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Death Battle Analysis: K.Rool


Age: Probably late 20s to early 40s.
Height: Varies though at largest he’s been about 2-3 times the size of DK (about 12-16 feet high).

The arch enemies of Donkey Kong from the Donkey Kong country series. K.Rool the king of the kremlin crew, a band of outlaws know for repeatedly trying to take over DK Island and on a few occasions the world. To this end his minions have repeatedly stolen DK’s “Banana horde” with the intent of starving out the Kong’s, so that their conquests will be more successful. While typically stopped by the DK crew during each of their assaults, K.Rool tends to learn well from past mistakes, having been able to consistently capture many main members of the Kong family several times (DK, Diddy, Chunky Kong and a few others).

Interestingly K.Rool was depicted as originally being friends with Cranky Kong(DK’s grandfather and original DK) in some media and was even stated to have taken school lessons from Cranky’s late wife Wrinkly. His blood feud with the Kong family only developed after a fight over a somewhat trivial contest with Cranky, where he cheated and subsequently caused their friendship to devolve.

In terms of personality K.Rool is one of the more…… intense Nintendo Villains. He’s completely merciless, probably being the only Mario character ever shown to be torturing someone on screen (DK in DK C2), and constantly berating or violently punishing his own henchman when they fail.
He’s also shown to have some bizarre multiple personality disorder problems, having taken on various aliases over the years, such as a wrestler, a mad scientist, a pirate and a pharaoh. This combined with his psychotic attitude has caused Nintendo themselves to lampshade he’s probably among the most mentally unstable Nintendo villains in smash bros.

That being said despite his presumed insanity, he’s generally shown to be fairly smart. He talks in a sophisticated manner in the cartoon and has made various machines in his appearances including airships, giant mechs and dimensional transport devices. He’s also a combat pragmatist, willing to fight dirty against his opponents if it means he can take a win.


Helicopter pack

A helicopter jetpack worn by K.Rool during his final boss fight in DK C 3 and land 3. It allows for sustained, yet somewhat slow mid-air flight. It can easily change directions on a dime.  It’s not difficult to force him to lose altitude temporarily by hitting it with a projectile attack however.

TNT barrel jet

K.Rool rides in a large hallowed out flying rocket barrel device in DK Barrel blast. It can travel at higher speeds than his helicopter pack and has a powerful dashing maneuver called wild move. It can’t make sharp turns as easily though.



The large king like crown K.Rool’s wears on his head. He can throw it as a boomerang like projectile in DK country and DK land.

Pharaoh scepter

A large pharaohs scepter that K.Rool uses as a bat in Mario super sluggers. Can logically be used as a melee weapon against opponents.


A comically large sized blunderbuss that K. Rool used in DK Country 2, land 2 and some of the club Nintendo comics. It can fire large cannonballs or large spiked balls over a span of several dozen feat horizontally, bouncing off the ground or in a flying loop de loop fashion at a rate of about 2 shots per second. The spiked cannonballs can also be placed on the ground to act as obstacles for ground laden opponents.

Besides the cannonballs the blunderbuss can also dispel small blue, red, and purple clouds of gas as projectiles. Blue clouds flash freeze opponents when they hit, red clouds slow opponents movement and purple clouds mess with their sense of direction (in the game themselves this changes what direction the triggers on the D-pad correspond to). The blunderbuss can also shoot barrels, which for some reason will have normal cannonballs in them if they are broken open.

Next the blunderbuss has a vaccum function of sorts (similar to Luigi’s poltergeist) and can suck opponents towards it so K.Rool can hit them physically with the weapon up close. This ability only has a  range of a few feet in DK C 2, though in land 2 it seems more powerful, creating an obvious vaccum effect on everything in the immediate battlefield(about a small houses range of area).
 It also has reverse vaccum function, which can propel K.Rool along the ground at high speeds like a rocket, enhancing his ground mobility.

Despite its usefulness the blunderbuss does have its weaknesses. Large objects (Like Rool’s own cannonballs) can clog the gun if thrown into it during its vacuum mode. The gun will them combust to discharge the obstruction, while also harming K.Rool.


K.Rool had small explosive bombs he could throw at his opponents in DK land 3. He also threw larger colorful spiked bombs in DK king of swing. When combined with his helicopter pack this greatly enhances his aerial attack abilities.

Boxing gloves

Large boxing gloves K.Rool could use to pummel opponents in DK 64. He can also somehow throw them like boomerangs at his opponents in said game.

Electric generator gloves

In true final boss battle of DK land 3 K.Rool is capable of generating shorts beams of electricity from his hands, which can fly horizontally towards his opponents. This may actually be a natural ability of his, but I’m going to assume it’s his gloves that generate electricity somehow due to his technology oriented character and heavy(Frankenstein) custom aseptic in said games(It’s difficult to tell exactly how the electricity is being generated due to the low res graphics).

Special abilities


K.Rool was capable of becoming completely invisible to the naked eye for short periods of time in DK C 2. He could also become invisible in DK 64, though in that game his shadow would still appear allowing players to tell where he was.


K.Rool could teleport short distances during his boss fight in DK C 2.

Shockwave creation

He can create large energy shockwaves by jumping up and down during his boss fight in DK 64. Said waves extend in all directions for a length of a dozen or so feet.

Temporary invincibility

K.Rool can temporarily amp up his defensive abilities for a few seconds at a time in DK jungle climber, negating even the strength of DK at that current time.

Misc physical attacks

K.Rool can charge into the Kongs to deal body damage in land 1 and DK C 1. He also has a wresting move inspired belly flop attack in land 1. He can curl into a ball and dash into opponents in king of swing. He can also rapidly bounce of wall surfaces in jungle climber using the ball dashing move as well.


Giant K.Rool

A giant Kaiju form that K.Rool could take on by eating and absorbing the power on an ancient artifact called the crystal banana. It’s difficult to gauge the size increase, but he seems to be at least 7-10 stories high even lowballling. In this Form K.Rool naturally gains enhanced strength and endurance proportional to the size increase. He can also breathe large explosive spiked bombs directly from his mouth, summon giant meteors from the sky(about the size of a small house) and breathe fire. He can also control the weather somewhat, creating giant thunderstorms and large gusts of wing to manipulate the movement of smaller opponents.



K.Rool can easily crash into objects and swipe at large barrels and opponents when going full speed in his TNT jet barrel. Even lowballing this should be at least 60-100 MPH speeds.

K.Rool is perfectly capable of matching Chunky Kongs strength at both his normal and giant sizes. Even at normal size DK 64 claims Chunky to be 2000 pounds, so at his larger sizes he could weigh over 6000 pounds(he gets a 3-4 times size increase during the K.Rool fight in 64).

.Rool was capable of fighting DK as recent as the jungle beat games. Granted he couldn’t match him even when he grew to Kaiju sizes, but this is still quite an accomplishment.


Can jump over 3 dozen feet in the air both horizontally and vertically in DK country.
K.Rool showed a surprising amount of agility in the DK king of swing games, being able to climb various peg surfaces with speed and agility rivaling DK himself.

His ability to bounce off walls rapidly during his ball attack in jungle climber (kinda like a large bouncy ball), fly or use his blunderbuss for propulsion makes it easy for him to get around the battlefield. He can also outrun DK and Diddy on foot.


Survived having his blunderbuss explode directly in his face over a dozen times in DK C 2.
Survived being punched through a steal ceiling by DK and falling 1000s of feet down into the sea water surrounding his fortress in DK C 2. He was also attacked by sharks shortly after.

In the true final ending of DK C 2 K.Rool was flung directly into the energy flow of a giant volcanoin the Crocodile kore stage. He subsequently clogs this flow with his body, which results in the entirety of Crocodile Island exploding and sinking into the ocean. He’s shown to have somehow escaped by the time the island finished sinking (you can see his boat in the background of the ending), though regardless this energy flow is speculated to have powered all of Crocodile isles in that game, which make him surviving coming into direct contact with it a great feat (putting him at least island level because of that wouldn’t be much of a stretch).

K.Rool was also defeated in DK land 2 in Krem cauldron and was left there unconscious, shortly before the game showed crocodile island blowing up a second time (it was brought back by K.Rool at the beginning of that game).Granted It’s not clear if K.Rool was still on the island at the time of the explosion, since a scene transition doesn’t make clear if he moved at any point after the DK crew left him. But a boat doesn’t appear in the background this time.

Survived electrocution multiple times in DK C 3 final boss.

Managed to fight five members of the Kong family back to back in DK 64, while sustaining multitudes of injuries. This included getting blasted point blank by body blows from DK out of barrel cannons several times. Having 4 spotlights fall directly on his head. Slapstick comedy (slipping on banana peels) and getting beaten to a pulp by a giant chunky Kong.

Got catapulted hundreds of feet into the air by a missile by funky Kong in DK 64 and then was beaten up by k Lumsy(a 6 story tall giant lizard monster) ,before being sent hundreds of feet into the air again with another attack.

At the end of DK Jungle climber K.Rool was tied to the outside of the Xananab’s banana space ship by a rope after his defeat and dragged across interstellar distances with no protection. This means he can survive in space and most likely at least atmospheric re-entry. It could also mean he can survive light speed gs, though given the technology and exact distance traveled by the banana ship isn’t specified, it is unclear if that is the case.


He’s known to fake out his opponents and pretend to lose a fight in order to get them off guard. For example he fakes being defeated by DK in DK C 1, only to get up seconds later when the play is unsuspecting it.

He’s successfully invaded DK Island about 7 times in terms of cannon. He’s also been widely successful at taking down members of the Kong Family, at least when given the element of surprise. He captured Diddy Kong in the DK country and land 1. DK in DK C 2 and land 2. DK and Diddy in DK C 3. Finally Diddy, Tiny, Lanky and Chunky Kong in DK 64.

The kremlin krew managed to steal the crystal banana artifacts in DK jungle climber and attempted to use their power to take over the world, with a possible attempt at the universe later.

He or his crew have successfully created the robotic KOAS fighting machine, the blasto-matic(a laser powerful enough to destroy an island), various mechanical augmentations for troops, and airships.
According to the DK cartoon K.Rool and Cranky regularly engaged in some rather…..extreme activities during their youth. This included tsunami wrestling and sky diving without a parachute


K.Rool is rather full of himself and is prone to showing off during some of his fights(particularly DK 64). This often leaves him open to attack from opponents. He also overestimates his own intelligence at times and falls into the classic video game habit of “trying the same tactic that isn’t really working” during a fight over and over again.


  • Decent amount of air mobility.
  • Surprisingly fast and agile for his size.
  • Has several ways to create status effects in his opponents.
  • A dirty fighter and fairly smart, which can be useful in a life or Death fight.
  • Decent amount of projectile attacks for a ranged game.
  • Mostly likely Island level durability, perhaps more depending on how you interpret the “dragged across space” feat.
  • Can turn Kaiju for an extra layer of strength and durability.
  • Invisibility and teleportation allow for quick escapes.
  • Has a godly singing voice.
  • Overconfident in his abilities.
  • His lack of screen time in modern DK games has left his arsenal and abilities more underdeveloped compared to other old school video game villains.

Potential matches

King Bowser vs King Dedede vs King K. Krool
I’m pretty sure everyone knows about this fight by now. It’s one of the most requested fights amongst the ODBFB. Most of the people in the forums want it to happen and I myself tend not to shut up about it when given the chance. There’s also a lot of hope amongst the matches fans that the armies for all 3 kings can be included somehow.

………….and to be honest I think this match might be possibility sometime In the future. Especially since almost ALL the information needed for it has been collected by users on the site already. I have detailed notes on Bowser and his troops. G1 Kirby kid has notes on Dedede and his minions. Now that I’ve done a blog on K.Rool, all I would need to do is get some notes done on his army and DB would be set to go.

..Hypothetically of course (they’re aren’t currently planning to do it).

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  1. Bowser would destroy the other two. King K. Rool and his army would be immediately destroyed due to the koopa troop's and Dedede's army's superior stats, technology, and hax.
    It would all come down to Bowser vs Dedede and I see Bowser winning out. His army is FAR more accomplished and has much more useful hax as well as abilities that just simply control the battlefield (Bowser Jr. especially). Bowser himself has FTL speed and reactions like Dedede and his Mario Party 9 black hole feat was calced to be higher than any known Kirby calc. There's also potential MFTL+ stuff from both Party and Galaxy as well as Solar System level feats that could be attributed to him. Bowser Jr. would also scale to these for being in the games they come from and maybe Kamek, though he's more debatable.