also doubles Link’s sword swinging strength until the next time he gets hit. A single bottle of this elixir contains 2 dosses.

Purple potion: An offensive potion that can be brewed at the witch’s house in a LBW. Once consumed causes an explosion that damages all nearby enemies.

Nayru’s charm: a magic charm that can be given to link the oracle Nyru in minish cap after finding her a house to live in. It increases defense.

Din’s charm: A magic charm that can be given to link by the oracle Din in Minish cap after finding her a home of her own to live in. It increases attack strength.

Special abilities
Sword techniques
Sword beam
The classic ability to create beams of energy from the sword as a projectile attack. Link can perform this move in almost any Zelda game, though he normally must be at full health to do so(for some reason). However in the minish cap he can also perform the move when at low health, called the peril beam. He can also point his sword up to the sky to call upon divine power to use a sword beam attack regardless of current health in skyward sword, referred to as the skyward strike.

Some manga incarnations of Link, like the atura link to the past manga versions can perform the sword beam attack at will(by channeling the power of love and friendship or some bulls@#t like that).

Spin attack
The iconic spinning maneuver link can perform in every game of his series. In it he will outstretch a weapon in front of him (normally a sword) and spin rapidly either horizontally or vertically to damage enemies surrounding him on all sides. Link can often amplify the range and power of this attack with magic energy in serval games. He can even perform the attack multiple times in a row while moving around the battlefield in a manner resembling a top, though this will often leave him in a temporally dizzy state after the attack is done.

In smash brothers link has an electrified variant of this move. He can also use his spin attack to get large horizontal and vertical altitude if he uses it in the air after a jump.

Parry/counter attack
Link can perform various counter or parry maneuvers by bashing his opponents or their weapons with his shield to throw them off balance. He will then roll behind them or jump over their head while performing a sword strike to deal massive damage.

Triforce slash
Link’s final smash in smash brothers. Link uses the power of the triforce of courage to trap his opponent between two floating triforce emblems. He’ll then fly towards them at blinding speed before unleashing a barrage of sword strikes. The final strike catapults the opponent dozens of feet away.

Misc sword techniques
Some other techniques of Link are a jumping downward thrusting attack, a powerful jumping vertical slash (which can be amplified with upgraded to create a shockwave), an upwards impaling maneuver and rolling slash. Link can also perform a batojutsu-ish technique (basically a quick sword quick draw with enhanced power) called the moral draw, which can easily slice though opponents in normal armor.

Magic spells
Over the course the Link’s adventures he’s gained magic power and the ability to use a variety of spells. The most notable ones are listed below.

Din’s fire
A fire spell given to Link by a great fairy in ocarina of time. Creates a large dome of fire around links body that expands for several dozen feet.

Nayru’s love
A defensive spell that creates an impregnable shield that negates all damage (though Link himself can still get knocked around while using it).

Farore's wind
A Warping spell that Allows Link to warp to areas with previously established warp points. Link can set up a warp point at any place of his choosing(though he needs to physically be at the area he sets it up), though he can only make one at a time.

Zelda 2 spells
Link learns several spells over the course of Zelda 2. The shield spell decreases damage taken by half.  Jump doubles his jumping abilities. Fire allows Link to fire fireballs from his sword as a projectile attack. Reflect enhances his current shield and gives it the ability to reflect magic and block powerful physical attacks(an ability mimicked by the mirror shield in later games). The fairy spell transforms Link into a fairy, which allows him to fly through small spaces and outmaneuver opponents. Finally thunder creates a powerful localized thunderstorm capable of destroying all normal enemies on screen in adventure of link.

Focus spirit
A super mode that various characters can enter in Hyrule Warriors. The mode only lasts temporarily, but it results in a giant boost in speed, attack, and defense power. Link can also use a few special attacks not available in his normal move set while in this state and gains a light aura while it’s active.

Wall merging
An ability Link gained in a link between worlds after freeing himself from a curse placed on himself by Yuga, through the use of Ravio’s bracelet. It allows him to turn into a 2 dimensional painting and to travel across solid surfaces. Useful for stealth, exploration and avoiding attacks.

Great fairy’s blessing
Link gains many blessings and enhancements from various “great fairy’s” scatter across the land in his games. Some common blessings are enhanced defense, which doubles Link’s durability. A lager stockpile of magic to pull from and the ability to imbue magic energy into certain physical attacks.

Near faster than the eye can see in the above attack by Young Link in Hyrule warriors when utilizing the pegasus boots.

Can run fast enough to travel over thin air with the level 2 pegesus boots in 4 swords adventures. In comparison for a normal human to run over water (which would probably be much easier) they would need to be going over 60 mph.

Can easily parry and jump around his shadow doppelgangers attacks in the ocarina of time manga.
Causally dodging an arrow from an opponent standing right in front of him in the link’s awakening manga.

Easily jumping 2 stories in the air to get behind an opponent in the link’s awakening manga.
Causally parrying arrow like darts shot at him by a moth monster in atura link to the past manga.

Of course you have the obvious 1000 ton granite throw from ocarina with the golden gauntlets above. It’s also worth noting Link regularly fights and defeats monsters dozens of times larger than him, a prime example being Tentalus from skyward sword.

Link picks up and freaking Dragon Throws Dangoro, a giant goron in heavy armor, when he charges at him in twilight princess. Granted he needs to use his iron boots and a magnetic flooring to keep his stability, but tanking the attacks blow and throwing Dangoro came from his own endurance/upper body strength.

Towards the beginning of the four swords adventures manga, Link easily cuts through a several foot thick stone arm of a random monster.

Link Suplexes the boss Ghot while in his goran form in the Majora’s mask manga.
Link yelling loud enough for a store owner to “give him a cannon” in the phantom hourglass manga, causes the entire shop to explode.

Breaks out of a magic binding spell cast by aghanim in the atura link to the past manga.
Slashing through the armor of various guards in metallic armor with ease in the link to the past comic.

Sliced through knight Zulas sword in the four swords adventures manga. He also performed a similar feat in the link’s awakening manga

Link kicks a giant pig monster in the face in the link’s awakening manga. Said kick has enough force to send the beast dozens of feat backwards.

Uses a sword beam in the link’s awakening manga and creates a large geyser of water when it hits the ocean.

Dodges a surprise attack from a sword thrown fast enough to imbed itself fin a tree in links awakening manga.

Pick up a sword twice the size of himself and swings it around with enough strength to crush the arms of a giant gold automotaun named Koloktos and large stone pillars.

Yup Link was in that building alright.
In the link to the past comic Link’s fairy companion uses a grenade to set off the enemy’s ammunition stockpile while in the “temple of darkness”. The explosion levels the entire fortress. Granted Link clearly attempted to use a crystal barrier holding a maiden he was trying to rescue as a shield, but even then coming out of that relatively unscathed was an AMAZING feat

In the wind waker Link got hit by a point blank explosion to the face after placing the 3” elemental pearls” needed to open up the tower of god’s temple in their respective resting place. Said explosion flung him 100s of feat into the air(16:40) and into the solid stone wall that comprised said temple. He then fell straight down into the water below from several stories up(note water is actually very dangerous to fall into from a high height). He shakes this off with no visual damage.

Got violently punched off a cliff in atura link to the past manga, and fell into a river before drifting downstream. He was shaken, but mostly ok.

Got blasted by fire breath from Onox in the oracle of season’s manga.

Was thrown hard enough to be imbedded in a stone wall in links awakening manga

Got set on fire by the fire dragon Volga in ocarina manga.

Being electrocuted by aghanim in the link to the past comic.

Survives a point blank explosion from a grenade like bomb in the link to the past comic.

Gets launched hundreds of feet into the air into the side wall of the forsaken fortress in wind waker.
In both Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, Link anchors himself to the bottom of Lake Hylia, a deep body of water with a large temple on the bottom. Scaling Link, who is about 5'4, to Lake Hylia in twilight princess, it's about 37 Links, or 200 ft. deep at its lowest point, the entrance to the Water Temple. That's about the depth of Lake Michigan, which at its deepest point is about 86.7 PSI.As a reference, the average human can only survive 50 PSI (and that's survive, not necessarily unharmed), meaning Link without any stat-boosting equipment can tank up to  37 pounds per square inch more than the average human.

Was thrown out of the forsaken fortress by the giant bird hemlock and sent hundreds a feet away into the water.

Survives a building sized magic blast from Ganon in atura link to the past manga. Granted he used the master swords power to repel magic to protect himself somewhat.

In twilight princess he can get shot out of a cannon hundreds of feet into the air to arrive at the castle in the sky or the gurudo desert . He can also travels back to lake hylia the same way

For all intense and purposes Death Battle PROBABLY wouldn’t do this, but Link is an absurd tank if you actually stack all the defensive equipment he’s gotten over the years.

Almost every incarnation of Link has gotten some form of formal or informal swords training. For example in the four swords adventure Magana, Link was shown to regularly protect Hyrule on his own and his father was a member of hylian knights. In the ocarina of time manga Link received some training in the way of the sword from Zelda’s hand maid ImpaSkyward sword Link attended an academy that regularly taught the way of swordsmanship to its citizens. In the oracle of season’s manga Link gets training from his grandfather. He was trained by his uncle in the Ataru link to the past manga. Minish cap Link received training from “the blade brothers”, previous winners of fighting tournaments from his era. Minish cap link also trained at Tesshin dojo in the minish cap manga. Wind waker Link received some tutoring from his islands veteran swordsman orca. Finally twilight princess Link gained training in the sword from his previous incarnation from the ocarina of time.

Additionally while Death Battle was incorrect in the presumption that ALL combat knowledge is passed down throughout Link’s incarnations, ALL Link incarnations do have an innate talent at combat and the ability instinctually use any weapon they come across regardless of if they’ve ever picked it before at some point in their lifespan. A great example of this is twilight princess Link, who was noted to have “never picked up a bow in his life”. Despite this he can easily make expert grade shots, such as hitting a small wooden pol from 100s of yards away in the dust air kakariko village.

Next Link is obviously an EXPERT strategist and puzzle solver. This should be evident to even casual fans of the series due to how dungeon layouts are set in each game and how all bosses require specific strategies or pieces of equipment to take down. Link’s combat strategy skills are also particularly evident in the link’s awakening manga. For example he uses a clever bomb distraction tactic to take down an opponent.  Uses his shield to give himself extra footing on a dangerous shifty sand surface and has his fairy companion watch his blind spot for an ambushing enemy. Uses his bombs and his shield to propel himself into the air when he’s about to fall off a large tower and is easily read the movements and recognize the movement patterns of enemies. Oracle of age’s manga link also chooses to use strategy when taking on the final form of gorgon

In terms of battle conquests. Collectively Link’s incarnations have taken dozens of world conquering masters of evil like Ganondorf, Vaati, Malaldus, Demise and Majora’s mask. Typically running through 100s of lower level grunts using all kinds of assortments of weapons/abilities(magic, swords, ice/fire based attacks, ect) on his way to the big baddies. Additionally many of these villains tended to be dozens or even hundreds of years old by the time Link fought them(some versions of Ganondorf for example) giving them a huge advantage over Link in terms of experience In most cases.

The 4 sword is broken and turns all 1 on 1 fights into a potential 4 on 1 encounter. Link also has more than enough items and equipment to share between his selves, in the case the sword doesn’t copy their items upon the activation of its power.

Has great mobility and flying abilities due to the rocs feather/cape and the Pegasus boots pieces of equipment.

Can stop faster opponents in their tracks with pegasus seeds.

Chateau romani allows for near limitless usage of magic for a 3 day period.

The master sword and Link’s various other magic swords can repel evil, which can give him a HUGE advantage over evil opponents like Ganondorf.

Can easily lift over 1000 tons at minimum.

Has various ways to freeze enemies solid. Said frozen enemies can then be shattered with powerful attacks.

Cane of somara gives link projectile blocking options.

Can easily grab enemies from a distance with various hookshot pieces of equipment.

Has various ways to reflect magic spells.

Has various ways to become invincible for long periods of time.

Smart and extremely strategic. This coupled with his overwhelming variety makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Can heal himself and easily buff his stats.

Has several wide hitting AOF spells.

Master sword can’t be stolen and used by an opponent.

Has various ways to disarm his opponents or manipulate their movement on the battlefield.

Has protection against steadily life draining ailments. Can also tank electrocution, fire, intense PSI, wind and most physical attacks.

All Links have plenty of combat experience and instinctively have weapon knowledge.


Link is surprisingly devoid of good speed feats. Clearly he has super human agility and reactions to some extent, but it’s difficult to tell how far they extend.
A bit too reliant on arsenal to give him an advantage over his opponent.

Potential opponents
Simon Belmont (Castlevania)
Castlevania does have a slight rivalry with Zelda spanning back to the nes era and Simon shares some similarity with Link(multiple incarnations, lots of abilities, fighting a god of evil ect). It could make for an interesting fight.

Robin(Fire emblem)
Why the hell not? Robin’s a strategic dude, and he and Link have something in common given they’ve both lead armies before. Plus they share duality in that Robin was a prophesized bringer of doom, while Link’s is foretold to save his people.

Firion(Final fantasy)
Firion has a lot of variety in weapons at his disposal, just like Link. He and Link are also strategic and quick on their feet, usually not susceptible to over-the-top rage, and have taken on their fair shares of OMGWTF enemies.

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